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  1. My fellow playstation friends, Bounty Hunter for PS4 is $5. That is a christmas miracle. No Indigo Prophecy though. No buy.
  2. It will only be played at home. And the price difference is not as much a factor as the exclusives are.
  3. Cool thread, will there be a major posting of all the Black Friday deals from all places in one thread in the future? Also someone sway me from buying Skyrim for Switch at $30-60 and not this ridiculously good price on PS4.
  4. Fine. Downloaded app. Watched a video. Got my last few points. Went to buy the PSN card, and found an option to purchase on a direct 1for1 cost points. WHAaaaaaaa!? I suppose if you only need a few as I did this could save you tons of effort.
  5. I have never had that issue.. details to share on this?
  6. I need 17 points to earn another $10 PSN code. I have never referred anyone, but when I try now no emails work when the recipient tries. Can't use social networking passes as it keeps asking for a phone number to download their application, that isn't happening in any lifetime. I am not spending $17 real dollars to earn a $10 PSN code. Does any one have any bright ideas?
  7. Thats why I dont play endless rpg games like Destiny or mmos. The time investment to fun ratio is so tiny. Those f2p freeforall shooters are also a huge waste of time and bad in my opinion. As are just straight up bad games like The Last Of Us
  8. The only thing I see that could be of benefit is quick access to infinite weapons. Still doesn't make 4th Suvivor easy. I finished it about 20 minutes ago. Definitely need a guide to find all the collectibles. I didn't see this as a game, but as interactive fiction. Heavy Rain and such like. The most gamey part of it is dodging and sneaking the dementors. The story wasn't as bad as I was expecting based on reviews. Gameplay again, I get, doesn't exist, but wow the story was decent. Worth my $2 yes.
  9. Resident Evil 2, a 3/10. You sure you're not talking about the original game? Cause I'm sure HUNK would like to have a word with you. And all those Life Is Strange/Telltale games are 0/10s with a guide. Destroy All Humans looks like just the right kind of fun I need, and I might finally pay for Murdered Soul Suspect.
  10. This happened about a week ago, but I finally got to #100. Heavy Rain was one of the first few games I played with trophies. I moved away for a few months in the middle of earning its platinum. So when I got back I made sure I finished it. Fast forward 9 years, and I finally reached the mid 90s. Planned it all out because it is special to me and even waited until the anniversary of the kidnapping of Shaun Mars (October 4th) to earn it. Just wanted to share how enjoyable this game was to play again with such an awesomely good and bad story it had. Now I just need to pluck down for Indigo Prophecy and be mesmerized by that fun.
  11. TLOU is mehhhh SPorts game is meeeeeeeeeeh. A good month for me to focus on the backlog.
  12. $2 and tax for Murdered Soul Suspect. I wanted to hunt this, but I didn't want to spend more than the fuel driving to GS and back to return afterwards... .
  13. You can get the PLAT and a few dlc trophies even with the PS+ Edition. A long grind, but incredibly easy otherwise. I just finished it last week, so if you have any Qs about getting it done, feel free to ask.
  14. I bought that from Gamestop's Black Friday sale last year. They ran out in store but I got one shipped same price to my house. A solid game with a fair challenge. Curious that both $10 and $20 code passes are sold out. Only $50 remains available. Not sure if I even have enough time left before the fall to get 3 Plat passes and associated enough gold and silvers to earn that much. They do however have a few games available to redeem. Mainly the Last of Us/Uncharted games are fair values. https://www.rewards.sony.com/shop-the-catalog/playstation/ The Witcher 3, at this time of year, with all the dlc, for $15. GOD DANG THAT'S A SALE.
  15. I had an idea to use a macro or other such program to record parts of my Level 24 journey. Using the PS4 Remote Play on my PC, I would then playback these recorded parts and save effort on failed runs and get up to the actual hard parts, the shift-jumping just before the checkpoint. If I can get this to work, I would be able to share these recorded files and make defeating this disastrously designed level much easier for everyone trophy-hunting this game. I have not yet found a program that works perfectly, if I did I wouldn't be typing this. So here is what I have tried so far. If you know of programs like this, please share the name, you do not need to share a link. I found Ghost Control from the XP grinding guide for Injustice. And it works okay, but it has a few major flaws. First, I could only use my keyboard. Makes it much more record a successful portion of the level. Secondly, the playback of a successful portion has never worked. I do not know why. Jumps don't go far enough to clear the first spike set. Perhaps when it records the holding of the jump button, and the movement input it is alternating them in a way that reduces their performance. A bit too technical for me to understand. I found PS4 Macro (v052), from a random search. This works way better then Ghost Control, as I could use my PS4 controller itself as the input device. Uses the touchpad to start and stop recording. However, for whatever reason the playback of recorded portions also failed miserably to succeed past the first set of spikes. I think it is a similar issue with Ghost Control when it tries to playback my inputs, as it does so with keyboard controls. Now I have found and have yet to even get to work, DS4Windows. It is giving me a hassle and a half to even get my controller recognized. After fiddlign with it for just ever my remote play session started to crash repeatedly. I wonder why... I will update this with new macros and other tool-assisted-speedrun program stuff as I come across it and try it.