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  1. The problem is than i have the trophy for complete at 100% every map, that includes this gigs so its glitched i think. Edit: My tracker says 11/17 lol Edit 2: Got the platinum, i just follow a video and kill the rest. Some cyberpsychos doesn´t count for the 100%
  2. I have the same issue with one cyberpsycho, its glitched too and i have all maps 100%. It’s my last trophy...
  3. I have every map 100% completed and still don´t have the trophy, I think the one is glitched is The Phantom of Night City because it still on my non complete gigs i don´t know why. I just need this trophy for the platinum...
  4. Powerpyx changed his guide and now says there is 1 missable ending.
  5. Technical Ability.
  6. The endings trophy is not missable, the only relevant choices are in the last mission and you can repeat it. https://www.powerpyx.com/cyberpunk-2077-endings-guide-all-endings/ Edit: Powerpyx changed his guide and now says there is 1 ending missable
  7. This fish, Bream, is bugged af, just leave the animus and join again until u can catch it, it worked for me right now and got the trophy.
  8. I edited my post, though was ultimate truth trophy, for the one are u talking u just need to do all in bronze.
  9. Nope, just the bronze.
  10. Looks like the trophies are not in the server yet.
  11. Thanks so much, as a FF fan I already pre-order it ^^
  12. 8am Pacific time is 5pm in Europe so the dlc is out in 7h from now.
  13. As you can see my account is from Spain and i got the avatars unlocked on my profile. If you want to have it just keep calling until u speak with a person than want to do his job.
  14. I just got my platinum breaking only healing cristals