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  1. Hardcore College Student Complete Claire's story on "Hardcore" game mode. I did Claire's B-Scenario with LE 5 SMG (infinite ammo). Being able to kill everything very fast is a great reward - and relaxing
  2. Only Episode 1 needs to be played a few times (but not complete). It has some trophies where you have to make a choice. But you can really quick make the other choice, if you use the chapter select for the episode. Only trophy that can be a little difficult: Till the end of the game you need to reach level 15 for your character. So try to get as many exp you can while playing trough all Episodes. It took me about 3h-3,5h for each episode. I really enjoyed this game. Hope there will be a similiar game from the developers in the future.
  3. #100 - Life is Strange I wanted my 100. Platinumtrophy-Milestone a game, that is special to me 👍 Was also thinking about Psychonauts, Resident Evil 1 or Final Fantasy VII... #101 - Blackwood Crossing Short and easy, but i didn't like the story much. Kinda boring for me... #102 - Black Mirror [2018] Oh... I love the original Point and Click-Adventure "Black Mirror" from 2004 and 2 & 3 weren't bad either. But this... lame story with visions and it's a technical mess => loading times are too long for an adventure and i had crashes. I know the developers can do better! #103 - The Council This game surprised me. Great mix of elements from poltics, occultism and crime combined with rpg (you can unlock abilities). They'll help with dialogs, solving riddles and add some more informations to your environment. Very good game. One of my highlights from 2018.
  4. Mirror's Edge Catalyst was my first PS4-game and also my first PS4-platinum.
  5. My top 4 so far: - Catherine, PS3 [Trailer] - Vanquish, PS3 [Trailer] - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3 [Trailer] - Mirror's Edge, PS3 [Trailer] I felt awesome, when the platinum trophy popped up
  6. 🎅PSN-Sales🎅
  7. From sales
  8. #99 - Storm Boy Storm Boy This was veeeeryyyy short and easy. I achieved platinum in about 25min without rushing through... It's about a boy and his relationship to a pelican. Story wasn't heartbreaking for me... 5,99€ (i paid in a sale) are way too much for this. If i could rewind time, i would do and not buying it^^ I expect Storm Boy to be in PS+ in a few months... My 100. platinum-trophy will be Life is Strange. Want it as a milestone in my profile (for years...) 😅
  9. Sale...
  10. Yep, i was thinking the same, when i decided to buy it. I just rent it back then and didn't like the offline-mmorpg-feeling... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Preordered both (i found good offers imo): - Red Dead Redemption 2 (46€) - Spyro Reignited Trilogy (24,99€) Kenn Follett: The Pillars of the Earth (13€)
  11. #98 - Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater High quality game, very entertaining and an easy platinum👍
  12. PSN-Sales...
  13. I read some (negative) tests about Black Mirror , but i have to play it. I enjoyed Black Mirror 1-3 back then and want so see for myself how they f*cked up this one