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  1. Sweet, I was getting a few stun kills with blitz but then realized the trophy description didn't include him. My mind's at ease now.
  2. I think some of those Gold Trophies look frustratingly hard. I bet in Iron mode or something you only have one life period, and if you die you have to start the game over again with no checkpoints.
  3. I left my PS4 on all night because seems to be what you need to do. I got the two trophies and I guess got error-ed out of the game after. Our level progress didn't get wiped correct?
  4. Well I suppose it would always be possible to be the hacker yourself on an alt account.
  5. Is it cross-save as well?
  6. Just finished episode 5 and that one puts you through some emotional heartbreak. I had to pause the game and think for around ten minutes on one of the choices. I didn't seem to get my choices list after I beat it. Is that normal right after release? I usually take a few days to finish.
  7. Q:Did you send Colin to the farm? A: No. What harm is he doing hanging out in my Apt.? ----------------------------------------------------------------- Q:Did you attempt to remove Nerissa's ribbon? A: No, it seemed rather intrusive. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Q:Which Crooked operation did you investigate first? A: I went to the Cut Above first. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Q:Did you send Toad to the Farm? A: No, I gave him Crane's money. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Q:How did you respond to the Crooked Man? A: I said let's talk. I then sat down and light a cigarette. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  8. The Walking Dead Vita. Seems to be quite the common one.
  9. Does anyone else think that this will be cross-trophies via cross save? If so that'll be a nice way to start off my PS4 trophy collection.
  10. Yeah, not as much as I played the PS3/PSP versions but it's getting there. Mind if I add you over PSN?
  11. Square drops bombs. I think you meant triangle. Triangle is basically your picto-chat for co-op.
  12. I'm jealous of that inFAMOUS platinum. I'm missing three blast shards pretty much. I'm jealous of that inFAMOUS platinum. I'm missing three blast shards pretty much.
  13. 83