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  1. The problem is than i have the trophy for complete at 100% every map, that includes this gigs so its glitched i think. Edit: My tracker says 11/17 lol Edit 2: Got the platinum, i just follow a video and kill the rest. Some cyberpsychos doesn´t count for the 100%
  2. I have every map 100% completed and still don´t have the trophy, I think the one is glitched is The Phantom of Night City because it still on my non complete gigs i don´t know why. I just need this trophy for the platinum...
  3. I have the same issue with one cyberpsycho, its glitched too and i have all maps 100%. It’s my last trophy...
  4. Powerpyx changed his guide and now says there is 1 missable ending.
  5. Technical Ability.
  6. The endings trophy is not missable, the only relevant choices are in the last mission and you can repeat it. https://www.powerpyx.com/cyberpunk-2077-endings-guide-all-endings/ Edit: Powerpyx changed his guide and now says there is 1 ending missable
  7. This fish, Bream, is bugged af, just leave the animus and join again until u can catch it, it worked for me right now and got the trophy.
  8. Its my last trophy, i already break like 1500 boulders and still dont have it. Someone else have the same bug? Edit: I contact a developer on discord and he knows the problem, told me to wait until a patch is coming.
  9. I edited my post, though was ultimate truth trophy, for the one are u talking u just need to do all in bronze.
  10. Nope, just the bronze.
  11. Looks like the trophies are not in the server yet.
  12. Thanks so much, as a FF fan I already pre-order it ^^
  13. 8am Pacific time is 5pm in Europe so the dlc is out in 7h from now.
  14. As you can see my account is from Spain and i got the avatars unlocked on my profile. If you want to have it just keep calling until u speak with a person than want to do his job.
  15. I just got my platinum breaking only healing cristals
  16. The dev told me the problem are the new healing cristals, so who has the bug have to break 500 healing cristals . They will fix it, as you can see the last achievers was like a days ago. I will just wait until the patch comes.
  17. Nope, i phone them 2 times and thats the mail i got telling me than i have the avatars on my account. Its free to call the here btw.
  18. Just got a mail from Sony right now, they didn´t give me a code, they just unlock the 21 avatars on my account. I´m from Spain, i will call Sony again to unlock it on my old account than i also have the plat. The first time i call them, send me a tutorial to sync the trophies and the second time the unlock the avatars on my account. So guys from Europe just keep calling Sony and u will have it ^^