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  1. Retiring causes that yeah, but if you're retiring to end the championship and start anew, it shouldn't mess with the next one you start. Impossible times can also happen when you quit to the main menu in a multi stage events (as far I know, thanks to other people findings), which is why it's recommended to do them in one go (using PS rest mode does work though). If even after doing that the game messes up the very next time you start a new event you could try and delete your save file yeah. It is indeed synced iirc, but you can delete it by going in Settings -> Profile -> Progress reset (do it at your own risk obviously, can't say if it would fix your issue or not). Before doing that maybe try reinstalling | redownloading the game first? Wondering if this could come from a corrupted installation...
  2. Haha, I get that, was doing the same honestly, tried to push like a madman on the first stages to have more leeway on the last bunch to avoid having to restart everything. But yeah, like you said, the first few events were rough, but it was mostly a matter of getting used to the difficulty and honing down the skills required to get through it (and knowing most of those tracks by hearts as well). Yeah knowing each part of the stage is crucial to get through those events, you can count on your reflexes from time to time but it sadly is more of a matter of remembering each hazards than reacting to those hazards. Skill is needed obviously, but there's pretty much nothing you can about that silly tiny rock that your copilot doesn't warn you about except learning from it and restarting... Sometime this decade seems like an achievable goal ^^ Are you talking about the glitch were the opponents times are pretty much impossible to beat, or another one (asking cause I never heard of this one fixing itself)? I've never got hit by this glitch myself, but yeah you'd have to retire from every races left in the tournament to restart it clean I think (knowing the game got patched since this thread has been made, they probably changed a few things options & UI wise, so it's tough to say).
  3. Congratulations @MajloHS93, very well done! 🏆 Thanks for the details & feedback you left while going through Flatout, was nice to see you getting through it event by event and I'm sure that will be helpful to others as well.
  4. Was part of the 73 crew as well, thankfully got a 69 one a couple runs later 😅 The slopes can definitely kill a good run, and yeah unfortunately you pretty much need to get screwed by them once to know they're there and avoid them on your next try. I remember having a good run come crashing down on hole 11 cause the wind was going at 10 km/h towards me, never had that much (thought the game was capped at 9.9 km/h), nothing I could do but laugh it off and hope for better luck next time. There's a few things to keep in mind (basic golf knowledge, but since the game doesn't explain anything, if you're not aware of those it could make a difference): The distance your club can do is not taking the rolling of the ball in consideration, if your driver can hit to 250 yards and you make a perfect shot, you'll actually hit a shot around 270-280 yards with the rolling on an even fairway If the fairway is lower than you, you'll go further than the carry of your club, and if the fairway is higher you'll go less far than the carry of your club The putters are atrocious, unlike other golf games where the power gauge is divided in 4 and hitting in the middle would logically give you 50% of the power, here it's not the case. The 30 ft putter works somewhat correctly, but the 90ft & 150ft ones just don't, so try to keep that in mind (using the 90ft one and shooting with 25% of the gauge gives a distance of around 35ft) As a rule of thumb, when aiming for the flag, try and shoot with 10%-15% less power than the carry needed (on an even ground and if the wind isn't against you)
  5. Nicely done mate, keep it going! Thanks for writing the settings you used, more setups is a good thing 👍 It can definitely make a difference, especially on cars with piss poor handling with the default ones. I'll see to edit my first post to link to the settings you used on the events you already did.
  6. Didn't have any issues with "Mittens", but I focused on the carrer mode and it popped the first time I finished a staged in Norway (happened in group b). Maybe it has to be done in career for some weird reasons... For "Simulator" I read the same thing and it didn't pop either by just finishing the race. Ended up doing it on Lake Nakuru stage (Kenya) in the rain, using "The Gazelle" (mixed the tips given by LongLiveHelghast & DancefloorBankin on the "Trophy Thoughts" thread). Got it first try there with a 01:36.597 (the AI times seems random though, they could be faster than that).
  7. Sure would be nice if they put Hillclimb events back in DR 3.0, those were fun to do.
  8. Good to hear, Pedal to the Metal is rough but it's gonna be a good training to face what Flatout has to offer.
  9. @MajloHS93 Sorry to hear about that New Zealand event, I know it was made slightly easier after a patch, but it can probably glitch like the other events as well. I'll add the glitch time in the main post. As for your other question from your other post, quitting to the main menu can lead to glitched times (it's a gamble though, it could work the proper way as well), your best bet is either doing them all back to back, if you have the time, or leave your console on rest mode. I realise I'm like 2 weeks late, hope you haven't given up
  10. You guys are right, forgot to update the main post after they released Tsurumi. Added the Tsurumi fishing spots as well now.
  11. Today was my 20th race and it popped for me as well (even though I'm only seeing 7 of my times since they added new events and got rid of older ones). I'm guessing the number of races you've participated in are stored client side, thankfully! 😅
  12. Oh I felt really lucky throughout those tries not gonna lie, whereas 1 page every 3 worlds seems rather unlucky, sorry you had to endure that much fishing 😅 Now I'm wondering if there's some kind of hidden pity for the pages as well (but tied to the world, not the player), like you would start with a 2% drop rate, but after fishing 50 fishes in Inazuma it would be at 4% and so on... Seems weird that the pages I got kept increasing slowly... Could just be pure RNG luck of course, in which case I'm glad it was on my side for this grind!
  13. Done with the trophy, just to give an idea here's the number of pages I got per reset : 0 page 1 page 1 page 2 pages 2 pages 3 pages 1 page
  14. All good no worries. Was just wondering if my post could've conveyed misleading information.
  15. Could you pinpoint what I said that was wrong? Cause I said exactly what you just said... I mean, since the first post by yoxi in this thread, it was confirmed that you can get all pages by going into other people's world. But you can also get them all in your own world, if you're willing to wait.