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  1. In case anybody needs help, this is a video walkthrough of the 3 quests needed for Freedom Fighter:
  2. In case anyone is struggling with the "Pure of Heart" trophy, this is a full run from the start until beating Nidhogg without using an Elk shrine. The best tip is to focus on health upgrade encounters, upgrading your main melee weapon / ability and avoiding most of the second / third realms since enemies grow stronger.
  3. Well, I got all the trophies already so I'll be submitting the DLC trophy guide for review tomorrow. Hope it gets published soon!! If anyone has any questions and cannot wait , feel free to DM me
  4. First, the Draugr's Toll outfit is achieved in Nidheim. I did it by always going for the right exit on the bridges till i came across a Dwarf that gives a task to defeat the slave master. Then going up from the dwarf lcoaiton you will find him alongside a few more druids. The Crossing Dokkerland requires you to complete each encounter (loot) on each of the areas, and freeing the dwarf slaves at the end. On the next run once you talk to the dwarf again, the rope to the hidden merchant location in the mountain will be available, so you need to get in there and defeat the enemies to get it. Any ideas on Freedom Fighter? - I would say the quest in Dokkerland would count for it, then the most related thing in Kaldstad is an encounter when you fight an undead miniboss, but I have no clue whatsoever for Nidheim EDIT: After killing the undead shieldmaiden 3 times, she came back to life and completed a quest, granting a permanent favor, so I believe that does if for the first region
  5. Hey Guys, I've seen many people is struggling with this trophy, which is definitely the hardes one to earn in the game, so I though to share the Video where I got it after a few tries, hoping it might help. The Key is zig-zagging and constantyl change the direction as running, aaand a bit of luck. Still this is the best rout / movement I found for it
  6. OH dear lord!!! This is not going to end ???
  7. welcome!! Just add that if for any reason any of the above trophies do not pop, then some easy to get ar the rewards one and some of the stage 4 related to perform a specific action
  8. I believe with some planning and restricting yourself a bit during combat you should be able to make it. I am going to detail a bit my suggestion, and add the link for the trophy guide I made since I will us the roadmap there as a reference for the trophies Guide Roadmap Stage #1 1) Trophies 1 - 4: Complete the Prologue & Levels 1-3 killing the respective bosses. 2) Trophy 5 - Unlock skills as you need, but make sure you do not permanently unlock any of them (earning Life is Your Teacher & avoiding State of Constant Learning) 3) Trophy 6 - 7 - You will most likely get the trophies for 300 & 5000 level score, mainly at the club/museum hideouts. 4) Trophy 8 - This is skill dependant, if you are not familiar with fihgting games, but in any case if you have not obtained any other trophy, reach the 70's decade by dying mutliple times, earning Old Child Guide Roadmap Stage #2 1) Make sure NOT to complete levels 1-3 specific hideout trophies requirements - Rumble in the Hangar, The Pit Protector, Be like Water, My Friend Guide Roadmap Stage #3 1) Nothing to worry about Guide Roadmap Stage #4 2) Trophy 9 - San Kok Ma Posture - It is likely that by this point you may have earned this trophy by Vaulting / Climbing objects in the 3.5 levels before the one you want to reach 3) Trophy 10 - Lightning Hands - It is also very likely you have performed 3 quick Takedown on groups with many weak enemies. 4) Make sure NOT to choose the rightmost reward on the 3 categories of each shrine, only the leftmost and central ones. This will avoid you getting 3 trophies With this you should reach the Caves missing just to drop to death and get the 11th. It is not an easy thing, and there is always a chance to accidentally pop another trophy, but this is the best way I could think of.
  9. I believe there must be at least 1 more DLC to complete the Tombs of the Fallen storyline. Besides that, I hope there is nothing more in regrads to trophy lists, even though i loved the game, I want to take a break from it.
  10. Somethign I found useful is not to press Square - Square too quickly, or the game will interpret it as the light attack combination. Instead wait just a brief pause in between the 3 buttons.
  11. Bosses are similar in Ronin and Kensei I believe, so should be similar. Only thing on Kensei is that enemies and yourself are a 1 hit thing
  12. I just uploaded a videoto my YT channel HERE showing how to defeat Kagerou Demon on Ronin Difficulty, without being hit. Hope it helps!
  13. any tips guys on how to get finishers? I can't seem to be able to stun enemies, when I try the "Square" "Square" "Triangle" combo, i usually get interrupted or hit (Ronin diff) EDIT: Just found out, please ignore
  14. really, quick. I'm at the end of chapter 4, and I've been given the 3 paths options. I chose the first one on my Ronin playthrough, but I've read you have a similar choice by end of chapter 6?? So I'm wondering whether that choice at chapter 4 will affect me or not.
  15. If i am not mistaken, the first boss (chapter 01) does not have a trophy related to him, right?
  16. Luckily for us, they are easier than the first set, and some do allow room for error, thanks the ISU. As you mentioned, the final Wolf challenge was the hardest for me due to the chest weak points. I used the ability to slow down time, and not aim to the center of the weak point but a bit lower. In the final Ravenchallenge there are several Mushroom spots, I found 5 within the area plus the one I started with so there are enough, but you need to thoroughly look for them.
  17. thanks! ill take it into account
  18. is that counting the final boss? or just the shrines?
  19. For anyone in need, I'll be updating this post with the videos until the DLC guide gets published. I only have completed 2 so far at Saint Guthlac's Point since I had to go to work, but will resume tonight: SAINT GUTHLAC'S POINT - TRIAL OF THE BEAR SAINT GUTHLAC POINT - TRIAL OF THE WOLF SAINT GUTHLAC POINT - TRIAL OF THE RAVEN
  20. Yep, I figured they had to end the Fallen Tombs as we could still not enter the area in the Ravensthorpe location. Challendes Patch is downloading, I'll post the challenges as soon as I have them The DLC guide itself will take a bit longer for the revision process. Hope it helps, and also hope they truly are revised.
  21. Can't find release time or #of challenges either. But yet again, I'll start working on them as soon as they come out. Hopefully they are less, and less buggy.
  22. You can check info on that trophy here
  23. If I am not mistaken, they all need to be collected in one playthrough. That trophy is a pain. You may check the site guide here:
  24. I believe there is one on the works, but don't recall the completion of it. As advised, you may join the Writers HQ server and ask
  25. Yesp, as far as I know, you have to be undetected. So probably that happened. Glad you got it already though