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  1. Dear mods, this thread doesn't hold a candle to the one posted by Neocarleen.
  2. It is certainly not accurate, as there are at least 16 World 1s, but only 14 are needed. I got it at 13 of 14 dlc levels, and my pal got it at 14 of 14 dlc levels. We played them together straight through one after the other.
  3. How does deleting the game data (not save data) help ? Also that sounds exactly right. It worked the first time properly and then never again after that. In a game that takes 4-5 hours for the campaign, that's a huge ask for me and my pal to do.
  4. Started a campaign local-co-op with me being Player1. Both players got Pop! and Get Berried trophies at same time. So this is confusing... Pop! Complete a kitchen on a Balloon Get Berried Complete a kitchen in the Mines Do you suppose it really only means the campaign completion trophy, below, would only appear for Player1 ? Hero of Thyme Complete Overcooked! and save the Onion Kingdom! The Unbread Complete Overcooked! 2 and save the Onion Kingdom…again All You Can Eat Complete The Ever Peckish Rises campaign 9/10 EDIT: We played a bit more, and weirdly the console stopped tracking campaign levels completed for my partner. We finished Ever Peckish dlc levels. And then we both got All You Can Eat (Complete The Ever Peckish Rises campaign) But on their tracker, they didn't get a World Traveler stat increase. (Complete the first level in all Worlds 1's). I did, and I got World Renowned Chef (Discover all locations/ levels in the main games) at the same time we we unlocked the last Overcooked 2 campaign level. I did get the Overcooked 2 campaign trophy, and they did not. Their tracker hasn't changed since yesterday at 19/36 Overcooked 2 levels. Quite frustrating, as truly it means we have to play both campaigns twice, once for each of us to get campaign complete trophies. This is done on the same console, playing locally. Under my profile as player 1, my partner as player 2 (whom also has an account on this console). We're going to try doing Overcooked 1 campaign on different consoles, via online co-op. See if that works. Well report back if it helps.
  5. This isn't about my opinion being right. I understand the tone my post made and how it reflects that viewpoint. My point is Overcooked 2 is supposed to be a 3/10, which if we accept that as fact then it means All You Can Eat is at most a 3/10, but it has easier challenges, only one level as opposed forty five need to be 3-starred. Truly it must be a lesser difficulty by outright being an easier task to achieve. The majority of the trophies in AYCE are just using the various costumes and doing simple things that take 5 minutes. The other guide site always has a topic in each game's forums for a poll to vote on how difficult each person found it. Overcooked 2 has a public poll rating of 4.4 from 10 votes. Their guide states it is 7/10 solo or 4/10 co-op. A difficulty rating should never be written from your experience alone. You must consider the most average player's skill level in a game's genre. Truthfully there isn't one perfect way to rate a platinum difficulty, but a public poll does help get feedback from players.
  6. The guide for 'Overcooked All you can eat' says the Plat is 3/10. Fair with some effort. Certainly only requiring one 3-star level means that this is an incredibly easier Plat than Overcooked 2 Plat, https://psnprofiles.com/guide/8205-overcooked-2-trophy-guide, which requires all 3-star levels. But that guide says it's a 3/10 also. Which in my humble opinion of hours of Overcooked on other consoles is incredibly misleading and should be a 5/10. To simplify, All You Can Eat looks to be easy and I do expect to earn the Plat without any effort except time spent. Perhaps it can be updated with an influx of PS+ players showing just how easy it is to lower the Guide's estimated difficulty below 3/10.
