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  1. sorry for some reason i had assumed that if someone took it they wold say something
  2. in my email i got two codes and it said that the other one wasn't redeemed so....
  3. i have an eu code if anyone wants it 33j7-4mnf-hc8a
  4. what mode did you try to do it in
  5. do you know if the glitch happens 100% of the time, want to plat this time
  6. for hex of murkwood just spam poison arrows (hold triangle) i think you can do it in training mode not sure about the others tho...
  7. i thought it was just me, haven't been able to buy something without spending like 30 min looking thru the sub sections.
  8. the game is now free to play so if you have the free version then survival is locked behind a pay wall ie. the core pack
  9. The platinum says 0.1 so i think that its obtainable
  10. thanks i figured it out but forgot to update my comment.
  11. None of my trophies are showing up but my privacy settings are correct? What should I do?