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  1. OK. I've only just read your PM. I've followed the links and done as you said.
  2. Yes, that is what I have been flagged for.
  3. NightCrawler-72 LittleBigPlanet 2 Report: too little time between create trophies I have 2 PS3 consoles, actually I had and still have more than 2. The 24 hour trophy was earned on one PS3 - with help from a family member who enjoys that kind of thing lol I played the game on a second. I spent some time in Create Mode - hence netting me the 10 minute trophy. So the fact I used 2 PS3 consoles and 2 copies of the games shouldn't and surely can't be counted as cheating.
  4. NightCrawler-72 Game: Batman: Batman: Arkham City • Reason: Perfect Knight Day 2 is before Challenge trophies and/or New game Plus. Unfortunately, I am unable to explain this. In fact, I have only come to realize this obscurity as a result of this report. My only defense would be why would I event attempt to cheat (which is I'm guessing why I have been reported and flagged) when I am more than good enough to do it legit? I have only recently replayed the HD remastered version on PS4. To add to this, I have all the Batman titles completed, starting with Asylum on PS3: Asylum PS3 - Origins PS3 - Knight PS4 - Asylum PS4 - City PS4 - I have accomplished some of the hardest trophies including "Requiem for a Killer" in Knight on PS4. I even have the horrendous MP trophies from Origins which I did boost and was not an easy task even with boosting those. So given that, It would be crazy of me to do something like this when I know that I can do it with my eyes closed, well maybe!! I have hidden trophies on my profile and have had to hide these because I made the mistake of account sharing. I realize this doesn't go any way to prove my innocence one way or the other but it should go some way to show that I had no need to do what I am being accused of. Regards
  5. Can anyone who has attempted to transfer their Slot 2 character since R* released their latest patch confirm whether or not it has fixed the issue ?? I have my copy waiting but am reluctant to try this if there's already confirmation that it is still broken !!
  6. So this is my first post, as up until now I haven't had any reason to post !!! I'm sure there's been quite a few like myself recently. Anyway, I just wanted to know how you would go about disputing if your profile has been "tagged" as cheating ? Obviously, I'm asking because mine has, through my own stupid fault - which I won't go into here. That's it really. If it's not possible to do this right now then is this something that will be implemented in the near future ? Thanks.