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  1. Probably many of you know about that but since I didn't see a topic regarding it, I made one for new players. Skip to Riven So when the raid starts you can actually go to the Wall of Wishes and input the symbols of Wish 7. After that step on the plate. All players will die and you will be teleported to the boss fight. Cheese the fight So currently the swords in the game are doing great damage (it may change in the future through a patch). You will actually need 5 players to have a sword with the whirlwind blade perk (legendary, fully masteworked and with a boss spec mod will be better) and the 6th person to have the heavy exotic shotgun Tractor Canon. Also a Titan with a bubble and a Warlock with a rift. When you go down through the hatches, all 6 players must go to the room that Riven will spawn (there are two rooms she may spawn). Clear the enemies there and go to the left side. When she spawns in, the Titan and the Warlock use their supers and the 5 players with the swords must keep using the R1 attack (light attack) and the player with the shotgun should shoot between 2-3 seconds from each shot. See the video below: After that you will have to run up the ascedant plane (one player has to reach the top). Then you will be teleported back to Riven when you can finish her off quite easily. After that you just go inside her through her mouth and reach and shoot her heart. There is a last part of the raid where you have to complete the Queenswalk but it is not that hard and there are countless videos for it, so I'm not posting anything. After that, you will get your trophy!
  2. The method is very easy! Just use Frontline with Vicious and Hand to Hand (as 3rd one you can use whatever you like, I used Determination). You must also have the melee perk (Faustblitz). Make sure you have a full red meter for your special ability before going to the boss fight. As a wonder weapon use the scythe. When the boss fight begins, run to the boss and activate Frontline. Just keep meleeing him and you will skip all phases. Also with this method you don't need a packed weapon. The above method also worked for me in a 2-players and in a 4-players co-op game.
  3. After today's daily reset, 2xp will be active across all modes (Rank & Weapons) until April 13th.
  4. A great opportunity to level up in mp for the Battle Tested trophy and also for leveling up weapons in zombies for Prestigious Award!
  5. The guide on this site says to do this on a defence round but there is a faster way. Just reach sequence 11 on unleashed standard Wolfpack with 4+ minutes remaining. Go to the first target, stand by him and when he is almost aware of you, use sabotage on him. He will then use his ability (you will hear the cancel noise). Afterwards just kill him (so you only get 100 points and don't reach the score to the next sequence). Then wait for your ability to recharge and go to the next target repeating the process above. You can get 4 blocked abilities with sabotage out of 10 in this sequence (and 1 more on the defence sequence before). Below is a visual presentation of the method.
  6. Since 15th of August 2019 The Love and War trophy is obtainable through normal play (the game doesn't crash upon completion) so it is much easier since you can use mega gobblegums.
  7. A great opportunity for obtaining the trophy Prestigious Award (max out or prestige 25 weapons on zombies)
  8. I made a video where I travel to each facility with ziplines to just give a visual in case anyone is wondering. When you start building ziplines on this region it is best to firstly connect the facilities of the Northeastern- Southeastern because you will not have enough bandwidth (you gain more with every star you get for a facility) and always use the ziplines of the other players (most of them are useful) and then move to the west side of the map. Note though that as everything in this game, the ziplines deteriorate (you can repair them or upgrade them) too, though it only happens when you play the game. Also I've never seen any zipline of another player (or another structure) disappear, so they stay on your game even if they dismantled it in theirs. I didn't have connected ziplines with Peter Englert since he doesn't give any deliveries and you max out him by doing 5 orders for Sam (if I remember correctly) which involve pizza deliveries. In any case I made a couple ziplines for his facility in the video so you can see. On the upcoming days I'll also put timestamps too because it is a long video since the area is quite big.
  9. C'mon guys! This is the easiest way! Jokes aside I used the launcher, shotgun and arc grenades. Managed to get 33:10 after a couple of hours!
  10. Sign me up too! I have all 7!
  11. Didn't know about the god mode glitch. Did all of them solo. Yeah skullhop is the worst part of the game. Countless tries (the machine is glitched too) and managed to do it solo by the way but when people ask me for help with this I don't have the courage to do it again!
