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  1. Getting close to having all the main game and DLC trophies but never had the project phoenix. every game i played i kept going till all anomalies were discovered and used the omega telescope but no luck. Since you always get same breaktroughs on the same map,wich map will definitely give it?
  2. Looks easy.Glad theres no trophy for feeding animals cause i really hated that one.
  3. if you want to play right away stick with the digital install. if you want to play on the disk you can remove the digital and install from disk
  4. kinda lame ill have to play honorably trough most of the story to get all trophies. Thats not the way i intended to play. thinking of just playing for fun and not caring about trophies
  5. Seems to be the opposite for me. I coudnt get it unlocked back when the game was released. I just started playing again this week and patched the game and got it on the first try. I dont have any dlc's bought so that might be the the problem. you could try delete the game with all dlc and redownload without dlc
  6. After having 2 older worms games glitch trophies on me idk if i want to start this one seeing its the same thing all over again..
  7. Wanted to try it but you need lvl 20 to unlock the track.hope they dont fix it by the time i get there. Any other tracks this works on?
  8. Thanks.Hoping for some more soon i looked all over but cant find any others yet. Im happely surprised that these are multi-use
  9. Is there even a Western Front Theater? Seems kind of strange there arent any units to be earned in it
  10. All the Farming Simulator games, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Prototype 2 sly 1,2,3 The Godfather II
  11. Who do you mean by vault tec guy? Best thing to do is just go back to an older save if you really need him
  12. I paid even more cause i bought everything seperate. Looking back on it it wasnt worth the money as someone else said its mostly stuff ripped from the community..Still loved the main game a lot though Wait for a Game of the year if you can wait its probably not going to be that much longer
  13. You just need luck with this not 100% sure but i think i got it after only 2 or 3 ops games on medium difficulty Im having a hard time believing difficulty even makes a difference.
  14. Your armor can definitely be improved. Im wearing fully upgraded Zealot marine armor with a commando helmet with combined stats of 159 dmg resist 180 electric resist 80 nuclear resist zealot marine armor is found in the far harbor dlc if you dont have dlc you can get regular Marine armor.
  15. Looks like a fun game. I wonder what it will cost and if its cross-buy and cross-play