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  1. Sale...
  2. Yep, i was thinking the same, when i decided to buy it. I just rent it back then and didn't like the offline-mmorpg-feeling... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Preordered both (i found good offers imo): - Red Dead Redemption 2 (46€) - Spyro Reignited Trilogy (24,99€) Kenn Follett: The Pillars of the Earth (13€)
  3. #98 - Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater High quality game, very entertaining and an easy platinum👍
  4. PSN-Sales...
  5. I read some (negative) tests about Black Mirror , but i have to play it. I enjoyed Black Mirror 1-3 back then and want so see for myself how they f*cked up this one
  6. #97 - Vampyr Time is on my side Good story, interesting NPC's with some background (you can also unlock hints about them what brings some EXP and more EXP when embracing them), but only a solid combat system. If you go on a "no kill"-playthrough you have to earn exp through unlocking hints of the citizens and completing sidemissions, what makes the game a little harder. Bosses will kill you with 2-4 hits, if you are underleveled or not good in dodging their attacks. I recommend to read a trophyguide before playing it. It has some missable trophies and only one auto-save... €dit: Also reached my 5000th trophie-milestone with Vampyr: Unlife is strange Funny, because i planned "Life is Strange" to be my 100. Platinum-milestone
  7. Pre-Ordered 45€ each and Now, i've only to give up my work and everything else in my life. Maybe so i'm able to play all my games before i'm ready for a nursing home
  8. I think one of the following games could be in an update soon: Full Throttle Remastered (Broken Age, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Grim Fandango Remastered have been released for PS+ in the past) Guardians of the Galaxy (older Telltale Games have been released for PS+ in the past) The Order 1886 (it's cheap on sale and an exclusiv. I'm sure it will be on PS+ this year. Maybe next month, but it's more a title for winter-months^^) Mirror's Edge Catalyst (also an older title that is cheap on sales)
  9. Preordered the digital-version for 31,49€
  10. #94 - Detroit: Become Human Detroit Master Story could have been a little "deeper", but overall very good. I enjoyed Connor's part the most. #95 - The Long Reach Platnum Little psycho-horor-adventure like "Lone Survivor". It's linear. Only 2 collectible-trophies are missable i think. Easy platinum. You can do it in 1-2h with a video guide. It's ok. I didn't fully understand the ending, i believe 😅 #96 - Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom One True King I didn't enjoy this very much. I missed the "magic", that i felt back in 2013 with "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch". Story: Naive child wants peace for everyone. Sidemissions are ones like "kill monster x and find item y" and the "build your kingdom"-feature is pretty simple. Annoying for me, were the skirmish battles (you need 50 battles for a trophy). I hoped for more, when i bought this game. Far away from a "masterpiece" (some reviews had that word in it...) imo.