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  1. Wrapping up my trophy list on PS4 with the current update (as of 07/20/2022). Experienced some glitchy trophies throughout the game which may have been due to my faulty internet connection along with the game's buggy nature. Namely the trophy for completing The Ho-Boat mission. I had to do that one three times before it popped. This trophy is obviously a struggle for other players because the percentage of earning on the PlayStation list is lower than that of the following mission. Solution: make a backup save before each mission Outside of that, when I was completing city takeover areas, I would sometimes only unlock one of two trophies if they were supposed to unlock simultaneously. So if I finished the last instance of the Snatch activity to obtain 100%, I would only unlock one of those two trophies. That happened to me twice. Solution: Try to save a property purchase to 100% an area and make a backup save before doing that. Finally, I was finishing assassinations and vehicle thefts around the same time. My internet went out entirely during this session. With a back up save, I had to finish assassination missions three times without popping the associated trophy. I went to wrap up vehicle theft instead as a break. Finished that, no associated trophy for about 5 minutes while I waited and reloaded my autosave a couple of times to see if that would reregister completion. Once my internet came back, I unlocked both the trophy for assassinations and vehicle theft simultaneously. There may be an association between trophies unlocking and internet connection in this game, although that would be strange. Solution: Back up saves and a ton of hope.