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  1. The Challenges are not time limited, however after earning Medals you get some "currency" that you can use to buy weapons, tattoos and decorations with Hildiran. Now those items on her shop may be time-limited, however there is no limit at least on the challenges themselves that I have played so far. EDIT: I just saw what you mean. There is an special UbisoftConnect Challenge. If you earn ANY Gold medal on ANY mastery challenge between june 15-22, you can claim on the Ubisoft Connect in-game, a special weapon called "Skadi's Blade".
  2. In case any of you may need find this useful before I publish the DLC guide, I will edit this post with a video on How to achieve Gold on each type of challege. Trial of the Raven at Wenlocan Outpost: Trial of the Bear at Wenlocan Outpost: Trial of the Wolf at Wenlocan Outpost:
  3. I'm excited to see how challenging they will be. I will try to have a guide ready asap to compliment the existing ones.
  4. Hello fellow gamers! I have been a member of this community for a while, but for some reason I did not introduce myself on this forum earlier. I am a spanish gamer on my early 30's and with tons of passion for videogames, mainly PS4 (and PC for the strategy games like Total War, etc.) About 2 years ago i got myself into trophy hunting and I have been focused on that a lot lately. So feel free to check my profile and recommend any game worth getting platinum!! I am also very interested in helping people achieve trophies, and I started to write guides of the games I have been playing since Dec 2020, you can check these guides in my profile and also on my youtube channel Argandalf Games. I hope to keep helping the community, and interacting and learning from all of you about this exciting world of videogames.
  5. I never thought yours was not good enough. I thank you because your guide helped me get the Platinum. It happents that I have a personal project of creating video and written guides of games that I play and enjoy a lot, being A Plague Tale one of those. Sorry if you felt it sort of personal, but it was not. Hope to see you on the Discord community!