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  1. [Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep] I just finished up the Castle of Dreams world and the innocent purity of the love story there was quite cute and has caused me to reflect a little bit. I grew up on classic Disney fairytales like Cinderella, but life has taught me a couple of valuable lessons about love and those are that the proverbial Prince Charming is usually not all he's cracked up to be and that sometimes, you can believe in a dream so deeply that you end up fooling yourself. One of my favorite quotes about love comes from J.M. Storm, who writes:


    "Forget Prince Charming and sentries with shiny shields. Look for the knight with an excellent vocabulary and dents in his armor."


    I've been in love with both a "Prince Charming" and such a "knight" in my lifetime and I can personally confirm the validity of Storm's opinion. My "Prince Charming" was weak and unable to tolerate being in a relationship with someone who suffered from anxiety, but my "knight" isn't afraid because he knows what it is like to struggle. Take it from me, ladies. Don't allow part of yourself to be loved and part of yourself to be overlooked or reluctantly endured. It's not true love until it's "for better or worse," so get yourself a man who has seen a few battles of his own and yet has emerged victorious. ♥️



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      Beautifully written. Amen to that!

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