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  1. It's so weird seeing some members of the CRT using disputes to make fun of users. Posting memes, making fun of the way they typed their disputes and in this case copying an entire Britannica article about the users country just as a joke. Then they immediately close the dispute so what was the point, to have the last word.


    I get that it's probably boring having to respond to the same few excuses 90% of the time but it seems so unnecessary to do it if the disputer is being polite.

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    2. Charizarzar


      Yes, as visighost said it’s a thankless job with a small team and it must get boring reading the same things over and over. But most disputers aren’t forum users, or at least not active ones and don’t know how things work/how unlikely it is that their flag will be lifted. The dispute section is quite a toxic place generally.


      I’m not sure what the flag message is in full, but I feel like we’d get less disputes if there was a feature in place for whoever approved the flag to leave a note of why they approved it, or an automatic message for certain games known for having hacked lobbies. I assume that people see a link for “dispute flag” and get too optimistic that it’ll be removed.

    3. FawltyPowers


      95-98% of the time there are sarcastic remarks due to the fact that the user has cheated the profile and is lying through their teeth, the other 2-5%, yes, they can get it wrong.


      More than that I honestly get sick and tired of all the other remarks from users who haven't got the faintest idea about the game but just like to chime in their opinion which is of no use or relevance.


      Then it turns into a Q&A, "I didn't know that was possible". Weill I don't care what you do and don't know, this is a dispute. It's not for you to ask questions to fill in your knowledge gaps.

    4. PermaFox


      Wish there were more memes for some of the cheaters.  The CRT try to be diplomatic but some of the cheaters are just so damn irritating.

