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  1. Thank you MMDE
  2. Fastest PSNP clear was a day and 9 hours, it took me over 2 weeks with good knowledge of the game.
  3. Super Meat Boy • Reason: Racked Trophies, Don't accept the excuse " someone did for me" and extremely short time between the trophies on the game itself, anyone who did the plat know this,And if you see his trophy log he get the "retro rampage Trophy" within 31 sec gap between a Gina fantasy trophy, missile boy with a gap of 11 min and 4 min of 2 mortal Kombat Trophies,you can be 100% Shure if is racked if he says that was share play, because isn't possible to get the Deathless run by share play cuz you need to be perfect but frame on some level and even with the best internet on the world is impossible copy and paste of the report.
  4. It was due to the times from trophy unlocks on SMB being done near the times of trophies on MK X and Final Fantasy 9. My son was playing MK X doing some of the easy DLC trophies at the same time I successfully got missile boy. And I got Retro Rampage while running the script to do the jump rope trophy on Final Fantasy 9 which is legal by the community standards.
  5. Deckerx-7 Super Meat Boy I did this legitimately on the vita while my son played the PS4, and it wasn’t my first time playing the game, I have beat it multiple times on the Nintendo Switch. Some of the no death runs gave me some trouble, if it wasn’t for those I would have finished it faster. I recently switched from the PC to the PS4 to trophy hunt, kind of disappointed that I’m already getting harassed.