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  1. I believe there must be at least 1 more DLC to complete the Tombs of the Fallen storyline. Besides that, I hope there is nothing more in regrads to trophy lists, even though i loved the game, I want to take a break from it.
  2. Somethign I found useful is not to press Square - Square too quickly, or the game will interpret it as the light attack combination. Instead wait just a brief pause in between the 3 buttons.
  3. Bosses are similar in Ronin and Kensei I believe, so should be similar. Only thing on Kensei is that enemies and yourself are a 1 hit thing
  4. I just uploaded a videoto my YT channel HERE showing how to defeat Kagerou Demon on Ronin Difficulty, without being hit. Hope it helps!
  5. any tips guys on how to get finishers? I can't seem to be able to stun enemies, when I try the "Square" "Square" "Triangle" combo, i usually get interrupted or hit (Ronin diff) EDIT: Just found out, please ignore
  6. really, quick. I'm at the end of chapter 4, and I've been given the 3 paths options. I chose the first one on my Ronin playthrough, but I've read you have a similar choice by end of chapter 6?? So I'm wondering whether that choice at chapter 4 will affect me or not.
  7. If i am not mistaken, the first boss (chapter 01) does not have a trophy related to him, right?
  8. Luckily for us, they are easier than the first set, and some do allow room for error, thanks the ISU. As you mentioned, the final Wolf challenge was the hardest for me due to the chest weak points. I used the ability to slow down time, and not aim to the center of the weak point but a bit lower. In the final Ravenchallenge there are several Mushroom spots, I found 5 within the area plus the one I started with so there are enough, but you need to thoroughly look for them.
  9. thanks! ill take it into account
  10. is that counting the final boss? or just the shrines?
  11. For anyone in need, I'll be updating this post with the videos until the DLC guide gets published. I only have completed 2 so far at Saint Guthlac's Point since I had to go to work, but will resume tonight: SAINT GUTHLAC'S POINT - TRIAL OF THE BEAR SAINT GUTHLAC POINT - TRIAL OF THE WOLF SAINT GUTHLAC POINT - TRIAL OF THE RAVEN
  12. Yep, I figured they had to end the Fallen Tombs as we could still not enter the area in the Ravensthorpe location. Challendes Patch is downloading, I'll post the challenges as soon as I have them The DLC guide itself will take a bit longer for the revision process. Hope it helps, and also hope they truly are revised.
  13. Can't find release time or #of challenges either. But yet again, I'll start working on them as soon as they come out. Hopefully they are less, and less buggy.
  14. You can check info on that trophy here
  15. If I am not mistaken, they all need to be collected in one playthrough. That trophy is a pain. You may check the site guide here:
  16. I believe there is one on the works, but don't recall the completion of it. As advised, you may join the Writers HQ server and ask
  17. Yesp, as far as I know, you have to be undetected. So probably that happened. Glad you got it already though
  18. well, that is a perfect workaround, glad you got it!! it is a good one
  19. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, but i do not think so unfortunately, since the place collapse I believe.
  20. Well, I few things on this: Let us not forget Assassins and Templars are relatively modern organizations, and they are both seeking different objectives but all of them related to the precursor race, the ISU. Origins is not about an assassin, is about a Medjay, Bayek of Siwa who is in seeking revenge with this wife from his son killers. Which happen to be an organization that ressembles the templars in their intentions. It is only at the end of the game, when Bayek and Aya make a decision and the Hidden Ones are born, so he cannot be considered an assassin during the main game. Odyssey is about the Heir of Memories and has a strong ISU connection, so it IS related to the AC universe and lore, though not directly with a brotherhood based on the role she is playing in the years to come. Plues, we see a prototype of the Templars in the Cult of Kosmos. Valhalla shows there are stablished Assassin's brotherhoods through Basim and Hytham. Still the main character is not an assassin, but he is a Sage. It tells us the story of how the ISU were destroyed, through the eyes of Eivor and his mysthical journeys. Again, he is a Sage and gets deeper into the ISU lore and provides a lot of insight on the collapse of their civilizations. I think these reminders can clarify the role of each character in the games, and even though they are not what we originally knew as an Assassin (Altair, Ezio, Connor, etc...) they play very relevant roles in the world of Assassins Creed, so yes, they all have the right to be part of the franchise. These are my 2 cents on the topic! - May the Father of Understanding guide Us
  21. I will not name all the winners and nominated again, but congratulations to everyone!!! You all deserve praise and grattitude
  22. Congratulations to everyone!! These are my votes: GOTY: Castlevania Advance Collection Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Trophy Guide: Castlevania Advance Collection Trophy Guide by angelbless45 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Trophy Guide by RaveNScythE18 Gameplay Guide: Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu Maquette - 100% Game and Trophy Walkthrough by Trozenator DLC Guide: Graveyard Keeper - Game of Crone DLC Trophy Guide by SquidGeneral10 Portal Knights - Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC Trophy Guide by AquaNSky Retro Enthusiast: Disgaea D2 Trophy Guide by JNSpradlin 仮面ライダー サモンライド! Trophy Guide by soliunasm New-Age Enthusiast: Cyber Shadow Trophy Guide by Blaul_Part Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Original Content: Sonic Colors: Ultimate Trophy Guide by The_Kopite Wargroove Trophy Guide by Dsr8002 Formatting: Monster Sanctuary by Ac3dUd3- Nexomon Trophy Guide by ObsiEez
  23. who was the quest giver for "Of life and death"? It popped for me after retrieving the key
  24. i know it got published on the 25th, 2 days after you inquiries, but in case it may help anybody else: If there are any bugs, or details not included, please leave them on the guide comments, that way it helps us all and it can be added to the guide.