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  1. Yeah, something here just doesn't gel.
  2. I had to do it twice before it popped.
  3. I did it with the Porsche. Took me about 6 - 8 hrs. Got between 2000 and 2400 a run. That about 10000 - 12000 travelled.
  4. The game is fun enough for a quick go now and then. The grind for getting all cars is pretty painful.
  5. What I would like is that when I sort by rarity, it sub-sorts alphabetically.
  6. I ordered one of everything; Disc based console (for 4K bluray) Pulse Headset Extra Dualsense Controller Dualsense Charger Media Remote Camera No games, I'll be staying all digital for games.
  7. The no platinum is disappointing, but I can get over that. The fact this this is only worth 300 pts is pretty crap though. It's one thing to say Sony won't let you have a plat, but you should still use all the points that you are able to allocate.
  8. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong lol. Guess I'll have to find a physical copy somewhere.
  9. PlayAsia doesn't seem to have CN cards. Any suggestions on where to get CN PSN cards?
  10. Truly the Dark Souls of endless runners.
  11. Pretty sure its not. I bought it on an alt account to test and that account got this trophy list, but cant get base game trophies.
  12. I have the trophies for the original PS4 version. I bought the complete collection on special, but I can't earn these trophies. Despite the complete collection having a separate list, my PS4 just thinks its the regular base game. They don't have separate spots in my library either. Maybe have to buy from another region?
  13. Been meaning to get SFV so thats nice. Not really into PUBG but It'll pad out the library. Who knows, one day I might fire it up.
  14. Moneys in the bank. Just waiting on a store to let me give it to them.
  15. Disappointed in this list. This should have been a pretty rewarding list.