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  1. #19: Trover Uh.. Saves The Like, You Know, Universe Or Some Shit.. I Dunno, This Is Just How They Talk In That Game, If You Haven't Played It, Well, I Don't Know What To Tell You Man, Sucks To Suck Bro ³ Really wanted to like this game, as I'm a big Rick and Morty fan (I doubt there are many who aren't on this site), but it was just an average ass platformer. If you're not great at platformers (guilty) you're gonna have moments where you're trying to figure out what to do next and are force fed a loop of "uuhhhh let's do fuckin interdimensional cable man, yeah let's DO that shit bro RIGHT IN MY ASS," and like a Twilight Zone episode bearing the careful-what-you-wish-for adage, you're suddenly realizing that this isn't what you wanted in a game. The charm wore off very quickly, and I started finding this game annoying. And I felt like an asshole, because I have found literally zero negative comments about this game, and it made me think it's just me. Which is entirely possible, of course. Having said all that, by the time I was finished, I... kinda liked it? I mean I still think this is obnoxious silliness free of any sort of substance tacked on to what's a passable game at best, but it did grow on me. I suppose what I'm getting at is if platformers are your thing and you love Rick and Morty, try it. But only if it's on sale (which it currently is, whaddayaknow). Also for real fuck that basketball trophy.
  2. I certainly don't see why not, although I can't say from experience (I did it the mind-numbing blow-up-a-billion-helicopters way). If you're unsure then just save before you glitch your way onto the second island, then save again before doing the sea sparrow all-nighter, both on separate files. That way, worst case scenario you still have half the packages AND this awful trophy taken handled.
  3. This. I am a chronic backlogger and I can't see that changing any time soon; I haven't been a contemporary gamer since San Andreas dropped (there might be a Dozens insult in there somewhere...) Gotta say though, the percentage on the poll made me feel a little better about myself!
  4. Wanted to do this last winter but wussed out.. not this time, I want in! 1. Resident Evil 2 (50%) 2. Overcooked 2 (5%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (2%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (1%) 5. Manhunt (1%) 6. Fallout 4 (1%) I'm easily most intimidated by FO4😬 Kinda ran out of steam when I played Res 2 and just wanna go back and finish. The rest are old games I really should've had wrapped up a long time ago. When every time you compare to other profiles and your percentages look like a joke... it's time to catch up!
  5. 😒/10 People seem to love this game and plow through it so quickly and it's feelin like a drag for me, almost done and I'm still wishing I was more into it than I am. Concept is great and there's aspects about the gameplay I enjoy but I'unno. Maybe we're just not meant to be🥺
  6. Haha I wondered about that! I was thinkin about goin on a MW tear until I saw that trophy, and since there was a LOT of luck involved in my MW1 plat (mile high club and one shot namely) I kinda wussed out on MW2. Who am I kidding though, that shit's happenin😆
  7. Props on the completion percentage, that's astonishing👊😎 I'ma go with horizon zero dawn. I been meaning to get into that one
  8. Drunken purchase of Back to the Future The Game on Amazon for sixty bucks 🤦‍♂️ I didn't want anymore point and click plats (I already have Erica, Until Dawn, and Detroit) and I've heard about its propensity for glitchiness, but.... I just love Back to the Future. And when you mix alcohol with nostalgia, these things are bound to happen.
  9. Underworld, nice and breezy! Fallout 4 or Far Cry 3?
  10. Vice City - Take the Cannoli Trophy hunting is still a relatively new hobby to me, but I already know this one will stick with me for a long time. The fucking griiiiiiind, man... and those horrifying moments when the game froze for a split second and i thought it was gonna crash! I went with the exploding cheat method, and my hat's off to anyone who did it all in one go... I could only manage an hour at a time. After getting this guy, 100% is gonna be cake!
  11. MAN this is a rough one. For two days my poor wife had to listen to me mutter and snarl under my breath while Captain Price shouted at me. Last night she randomly blurted out "hit the tah-get" during dinner and I'm like bro what am I doing with my life... Finally got it this afternoon, along with my first cod platinum! No more angrily knifing the last target in the room or emptying clips in a rage after failed attempts for me! I have no tips that aren't already in this thread, I just wanted to share what an exhilarating trophy this was to knock out. Whew!
  12. Do you have any idea what that guy is into??
  13. Should I be watching Frozen?
  14. Finish one of the valkyria games! Seems you're pretty close and I've always heard they're fun
  15. Just got my platinum! Super rewarding, and I strongly suggest anybody thinkin about it just go for it. Expert was definitely rough, but some bosses were pleasant surprises in how little of a boost they got from regular while still being interestingly different. My list of the hardest probably isn't TOO different from most... 5. Djimmi the Great. Hell of a jump in the challenge with him, I thought. Took a while to get through the first phase unscathed. Second phase requires serious concentration, and the third isn't too bad as long as you don't get too confident with the pattern, but the fourth one can be tough. That pinocchio killed me more times than I'd care to admit, but once you can make it past him the last stage is surprisingly easy, as the pattern appears to be exactly the same as it was on regular. Funny story - after my third and final quit (this one was after the first Wally encounter; not a rage quit but a resigned one, like a young person who gives up on love because they just can't meet the right person... but for a video game. SAD.), I did acid and for whatever reason firing this game back up felt like the most sensible thing in the world. I proceeded to completely finish isle two, with only Wally giving me much trouble. Probably pulled it off because I was too high to be frustrated or angry, more busy giggling about how damn cool this game is. Anyway, let's move on! 4. Hilda Berg. This was my first taste of real difficulty spike in the expert run, and my second rage quit (after Grim on regular mode, who bizarrely was super easy on difficult. Go figure). Those green motherfuckers are the worst, and it was here that I learned my most valuable lesson on expert - don't be greedy with doling out damage! As fight refs say, protect yourself at all times! Unless you're one of those overachievers makin the rest of us look bad with their expert S runs, survival is the most important thing. And dear lord, that final phase is tricky and it just doesn't want to end! 3. The Devil. Tons of peeps are sayin he was easy, and well, y'all are much better at this game than I am. First phase is horrible, your timing needs to be impeccable and losing focus for a split second will cost you. Second phase is a breeze once you get down the patterns of the birds, goons, and falling chips. There seem to be way more tears on expert though, I wasn't prepared to have to parry multiple times and I went from five HP to one real quick😬 2. King Dice. Might could be me but the dice seemed a bit faster, the parryable cards were fewer and farther between, and the mini bosses were just that much more annoying. I was doin okay til he got me down to one HP after I made a careless mistake and panicked, and I freely admit to cheesin the last few card rollouts hiding behind his hand. 1. Wally Warbles, which seems pretty close to unanimous to me. Took forever to learn how to survive the first phase, the third phase is super irritating - even when you master zipping in and out of those eggs, it's still waayyy too easy to make a mistake. Last phase isn't too bad but it kinda just keeps goin and if you've got two or less HP, good luck. Wow. Props to anybody who read all that!