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  1. It's bait and switch. Everyone I know and read articles from was expecting a chill messenger/delivery service game. I considered it would be more of an "emotions" game as we watched the robots groan about their lives, Night in the Woods style stuff. More of an interactive/visual novel than a game. Then we get this light platforming thing about the demise of human civilization and not all that much care on the character you play as or the plague and the zurks or how the robot populacce lives. It's just so damn vague about everything except having side characters sacrifice themselves at every corner for you. I thought Momo was gonna die in the sewers. Abzalatar is basically dead in a self-induced meditation coma. You know what happens to Clementine and B12. But what happens to the cat? I don't think it was worth the $30 entry.
  2. How old is OP? Cause I mean, George Michael, reallly?
  3. Heck yeah Retail Loyalty Site! Got a handful of PS2 games from that for doing simple multiple choice quizzes.I think the oddest thing I got is this legal pad holder with some pockets for other bits of paper. Fully branded with the logos and stuff. Intel also had a similar thing while I was at "electronics store," read some pages of upcoming products, do some quizzes, earn points, get real stuff. But Intel had some items free like a jacket I wore for nearly a decade, and some items at a steep discount like a i7 cpu/motherboard I resold for a small profit. They were both great as a hidden perk that could help in my daily duties at the store. The recentish Sony Rewards was alright, but it was mainly geared toward buying their junk with credit cards associated with Sony. And then all the stuff was super expensive in their point system. I think I earned about $40 from that on trophy passes. I did the math on how much a game was worth in respect to the different trophy passes and their values as points-to-dollars. It was a dark yet interesting time, when my gaming was gameified, and then that was gameified. Example-Deciding to play new long hard game over cheap short easy one for the trophies, so I could earn a pass, to earn points, to finally earn a $10 credit or pay for a copy of Spider-Man at full retail. *** DUE NOTE, the Sony Rewards trophy passes were limited to what I recall as 10 passes per trophy type. 10 plat passes, 10 silver, and such. So you were limited to a maximum earnable value with them. You couldn't just jam ratalaika games every day and earn infinite points for infinite money. I don't see this program having a net positive for Sony. On one hand you will engage with the community more, potentially driving sales of consoles and subscriptions. On the other hand they will have to constantly update with new content, deal with digital errors in this system when they severely lack that skill for basic shit, and double dip on lost sales by handing out $ony Bucks. Loyalty programs usually only work when the consumer buys thing and you incentivize that purchase with a small % reward back in cash or store credit. Not requiring purchases, or even a PS+ subscription could do more harm than good. It all depends on the numbers, how easy is it to accrue enough points to earn X reward and if that doesn't snowball with the shovelware that has 10 gold 10 silver and 1 plat. When more details are released we will know if this is anything more than a push to interest consumers to the Playstation family away from PC/Nintendo. (Xbox is just pc but with more steps(that's a joke(but not really))) Further ramblings about loyalty programs.
  4. I saw a very confusing article from Comicbook.com , the world's greatest source of news for video games, about how this was available to PS+ in March. I knew that was a lie. They try to explain how PSNow had a name change but still forgo expanding on how it is only available to those with PSNow/PS+Extra. Claiming instead that if you didn't acquire in March, you're going to lose it.
  5. I call it a good month. Definitely gonna play Crash 4. Definitely not gonna play the other 2. I don't plant to plat it, and I probably won't even touch the inverted mode levels more than once. I am hoping it's fun in the way 3 was and not in the way 1 or 2 was supposed to be. Man of Medan was on GamePass already and it was torture. I loved Until Dawn, but DPA MoM's story and characters were shite. Weird cause their newest game The Quarry just came out. Coincidence? "If you like our recentish old game buy our latest new one!" Unfortunately they didn't make that style of gameplay any more fun in The Quarry. Arcadegeddon. Ehh? No.
  6. After you finish the DLC, rewatch The Terminator. It syncs up perfectly. Is Return of the Obra Dinn worth the buy-in at $13.99? It doesn't have a lot of content from what I understand, because I'm considering Spyro Reignited Trilogy for the same price of $13.99. I know I'll enjoy the Spyro trilogy, even with the potential dumb bugs it might have. I'm only planning to get one or the other at this time so, opinions, thoughts????
  7. I didn't know Ferrari Challenge Plat availability was that old. It's the game I got my first trophy in too.
  8. The costco price was $90, but how much PSN credit did you get for that?
  9. Kenshin_EvoX method does work. I converted my PS4 data and then completed a save file that was at the end of DLC campaign. I got the trophies for completing it on normal and completing it without using guns. I then went to get Fastest Man in the Swamp, but the first challenge was already completed as noted in my pause menu stats. So following the Kenshin method, on my PS5 I went to Settings, Storage, Console Storage (were I have my PS4 data), Saved Data, Ps4 Games. Scrolled down to the RE7 listing, and just to the right of if it is a symbol with a pencil and 3 lines. Selecting that let me individually choose what to delete/copy/whatever. I selected , "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard System Save Data/End of Zoe" 4.20MB, deleted that file and only that file. Then I went back to RE7 PS5, and did the data conversion again. I replayed the End of Zoe save file at the final boss on normal, completed it, unlocked Extreme Challenges and did the first one to get the trophy. I do recommend backing up your PS5 save data onto the cloud if you have started any other game mode that you wish not to lose progress in.
  10. That gold edition page of re7 is hidden as fuck. I tried searching for it and got no where. Thankfully a simple search on youtube saves the day.
  11. The list is for the PS5 edition, which while 100% the same as the PS4 edition is a new title. The troph ylist is required, just having a greater capability when played on PS5 with save file transferring sounds like what you want. Is it too much work to update the PS4 game to check if it is being played on PS5 to "unlock" extra performance modes? Perhaps the answer is it is more profitable to rerelease them on PS5 in this manner.
  12. Kinda sounds like you're just bad at hunting trophies. Is there a simple text guide I can read on how to do this? All my save files are on PS4, and I can put them in the PS+ save file cloud if needed.
  13. Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Saga $9.74 $12.99 80% Heck yeah. $5 for each LL game. Finally! I also got a hit on AloneWithYou. There is some good stuff in this sale.
  14. Lego DC Super Villains DLC Season Pass for $3, that's what I'm talking about. I only got one alert to a sale from what I'm tracking on PSDeals, so a bit of a bummer. The Pedestrian at $10. And I'm gonna hold off on that as it is a wallet crunchy time. A lot of the stuff on sale I just care nothing for, and never will. How do you guys get past all that junk without glazing your eyes.
  15. It's that time of the year for me, and I have never reliably found any one particular place to purchase a PS+ subscription on sale. So I am asking the forum where they think is the best place to go for a renewal of the basic "Essential" subscription. I just want to continue having access to the monthly games and my giant backlog of PS+ monthly games.