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  1. This is good news. Hopefully that means lesser demand for the game in a fews months and itll be on a big sale.
  2. Probably speedruns. And then Online trophies that force you to sub for ps plus.
  3. Sony always break something when they try to fix something else. GG. I think Vita game search is broken for weeks too.
  4. I wonder if all those pre-order it would they be guaranteed one on release day or still get order revoked after sony cant meet demands/etc.
  5. Another CoD, who would've known.
  6. SAO games are fun, welcome.
  7. What once had only a skeleton crew working on the vita department now they are well all dead because of the pandemic. Go figure.
  8. Definitely a lot of microtransactions/dlc, but I don't think Loot boxes even close like some mentioned. How many games really have "loot boxes" this generation? Only ones I could even think of are less than a handful of games.
  9. Would love to see some SMT Nocturne art.
  10. Dec 2018 : Ps Plus member price $24.49 - $27.99 April 2019 : Ps Plus member price $24.49 - $27.99 July 2019 : $24.49 July 2020 : Ps Plus member price $20.99 - $24.99 Probably won't go on sale again till xmas. lol
  11. So how many got it? Like 10 people? lol, gg Sony.
  12. Probably should continue playing more Catherine Full Body.

    1. Zenpai


      Yes, you should.

  13. Looks very clean and nice. I saw someone made their PS5 look really crazy.
  14. Does these Free to play require Playstation Plus?
  15. Don't be ashamed whatever the reason was, you can tell us the truth.