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  1. 50€ & 30€ Before i start with Detroit, i'll probably play "Beyound: Two Souls" first..
  2. 15€ Did 100% on the steam version a few years ago. Like the game => want the platinum trophy^^
  3. Moooaaaar games: from the sale.
  4. Not a great game, but ok enough for about 16€
  5. Never finished it on PS2 back then. But for 13€ why not give it a try again ?
  6. #93 - God of War (2018) Father and Son I love story-driven games.God of War (2018) looks great, plays great and has also an interesting story. What could be better: More different enemies, more bosses and less collectibles.
  7. Titles i don't own from Humble Capcom X SEGA PlayStation Bundle
  8. From the sale
  9. For me, every Far Cry-Game gets boring after a few hours. The Story-Missions are ok, but the open world "template" is, what causes "mental exhaustion" for me^^ Their games are filled with... the same! I don't expect they changed much for Far Cry 5, so i'll wait for a big discount (like i do for almost every Ubisoft-game). ------------------------------------ Couldn't withstand
  10. #92 - Far Cry 4 Master Of Kyrat It was very annoying to find a "propganda"-online match... Besides the online and coop-trophies (which can be very annoying), an easy platinum. Game itself is ok. For my taste there's too much "Ajay Ghale, we don't know you, but you are the one we were waiting for! Save us all!! You are daaaaaaa beeeessst!!!"-storytelling. I'm glad, i'm done with it. Will play it never again (once is enough for an Ubisoft-Open World Game^^)
  11. From PS-Store
  12. Me too^^ #91 - Thimbleweed Park Player of the Year Very nice Retro-Point & Click-Adventure!
  13. Like Trophies for completing levels/the game without killing while playing sneaky (Hitman, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell...). Story-related trophies (for the memories^^) Hate - Online trophies in singleplayer games. I don't want to play some half-assed multiplayers which are forced into a singleplayer game just to have a reason to sell skins, maps, coins... - Trophies for beating a complete game in one session or with one life only (i don't have the motivation to play a game over and over...) - Difficulty-trophies that not stack (first play easy, than normal, than hard, than extreme...) - Trophies for collecting too many "useless" collectables.