  2. Yeah the issue is that is he has over double the amount of games that anyone else on trophy tracking websites seem to have. That said PSN Trophy Leaders seems to be able to update his profile very regularly and having updated it myself once it works pretty quickly there. Sure they have less people being tracked so less data overall being requested by them but you'd think if they can do it without too much trouble regularly then surely this website should be able to handle updating his profile at least once a week.
  3. Unfortunately this site doesn't allow you to use saves to pop multiple trophies together like that if they can't be earned legit in the same way, even if it is your own save. It's because there's no way to tell the difference between someone who did it legit and someone who downloaded a save.
  4. Your explanation just doesn't fit with what's on your profile. The flashback trophy was popped at the same time as the 50% of gems trophy which is impossible, three days later you got two gems trophies which can't be popped together. It gives the appearance that you used downloaded saves to pop the trophies. Even if the flashback trophy did glitch it still wouldn't explain how the two 100% gem trophies both popped at the same time.
  5. The problem is there are two instances of out of order trophies. You used a keyboard to pop the ending trophies which is allowed so no problem there. However you popped a gem trophy at the same time as the flashback relic trophy even though there are no gems in flashback levels. Then 3 days later you popped a clear gem and an N. Verted gem trophy at the same time which isn't possible since you can't collect both of those in the same level. So if it all happened at once then what's the explanation for these sets of trophies popping three days apart?
  6. That's an understatement, it's not just the men who are smitten with her, most of the younger major female characters become quick friends with her seemingly on the basis of how awesome she is and two of them blatantly flirt with her during dangerous time sensitive situations. I'll disagree that she's too perfect though. She has a number of flaws, not the least that she's so focused on her own goals that she allows Sylens to manipulate her journal and inadvertently gives him exactly what he wants by trusting him even though she knows that he wants to gain control over Hades instead of destroy it. A game I couldn't get into is Ghost of Tsushima, I got to the end of the first third before I had to take a break for a while. I just found it boring, story and characters were pretty boring and generic and the combat is fun in short bursts but becomes tiring.
  7. It looks like my thoughts were correct, the auto-updater appears to stop 3 months after the last time you earned a trophy/updated your own profile. Since a lot of casual players can very easily go that long without earning a trophy (replaying games, playing the same multiplayer game, work/school/university commitments) this is having the effect of slowly removing casual players from new games and gradually inflating how common the trophy rarities are. In about a year or two it's going to get interesting when the Sony exclusives platinum's start regularly pushing above a 60% rarity on this site.
  8. I don't think that's true, I remember ten years ago free flash games like this were pretty common and some were fairly popular. Of course most of them were more complicated than this game and requires more effort to complete them but there was no visible reward for beating those games like trophies, you played it for a few hours until you had accomplished all the goals set and that was it. Whilst My Name is Mayo cost money unlike those old free flash games, it's so cheap that it may as well be free. So even without trophies I could still see this getting some popularity just due to how strange the concept is. Plenty of people of course who are playing just to get the easy trophies but there's also plenty who get enjoyment out of playing the games.
  9. The site does auto-update non-premium profiles, just not all of them. I think that the auto-updates may stop if no new data has come through for a certain amount of time. That would explain why people with trophies from this month haven't been updated for years. It likely comes down to not wanting to waste resources. It's also possible that the way this site gathers data may have limitations that other trophy sites methods don't have, because other sites are perfectly capable of updating ikemenzi's profile but on this site it's apparently a major issue to get data from someone with over 7000 games. If that's the case then it may not be possible to maintain the auto-updater for every profile.
  10. The game has half as many owners as Pac-Man, likely partially because the other three Arcade Game Series games are sold in a bundle and as a result this game would have less casual gamers. Since you can get all trophies relatively easily through save scumming (something you wouldn't think would work unless you looked it up), less casual players has resulted in a much more common platinum than Pac-Man.
  11. Receiving instructions on how to do something, both written and verbal, is common to all kinds of sports and activities, they don't guarantee your success though. Even in games where getting all the trophies is just about following a set of steps, you still have to actually put the time into doing it, you still have to earn it. Boosting can mean a lot of different things depending on the game so you can't really say that it's always cheating. Buying trophies and team accounts definitely is though. Team accounts would be okay if they were labeled, instead they're just placed on the leaderboard the same as anyone else which ruins statistics. Allowing bought trophies to appear on the leaderboard just accomplishes making it a joke. I actually find the divide between what's okay and what's not okay on the leaderboard strange. You can't hack trophies to autopop but if there's a way to get access to a debug menu then you're fine to use that to autopop trophies (the difference between those two things is negligible). You can't use a save to autopop trophies but if you have a compatible cloud save from another stack you can use that to autopop trophies (again little difference, in both cases you popped trophies you haven't earned). In the end, what's the difference between a hacked trophy and a bought trophy, one was gained through knowledge and skill and the other just required money.
  12. 48.63% would be calculated based on the users tracked by PSNP that have the game on their profiles. 39.9% is calculated based on all users who have the game on their PSN account.
  13. It's meant to provide a more accurate idea of rarity by only including people tracked by PSNP which removes a lot of people who don't bother with trophies. It can lead to some weird rarities if the PSNP base skews towards playing that type of game. For example if you look at the website psntrophyleaders which doesn't have as many casual players tracked as this website does, they have the Super Meat Boy platinum as a 0.5% rarity compared to 0.2% here. The other issue with rarities is that games that have a high barrier to get the first trophy like Bloodborne have more common trophies than you'd expect since players aren't considered in the calculation if they haven't earned a trophy.
  14. I think you misunderstand what the rarest trophy section is showing. It's not showing your rarest trophies relative to the entire install base, it's showing your rarest trophies relative to the people that own those games. So if you have an ultra rare PS3 trophy it's likely to stay that rare because there's so few people still actually attempting to get those trophies and any new player who starts playing to get all the trophies is only going to move the percentage slightly. There's also the fact that a large amount of PS3 games with multiplayer now have an unobtainable platinum. As for why your rarest trophies are from PS3. A lot of it has to do with PS3 trophies in general being harder to get, as time went on AAA developers in particular started to make their trophy lists easier and now it's pretty noteworthy for a major release to have trophies be rarer than uncommon.
  15. I don't think you can really call this easier than the normal way of getting it, it'd be faster to just rush through the first level without dying then to actually play through a game of Crate Combo.