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  1. 1. Yes 2. 20 as per the guide on this site 3. Just 1, "Big Brother's Helper". 4. 2, including you
  2. Make sure to drop your source:
  3. Hard to call it fun going in blind after playing part 1 as playing the whole game is a giant internal turmoil. However, the gameplay is solid
  4. Thinking about publishing an official guide for this, not sure as it is quite straightforward. Organizing your tips I think anyone can pull all four of these trophies off in one loop, assuming they've already beaten the game/gotten past the tutorial section of the game. I would recommend Invisibility, mainly because I'm terrible at stealth. Also Egor isn't in Karl's Bay at evening, he's at the complex. Morning: Karl's Bay: Go around the left side of the "Forever Drunk" building in the beginning of the stage. Once behind it, you will see a regular enemy near the new paint bomb enemy. Stealth kill the paint bomb enemy when the other isn't looking, either through a melee kill or a nail gun head shot. Pick up a dropped paint bomb from the dead enemy and throw it in the other enemy's path. Once he is near it, shoot it to detonate it and UNLOCK Postmodern Abstractionism. Before leaving to the tunnels, go into the "Forever Drunk" building and play the audio log on the table, to learn about a plan happening here in the afternoon. Noon: Complex: Here we will pick up the HALPS. It is located in the rear portion of the green building connected to Wenjie's lab. You'll need to activate both levers and stand next to the HALPS case above the levers. The sensors should fire off and hit you and the HALPS case. You will die and the case will break. When you reprise, wait for the lasers to turn off and you can go in and collect the weapon. It is recommended to hack the sensors or go invisible so you don't get hurt. Return to the tunnels, but collect some Residuum along the way. Once there you might have to sacrifice some of your other gear to get enough Residuum to infuse the HALPS (So we don't have to go through this process again). Note, now that you have the HALPS, if you are invaded by Julianna, she is a great target to disintegrate with it to UNLOCK Out Like A Light, otherwise wait until evening. Afternoon: Karl's Bay: Now we will follow up on the audio log from this morning. Go back to the "Forever Drunk" building and grab the harvester that is now there. Now, you will have to go around Karl's Bay and absorb the Residuum from all the Residuum filled items until the dial on the harvester is at 2. Try not to die or else we will have to restart (Skipping Complex if you infused HALPS). During the harvesting, you will want to kill the Collector and take his slab. Near the coastline, there is a new door leading to a Garbage Collection area. Go in and down a floor. Through a crack in a wall you will see a sensor that you can hack. Once you do that, open the door to the right of the crack to trigger a booby trap. The Collector will come investigate so go invisible and this will be your opportunity to stealth kill him. If he doesn't come, try to hunt him down while in stealth. Another option is to hack the turret behind his booby trapped door and on the next floor. He has a lot of armor so the turret will help weaken him. Once he dies, you can pick up his slab to UNLOCK Garbage Day Once the meter is at 2, take it back to where you found it. Put it in the machine and activate the machine. It will trigger a lot of noise and enemies will surround the house. A good place to make your stand is the second floor of the building. Enemies will jump in through the window, making them easy to melee/shotgun blast. Other enemies will run up the stairs. Once all are dead, you can pick up the trinkets from the machine to UNLOCK Best of Both Worlds Evening: Complex: If Julianna hasn't invaded you yet, you can head to the Complex in the Evening to kill Egor. You will want to sneak past his goons and disable the laser trips and trip mines along the way. Once you get to his Lab, he is a straightforward kill with the HALPS. Once you do so you UNLOCK Out Like A Light I'm not 100% if the harvester needs to be at 2 to get a trinket good enough for the trophy or if it can be done at 1. Also not sure if the morning needs redone if the harvesting fails, I just redid it for safety. Would appreciate if anyone could let me know
  5. Might I recommend the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Collection...pretty great guide on this website Arkham Asylum is also great and doesn't have the crazy amount of challenge related trophies the other games have Assassin's Creed II is still my favorite and one of the only PS3 AC that has a platinum but no multiplayer trophies Finally, classic Demon's Souls.
  6. Correct that was the issue. I reconnected my PS4 and was able to find Outlast on my hideable games, despite it not being there on my PS5
  7. Anyone else not able to hide this game in their privacy settings? The only other game I noticed this issue with is Grand Theft Auto V on PS5. I'd rather not be tied to trophy lists for games I downloaded for other people to play. And yes, I learned my lesson from these games not to let people play on my account
  8. Are they permanently gone or will they slowly move over to offline? After the servers shut off, are all new resources I get going to be 10% offline and 90% online still?
  9. Unless you are playing on version 1.0, as has been discussed above
  10. I've been resetting chests over and over but all I get are relics, no gadget parts. Do they just not show up in new game plus? I only need two more
  11. Interesting that Great Deliver got upgraded to a silver trophy, which is good considering how slow some of those categories took to rank up in
  12. I did the mp trophies last summer. I would def recommend the quitting every 2 out of 3 matches or whatever strategy in order to speed up the process, it is very fun though if you want to enjoy it
  13. I like completing games in a series in order so that they look clean on my profile, recently did this with the 6 games in the god of war "Greek" era. Tried to do this with the infamous games on ps3. Before I finished infamous 1, I platted the ps5 version of plague tale with a save transfer. However, it is showing those two out of order. Then i platted infamous 2 before 100%ing infamous festival of blood, and it shows those two as out of order. The time stamps on the plats even show the order I did them in (Festival of blood my final trophy was Underground Tour). And it's not this site that is messing them up, they even show out of order on my ps5 and ps app.
  14. grenadier barracks in whatever chokepoint they go to first, shock trooper in the other, than a guard dog in the middle for HQ. Then just keep sending shock troopers and guard dogs in as back up, also hit the HQ with your spells
  15. I could have sworn it did when I was playing the ps5 version, but now that I want to 100% the ps4 version, I'm not able to get it EDIT: I have the physical deluxe ps5 version, and I distinctly remember switching between versions and seeing the different trophy completion.