  12. In my opinion Zombies in Infinite Warfare are far superior than AW. Note that I have completed only the 1st easter egg on AW but from what I've seen from the other maps (I don't have the dlcs), IW's are easier. Especially if you have a friend that has unlocked Director's Cut (he starts with all perks, 25000 points and the box has always pack a punched weapons) it will be much easier. Rave in the Ravewoods has the easiest EE, The Beast from Beyond and Spaceland have easy steps but kind of difficult bosses and Shaolin Shuffle and Attack of the Radioactive thing have medium difficult EEs in general. If you have completed all EEs on AW I don't think you will have problem with IW. But in my opinion the best Easter Eggs are from Treyarch Zombies, especially Black Ops 3
  13. It has happened to me too in a BT area for a misc mission for the Evo-devo biologist. I couldn't find the last item
  14. It is not best to keep playing these orders in this area all over again since you need to max out all the facilities. I did them all, I think there are about 70 different in this area but you can only reach 20 "Legend of Legends" for quantity and quality.
  15. It was my last category for this trophy. Some time delivery missions were not giving too much likes. There are some though that require a truck to get all the deliveries to a very distant location. I remember the last ones which are from Lake Town. One towards Mountain city and the other towards South knot. But you must have built almost every road to make it easy and make sure you select premium delivery (I played on Hard). So look for time delivery missions that have too many items that require a truck and with far destinations. Other ones that I remember are the ones (5 if I remember correctly) where you have to deliver pizza to Peter Engler (dont remember exactly his name) and they are Order for Sam but you must do them in order to max out that specific facility.
  16. With other players ziplines I have connected all the areas on both maps. On the second map I started with the northeast - southeast area first until I reached 5 stars in the facilities in this area so I can use more ziplines. Then I connected all the areas of the west part of the map. I also completed most of the roads because some deliveries are only managable (for Legend of Legends rank) only by vehicle. But for the most deliveries I used the ziplines and the power exoskeleton
  17. @Dante_Vergili I think they added it today for a week
  18. Well apparently the woman that is laying down (next to Cliff and BB) on a trailer is called Lisa so I guess Kojima must have implemented some of the ideas he had for PT on Death Stranding. (see 24: 45 on the video).
  19. 2xp is live on mp, zombies and blackout which also applies to weapons. A great chance to level up either on mp or for the weapons in zombies for the 2 corresponding trophies.
  20. So I found this on r/codzombies It actually works! Got the trophy this way! It took me some tries for the first dog because the zombies despawned but I managed it (I throwed the monkey bomb while outside the model industries, then walk half the way then run). Below is a video on how to get free monkey bombs on the map.
  21. @boromir120 Mason and Resnov aren't available in Ground War. For Menendez and Bruno better try them in Alcatraz Quad Portal. You can get the mugshot item from killing zombies and Menendez' token is always on 1 of the 3 supply drops that spawn in the game.
  22. Any tips on where to look for Mason's item? edit: Nvm I got the item from a stash box at the gas station near firing range (1st try when I learned about this from a guy in reddit)
  23. Yes it's the best time because not many people go for the zombies locations in Ground War (unlike other modes, for me at least) and in many games the deploying points favour 1 team to get to 1 location and the other on another. I raely found an enemy player in a zombie location. This is how I got it. I also got again the item for Scarlett but I've already unlocked her in a previous game.
  24. Probably you can unlock some characters besides Woods. Today I managed to find Scarlett's item in the boxing gym and thankfully I managed to get a kill with a vehicle on Ground War (down and kill)! I never found her item before in any other mode! Now only Shaw left from zombie characters! edit: Also found pulp magazine by killing zombies in the boxing gym again! edit 2: @Shilly31415 I can confirm that the alchemical set spawns in the box on Ground War (for me again on boxing gym)! I also unlocked him and got the trophy! I was so nervous because my team was losing and suddenly I see there was only six left of us! Thankfully I managed to get near the enemies and I was on a house! When I looked through the window I saw 2 people coming for me! I unloaded the acid bombs on them and managed to down them! Then I spammed the wraith fire and I killed them! Also the item for Scalett spawns pretty frequently for me today while killing zombies (3 out of 4 tries and the 4th try was the pulp magazine!