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    I enjoy shopping online, reading, researching history and literature, doing Bible studies, cuddling my cats, chatting with friends, swimming, writing, doing my pastel artwork, baking, cooking, and gaming (obviously).

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  1. Ooops! I did it again! Finfolk had their summer sale today! 🐬




    🌿 EVE! 🌿


    I love what I do for a living. Do y'all know that meme that says, "I'm tired of adulting. Let's be mermaids?" That's my life. ✨





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    2. LukeTheGooner


      are these people sized or statues?

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      @LukeTheGooner They are wearable, full-sized mermaid tails to swim in. I will be self-employed in a business that does birthday parties, ocean events, and aquarium contracts as a mermaid.

    4. LukeTheGooner


      that is awesome :)