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  1. [Little Hope] I hate to badmouth Supermassive because they've made great games so far, but does anyone agree that...


    Little Hope was kind of a rip off of Silent Hill Origins? The similarities didn't end at the beginning. 5 people carried on throughout the whole game following a little creepy girl and "warping" into different dimensions where they could see the past only to find out in the end that the town, which is covered in a dense fog, had "called" our team to help deal with guilt? That's the EXACT story of Travis in SH:O. 🤔


  2. [Little Hope] Well, THAT was awesome. I saved everyone and got 15 trophies on my first playthrough, so that wasn't too bad! 😁

  3. [Little Hope] I finally got past the house fire scene. I can't believe I spent so much time deciding who to save. lol I'm walking into Little Hope and my mind is just of a totally different persuasion than this game wants it to be. Supermassive wants me to see a black cat crossing my path as a deadly omen and yet, when I saw it, I was just like "Kitty!" and tried to make Taylor go and pet it. xD



  4. Ooops! I did it again! Finfolk had their summer sale today! 🐬




    🌿 EVE! 🌿


    I love what I do for a living. Do y'all know that meme that says, "I'm tired of adulting. Let's be mermaids?" That's my life. ✨





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    2. LukeTheGooner


      are these people sized or statues?

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      @LukeTheGooner They are wearable, full-sized mermaid tails to swim in. I will be self-employed in a business that does birthday parties, ocean events, and aquarium contracts as a mermaid.

    4. LukeTheGooner


      that is awesome :)

  5. [Mermaiding] Something fishy this way comes... 😁



  6. I put my backlog on hold for them because I was so excited for The Devil In Me. I'm a criminal psychology buff and am very familiar with H.H. Holmes and his murder castle.
  7. That's so good to hear. I don't allow things of the latter sort into my home. Supermassive has said that each story is standalone. You can find little connections between the games in the pictures (like the book in Julia's luggage on the Duke of Milan is about the Witch Trials and Conrad's sleeping shirt says Salem on it). I just picked up the same book in Little Hope, but the Curator seems to be the only MAIN common thread to me so far.
  8. I do, too! I'm most excited about Directive 8020 because it looks futuristic and also The Craven Man because it reminds me of classic word-of-mouth horror stories. "Beware the Craven man," you know? We have one in Louisiana called Loup Garou. It's like a werewolf, but they can change at will and are completely in control of their actions while in wolf form. They're like cunning, sociopathic werewolves. lol That said, I am apprehensive about Intercession. I typically make it a point to avoid demonic games (as hinted by the inverted cross that everyone thinks is a rebellion against Christianity, but is actually just Peter's cross). Little Hope pushes me to the edge of that line as it is.
  9. Hi, guys. I've just stumbled onto a little cache of info on the upcoming games in The Dark Pictures Anthology. So far, we have Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes, and a promise that The Devil In Me is on its way. The Devil in Me is said to be the closing chapter / finale of what the devs are calling "Season One," but what comes next? I have part of the answer. Supermassive Games has trademarked six further titles in the franchise with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and these will be called Switchback, Directive 8020, The Craven Man, Intercession, Winterfold, and O Death. I have also found the unreleased game logos for these six titles. I have put them in spoiler tags because in some, the design of the title is a hint as to the content of the game. The one for O Death has what appears to be a minor spoiler about the Curator, so only look at that one if you've already figured out or at least have a pretty good idea of who he is. Enjoy! 😁 Switchback Directive 8020 The Craven Man Intercession Winterfold O Death
  10. [Little Hope] The opening of this game has so much Silent Hill Origins-inspired content that it barely qualifies for a separate copyright. xD

  11. [Little Hope] Oh! I've just realized that we're actually going to venture back to 1692 in this one to the real Trials. I thought it was just Salem-themed. I'm excited now because I am very likely related to the first woman to be accused of witchcraft in Salem, Martha Carrier. My father was Stephen R. Carrier and given that Martha's name has remained notable 330 years later, I hope to see her in the game! You can read about her in the book "The Heretic's Daughter" by Kathleen Kent. 😁



  12. And for my next trick...


    the dark pictures little hope ps4 Off 73% -

  13. [Man of Medan] FINALLY! 😩 By the time I finished, I had gotten really tired of Julia being such a selfish little witch that I got trigger happy with Junior, so you get a bonus screenshot this time!





  14. I know I'm not supposed to list series, but Gex is the only series I'm actually interested in at this point because Spyro was my other one and I platted the Reignited Trilogy. However, if PS Classics is going to include PS2 games, then also Silent Hill 1 on PS1 and 2, 3, and 4 on PS2. Team Silent getting together was like the planets aligning in my book. I have yet to find a better game in terms of everything but graphics than Silent Hill 2. I fully commit to every Silent Hill game that comes to the service IF they have them all. I hate incomplete series on my profile. lol
  15. [Man of Medan] Well, that went over like a lead balloon. I was in the chapter with Danny, Fliss, and Brad in the lower ship and suddenly, my connection was lost and when I tried to reload my previous game, it overwrote the save file WITHOUT ME TELLING IT TO! GRRRR! When I wake up, I am going to kick your butt, Ourang Medan! Goodnight/morning/whatever! 😡 😴