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  1. Advanced warfare. It took me 5 years 7 months. The main reason was because I wasn’t good at the game at the time. Coming in second would be Mortal Kombat XL (5 years 6 months I believe) and it is the same reason as aw
  2. If I sell my epic account (I have made an epic for it now) will the buyer be able to get my ps account details or nah?
  3. I try that but it redirects me and wants me to create an epic account even though I already have one
  4. I think the games are improving. WWE 2k19 was really good. WWE 2k20 was shit but I think the new game could deliver
  5. Nah it’s not that. It’s honestly dumb because I don’t want to have a reputation of a ‘cheater’ even tho I didn’t cheat
  6. Thanks for the info. I’ll start downloading it now. Can’t wait to play it as I remember having so much fun playing classic tekken
  7. Modern warfare ‘19. Played it once when it first came out. I did buy it again recently to plat it then sold it straight away. Honestly campaign was the only good thing. Multiplayer was ass and war zone was okay
  8. Yep. I tried the button code to see if I at least unlock hasslehoff and I did. Apparently that’s an unspoken rule that I broke. Honestly disappointing
  9. The system is bullshit. I literally tell them that the games that are flagged aren’t modded (e.g infinite warfare) I did the perkaholic easteregg which voids the ee trophy but I got the hasslehoff trophy. Apparently using built in feature isn’t allowed. Smh.
  10. Are there any bugs? Is it an enjoyable game? What are the glitched trophies (if there are any)? thanks,
  11. Gotten it after 2 hours. Thank fuck. I tried getting this months ago and came back today for 2 hours. Predator is much easier than corrupt shinnok
  12. Yeah they were easy. Thought they needed boosting but no.
  13. I forgot my email and password to my fortnite account. Is there a way of getting it back? I’m still logged into the account on ps and have the account Id but don’t know if that’s enough for epic to help
  14. I’m planning to sell my fortnite account so how can i change the account on rocket league whilst keeping all my data and not changing anything on fortnite? thanks,
  15. You have to transfer the progress over