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  1. 2xp is live on mp, zombies and blackout which also applies to weapons. A great chance to level up either on mp or for the weapons in zombies for the 2 corresponding trophies.
  2. So I found this on r/codzombies It actually works! Got the trophy this way! It took me some tries for the first dog because the zombies despawned but I managed it (I throwed the monkey bomb while outside the model industries, then walk half the way then run). Below is a video on how to get free monkey bombs on the map.
  3. @boromir120 Mason and Resnov aren't available in Ground War. For Menendez and Bruno better try them in Alcatraz Quad Portal. You can get the mugshot item from killing zombies and Menendez' token is always on 1 of the 3 supply drops that spawn in the game.
  4. Any tips on where to look for Mason's item? edit: Nvm I got the item from a stash box at the gas station near firing range (1st try when I learned about this from a guy in reddit)
  5. Yes it's the best time because not many people go for the zombies locations in Ground War (unlike other modes, for me at least) and in many games the deploying points favour 1 team to get to 1 location and the other on another. I raely found an enemy player in a zombie location. This is how I got it. I also got again the item for Scarlett but I've already unlocked her in a previous game.
  6. Probably you can unlock some characters besides Woods. Today I managed to find Scarlett's item in the boxing gym and thankfully I managed to get a kill with a vehicle on Ground War (down and kill)! I never found her item before in any other mode! Now only Shaw left from zombie characters! edit: Also found pulp magazine by killing zombies in the boxing gym again! edit 2: @Shilly31415 I can confirm that the alchemical set spawns in the box on Ground War (for me again on boxing gym)! I also unlocked him and got the trophy! I was so nervous because my team was losing and suddenly I see there was only six left of us! Thankfully I managed to get near the enemies and I was on a house! When I looked through the window I saw 2 people coming for me! I unloaded the acid bombs on them and managed to down them! Then I spammed the wraith fire and I killed them! Also the item for Scalett spawns pretty frequently for me today while killing zombies (3 out of 4 tries and the 4th try was the pulp magazine!
  7. Yeah me too it shows the mission. I haven't found the item yet. On a side note if anyone doesn't have Woods now it is the chance to do it very easily on Ground War! If you get a good deploying point go to the area where the bandana spawns and then take the heli! Then just camp away from enemies without dying and hopefully your team gets the win! Edit: I've played at least 10 matches and besides Woods I haven't found any item for a character. does anyone have found 1?
  8. Indeed it's great! I have unlocked 3 characters only (Takeo in original blackout, Dempsey and Nikolai on Alcatraz). For Nikolai you can acquire his hat without a monkey bomb. Just hold + and you will get it without opening the bars. If you get killed just go to your stash on respawn and grab the item again (mine never grabbed by another player) and then camp somewhere where the enemy can't easily found you. Hopefully you will get a good circle. First time my team placed 6th but on second time we placed 3rd and I unlocked the character. Below is a great video on where you can find the items for Nikolai, Dempsey, Richtofen and Takeo in Alcatraz. edit: I also unlocked Richtofen in Alcatraz
  9. Just to clarify that the Kraken doesn't work for Stoking the Flames. All stokers died by failing to their knees and exploding but the trophy didn't unlock. Did this many rounds. It unlocked for me when I killed 3 stokers in a round by shooting their weak point with a bullet weapon. Just to be safe use a non explosive weapon.
  10. I had issues with this trophy. I had 10 double kill medals with specialists but the trophy didn't unlock. I also saw that some double kills were not added to the corresponding challenge (calling card) which it showed 7 out of 10. 3 double kills were with characters that were added later to the game (Seraph and Reaper). I simply got 3 more double kills with Ajax and then it unlocked. I had no issue with the equipment trophy (I used the Prophet specialist).
  11. I unlocked it back in March 2017 randomly while playing Infected. Probably I was lucky to be in asian server.
  12. As many of you know there are some very OP (like perkaholic) mega gobblegums in the game which you can obtain by spending liquid divinium at Dr. Monty's factory. The thing is that they aren't infinite (like classic gobblegums) so you lose them by using them. Luckily there is an exploit. You can use them in a game and keep them if you just close the app. If you die (not downed) you will lose them, so if you think you are about to die just pause the game (if playing solo) and close the app. The good thing is that you also keep progress until the previous round. Example: Let's say you complete an easter egg on round 14. Complete the round and close the app on round 15. You will keep all progress made to guns, xp and you will also have the gateworm available. Also a tip for the Boss fights if you play solo. Every time go with the mega gobblegum near death experience and have quick revive. This way you can go down infinite times making the fights super easy! I'm sure many of you know these exploits but I haven't seen a thread about it so I thought I would post this info for new players that are struggling with the trophies of zombies mode.
  13. A couple of days ago Treyarch released a fix on COD: Black Ops 3 Gorod Krovi (descent dlc) so now the game won't crash after the ending cutscene of the Easter Egg. So the Love and War trophy is now available for everyone to obtain (you could only obtain it if you downgraded the version)
  14. So the day after that "gameplay" trailer at Gamescom there was an event where only the attendants could view a briefing trailer which provided more information about the story of the game. This trailer leaked on Youtube and you can see it below.