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  1. Interesting that Great Deliver got upgraded to a silver trophy, which is good considering how slow some of those categories took to rank up in
  2. I did the mp trophies last summer. I would def recommend the quitting every 2 out of 3 matches or whatever strategy in order to speed up the process, it is very fun though if you want to enjoy it
  3. I like completing games in a series in order so that they look clean on my profile, recently did this with the 6 games in the god of war "Greek" era. Tried to do this with the infamous games on ps3. Before I finished infamous 1, I platted the ps5 version of plague tale with a save transfer. However, it is showing those two out of order. Then i platted infamous 2 before 100%ing infamous festival of blood, and it shows those two as out of order. The time stamps on the plats even show the order I did them in (Festival of blood my final trophy was Underground Tour). And it's not this site that is messing them up, they even show out of order on my ps5 and ps app.
  4. grenadier barracks in whatever chokepoint they go to first, shock trooper in the other, than a guard dog in the middle for HQ. Then just keep sending shock troopers and guard dogs in as back up, also hit the HQ with your spells
  5. I could have sworn it did when I was playing the ps5 version, but now that I want to 100% the ps4 version, I'm not able to get it EDIT: I have the physical deluxe ps5 version, and I distinctly remember switching between versions and seeing the different trophy completion.
  6. Wonder how this will go. I had to join the ghost of tsushima discord and matchmake that way. You're really going to need some competent players to beat it.
  7. What a bummer but thank you for the reply
  8. Since you can transfer your save data between different platform versions of this game, if that unlocks trophies, is that okay or would this site count it as cheating? If I do pick up this game, I think I'd prefer to play it mainly on switch and it would be nice to have the option to transfer it over to playstation to unlock trophies
  9. I tried two other bullring videos before I found yours, and yours was by far the easiest, so wanted to come by and say thank you
  10. It's getting great acclaim and since Vicarious Visions was the company behind it, I'm sure that's all deserved. Every review I've seen says it players very similar to the originals, except the skater being a bit heavier. I found this article debunking the required online activation for the game. The rumor may have started from players being locked in the warehouse level until the game finishes installing. Also in Spawnwave's video this morning, he said there wasn't DRM for the xbox and doesn't expect the playstation to have it either. Finally, the trophy list looks pretty straightforward
  11. Sounds like you had a similar problem to me. As hesitant as I was to start NG+, it really wasn't that bad and only took a few hours to hit 100%. Fighting the 5 new bosses gives you a lot more completion percentage which gives you more leeway, and the bosses were actually pretty fun
  12. For how hard it's getting to be to find Dualshock 3's, if you can easily borrow a move controller and do it, I definitely recommend that
  13. From what I found, this update was pushed a year ago. I got my platinum in April using the Veteran glitch so it still works. I don't blame you for wanting to use it. This games approach to difficulty is so much more unfair than MW2. The hardest checkpoint after using it is the ferris wheel in Chernobyl, so good luck with that one.
  14. Just checked my stats and looks like I did it in a day. So yeah it's not bad at all. The arenas were really grindy so find a good podcast/let's play/stream. Outside of the arenas I enjoyed the story. So hopefully you'll enjoy the combat and this shouldn't be a bad platinum