  7. Never seen a game go Assassins' Creed pre-order ridiuclous overload so quick.
  8. None of my Plats were easy, they all took effort. None of them are dirty, I didn't cheat or hack or do anything the game wouldn't let me do to earn them. Conan Exiles/Ark/(coming soon) Subnautica all let you do some shenaniganery to earn stuff. It's in the game, it's fair game. But man, waaaay back in 2012 and before, I sure did some dumb stuff for trophies. No shame about it though, everyone has their Guitar Hero/Rockband phase. I mainly stuck to stuff I liked or wanted to try, or the PS+ free stuff. Whatever floated my boat, but then, even then, sometimes a game that was easy back then didn't matter as it meant something to me. [[ Spoilered some boring bits of my plat story. ]] Megamind . Finally, my sixth Platinum trophy. The game may have little challenge, the trophy list may have little challenge, but did you know I played this with my nephew? And we had a ton of fun? That's what mattered to me. Terminator Salvation. And the seventh Platinum. Yes, it didn't have too much of a challenge, but as a HUGE Terminator fan, I spit in the face of anyone who dares call my time with it "dirty." You point at any of my 126 Platinums, and I can give you a reason why I played, and why I platted it. None of them will be "because it has easy trophies to inflate a number that means nothing"
  9. @Deceptroxwhat the fuck is up with all the shenanigans of missing content from Hitman 2? Curiously this is what I have of Hitman games on PS3 via PS+. Have these been remade, or are they different games with similar titles? I'm not too keen on replaying a game's HD remake or whatever. Hitman 2 Silent Assassin HD Hitman Absolution Hitman Blood Money HD Hitman Contracts HD Fuck Overcooked. The game is cute at first but gets annoying quick. There isn't anything that makes you better just rng luck for simpler orders and the timing of oving platforms or fireballs or whatever annoying gimmick the level has. Politely ask Predator Hunting Grounds to go away. I thought we were past the 4v1 online multiplayer shit?
  10. Meanwhile, brand new PSVR headsets are still at launch prices. Good jerb Sony. Here are the games I would be interested in. Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Star Trek: Bridge Crew Trover Saves the Universe
  11. I'm thinking about the following. All puzzle games, weirdly. Gonna cross-compare to Steam only because my budget is tight, but man these all look fun. LEISURE SUIT LARRY - WET DREAMS DON'T DRY THE SEXY BRUTALE FRIDAY THE 13TH: KILLER PUZZLE MINESWEEPER GENIUS PLEASE, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING
  12. It's got goods, it's got bads. Overall it's an decent arcade-y experience. Fair price for the entertainment value in my opinion is $20. The campaign is ass, its difficulty is ass, and the story is ass as well. Wrestlemania matches against Ember Moon and Undertaker were both horribly imbalanced. The create a wrestler mode having very little content, and majority of it locked behind campaign side-missions or paywall is frustrating, then upgrading the wrestler costs in-game currency or real currency. The tutorial is ass. The controls are ass, with having the face buttons being the counter, but also having mash [X] to recover causes more missed counters than i have toes in a single match. I counted about 10 "sports entertainers" that have been let go this year by WWE. So as far as historically accurate, it's heckin outdated already. Fuck Gronk being in the game and having such a high rating. PR stunt bullshit. About the only good in the campaign is the sillyness with Stone Cold Steve Austin being completely out of character, the few easter eggs hidden inside the comic pages it is presented as Other than that, local couch play is pretty fun. Not so fun to button mash though so not great for the younger kiddies. I don't recall seeing Lex Luger, Dudley Boyz or Matt Hardy. I guess if you're not on good terms with the company you don't get in even if you're super-over for your era. Like some of more prominent female personas are missing, Ivory, Miss Elisabeth, Sherri Martel, Moolah/Mae Young. Like my dudes, Sable, isn't in the game. Think about that.
  13. LOTR' Shadow of Mordor for $5. So I won't be super confused when I get to the PS+ LOTR' Shadow of War.
  14. U1 was a horrible extremely mediocre 3rd person shooter that had a wild raiders-style twist. There must have been nothing else to play that year for it to be so well regarded that it earned them enough to spawn a sequel. U2 all the explosions, none of the logic. Actually has a puzzle. U3 moderately good puzzles, laboriously long campaign. Nate is invincible surviving all that he does here. Fuck multiplayer. U4 aside from the puzzles, nothing about this game is good. The plot is the biggest shit any one has taken on their keyboard and thought it would make a good story. U3, barely. U2 U4 Zelda games for Phillips CDi E.T. for Atari U1 Other titles are not ranked as I haven't played them.
  15. Cold garbage. A pal of mine says that a strange bad game like this at the end of a platform's lifecycle is "generally a nefarious purpose plant." He explained that it was possible the developer was "shoveling it out there to use it to get into the system as hackware." I make no claims that it is possible with this title to do any such thing, just relaying what this person holds as an opinion.