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  1. Thank you for pointing out the Krypt progress tab on the Kombat Kard. That told me how many chests I had remaining to open. My guess is that the counter glitched at some point and stopped tracking my progress. I restored more chests by rewinding time in the Krypt and opened the amount of chests remaining on my tracker and the trophy finally popped. For future trophy hunters: make sure that the tracker on your Kombat Kard is tracking your progress before you go opening 100+ chests at a time and wasting all your coins.
  2. Thanks for replying. I cleared ALL the chests I could find on the map before replenishing some of them (I think I only replenished 20 or so). So if it was that easy for you, it should have popped long before I even rewound time.
  3. I have scoured the island and have opened every chest, even the hidden ones with Kenshi's blindfold, in the Krypt except for the ones in Shang Tsung's trophy room and the ones behind the dragon amulet door. Do the chests in Goro's Lair also count toward this trophy? Because between Goro's Lair and the main map of the Krypt, I know I have opened well over 200 chests. I have tried rewinding time to respawn chests, but opening them again hasn't helped. I've also deleted ALL my save files and game data for this game, but when it reloads, all my Krypt data from before is still there. I've also moved on and worked on other trophies because I read other people waiting up to 3 hours for the trophy to pop. 1 week later and I'm still waiting. Am I locked out of this trophy? Has anyone else had this problem?