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  1. Let's take a look and see... oooh Ghostbusters The Videogame Remastered is now $10. $2 less than last month's sale, I am not regretting my purchase. It's a fun story with an easy to play game. No multiplayer, no problem, look at it as Ghostbusters the movie 3. Cause really, its more movie with you being able to bust the ghosts than it is in depth super hardcore videe game experience based on a license. It's hecka short compared to almost any story driven action game but its an enjoyable time with the whole cast from the films. Nothing else seems to jump at m, and with the weird not giving everyone $10 I have already expended my budget for entertainment in August on physical fun stuff. Lots of lego, yakuza, many big titles, but seemingly okay sale prices. A good time to stock up on big league games you missed.
  2. We bought Kotodama on the Nintendo Switch for a $1 a month ago. We had to find a trophy guide walkthrough to get to the correct ending, cause like all annoying japanese visual novels, the correct path isn't obvious. I wouldn't recommend it to any one who didn't like the puzzle element. If you just want semi easy platinums, on the cheap, then I suppose this will do ya. I absolutely called the plot twist early on. So, enjoy the thinly veiled story for as long as it keeps your attention with meh drawings. ~~~ I'm hoping that $10 psn credit is legit, cause I'd like to pick up Final Fantasy 7. Get me some hundred hours spent on what's supposed to be the best game ever, then be upset it's not Ocarina of Time.
  3. I did buy a few of the cheapest but also found a way so that I would not have to purchase the rest of the toy-tags at their absurd secondhand prices.
  4. Ghostbusters for $12. THAT'S A DEAL! Now to somehow find the money for it...
  5. Sound the klaxon! That not quite a tie in Terminator game released last year is on sale finally! I'd rather have a physical copy, so I am not sure if this semi-shovelware is worth the price. If only Gamestopw asn't closed, I'd be renting this. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4060-CUSA17812_00-TERMINATORGAME19
  6. I suppose I do, but I'm not interested in sending anything through the mail at this time.
  7. Neither, I am not excited by either of these games. Last of us 2 is more last of us, which was not something I liked, and think of as bad. Ghosts of Tsushima is,, a game. With... combat.. and, ghosts. I'm hyped for the next Horizon Zero Dawn game, without even being announced.
  8. EDIT: No longer need any Lego Dimensions Toy Tags as a way to get all of them at a fair price has been found.
  9. Ghost out by a half mile right now, pretty interesting. Let's see what happens over the next 8 hours as the East Coast of the USA wakes up.
  10. I as a non-fan of Final Fantasy am now less likely to purchase or play this Part 1 of ??? Remake. Due wholly in fact to it being a Part 1 of unknown amount. $60 for a third of the original story is not acceptable. I did mean to pick up the "Steam Remaster" of the original game when it went on sale but missed it by a hair. I'll still play that when I get my chance to see why everyone thinks this game is so great.
  11. It doesn't matter where, the toy tags for just the characters to unlock the extra content are $2-$10 each. This should be the most shared piece of extra content.
  12. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Platinum Trophy Zach, it's over, all finished. It's time for you to leave town. Are you ready to go? Add to Cabinet 18th May 2020 2:13:37 PM 5,447 ACHIEVERS 12.43% RARE Plat #108. Save file says it took 24.5 hours. The guide for it on this site total screws the pooch and doesn't mention the Boss Rush that's needed to complete a sidequest. Way to f it up
  13. Xcom 2 Collection for $25 ,,, same price for the 3 trophy dlc sets. That seems, almost like a good deal. It's 100 hours of game, I know this. IS there a difference, anyone know between purchasing this digital collection, and getting the physical disc + digital dlc ? My PS4 shelf is so empty. lol.
  14. Im doing the same hoping that it is earned after completing this week's Weekly. It's ten stages long. I'll post if it does EDIT: IT DID!!!! Tropy got, Plat got, DELeTE GAME!!!!
  15. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah. Now alls I got to do is wait a week for my Plat.