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  1. Fire Pro Wrestling. You are a patient man! Props👊 I've been thinkin about finishing that one up but I always end up talkin myself out of it haha
  2. I've got Manhunt at 6.40% though in all fairness if it wasn't for those janky ps2 controls that number would be much higher!
  3. Damn, Toren does look like a badass. Also thanks for Clockwork God, I haven't picked it up yet or anything but it's entered the mental backlog (which is almost as binding as the actual one, of course) thanks to your splendid review. I need more funny games in my life. Thanks!
  4. Dug a little more than I meant to and found a blast from the past that I hundo'd on my 360 - The Saboteur! I'd like to request that, please🤓
  5. I consider this a doctor's orders, and therefore have no choice but to comply😉
  6. Bloodborne!! My intro to the Soulsborne genre. ....er, WILL be my intro rather, once I become less intimidated by it than I am by whipping out my wallet in the ps store during a great sale in the wee hours of the night with a few drinks in me. Seriously though, yet another glowing review has reminded me that I need to human up and handle me some gaming business. As usual, you have given me a gentle nudge in the right direction by way of another excellent review. Thank you, Doctor👊
  7. Persona 4, if you're feelin that one! Besides, I know if I flipped a coin and it decided the game I was enjoying less I'd probably be like "...nah" and just play the game I liked more anyway haha
  8. For me, the flamethrower just kept them at bay and let me back up a bit without having to sacrifice better ammo. I'm not sure it was particularly better as far as damage was concerned, but it certainly helped! I definitely recommend keeping sight with the spark shot. Maybe you can do it from behind an aisle, but I've wasted so many spark shots that I can't in good conscience tell you to be frivolous about it. Play it safe unless you have confirmation!
  9. Thank you! That thought has occurred to me, starting up my own thread. I've been having a lot of fun chillin in the bushes and stalkin everybody else's, and it's so dope to get these windows into everyone's journey to.. well, wherever they're tryin to get! Also it slipped my mind before, but I wanted to thank you for mentioning that silliness with Tifa's sweaty shower talk, thought I was the only one who noticed that! In the sewers, sure, it's a perfectly organic thing for a woman to say, but after every other fight?? "I would KILL for a shower!" Bitch, you kicked an overgrown mole. ONCE. "Worked up a good sweat!" From casting Thunder level one? Yeah okay bro. It's subtle but still kind of unnecessary. It's not like they had Barrett sayin "I need to get hosed off, my pants sealin in some FLAVOR!!" Anyway. I'm definitely down for good recs. Looked into Jotun and it looks great! I've got a bit (okay a lot) of backlog cleaning to go through but I'ma slap that one on the pile. Hopefully I'm up to the challenge😎
  10. Dang, looks like this is gonna get a severe bump up in the backlog. Nothing stokes the motivation to play a game like the possibility of trophies becoming unavailable. Thanks, friendly neighborhood hacker! "Everybody gets one."
  11. Aayyyy, what's good. Just poked my head in and your enthusiastic posts charmed the hell out of me. Some (not so) quick thoughts, if I may: - Your FF7RM review was phenomenal (especially interesting coming from a first timer), and unless you're absolutely dead set on avoiding spoilers I strongly suggest you play the original and/or get your hands on (the possibly superior) FF6 as the good @DrBloodmoney recommended. I got to know FF7 inside and out when I was a teenager and have been frothing at the mouth for the remake since it was initially teased like fifteen years ago or somethin like that... all to say that I have my FF7 credentials in order and I think the remake is excellent and love the direction they're taking with it. - I am now intrigued by Jotun, though I am quite possibly the opposite of a god gamer (peasant gamer?). Cuphead was a difficult boss rush that was a feast for the eyes and I loved that! Hell, after the platinum popped I actually kept playing for a while, like a holed up soldier who didn't know the war was over. - Crossing Souls and Wandersong might could be a good experience, they sound nice. I'll have to keep an eye out for those when new sales pop up. - Think I'm stubbornly deciding not to be sold on Goat Simulator and I have no idea why. I hope I'm not racist towards goats (now that I think of it, I don't even have any goat friends... who am I?) - You've earned yourself a follow. Looking forward to reading more from you👊
  12. Final Fantasy VII Remake - Ultimate Weapon Hijole! This is one of those trophies where it's common enough and people downplay its difficulty enough to where you're like uhhh... am I dumb for thinking of this as a solid achievement?? Well nuts to all that, it is!! Sank a good chunk of time into these six pricks (five if you were able to bypass Ifrit but I myself was never able to) and I am happy to be done with them and on to Limit Break City. Now two chapters are all that stand in the way of platinum #30😁
  13. Tony Hawk 1+2. Love it but never got particularly good at it. One of these days...
  14. I totally understand! Fallout is a lengthy franchise to review to say the least, and the groundwork was definitely necessary. You've educated me on the lead up to FO4 which certainly helped my perspective. I did the basketball glitch with the overlapping machines after I realized what a sorry pittance you got from all the other games (and how many rockets I'd need to take the route with that bandit game). Personally, I didn't feel any cheaper doing that than when I built hundreds of weight benches for the Benevolent Leader trophy or scum saved with five cages to get tame animals or trying to get an active audience for an impromptu battle between two settlers (hell, insert inane trophy here). It's difficult to put into words, but I feel with several of these trophies it's kind of understood that you're going to cheese some of them, lest you risk losing interest entirely! While again, I'm happy to have gotten that coveted S rank, I suspect this is one of those games I would've enjoyed a great deal more if I didn't care about trophies!
  15. Oh, how I have waited for this day! The funny thing for me with Fallout 4 is that while I was constantly finding things to gripe about, after a while it became evident that I just couldn't put the damn thing down. It reminds me of that old joke about the food at a restaurant not only being bad, but in such small portions. "Fallout 4 is an awful game." "I know! And there's not nearly enough time for all the cool stuff you can do!" As a Fallout virgin, I was not privy to how lucky I was to start off in this franchise with relatively few bugs, and the few I encountered were a minor nuisance at worst. Also that big, beautiful, endlessly explorable world (plus DLC!) more than made up for the flimsy main story, and while I felt the game took an odd joy in toying with completionists (100,000 tickets?? It really has to be that many??), I am proud to have completed it and not only had a lot of fun, but plan to revisit to get in some more crafting, try different builds, play as a female protagonist, and see all the extra stuff I missed! Later, though. MUCH later. It was definitely a lot! I perked up a bit when I saw you were tackling Ms. Finch! That was my first walking sim, and even though I had no experience in the genre (save maybe Mist or something from when I was a kid) I could tell from the jump that this was one of the good ones. You hit the nail on the head, the mood never dips even in spite of the heavy subject matter, and the variety of the art styles was neck and neck with the quality of the styles themselves. I absolutely adored that game, and it will be a confusing moment should I ever encounter somebody who didn't at least kinda like it. As for Invisible Inc, well the joke's on you - I bought that months ago and have ALREADY been bullying myself to bump it up the backlog and get playin! As usual, thanks for all the science words😃