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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone can give any clarity on DLC, particularly this link (TSW3 SeHs) as it's the last bit of DLC with trophies for the PS5 version. (Train Sim World 3 Version for Southeastern Highspeed DLC) https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP2866-PPSA07618_00-TSW3SOUTHHIGHEXT I search for this on the store under 'Train Sim World 2' and there's no version of that for 2 but only 3. I know this has existed before previously for TSW2 on the store looking at the wiki and following the links on the EU and US stores which are now delisted. I'm wondering if I buy the DLC in the link above under TSW3 that it will give me the TSW2 DLC version as well? Just don't want to waste my money if not the case. Cheers.
  2. @SushLF Seems like they pulling a support card on me
  3. This is super helpful man! Especially the dialogue. Unlike your suggestion though to try something else, going to try tackle this for as long as I can! Thanks for the inspiration! Here's my startup dialogue: