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  1. You don't need one type of combination, you need one room which has a chance of appearing within an area of the biome, for some biome the chances of getting a specific room to appear are better or worse but the odds of you getting the room you need in any one run are pretty good. Your estimate of 0.06% suggest you have both a fundamental misunderstanding of both how the rooms spawn in this game and statistics, at worst some of the rooms might have a 5-10% chance of appearing and that's assuming you get the lowest possible amount of side rooms appearing in an area with a lot of rooms. Does this site not allow you to swear without censoring yourself? Great movie, great quote but doesn't really fit. Everything I've said is correct, if you've gone through a biome a 100 times looking for a Scout Log and you haven't found it then it means you either haven't met the criteria or some glitch has prevented it from spawning when the criteria was met. The glitch thing is entirely possible, at the very least the 2nd biome's cipher count is glitched and the PS5 activity cards are all over the place (at one point I went from 70% to 30% to 98% for 1 activity care in the space of 20 minutes and all I did during that time was collect 2 ciphers). The ciphers are something that are so easy to miss, partly because the symbol on the map is shared with other items and partly because as you mentioned some don't turn up on the map until you've revealed that part of the room. I would be willing to bet that a lot of people have missed ciphers in rooms they've already been in, I noticed that in Biomes 2 and 6 as some of the ciphers I found were in rooms I'd already been in 1 or 2 times before. This is probably where some of the difficulty is coming from, if you've been in a room before you'll likely dismiss the symbol appearing and not bother to look at it, not realizing. I know I spawned a scout log in biome 3 by triggering a scene in a room I'd already been in before, I just hadn't walked to the area of the room required to trigger the scene. I wouldn't say this is definitely the case for everyone though, the tracking being kind of glitched does open up the possibility that some people could have everything but are being told by the game they don't and as a result can't pop the trophy.
  2. Yet I have the platinum and I achieved it without having to look up locations or collaborate with other people, maybe just maybe I know what I'm talking about. I made an educated guess about where the cipher rooms were more likely to have not appeared yet and it paid off. The biomes that people are having the most trouble with are the ones where there's a greater ratio of rooms that can appear compared to room available for them to appear in, that's not a coincidence, it's because those biomes will take longer to spawn the rooms due to more runs being required on average to spawn all the cipher rooms, as opposed to the other biomes where it's very possible for the ciphers to all appear in one or two runs. I hope people will gain an understanding of how this game works.
  3. Bugged saves or tracking, yes. The odds of dozens of people going through any of the biome's a 100 plus times and failing to spawn particular cipher rooms is so unlikely that the only reasonable conclusion is that something is preventing it from spawning. Let's say you're missing a cipher from the end of Biome 2, there's like 7 or so rooms that will appear each cycle there not counting the permanent rooms, at most there's like 25 rooms that can appear in that section, consider just how unlucky dozens of people would have to be to have 1 of those 25 rooms not turn up in the 7 rooms that appear for over 100 attempts. It's just not plausible unless the game is having an issue selecting a setup with that room in it.
  4. Every single scout log I got was either received on my initial run (and I did Biome 4-6 in a single initial run) or spawned the next time I went to that Biome after triggering the spawn conditions. Do you really think I'm that lucky? That I could find every single scout log at the first possible opportunity whilst others are doing a 100+ runs to achieve the same. It's possible that the update mess up has caused issues with some save files, I never got the update that caused all the problems so that might have helped. What I can tell you is that I got all cipher's in Biome 1 by accident (the trophy popped when I went back during Act 3), Biome 2 took 12 extra runs (every second run resulting in a new cipher room appearing, mostly in the end section, also one of the cipher's doesn't add to the total so even when you get them all it'll still pop up on the screen as 19/20), Biome 3 took 3 extra runs (I needed to trigger a scene to spawn a Scout Log too), Biome 4 took 3 extra runs (Another scene was required to spawn the last Scout Log), Biome 5 took 2 extra runs and Biome 6 took 10 extra runs (I stopped each run at the section where you go down further since I guessed there were no more Ciphers down there). It's just about running through all the unlocked rooms and looking for any icons that could be cipher's, for scout logs you don't even need to check each room, you can just check the map legend at the end of your run to see if it's in the legend. If you've really done over 100 runs through a Biome and can't find a Scout Log or Cipher then I would suggest that maybe your save file is glitched, because there simply isn't enough rooms for someone to go through that many runs without running into all the cipher's/scout logs unless something is preventing them from appearing.
  5. From memory that one spawns after you see the scene where you pick up a parasite, there's a side room which contains a parasite that you're meant to enter and go near during your second run in Biome 1 after your first death but I suspect a lot of people missed that on their initial runs and then haven't checked it out since because it's just a random room with one parasite. Have you seen that scene yet? If not I don't think it'll spawn until you trigger that scene.
  6. Which Scout Log is this? Because it's very likely you have to do something to trigger it spawning first.
  7. Depends on what we're talking about, the scout logs seem to spawn mostly in common/permanent rooms, if you've done multiple runs and you can't find one then you most likely haven't done what's required to spawn them. The ciphers are a littler trickier but from what I observed the only ones that will require a lot of runs are Biome's 2 and 6. Biome 2 is because something like a third of the ciphers are hidden in rooms that appear in the section before you teleport to the top of the mountain and since there are so few rooms that appear in that section compared to what can spawn it can take a lot of runs, but you can get to the top of the mountain a few minutes after starting a run if you speed run it so it's easy to just focus on those rooms and keep restarting if you don't find what you need. Biome 6 is the opposite, too many rooms at the beginning but much like Biome 2 it's easy enough to speed run it until you can find what you need. It's just a matter of working out which areas are most likely to have the missing scout logs/ciphers and targeting them.
  8. I didn't say it was your argument, I said it was the argument, as in what the CRT used in their decision to approve the flags. If that is the case it's a pretty arbitrary argument and it only really seems to accomplish preventing anyone new from getting on the leaderboard for this game. The thing is if you acted in good faith and got all the trophies as per what the CRT had accepted at the time then I can't see how it's fair to turn around later and say that those trophies are now flagged due to an interpretation of whether you intended to get hacked based on how fast you gained all the trophies.
  9. The argument is that getting the hacked trophies quickly as part of a fast completion proves intent and therefore should be flagged? I would argue that if someone goes to the effort of getting the rest of the trophies legitimately in a top 50 fastest time and they happen to get the hacked trophies during that period then they should be viewed to have been acting in good faith provided there's no evidence that they actually collaborated with the hacker to get the trophies. Personally the whole thing seems kind arbitrary, go a little slower and we'll accept it but get it too fast and we'll treat it like you hacked it yourself.
  10. It's relevant because for all the people suggesting that the room rates need to be adjusted to make the collectibles more common and that saving needs to be added mid run, it's a fairly standard platinum that really just requires you to play the game. This game requires you to actually explore it yourself, you can't just look up guides and go where they tell you, you have to work for it and personally I applaud the developers for making that choice.
  11. There's a limit to how many rooms there are though, it might take some longer but you'd have to have the absolute worst luck for it to take you more than 25-30 hours and that's if you're going slow. You have to find them, that's pretty satisfying, especially since you can't just look up where they are and go to that place, you have to hunt them down yourself.
  12. The issue is that Biome 2 and 6 have far more rooms in certain sections than they need, for Biome 6 it's the beginning section, for Biome 2 it's the end section, once you know that it's pretty simple to speed run it a few times. Annoying that it's RNG for sure but perfectly possible and a relatively short platinum trophy by PS exclusive standards. There's really no need for any changes to be made to the collectibles and I don't really think it needs a way to save mid run either, fixing up the potential for crashing (I only had one crash in about 20 hours of play) is the only thing that really needs to be done. Basically if you want to be a trophy hunter then you have to accept that sometimes it takes a little effort to hunt down the last few trophies, focus your attention on that rather than pleading for the developers to make it easier for you, it's more fun when you've achieved it yourself rather than having it handed to you.
  13. I got 38 missing only the first four (since chanting doesn't work there and you don't have the mines yet) and the last Sligs that appear when you're saving everyone. I imagine you'd need to apprehend almost all of them, though I can't imagine you'd be able to do that whilst still saving everyone unless you have superhuman reflexes and perfectly plan it.
  14. That's a common misconception, bugs in games have been standard since the 80's. Early RPG's like Final Fantasy and Pokemon Red/Blue for example where some attacks would do the opposite of what was intended and errors in coding lead to mistakes (like the Master Ball that can't miss still being able to miss), in some cases like Final Fantasy 7 an entire stat wouldn't work. Ultima 8 notably had such bad jump physics that it got a patch back in the mid 90's (possibly the first time the idea of patching a game entered mainstream thinking). Bugs in games have always existed and testing never caught everything, the only difference is that back then everyone tended to just accept the bugs since you couldn't patch a console game whereas now any bug that is found can be patched out.
  15. Hiding trophies that have been cheated on your account so that they don't show up is the advice this site gives everyone. You can't tell someone to do something to self police and then when they do it turn around and say that it's a mark against their name and creates questions about their credibility. If anything it improves their credibility if that is what they've done as they're doing the right thing as per this site.