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  1. Just grabbed it, thanks for letting us know man
  2. @Erkawest As soon as the assault on Fort Mercer starts the games gives you 50 (at least for your long rifles)
  3. Thanks for sharing mate, greatly appreciated! Now to find a partner that would be willing to have some heavy boosting session in the future ^^
  4. Nice to see it helped you
  5. @Mori There seems to be another workaround, taken from here : Won't have time to try it personally, but thought you might be interested.
  6. @Mori Stuck at 4 tracks here too, but there's one of them (On the edge) where I can't finish the contract given to me (it's only written "Beat", nothing else). That's a known issue, with a possible workaround (here), but it didn't work for me At around 35 seconds in the track it tells me "contract failed", no matter if I'm beyond the other rider. I can see my medals on the other tracks, cause I've beat the contracts on them, but on "On the edge", I just see a biker. I'm guessing there's more tracks after this, but you and I may have the same issue... As for the crates, I hope it's not to intrusive, it seems like you can pay them with ingame currency, which is always nice, but as long as it's only cosmetics and there's no tracks or bikes that you need to unlock that way (or trophies like you said), I'm okay with it. And I did have the same issue identifying myself between 2 other ghosts yeah. It seems like when there's one ghosts, he's behind you on the driving line, but when there's 2 ghosts the other one is in front of you on the driving line (might be wrong though, I'll need to recheck this). Small complaints though, still 5 months until the release, so far it looks pretty solid! @HesterKRGod Same as you with the passwords, so I know what you mean. I on the other end won't bother trying codes for beta if someone's says it's taken, which is why I prefer people leaving a message when I take one, or leave a message if none of the codes are available anymore (when possible of course). For real though, don't worry, like you said many people would've tried anyway, and | or may not even be registered to this website to respond.
  7. No worries @HesterKRGod Doing stuff with the free time we might have while working is tough, so I understand that you focused on grabbing one. As you said, people in this types of scenarios usually just tries all the codes provided, so when I was asking to post a message when they took one it was to avoid people the hassle if all 4 codes were already taken. Hope you guys have fun with the beta
  8. Yeah sadly I'm not that surprised. I would've preferred to do it another way, but since there's only 3 days left, plus 45 GB to download (and not knowing if people would be interested or not), just thought it'd be better that way. Props to you @Yoey_666 for keeping one for @gamesfourever @tata_arek Might wanna delete the last code you put and send it to @Mori since he seems interested @Banana_Sausage47 Enjoy mate
  9. Hey guys, Just got 4 extra beta codes. Please leave a message when you take one so other users know if it's still available. 3BCDYZUWLX6G 9YUMUBAJQF2W AVUT4CKWHRYZ FVXHRMZJEANL You need to redeem it via the Trials website. Go here : http://trialsgame.com/beta_redeem Step 1: Connect to your Ubisoft account Step 2: Enter the code Step 3: Choose your platform (PC, XOne, PS4) Step 4: An access to the Beta is sent to you Step 5: Wait while you're downloading the 45 GB (You can start playing after downloading 18 GB though) Beta available until the 17th of september - 10 am UTC (not 100% sure about the time) Have fun
  10. EDIT: Okay, just had the idea to actually check the hidden trophy part, and see if the number went up when acquiring 1 trophy in Far Cry 4, and it did went up by 1, so the game is actually considered hidden (even though it's not in the settings), at least I know what's the problem now. Should've thought of checking that 1st 😶 Hey guys, I looked at the first page, and the last two, so it may have already been answered, sorry if that's the case. It is not a psnprofiles problem, it's just that if any of you has an idea it'd be appreciated. Anyway, problem is that Far Cry 4 won't show on my profile (probably not specific to that game, just ended up on it). It is not hidden, I tried hiding it and unhiding in case of a weird sync issue on playstation servers, same problem. My settings are on public, I can see my progress on ps3-vita-ps4. But on the playstation website it doesn't appear, it should be listed between downwell & PlayStation VR Worlds. Anything like that ever happened to some of you? It's just weird that my ps3 & vita actually sync correctly, but on the playstation website, even when I'm connected, it doesn't (so on psnprofiles too, which is logical). Just for info, I did wait to earn new trophies before updating my profile each time I changed something. And for what it's worth, the game stayed hidden quite a while, cause I launched a while back by mistake, and knowing I wouldn't play it soon I hid it. Cheers
  11. Might be a bit late, but "theaface", over on playstationtrophies found a really good way that will make this minigame actually doable, while helping you not go mad over that flimsy crane. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/locoroco-remastered/309796-mui-mui-crane-tip.html
  12. Yeah, definitely the easiest way. Just that I wanted to play through the game casually, enjoying it along and not retrying to much at the beginning, leaving it for the end. So I made a quick checklist, just so I could keep track in a better way than the ingame stuff. So I shared it in the event that someone wants to play the game that way too, it could help them.
  13. To keep track of your Locorocos - Pickories - Muimuis - Times. Each cell turns green when the required amount has been reached. A comment on each cell to specify the required amount of said collectible for the level selected (except for Locorocos, since it's always 20 per level). Time cell is in seconds, you can just put 1 if you got it, does the job. A progress bar to get an idea of your progress for each world & collectible type. The progress bar doesn't work on Google Sheets, and even if you download it from Google Sheets it won't work either. If you wanna use it correctly use Excel Online or download it from Excel Online. 2 versions: "Locoroco", progress bar always update for each collectible found, so if a world has 2K Pickories, the Pickories progress bar has 2K different state. "Locoroco.Required", progress bar only updates if all of said collectibles for a level has been gathered, so each progress bar has 8 different state. Version.1 Locoroco - Google Sheets Version.2 Locoroco.Required - Google Sheets Version.1 Locoroco - Excel Online Version.2 Locoroco.Required - Excel Online
  14. I got it in multiplayer personally, I know it doesn't specify any mode, but maybe that could help. Hope you get it to pop
  15. Just in case anyone would like to see other strats, got a playlist with all the "Boy" trophies. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvNoIQUOGzEWHqJMRfCGCKy0jD8cVkDUO We approach some level quite differently, so it might help some of you if you have trouble with specific strats. Why don't you make it a guide green?