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  1. Everything is explained here: https://tombraider.square-enix-games.com/en-us/news/shadow-of-the-tomb-raider-definitive-edition
  2. After the release of the Definitive edition they renamed the season pass. It is currently on sale in the weekly sale offer for 6 euros. The new name is Definitive edition upgrade pack and contains all the season pass contents.
  3. Both pages, Trophy Log and Stats, need some love. A lot of potential there. Would be possible to show trophies earned in a certain period, such as a certain month or year? Or the amount of a specified kind of trophy per year/month, such as platinum per month, ultra-rare trophies per month, etc.? Thank you for your hard work.This site should definetely hire you I wish you all an happy new year.
  4. Thank you for the giveaway. This year was very bad in terms of trophy hunting: I platinumed very few games and played mostly walking simulators. However one platinum I really enjoyed this year and it's XBlaze Lost: Memories. Despite it's a visual novel I liked the story and characters. An honorable mention goes to Everybody's gone to the Rapture. Another story that catched my interest.
  5. Probably he is asking what is the best way to ensure a win on truck races and chanpionship (for 450 class). From what you said, lowering difficulty settings and abusing rewind, should allow us to get a win. Isn't it right? Can't we use the exploit here, in any case or form to easy the work?
  6. Please, sign me as Hero of Ikaruga. I've completed XBlaze Lost: Memories. Thanks in advance.
  7. Please add Dragon slayer for me. I've completed Blood Dragon too.
  8. As far as I know the only way to grant a Virtous is using a very specific trinkets? Is it correct?
  9. Have you noticed any green "Connecting..." message during the loading screen? It appears under your ID name. It indicates some issue with the matchmaking. If you were the host, next time try with your friend creating the session (ie he will be the host). Recently I experienced your same problem, but I was able to play with other friends when they hosted the session.
  10. Piece of Cake Award: Batman : The Telltale Series - practically playing the game nets you a platinum. It's Like Dark Souls: Darkest Dungeon - I loved this game. It's unfair with its RNG system but in the right way, if you learn how it works it'll give you a lot of satisfaction. Bad Ass Award: Magicka 2 - Very interesting and fun game with a gazillion of combos available. It is a very hard platinum too. I should thank my coop partners because without them I'd never ever completed those damn challenges on banana difficulty. Grind of the Year: Absolver - what idiots I was to start this pile of crap. Basically this game is not so difficult but it has a very poor leveling system. It integrates two experiences levels, one for singleplayer and one for multiplayer, and the second one is necessary to unlock stuff for the sp experience - how the hell may this be a sensible thing, I don't know. And in order to unlock new moves you have to find the enemy that uses this move, avoid, parry, etc. it and then kill the enemy, if the enemy kill you you lose every experience gained, so rinse and repeat ad infinitum. King of the Internet: Laser League - this is an ultra rare platinum, but basically the game is not so complicated. It's fun in its mechanics but a bit of a grind because leveling class is linked to specific challenges - not always balanced well. In the complex the game is only good. Worst Online Experience: Definitively Absolver. The online is full of people that spam the same ultra-fast or ultra heavy attack over and over again. The coop side experience is practically not existing. Sleeper Hit of the Year: I do not know if this game counts because it has no platinum. However my greatest surprise this year was Neon Chrome. A great twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements, tons of weapons and skills. Very addictive and very well made. Biggest Bomb of the Year: No major title disappointed me this year. On the contrary a lot of indies made me regret having started them: Absolver for the above mentioned reasons; Claire, because pixel-art doesn't means that I couldn't see anything and damage my eyes by trying to decipher the crap on the screen; Games of Thrones, because is the example (in negative) of what Telltale games have become - barely a game experience with the "disillusion" of a choice system. Best Trophy Image: Darkest Dungeon has some very nice trophy images: Worst Trophy Image: The worst trophy set belongs to Beyond: Two Souls for sure. What great imagination they had. Best Female: Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. How can't you love this bad-ass zombie slayer heroine? Best Male: Barry Burton from Resident Evil Revelations 2. Great performance in this game. Hope to see him soon. Best Plat of the Year: The Saboteur was the funniest game I played this year. I enjoyed every single moment of mayhem and destruction. Worst Plat of the Year: Guess what? Absolver. Most Anticipated Plat of 2019: My backlog has the magnitude of a black hole and it's full of masterpieces of the current and past generation. Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Nier Automata, God of War and many more. Really I'm so overwhelmed that I do not know where to start.
  11. If you fail on wave 20 you and your partner can die on purpose - assuming you left at least one enemy alive - and replay only the last wave. Start all over is not necessary.
  12. Brooding over the party method suggested by liveintheevil66, which I thank, my friends and I found this solution. We are using this procedure for a couple of days and always worked. None of the participants must start the game. If you have started the game, close the application. Note that who create the party must be the host of the gaming session and complete the whole procedure, other participants need to accept invites only. The host creates a party from the dash inviting all participants. Once everyone is in the party, the party owner, who will also be the host of the online match, from inside the party, select the "Play together" option, which is on the right. At this point two options will be available, just select the first one, the one marked by the word "host" in brackets. Now you can choose which game you want to use. Choose Bulletstorm. Press start. The game will start automatically on the console of the host player, and at the same time an invitation will be sent to the other participants. Participants will receive an invitation on their console and need to accept it by pressing the PS button and agree to participate. Game is booted up for everyone now. The multiplayer will start automatically; the host and other participants will end up in the lobby together. At this point the host chooses to create a private match. The host selects the map and starts the countdown. The map loading screen will appear. The host must see, under his nickname, the names of other participants in green, otherwise the word "loading...", that means one of the participants is stuck in the lobby. In this case start the procedure again. DMZ or port forwarding is not necessary at all.
  13. Yesterday immediately after the problem I tried playing a new match but it has not worked properly. After Mr_Marty84 message, I tryed again, but in my case I downloaded a previous save file I saved on the cloud. This time my progresses were back. I advise you to make a backup of your save before trying. In any case it seems that periodical backup would be a very good idea for this game.