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  1. I noticed that there is a ps5 stack for this game and if u go into game settings in ps4, there is option called "Upload save data" so i just wanna know if anyone with platinum for this game has tried uploading it and downloading the save data on ps5 and autopopped all trophies.
  2. Nope, it's fine for me just got it today. Do it from exhibition and 1 set per 1 game selected
  3. Its totally random I got the trophy by accepting the inv ingame My friend got the trophy accepting the inv from ps notification so just keep trying
  4. This trophy is pretty buggy It took me and my friend so many tries to get it I would suggest accepting the challenge in game and hoping for a trophy pop Make sure to get lowest score as possible and try to gain highest score while doing the challenge like perform brutalities in every match if u missed then must perform fatality
  5. I got it different way like me and my friend started searching at same time and got matched up every single time and we both got it easily If u have a friend who has same region account with same region MKX game, same Nat type and must live in same country I have tried it with many ppl but couldn't got matched up so i had a friend who lived in my country and had all things so we got matched up easily (nat type must be same aswell) Or if you can borrow another ps4 and connect to same network, you will also get matched up easily
  6. Oh nevermind i got it legit Got a series of noob players so i could get easy wins
  7. I wanted to ask if we can boost 'Dialling up the wins' and 'Promotion' trophy with another guy? Because I'm having a lil hard time winning a match in online mode because of high ping
  8. Yay nice exploit especially for ppl who don't have 2 controllers, Will try this soon! ❤️
  9. I recently did Mein leben I did glitch skip on Section F 2/Revisit and Nuclear Bunker, Those were totally safe for me and it saves the time alot because it almost skips the entire level, So i would highly recommended skipping these 2 levels only. There are other glitch skips aswell but extremely risky as tried during practice.
  10. Okay thank you!
  11. Oh okay thank you!! Did u followed the same method as in the mkx guide right?
  12. As the invasions are back so lot of people are going for the platinum and i wanted to ask that the people who got Dropping Fools trophy I wanted to ask that is that save backup and download method still working for 10 wins in a row? Asking this because there are lot of mixed answers so i really wanted to know from those who attempted the method recently and is working or not.