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  1. how did you score on an "acrobatic flip" from "scoring milestone" I did it twice and it was not accepted ?
  2. No
  3. I found a solution to get it ! My trophy was pop 5min ago you have to play 10 matches with the SAME person and the SAME team ! 10 in squad battle or 10 in rivals ! Good luck for all of you !
  4. yes.. we have to find a way to send the information back to developers
  5. yes i'll wait, EA community manager said contact sony for trophy problem.. wtf
  6. We must test delete club fut and re-test 10 squad match..
  7. for me ~ 20 in squad battle and ~ 10 in rivals
  8. yes same problem for me... i played 30 matchs coop i open a bug topic in EA report : https://answers.ea.com/t5/Rapports-de-bugs/Trophee-bug-association-fructueuse/m-p/9571399/thread-id/314 make a comment please
  9. i don't know sorry.. i've only played alone
  10. Hi, 1 or 2 tips : play volta story mode and solo match before division! your squad will be amazing with 90 gen for all of your team with Mbappé, put matchmaking preferences on "solo" in order to avoid playing against a team! and 4 wins in 5 placement match sends you directly to division 3. Good luck to all
  11. H2H = head to head = 1vs1 juste play kickoff classic match with 2 controller 5 times and the trophy pop
  12. Hi, this trophy consist of play 1vs1 in kickoff with 2 controller in any game mode
  13. No , only division rivals I have 4 wins and i loose with this team : https://ibb.co/3NKXpcY / https://ibb.co/Kbp285S Use the L1 or R1 button with your attacker is the best way for eliminate a defense, and it's very hard for defense in this episode don’t climb too high with your defense and try to score a maximum goal
  14. Yes it's possible, I was like a lot of you fruster and I succeeded after 30 minutes (holding L2 and tapping X) before the first, the 4th and 5th turn. For all other turns just let go of R2. Good luck all
  15. Thanks @westersburg ! @Sikutai release the full trophy list today or tomorrow for sure