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  1. Just in case you're still struggling on this one, I used this post over on reddit to easily get through it. The enemies that targets the crystal are fixed. Once you know that and you know which ones to focus on or leave alive it's way easier.
  2. "Got my boomstick" challenge & "Bullet Train" trophy not unlocking here as well. Thought "Train Surfing" trophy wouldn't unlock, but I managed to make it pop somehow. I had every challenges done, except "Got my boomstick", and the 3 Classics one. Went ahead and done "Silent assassin", "Suit only" and "Silent assasssin, suit only", and getting those 3 got me trophy, So I'm guessing those 3 weren't technically required for the "Train Surfing", but they still count for the trophy or something like that, weird.
  3. Hey, thanks for the feedback, that's pretty weird indeed, but I'm glad you found this trick to make it work. Have you tried it again, see if you had the same issue and Officer Dick made it work again? I'll mention your workaround in the post
  4. You sure you downloaded the right one? You might've got the uncompiled one... It's on this page, the "" (direct link). Unzip it, then you just start PS4Macro.exe
  5. @bdias10 Glad to see you conquered it mate! More than deserved, knowing how much hours and dedication you put into this one 👍
  6. If I remember correctly @Ghost-TeamX did.
  7. Ah okay, I probably ended up doing the Downtown macro with faster inputs than the Skate Park one; resulting in this kind of issues if the ps4macro program skips inputs or there's some I/O issue. Thanks for the feedback, sorry to see you had issues with it, but still good to know that the Skate Park one can be a workaround if Downtown doesn't work.
  8. @mipdii Sorry to @ you, but I was wondering what PS4 you had. I've done those macros with a Pro, and on the downtown macro I forgot to wait at the start, meaning anyone with longer (or even shorter) loading times than mines would probably have their run get those kinds of issues (whereas the 36K macro I waited a couple seconds at the beginning to be more lenient towards slower loading times). Were you getting the gap at the beginning every time? Cause you said sometimes your skater was hitting things, while it shouldn't have, so I'm guessing loading times were messing this up. @PO_1984 From what you said I'd think your issue is CPU related, but I might be wrong. Have you tried it in safe mode (with network enabled)? What's your CPU? If it's a series that was affected by the meltdown/spectre issue, you could try to disable the patch see if it helps. You could also give a higher priority to the PS4macro program to see if it helps.
  9. Pretty sure 2:12 is the normal time; 2:31 can happen, which would be a helpful glitch giving you 20 more seconds to work with, but it's not the time you're supposed to get.
  10. Eh that sucks Have you tried by running your PC in safe mode with network support? It would load the bare minimum and leave you with more resources to focus on the remote play & macro. Not sure if it works though, I haven't personally tried it, and the remote play software might not work because of missing services and stuff...
  11. Glad to see your issue was just because of that 👍
  12. That's weird... Just tested it again to be sure, and even though it took like 10 runs to get running (because the game kept taking ages to load), after that it's all good, no nosegrab in sight. Are you definitely sure you put the 900 special on ? What's your network settings like? My pc is connected on a switch via Ethernet, the switch to a router, and the PS4 is on said router. If you're in WiFi it might be dropping packets resulting in your issues (though if it was that I think you'd still see some 900 from time to time, which is not the case). Is there anything else running on your PC that could be using up resources? The macro software doesn't require much, but seeing the amount of data it sends per second, if something else is going around in the background you could end up having issues because of this.
  13. It's only thanks to prior experiences with racing games (and I'm pretty sure Trackmania games (since Nations ESWC) helped me a lot with racing games in general, because they forced me to learn to "properly" use the analog stick, before those games I would pretty much either push it all the way, or not at all). So when it comes to the tight roads you need to handle in Dirt Rally, I can control the car pretty well with slight turns and gentle pushes of the analog. It might sound silly, but seeing how narrow some of those roads are, being swift on the analog tremendously helped me without a doubt. Is it more because you lose focus over time, or just the sheer amount of difficulties the stages throws at you? For you it might be better to focus on one location at a time, and see it finish all the events with that location. Now wether to start with the shorter ones or the longer ones, I guess it depends about your ability to focus on long events. If you have a hard time with that, go with the short stages and progressively work your way to the longer and tougher ones; since some of the long stages are a mix of shorter ones, that could make it more manageable for you. And yeah, those piles of woods are brutal ^^. There was even an event in Scotland with invisible wood piles (!!!) in a couple of corners (not kidding), but I'm pretty this was fixed with a later patch. Anyway, your spirit is there, I have no doubt you'll make it through, and even though you seem to be struggling right now, you're still making steady progress between each of your posts. See you on the 100% board in the near future ☺️
  14. Congratulations @Garcia4Fingers, and thanks for the detailed feedback, I’m sure this will help others! Well done @vujos, couldn’t agree more with scenario 3&4 being easier, which like you said is probably because once you reach those you know most of the the races & layouts. I’m gonna edit my first post to add that tip about the throttle, this never cross my mind, so thanks for pointing it out! Can’t imagine how frustrated you were finding out about this. @bdias10 It's gonna be tough to give more advices than what everyone else already said, but if you've seen it through GT5 you should be able to finish this DLC. I remember struggling like a madman on the redbull events (like, Monza probably took me something like 2-3 hours to get, Nürburgring GP 7-8 hours, Suzuka over 20 hours with a hell of a lot of close times), whereas this DLC took me between 20-30 hours to get through all the events. Repetition & patience are the main thing about this, until you gain the required skills to see it through, like Garcia said, take it slow, don't try and commit to perfect run from the get go, watch the videos maybe, to see how much you can keep up.
  15. Congrats @Fr33d0mT0uch! Nice to see your perseverance paid off in the end 🏆 I'm guessing you meant the Cosworth when you talked about the oldest car, and yeah I concur, those events weren't no joke (RWD are always rough to get used to).