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  1. I have both Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory and Fall Guys at 95%. The former is a rhythm game and I can't react quickly enough to the expert difficulty levels. As for Fall Guys, I need to win 20 games and win with a party of three. I won my 10th game at the beginning of season 2, and have not won a game since.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that; I really thought that would work. If you haven't deleted the notification, maybe you could try returning to the 'purchase' page that way. If you click 'X' again as if you were going to the redeem page, it might redirect you to the page where you can download them after purchase.
  3. I think the theme looks rather nice, although I do find it too distracting to use. I think I'm going to stick with the stage 1 theme for now.
  4. You're welcome We didn't meet the stretch goal in any of the stages for bonus rewards, however we should still have got the last reward for completing all stages. By the sounds of it, no one else has received it. yet either. My guess is that it is just taking longer to sort out the final reward distribution than it took to give out the stage 3 one. I was actually surprised at how quickly the stage 2 prize came out.
  5. Pretty sure that if you go the themes in your settings that you can download I from there.
  6. It was five avatars. If you check your avatars in the settings and look at the premium category, they should be there if you received them.
  7. I received the stage 3 prizes, but not the final one for completing all three stages. If no one else has yet either, I assume that will be coming later.
  8. That's good to know. The ones I get from Amazon say it should be used within 12 months, so I don't think I'd risk it, but at least if one did forget about it, there's a good chance it would still work.
  9. I thought codes had to be activated within 12 months after purchase? It is good to know that you can stack up though. Last time I bought a code and then waited until the day before my PS+ expired to activate it.
  10. Lol, I'm the opposite way round. I couldn't care less about the theme's visuals but I enjoy listening to the music that goes with it.
  11. I received my rewards today although I never received an email confirmation about signing up (unless it ended up in junk).
  12. Is Royal Fumble even around anymore? I think I was potentially the only person who liked that final, but I thought that level was removed because everyone hated it. Not that I manage reach finals anymore. That's a fair reason, but there ones who do it immediately after the match starts are just annoying.
  13. I appear to be one of the few people who actually like the tail tag game, but yes, the team mates that steal you're tail 😒
  14. I'm relatively new to PSN because after my PS1&2 I skipped the PS3 era and only got a PS4 a few years ago. I created my PSN on 28th Oct 2018.
  15. The sole reason I clicked on this thread. Man, that trophy was so grindy. Aside from the fact that online is dead, so you need to find a boost partner. That one trophy for 500 online games took almost 35 hours.