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  1. When I got it I was at around 60 or 70. A friend told me that you had to board the ships for them to count.
  2. Ok, in AC:L sequence 8 a requirement for full sync is take no damage. Ok, so I take like 100 hits and I run out of supplies, I try to abandon mission to get some, but guess what. It won't let me abandon the mission (Just restarts it) OMFG SO PISSED AT THIS GAME GRRR

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. AwesomeGreat


      OMG I got it! Guess you can't be in the red lol.

    3. Vanilla
    4. SitusKiss


      Yeah, I probably should have specified that... Sorry. Congrats on getting it though.!

  3. Your Best Friend WILL Become Your Worst Enemy.

    1. Noire_Symphony


      That is very true

  4. DS3 is Awesome!!

    1. BDKSimba


      I would agree. I'm a DS fanboy I would have to admit.