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  1. Probably the the hardest trophy in the dlc. I used basic settings with all vehicle upgrades. This clip helped me :
  2. Time trial is "chrono"
  3. 13 new trophy for this dlc : Act 6 Recruit Complete all Act 6 maps on Recruit difficulty or higher. Act 6 Veteran Complete all Act 6 maps on Veteran difficulty or higher. Act 6 Cleaner Complete all Act 6 maps on Nightmare difficulty or higher. Act 6 Ace Complete all Act 6 maps on No Hope difficulty. TR's Secret Stash Find the Secret in Act 6. And The LAW Won Land a final blow on a Boss Mutation with the LAW. This Is Fine Set an enemy on fire with the Flamethrower, while also being on fire. A Can Of Worms Play Trial of the Worm for the first time. Going For Broke Earn a score of at least 100,000 in Trial of the Worm. The Path To Glory Complete a map in Trial of the Worm with a total modifier of at least x20. Constant Vigilance Kill all variants of the Sentinel. Hard-Boiled Defeat The Harbinger without using the LAW. LAW and Hors D'oeuvres Blow up a Food Item with the LAW. source : https://www.exophase.com/game/back-4-blood-steam/achievements/ (steam database)
  4. On my PS5 the new trophies are live : 7 new trophies : Green Teen Finish Shadows of Rose on at least Casual difficulty. Serene Teen Finish Shadows of Rose on at least Standard difficulty. Supreme Teen Finish Shadows of Rose on Hardcore difficulty. "Secret trophies" (no spoil.) Craftsmaster Craft every type of item in Shadows of Rose. Village of Blood Complete the Bloody Village in Additional Orders. River of Blood Complete the Bloody River in Additional Orders.
  5. @Chlorhydric Thanks for your method! it worked well for me. The trophy to pop at 95,000 and not 75,000 👍 GL everyone
  6. I Hope +50hr, solo and multiplayer trophies
  7. Apparently there are no new trophies for this dlc
  8. BMX Expansion coming 14 september 2022 for Year 1 Pass owner. I don't know yet if it adds new trophies but knowing ubisoft most certainly.
  9. And...... Here we go the last DLC (free) for Assassin's Creed Valhalla :
  10. For me is a 7,5/10 I had never played in no hope and it's much more harder than nightmare!! I tried lots of different builds, lots of games in order to finally do it solo with a melee build. I spent more than 10 hours on the dlc that's for sure. The hardest map is the prison map in my opinion. Good luck everyone!
  11. I have just finished this dlc and I was quite surprised. This is for me the best dlc of AC Valhalla, it is much better than all paid dlc. The trophies is pretty nice to do without too much farm (~10h).
  12. look good!!! thanks
  13. These are codes send by editor to review or create guide videos on YT for everything comes out for the official release.