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  1. Hi. I have been playing through ACII and have earned the trophies for completing DNA Sequences 1-9. However, I just completed Sequence 10 and the trophy did not unlock and the game has since saved so I am unable to go back and replay the sequence. What can I do??? I desperatley don't want to have to go back and play the entire game again for something I have already done. ..
  2. Thanks Sly
  3. I update my PSN friends ID's as well as mine so I can keep the friends leaderboard on my profile updated
  4. I've tried that twice, clearing the cookies and logging in/out but I still get the same error :/
  5. I keep getting this error, how do I update my trophies again then if I have reached the 50 limit or whatever?
  6. 2 of my friend have also gone missing from the leaderboard