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  1. [Jak 3] Ugh! To heck with these orbs that are floating on grind rails atop the towers in the port! It's time to use the debug menu. lol

  2. Oh, my gosh. I am SO MAD. I opened Dead By Daylight on my alternate account to check it out specifically so it wouldn't load to my profile because I didn't want it to affect my completion rate on my main account, but it has loaded to my list anyway! UGH.

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      If it’s 0% you can just delete it in the trophy section on a Ps4

      Sorry - feed hadn’t updated and so didn’t see you had it sorted already 😳 😂

    3. DrBloodmoney


      I had the same thing when I was down at my sisters - logged my profile into her Ps4 to play some co-op, then forgot to log out as she showed me a bunch of games - ended up with like 15 0% games I had no interest in on mine :jaymon:😂

    4. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I'm just glad I was able to remove it!

  3. LATE NIGHT SQUEE: From left to right, Daisy Gold, Russet, and Spud. Yes, they are named after potatoes. 🍠


    May be an image of cat

    1. AK-1138


      More like... paw-tatoes! 


      (...Yes, I'm still bitter about not getting hired to write Cat Quest 3.)

  4. [Jak 3] Well, I've beaten the game! I LOVED the "man behind the curtain" stunt they pulled with the Precursors! Errol is finally dead and now I now who Jak really is. Tomorrow will consist of running around collecting orbs and that'll be the platinum! YAY! 😁

  5. [Jak 3] So... Sig has a secret. I really hope he doesn't turn out to be evil.

  6. Okay! Time for a Law & Order break! 😁

    1. EverythingOnFire


      Haven't watched it in years. The older ones with Jerry Orbach, Chris Noth, and Jesse L. Martin were mah favorite. Great stuff. Have fun!

    2. Kristen Danielle
  7. [Jak 3] Whew! That is the LAST time I EVER ride a missile! 😂

    1. Jelly Soup

      Jelly Soup

      I know it's a meme to say this these days, but I could hear this sentence. Like the whole glitchy double speed (and sorta fun) sequence just popped right into my head in full detail.

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Right? It was cool!

  8. [Jak 3] Yay, it's Sig! Also, I have figured out why I can only do this game a little at a time. It's not the game itself at all. I actually don't mind this one compared to Jak II, but I'm an HSP (highly sensitive person; it's a newer scientific term— look it up) and every single mission on this game, while not really annoying or difficult, is very loud with the cars, the fighting, and the machine guns. That loudness gets to me after a while, even when I turn the volume down. I guess that's the price of being 100% introverted on the MBTI test. lol

    1. AJ_Radio


      Sig is the kind of guy you’d enjoy drinking beer and having a barbecue with.

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Absolutely! I love him.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Same. I miss Naughty Dog’s older stuff.

  9. LIFE UPDATE: Ketamine treatment today. All went well. To heck with Jak 3 for the moment. I'm watching Law & Order. I can't wait for the Olympics, but I heard there was going to be no crowd. How weird.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I read that there's still a chance it may get called off last minute. 

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      i hope it gets called off. Morons..Apparently they had an outbreak not controlled and were like DERP LETS DO OLYMPICS. Speedwalking derp.


      Honestly even crowds being back is great and all. i get it, but by going from full close to full open regardless of where you are in the world, can be problematic. 


      but hey @Kristen Danielle,  didnt mean no disrespect, or to post a rant i guess, you know where i stand on it all. i have told ya :P but hey, good on you for putting your health first and im glad treatment went well. There are days you just have to chill, relax. Do nothing but sloth about and most importantly enjoy life. 🙂

  10. RANDOM THOUGHT: I really miss hearing Steve Irwin say "Dahnja, dahnja, dahnja! (danger, danger, danger)!"

    1. AK-1138


      I miss him, too. It's harder to tell what's dangerous in life with him gone...

  11. QUESTION: So, Dead By Daylight has been on my backlog since it came out and I am obsessed with the notion of being able to play as Pyramid Head or Nemesis, but I was wondering something. Is it possible to play with just myself as the killer and have the other survivors be AI or have myself be a survivor and have the others and the killer be AI?

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    2. Deceptrox


      I checked your profile and I haven't seen Silent Hill 2 or 3, I suppose you played them on PS2. You should plat them, the PS3 ports are not as bad as some people say. SH2 only froze on my once,fortunately not when going for the 10-stars run. 

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I thought about it, but it would bother me that I couldn't plat the others because they haven't been remade. I have severe OCD.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      You could try Silent Hill downpour?

  12. Oh, great. Now, we're going to have road rage AND dogfights! 😂




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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Well i could make a joke about allowing the middle east test these but yaaaaa. lmao

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      @Infected Elite They'd be right up their alley. lol

    4. zizimonster


      The new Netflix's Ghost in the Shell is set in 2045, yet it still doesn't have flying cars. I guess it would take decades until people start using these in real life. :lol:


    November 15, 1999 — January 12, 2021


    No photo description available.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I used to go there. Thought they were remaking it on mobile, though won’t be the same of course. 

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      @MidnightDragon The revamp has destroyed it and made it nearly completely unusable.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Damn shame.

  14. [Jak 3] Oh, joy! As if platforming with a crappy camera angle wasn't enough, now I have to do it with bouncing vehicles! 😂

  15. [Jak 3] My Ketamine has treated my pain, so I'll be playing this again today (finally). Next on my backlog is to finally platinum AC III and I don't wannnaaa! 😭 The Jak series was supposed to be my break, but Jak II made me want to dieeeeeee. 😫

    1. MidnightDragon


      Good luck with AC3. Working on Rogue

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I only have a few more trophies aside from the DLC, but they're all a pain in the butt.