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  1. I am aware of the reasoning, it is illogical. There is no real difference between something like this and how the fastest achievers attain their times for games like Until Dawn. The Until Dawn fastest achievers aren't just playing in a smart way to avoid popping trophies, instead they've created PS plus saves in order to go back and pop trophies as fast as possible and in a way that couldn't be done unless you use saves to manipulate how you pop the trophies. If the argument is that other people should be able to do it then yes they can, you just need to play on a different account or play offline and then use that save to pop them, you can't verify if it was that persons save but then you can't do that with games like Until Dawn either. The rule is broken, I know that the majority here will probably defend it but it's the truth. I'd also point out that this profile does appear to have a stack of this games trophies that was done "legit", that's another rule that is broken. It's all fine to pop all trophies in a few seconds if the game has a cloud save feature but do the same on a game that doesn't have a cloud save feature, but can still be done by other people if they're willing to put the work into it, and suddenly you've done something wrong. Just some rules being inconsistently applied and unfortunately a lot of people end up flagged and in some cases permanently removed from the leaderboard because of this pick and choose process. If this is going to continue then any games that are considered exceptions to those rules should be marked on this website so that everyone understands and there's no chance of misunderstanding and accidentally getting yourself flagged for doing something that on another game would be fine.
  2. It's an inconsistently applied rule. On a game like Until Dawn it's accepted and is how the fastest achievers have managed their time and yet for other games like this one it's viewed as wrong for some reason. If this flag is upheld then I'm more than willing to flag every person who has used a similar method for Until Dawn and other similar games I own until my ability to flag games is removed.
  3. Very obvious that the time trials weren't done legit, I'm guessing a downloaded save with the time trails done was used to pop them at the same time. That said it's kind of weird to flag a person for this when this site has allowed people to promote share play sessions to allow others to beat the time trails for you which is not really any different from using someone else's save. Probably one of the most attained trophies with share play on this site given that there's only really two tracks that will cause most people real issues and prevent them from completing the time trials.
  4. I think you'll find that people do complain about easy Playstation exclusives, in particular the fact that you can get the platinum trophy in them by usually playing on the easiest difficulty, which means anyone can do it. I mean AAA games often include a story level difficulty where it's almost impossible to die. Why complain about short and easy platinum trophies? For the same reason that people complain about the movement that society has taken to reward mediocrity. When I was a kid 15 years ago I came fourth place in a race and I got nothing, now you come tenth place and you'll get a ribbon. We're creating a world where no one is allowed to fail and if they do we tell them that's okay you still succeeded. The Incredibles said it best 'When everyone is special, no one will be", that's where we're heading. Now for Playstation trophies it doesn't really matter that much, getting to the top of the leaderboard only means something to you and no one else really cares that you've done it. Where I draw the line is companies taking advantage of people by selling them the sort of games that used to be common as free flash games which effectively amounts to them selling people trophies. I have the same problem with the more mainstream pay to win ideas that game developers introduce.
  5. For others attempting this I'd recommend avoiding the giant, slow moving, telegraphed shield attack.
  6. The CRT have already confirmed what the reason for the flags were and they weren't for edited timestamps. In fact in the case of KH1 the reason for the flag is something that anyone who has played the game should know is incorrect. In the case of KH2 the mistake is more understandable as it's something that most people would just assume is true due to how that mechanic usually works in the game. If they've now decided that there were edited timestamps then that's fine, you can't exactly dispute timestamps. That's not what's being suggested here though, they're just asking for an explanation of how it's possible when an explanation has already been given.
  7. KH1 isn't just a might be true, it's fact, the reason given for the flag is flat out wrong. For example you don't have to speak to Merlin after getting all the spells and not doing so will mean you won't receive one of the Keyblades. If you leave that until after you create Ultimate Weapon and beat Sephiroth then the trophy won't pop until you go back to speak to Merlin. There are also a few other Keyblades in chests that can be collected at any time which can also cause the trophies to pop like this. I'm struggling to see what other problems you have with the list. For KH2, you don't have to beat Sephiroth to get his character entry, report is incorrect, nothing more I can say.
  8. This is also an incorrect flag, the Sephiroth character entry is created when you meet him, not when you beat him, so the Sephiroth trophy can come afterwards. If I were to fight Lingering Will first then Sephiroth later the trophies would pop for me in the same order.
  9. Yeah the reporter is incorrect here, there are optional Keyblades that can be collected after creating Ultimate Weapon and beating Sephiroth so the time difference between trophies makes sense, doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with your Kingdom Hearts list either.
  10. The game looks beautiful in fidelity mode, particularly when the setting is during the day, ray tracing and lighting make New York come to life, it's something you don't realize is missing until you see it done really well. Obviously though if someone is used to playing in 60 FPS then I can't see them not choosing performance mode.
  11. I'm getting really tired of the antagonist having something bad happen to them so they do absolutely monstrous things but you're still supposed to be sympathetic to them. I mean this isn't like 2018 Spider-Man where Octavius appears to be slowly turning mad from his invention and it's only at the end that Peter realizes that it had only provided the final push. Here it's very clear early on that Phin has basically been supplying and leading an organization that is killing people and it's all for nothing because Roxon could have been stopped at a number of points with legit means. So when Miles is spending all this time not wanting to confront or fight Phin I struggle to understand why, he's basically allowing New York to be destroyed for all that time. Roxon is just there be a replacement for Silver Sable and could be replaced by any other group without you really noticing. The Underground are just a replacement for the Demon's. Miles uncle is a similar situation to Phin, there's no reason to be sympathetic to him when Miles dad clearly made the correct decision. I did like the Harlem side quest stuff at least and the gameplay and graphics were good too.
  12. It's not retail fraud, there are retailers who allow you to buy games to try and it and return it within a certain time frame if you change your mind. I know of one with over a hundred stores here which gives you seven days to return games. If there's a way to buy this game without paying for Miles Morales that doesn't break any rules and you're not interesting in paying for Miles Morales at the moment then I don't see any issue. If you know someone who has bought the game you could also ask them to let you log in on their PS5 so that you can buy this game or ask them to bring the game over to your PS5 so you can do the same thing. There's a few legit options available for people who don't want to pay the full price for Miles Morales at the moment.
  13. I believe that you can purchase it at any time as long as you have Miles Morales installed and apparently once you've purchased the game it becomes a digital version that doesn't require a disc to play (though obviously Miles Morales would still require the disc to play). So if you can find a retailer who has a returns policy to return opened games you could buy Miles Morales, install it to buy this game then return it and you'd only have to pay for this game.
  14. Keep in mind that the VAT that we pay on our products is part of the advertised price over here, which is why it generally looks like we pay so much. Take that away and with the exchange rate as it currently is we don't do too bad, though we'll probably always have to pay a little more because our high minimum wage makes manufacturing stuff over here unattractive and so we import a lot of stuff. We do pay a lot on some things though, food at restaurants is very expensive since all workers there get at least the minimum wage and don't rely of generous tips and our housing prices are ridiculously high.
  15. It's based on the product expectations, there's no hard line, essentially the product has to be able to work as advertised for the length of time a reasonable person would expect it to. A reasonable person buys a console with the expectation that it will work until the next console in the line comes out, so a few years would be covered. The irony is that most warranties that you can buy here are for one or two years making them even more pointless. We've got a few other cool protections like this too, for example those warranty void if removed stickers, not enforceable in Australia, as long as you removing them doesn't cause damage to the product you're still covered under the consumer guarantee.