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  1. I had to do a second playthrough for Wiser no idea why It didn't pop on my first playthrough, sad that it was my last trophy before platinum.
  2. Thanks for the tips guys I got the platinum today.
  3. I beat Scaly Pete though I've seen other videos and after that fight the shark goes to an Elder in the video. Weird I know.
  4. Wiser trophy won't pop for me, I had my fight against Scaly Pete and my shark evolved to an Elder and still no trophy. Anybody got the same issue?
  5. I just beat Scaly Pete then my shark leveled up to Elder but no trophy popped, just before I went to fight Scaly Pete I was level 22. I'm playing on the PS5 version of the game if it helps. Has anybody experienced this yet?
  6. It is very weird but I'll wait to the list is out now properly, the music is amazing in the game as well.
  7. Trophies are voided out for me, I hope they release something soon I've first the first level three times and nothing has popped, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.