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  1. Thanks for the reply. A bummer as trophies for this would be cool to earn but I don't have the patience to also play the original for translation.
  2. Is this for Star Ocean: The Second Story ? I played that for PS1 wayyy back and have been looking for a more friendly version to purchase. If it is, is the Japanese version in English at all or would it be a waste if I can't read Japanese?
  3. Why did you get both, and would it make sense for you to subscribe to just one service? I haven't read anything that makes owning both a good idea.
  4. Is this compatible with the edition PS+ gave out? I'd love to do DLC challenges in that game and this price seems fair for what I'll be getting. Also, The Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai are on sale at $7.50 each, again, yughghgh why do you tempt me.
  5. Well dang, who makes a game free on April Fool's Day. What a shite marketing gimmick.
  6. Talking out of my exhaust pipe here, but Jade Cargill probably turned down an offer from WWE due to being trained already elsewhere and not wanting to spend 1-2 years in their development system before making a tv appearance. There isn't much of anything resembling a territory scene where you can get poached from these days. So you go get trained independently and then get told to do bullshit things for a year before making any kind of impact because they didn't like how you wrestled sports entertained. So they make you relearn all the crap you already know how to do, and give you a new name they own the trademark on. Or go to this other place and earn twice the money, get on tv (or youtube) within weeks, and not have to deal with writers and producers and dozens of other non-sports-entertainers telling you how to sports-entertain. What Paul wants and what Vince wants are two very different things. One of them hired Finn Balor. The other gave us Lacey Evans. Sadly NXT has dropped the ball on being the serious show it was and is now just the third ring in the awful circus. @johnclark12, I'm gonna hold you to that.
  7. I'm upset with the move to Peacock. I was planning to get the WWE Network and watch the entire broadcast in chronological order. Definitely skipping most matches and segments I have no interest in, so most 2 hour Raw shows would only be about 30 minutes long for me. But now, wtf yo. Peacock is certainly going to omit and censor things, but worse than that, they probably aren't going to have everything available for years. Think about the marketing they could do when they can promote that they have added another year of live Raws and Smackdowns. Digital subscription methods only work when you play the long-con... I mean long-game, of getting the subscriber to stick around month after month after month. Kind of frustrating that I had my chance to watch it all and waited too long to do so.
  8. This thread is 74 pages long, lots of misinformation, rumors, and haphazard assumptions. Now that Sony has made a statement we all know what we're getting into and can feel good our licenses aren't going away. because as long as I can access content I have a license for, I am okay with this. Uploading game saves to the cloud is a great feature I use and continue to wish to use. There hasn't been a sale on PS3 or Vita games in forever. Oh well. Aside from DLC for games that I haven't played, there isn't a single item I wish to purchase. This isn't the worst thing to happen to a digital platform in history. Preserving digital only titles that appeared on those PS3, PSVita, and PSP consoles is a thing but you have to acknowledge the fact that those stores have been running for years and those folks had their shot. I don't have any ill will or feelings towards Sony due to this decision.
  9. NEST 2 is missing. I had planned to save there for my 4th save. I wasn't sure how lucky I would get with the group of Hunter Betas, but it was gone and I had to wait until the room before the Pit Fight. Which really freaked me out cause Save 3 was at Clock Tower Plaza Fight safe room. What I did: First Safe Room Before the Substation Maze (Drain Deimos Clock Tower Plaza Pit Fight Final Boss What I would do differently: Before the Substation Maze (Drain Deimos Clock Tower Plaza Before the Fuse Maze Pit Fight Final Boss You could use up an earlier save at Kendo's if you plan to skip the Pit Fight save. Thus rendering one of the most dangerous parts, Nemesis with a Rocket Launcher, a bit less stressful. With four Assault Coins the boss fights don't last much longer than the death animations. it is when you're stuck running away from Nemesis with random zombies around that he is at his most dangerous. And in case anyone is wondering, I did purchase the $5 Unlock All the Stuff thing. It made the final boss as hard as aiming the rocket launcher and pressing R2. Maybe that is a factor you can consider if you're having a hard time with Inferno. I wasn't happy with how tough it was in comparison to the rest of the fairly simple game.
  10. I watched a vid of all the combos and decided that I don't have it in me to do it. So I am passing on going for these. Coupling that with the nightmare that is finding all the gaps and I am content gettign what I am gonna get trophy-wise out of this one. It's a great game. These hard get-theres are a true test to your skill and mastery of THPS games that I know so many people claim to be amazing at. I am content not earning it.
  11. Too much pinky and the brain, all other characters dead in show canon.
  12. WWE and others like it are acting performances, not athletic competition. Please move this to the appropriate forum, and get those actors a union!
  13. Bots are going to make all future internet heavy dealings impossible. I settled to order RE3 from gamestop and Last of Us 2 as a gift. Hope they ship it.
  14. The only game I am remotely interested in is Just Cause 4, since it seems everyone and their grandma has an opinion fo this game, please tell me if its worth a playthrough. Is there a story? What sort of games is it like?
  15. wow, missed out on resident evil 3 cause the sale went live at the start of the week. guess i should pay more attention to the fine sale time details now that black friday actually means the sunday before thanksgiving.