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  1. Well since he became the CEO (April, 2019): - PlayStation is more of a global company which makes things cheaper and easier for them to control (instead of like 20 mini PlayStation companies in several countries doing their own thing). - We got a new Web PS Store and PS App (sure, they suck now but obviously they are a work in progress, they will improve over time). - Under his management they closed the deal to acquire Insomniac Games (August, 2019 and deal officially closed on November). The idea was from Andrew and Shawn but still, Jim could have said NO to acquiring them, also remember that Andrew House and Shawn Layden killed 5 studios... Bigbig Studios (2012) Evolution Studios (2016) This one still hurts... Guerrilla Cambridge (2017) Why??? Studio Liverpool (2012) Zipper Interactive (2012) RIP SOCOM - They created a brand new Studio in Malaysia. - They acquired the EVO tournament (so now PS is king of fighting Esports). - They made the partnership with NBA2k Esports. - They announced the PSVR Next Gen. (If Jim is really a suit and only cares about money and wants to be super conservative and risk free, then why greenlight and announce a Next Gen VR system which is very risky and still niche? Why not just focus on standard PS5 games?) - They launch PlayStation Productions to make movie and tv series! Ghost of Tsushima movie!! - They started launching games on PC!. - They reduced the price of PS NOW. - The quality and quantity of the "Free" PS PLUS games got better. - And now he backtracks from a HUGE decision and even says they were wrong. For being a "greedy suit that only cares about money and doesn't care about the fans or the reputation of PS" he's not that bad honestly. (Sorry for shitty english)
  2. Fun Fact it was Shawn Layden the one that greenlighted that remake in 2017, NOT Hermen Hulst, in fact Hermen had the same reaction as US. Why?? Its a waste of money. Quotes from the Jason article: "and the new boss wasn’t impressed", "Hermen Hulst, thought the remake project was too expensive and asked why the planned budget for T1X was so much higher than remakes Sony had made in the past." Also the idea was from Shawn Layden, watch the interview that David Jaffe did in December, 2020 with Michael Mumbauer, he was the Head of the Visual Arts Service Group (its on YT), and he says: The original idea was to make movies of the PlayStation IPs (God of War, The Last of Us, etc) using the same CGI and engines from the games and NOT live action. "The idea pivoted to developing a game because at that time Shawn Layden was very interested in REMAKES."
  3. 1. Yes, you can do it with the App or Website, just make sure that the account (to redeem the code) is the same region as the game or DLC. In this case use a Japanese account to redeem games or DLCs that are Japanese. 2. Yes, once you have a PS5 sign in with the Japanese account (allow this account to share games/DLC with other accounts, make it primary) then download/update the game, download the DLC and then you can switch to a different account from another region/country and play the game and DLC.
  4. Yes, wait so you can buy it, you keep your progress and trophies should unlock retroactively.
  5. It's a trial everyone on PS4 can play the full game for free but just for one week (ends in 1 day, Dec 27) after that you will need to buy it to keep playing.
  6. You need to craft or dismantle items (anything that gives you components back) to level up the skill of the attribute Technical Ability. For Body: Run and use melee weapons (also fists). For Intelligence: Use your hacks a lot. For Reflexes: Use weapons like handguns, snipers and blades like katanas, mantis blades. For Cool: Just do things while being stealthy
  7. Black Desert is not Free to play, they are having a free trial event for one week, ends December 27 (for me Dec 28).
  8. I don't think this affects the PS4 version because the saves are 12.59 MB by default and every autosave is also 12 MB
  9. Yes Genshin has a pretty low chance rate, to put it into perspective with other games: Genshin Impact you have a 1/333 (0.3%) for a 5 star character (the other 0.3% is for 5 star weapons) total: 0.6% Dragalia Lost 1/25 (4%) Arknights 1/50 (2%) Fate Grand Order 1/100 (1%) Epic 7 1/80 (1.25%) Every Gacha pull (Wish) is 160 Primogems Banner events feature 5 Star characters and weapons but they are NOT cheaper or easier to get (Still 0.6% chance) The most important thing of Banners is the Pity system: If you do 89 wishes (tries at the gacha) and you DO NOT get a 5 Star character or weapon THEN your 90 Wish will give you a Guaranteed 5 Star character or weapon (But only a 50% chance that the guaranteed 5 star is the featured character). If your 90 wish gives you a 5 star character but it's NOT the featured one THEN at your 180 wish (yes another 90 tries) you will get the featured character 100% Guaranteed Now, 180 tries at the gacha is 28,800 Primogems, that's 4-6 months of playing every single day or spending $230 US Dollars in Genesis Crystals (1 Genesis Crystal = 1 Primogem) But wait, getting a 5 star character is the Easy part Once you get one, let's say Qiqi now you have to upgrade her talents (Constellations) there's 6 levels of Constellations, to upgrade a Constellation you need an item called Stella Fortuna this item ONLY drops when you obtain a duplicate of the character, so yeah if you want a 5 Star character fully upgraded you will need to get him/her not once but 7 times (that's like 2 years of grind everyday). Tldr: Your best option is to wait for Qiqi to get her Banner, grind enough primogems to do 180 wishes and because of the pity system you will get her 100% guaranteed or you could just be very lucky that also works... (5 star characters are not worth it specially for F2P players, 4 star ones are cheaper, easier to get/upgrade and their stats are not that different from 5 stars)
  10. For the PS5 i would love: - Siren: Blood Curse - Folklore - 3D Dot Game Heroes
  11. Its a Free to Play Action RPG with Gacha elements (think Granblue Fantasy, Fate Grand Order but fully 3D) You can play solo or with friends online Releases on IOS, Android and PC this October (Fall PS4, Switch at a later date TBA)
  12. Done, you should have the trophy now
  13. Crew: Platinum Ghosts (GHST) Level 50 Feel free to send a request! Please leave the crew once you get the trophy, thanks!