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  1. Any update?
  2. I’ve gotten to round 15 without getting hit but can’t seem to make it.
  3. Ok thanks
  4. It wasn’t. I won with every character and I won with them after the update. Never went up. And it works if you buy new characters but I can’t do that can I.
  5. Wait is good company trophy fixed?
  6. I just watched season 4 episode 4 of attack on titan
  7. Will it get rid of my characters I’ve previously bought with reputation?
  8. Nah a lot of other people had this trophy glitched without even playing Scorch or Dallas. You gotta be lucky
  9. Same my progress is also stuck at 38%
  10. I won with Dallas and Anvil(never played them previously) and my trophy progress won’t change. It’s 38% and I’ve won with 5 players total
  11. I was level 8 then come of for the day come back on today and my progress reset back to level one. Pls help( I’m on ps3 btw)
  12. I have done all 44 finishers on free-brawl and no trophy. Anyone know how to make this trophy pop that’s not repeating the 44 finishers again
  13. This game has such bullshit challenges like rotation. Any easy tips on doing that?
  14. The last trophy I earned was Legend of Korra- Video game bender
  15. Red dead redemption- feels like a chore playing it. I want to like it but I never get vibes to go on it.