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  1. Thanks for clarifying, I remembered the way it worked, but I wasn't aware of that thing specifically (since it never happened to me), so I thought every trophy where popped as soon as you went back to the main menu.
  2. Glad to see you found a workaround, haven't done the game yet, but hopefully nothing else is required in that room to finish it.
  3. Try with another HDMI cable if you can (a recent one preferably). Maybe, for some reason, on this specific area the game starts sending more information than your HDMI cable is capable of handling, resulting in a black screen. Don't go buy a new one just to test though, it's just a guess.
  4. @EdgeHosenkaJe suis d'accords, et je pense que c'est même à son avantage qu'il ne sache pas comment s'y prendre pour uploader une image (comme tu dis, si tu ne sais pas uploader, tu ne sais pas non plus retoucher une image). Mon message était par rapport à celui de machaesthetic qui disait qu'une photo de l'écran des trophées (celui sur lequel tu les vois tous, avec du coup toutes les miniatures liées à tout les trophées que tu à débloqué) n'était pas vraiment trafiquable, ce qui est bien entendu le cas en s'y connaissant un minimum (même si ça n'a pas l'air d'être le cas pour Hunter). @machaestheticI mentioned your name in my post, but that's just cause I was referring to your prior message. Won't post anymore, I'm not helping much anyway and I don't wanna spam disputes.
  5. That's not always a possibility though (I know I couldn't, since I tend to backup those screenshots regularly, and then deleting them from my PS4, otherwise it gets too cluttered for my taste). And it doesn't prove much anyway (sadly), it's not that hard to fake those kind of pictures, I'm pretty sure I could do it even though my photoshoping skills are nonexistent (the Metadata on the original file might be helpful though, but once again someone with enough knowledge could photoshop something and then edit them).
  6. Just wanted to clear something out. You're right about that, that would definitely make the dispute easier to handle (and not providing any after multiple disputes obviously smells fishy). I only asked that because of your message purposely written in a stupid kind of way ("I liek to play da game rly fast"), which I didn't get the point of it.
  7. Do you have something against him personally or am I missing something completely? I haven't looked at either Okami or SMB, but him saying he likes to speedrun games isn't ground to quote him like he's some kind of dumb dude. And he clearly said someone lent him a Vita in the past, which is why he platinumed some Vita games, but he doesn't have it anymore because he gave it back. There may have been a misunderstanding between you two. You asked him "It's just way common to see this cheated on Vita, but you say you've played on vita too?"', which I took for a broad question (it doesn't seem like a specific question about SMB but more about the Vita in general), and he probably did too seeing his answer. "I played on Vita a bit to make easy Platinum." Clearly not answering about SMB specifically but about Vita games and it's bunch of easy plats (I'm guessing VN since it looks like it was in 2016). And just after that you said "You say you played it on the Vita too, the only way to cheat it back then.", which isn't the case. It could be far fetch, I might be totally wrong, it's just that I'm not 100% sure that's what he meant (even if he did do all the things you guys said, this part of the dispute didn't seem fair to me). @The_Hunter_Fr T'y as joué sur quelle plateforme à Super Meat Boy ?
  8. Hey man It happened to me once, and since I was in a group chat just like you, I left it and asked someone to reinvite me to it, that did the trick. Hopefully that works for you. Now if it's only a 2 person conversation I'm not really sure how you could fix this, I know people can leave a 2 person chat (and you're left there, all alone in the chat), so maybe that could work the same way too, by asking the other person to reinvite you, but that'd only be really helpful and worth the hassle if the past messages were important to you.
  9. You guys want me to translate his message or is that clear enough that he cheated (he's mostly saying that he played all 3 games offline and that the trophies popped when he went back online)?
  10. Have you tried looking directly from the PS4 menu (select Hitman 2, press down on the D-Pad, go to the Playstation Store tab, and then pick Add-Ons)? If you still can't access it have a look through the web store (as in, not directly from the PS4), to check if you can actually buy it from there. Dutch French That's the one I "bought" (Free thanks to the Gold Edition).
  11. Just grabbed it, thanks for letting us know man
  12. @Erkawest As soon as the assault on Fort Mercer starts the games gives you 50 (at least for your long rifles)
  13. Thanks for sharing mate, greatly appreciated! Now to find a partner that would be willing to have some heavy boosting session in the future ^^
  14. Nice to see it helped you
  15. @Mori There seems to be another workaround, taken from here : Won't have time to try it personally, but thought you might be interested.