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  1. I intentended to buy "Control" for 35€, but then i noticed it is in "PlayStation Now" - and a 12 months-Subscription was offered for 45€... Hadn't to think twice about this offer^^ The Lego Ninjago Video Game is for free on PSN-Store and Steam (PC) at the moment!
  2. Platinums #133 - 136# - Tales form the Borderlands - Life is Strange: Before the Storm - The Outer Worlds - The Town of Light 100% - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
  3. Platinums #128 - 132# This trophy-year started with Life is Strange. I plan to end it with Life is Strange: Before the Storm. So, i'll finish at least one more game before the year ends
  4. #126 - Fallout 4 DLC's 100% - Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor, Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, Nuka-World Over 100h of fun Had to make sure first, when to make a manual save and which quests i can do and which ones not, so I don't lock me out from a fraction-trophy. Also used Fallout4Map to track the collectibles in the maingame. Now, i'm thinking about collecting the platinum trophy from Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3. Played both of them back when they came out on my PC. Fallout 3 was a little boring, but New Vegas... i liked it's humour very much #127 - My Big Sister Platinum Sister Short and easy psychothriller-adventure. Just enjoy the story while solving some little riddles (find item, use item on...). It has a chapter selection after playing through it. So you can get very fast missing trophies or the other endings.
  5. My last CoD-Multiplayer was Modern Warfare 3 on PC back in 2011. I'm in the mood for some quick action at the moment...
  6. #120 - #125 Metagal, Super Weekend Mode and Bird Game + are 3 games with an easy and fast achieveable platinum. Bought the games when they were on sale. Metagal and Super Weekend Mode are enjoyable (even when my reflexes aren't good enough anymore for Super Weekend Mode^^). Bird Game + is boring. Perfectionist Left no stone unturned during your time on Tacoma Station. Tacoma is a game with focus on it's little story. You are visiting a space station to search for data of the missing crew. You'll find out, what happened on the station while collecting the data. It's about 1-2 hours long if you are listening to everything. Nothing missable as you can explore the whole station at any time. Alien: Isolation Unlocked every Alien: Isolation trophy My #125 platinum milestone had to be a special game. Alien: Isolation is the perfect Alien-game. After completing it, i was in the mood to watch the first 2 movies at night I started on hard, did all collectibles, was not killing any humans and tried not to die. Somewhere in the game i messed up and reloaded a savegame where i died -.- I had to do a second playthrough for "One Shot" My advice to save time: - play on hard with all collectibles and not killing humans. Don't care about dying. - do second playthrough on easy and play it, like it's a speedrun. You can do every mission in about 15-30minutes.
  7. #120 - State of Mind Ticket to Mars Obtain every trophy in the game. 8-10h long sci-fi adventure. It's easy to spoil the story, so i better say nothing more than VR takes an important role in this game. 2 trophies (best dad ever & worst dad ever) require to look into a guide (you need another half playthrough. Both are not achieveable in one go) For the others you just load the specific "level" you are missing a trophy in. An easy adventure from Daedelic. It has only a few riddles, that aren't even worth mentioning.
  8. #118 - Midnight Deluxe Short and easy... #119 - Assassin's Creed: Syndicate As the other titles from this series: easy, repetitive and many collectibles... I only played to a 85%-synchronization, because it got too boring for me. For the most collectibles you can buy maps ingame. But for the "secrets" (Godlike-trophy) you need a collectible guide or you can buy a map with real money (lol) from Ubi-Store Story was ok. #119 - Assassin's Creed: Syndicate - Jack the Ripper Liked that DLC. It introduces a "fear-system". You are able to frighten the enemies with a qte or gadgets, what shortens the fights. Panicked enemies will run away.
  9. Some easy platinums. Now, i know how some users are able to have more than hundreds of platinums - 10-60min games and also stackable #111 - Lara Croft GO #112 - Planet Rix-13 #113 - inFamous: First Light Kinda boring... #114 - Jack 'n Jill #115 - Daggerhood #116 - Little Adventure on the Prairie Omg, this "game" is a joke. Very terrible. If Sony let them have games like this in their store, i should start making games, too. Because i can do better^^ #117 - Squareboy vs. Bullies: Arena Edition
  10. #108 - Peasant Knight As someone, who 100% Bit.Trip Runner (PC), this platinum was fast and easy to achieve. You don't even need to play all levels... #109 - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse I remember the first 2 titles. They were "serious", with a great humour and nice riddles. Story was also thrilling and characters behaved authentic. Developer announced a big "Back to the Roots", when they tried to get money via Kickstarter (or a platform like that). B2tR my a$$! Broken Sword 5 has imo bad riddles, a lame story, clownish humuor and it's sometimes stupid. You can see that they ran out of money and good ideas, because all locations are reduced to a only a few important characters. What comes to my mind, when i think about this game: The Simpsons (with season 13 i think, all characters were "dumbed down" and the humour got clownish) and Prometheus (the alien-movie). Maybe some understand what i mean^^ Platinum itself is easy, when you play with a guide. It has some missable trophies. If you use an item to soon, it's gone, but you need it later for a trophy or the "Joey"-Trophy"... You'll have to replay the game or reload a savegame. Can be annoying. PS: As a fan of 1 & 2 (Both were back then my first Point and Click-Adventures), i see it through more critical eyes. #110 - Trüberbrook Easy, but many missable trophies. Better play it with a guide. Solid adventure with easy riddles.