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  1. Platinum #81: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare The bullets scream to me from somewhere I've never been the most avid Call of Duty fan - I got WWII for free and am still struggling to find the inspiration to go back and chip away at it, for instance - but it's definitely one of those franchises that can surprise me from time to time. I was curious after hearing about a reboot of the excellent Modern Warfare sub-series from 2007 and decided to keep an eye out for a good sale, eventually seeing a discount that was likely as good as it was going to get. What was Modern Warfare on sale for? Half Captain Price. *hold for boos* Much like with its original counterpart, I was caught off guard with how fiercely Modern Warfare sunk its teeth into me. I found myself playing this for a couple days straight, unable to do much more than just keep pushing on and seeing what was going to happen next. This one, however, is a LOT easier - with the original I remember countless moments where I was reliving the same ten seconds over and over, whereas here there were still challenging moments, but every setback was overcome fairly quickly. Much like its fellow 2019 remake Resident Evil 2, Modern Warfare is a painfully gorgeous game, arguably even more so as it doesn't have the same desaturation issues. We start off sneaking through the woods, and I just gawked at my surroundings while absent-mindedly holding up on the analog stick. I could've gotten sniped off, stepped into a bear trap, whatever, and I wouldn't have cared - I was too busy admiring how beautiful everything looked. Piccadilly Circus comes to mind as a standout where this sensory overload is concerned. It looks fantastic, absolutely nailing the location, but it's the mood that really steals the show here. People are running around all over the place, with terrorists and civilians often difficult to differentiate in a split second (not to mention that those civilians will often wildly run right in front of you as you're aiming at an enemy). Your trigger skills are very much tested here as is your awareness of the surroundings. It's a quick level, but extraordinarily effective at placing you in a catastrophic event as well as underlining the 'modern warfare' in the game's title - sadly, this is just the world we live in now. Modern Warfare has a pretty solid cast, and the classic device of having them all unite about halfway through the campaign still felt like a great and well earned "alriiight!!" moment. I thought the diversity of our group (cue Rufus: "What a crew") was great as well. Having played the original, Captain Price was the early favorite, but resistance leader Farah Karim quickly took that distinction. Her character received so much depth, and given her background it was something I really appreciated. It's very easy for the writing in these games to succumb to war glorification, military platitudes, and ra ra America sentiments, and segments like the one where she's a child and her village is being overrun with the aid of chemical weapons is powerful, and serves the perfect counterpoint. Here is Farah pictured below: Unfortunately though, it exposes how paper thin a character like Alex is. I immediately noticed how quickly they start planting these "what a nice guy!" seeds. It's established that he's been sent to all sorts of places and has seen a lot, yet he immediately becomes uniquely dedicated to Farah and her group's cause, wanting to go above and beyond to help however he can. The "but... but THESE ARE WAR CRIMES!!" and "We are brothers now" moments, along with that ending, just feel so weird. Like bro you've known them for what, a week?? There have been sharper criticisms, namely on the torture segments, but it does make a lot more sense here than in something like GTA V, where it feels tacked on for shock value. Being the recipient oddly gives off less of a gross feeling, and when you are in the opposite end of the situation you're given the opportunity to opt out, which is nice. There's a few iffy areas for sure, but overall I was really impressed with this game. It might be because I'm knee deep in the PS3 backlog at the moment, but playing this and Resident Evil 3 more or less back to back has given me so much eye candy it's ridiculous. Modern Warfare looks great, feels great, and likely will whizz past you as quickly as it did for me. FPS is decidedly not my genre of choice, but this is one I'd recommend gladly! Stray Observations - That opening, with the dude stepping out of the van, about to blow himself up before the title screen silences all the insanity of the scene?? Outstanding. - The quirk where you die and the camera lands awkwardly, like your head got spun around, is awesome. I first saw that in Half-Life and found it so jarring, I'm glad it's become a genre staple. - Guiding the civilian towards escape in the embassy, using the feeds of different cameras throughout the floor, was inspired as hell, I really enjoyed that part. Tense as shit! - Speaking of tense, I thought the house clearing missions were up there with Piccadilly for sure, especially Going Dark. Adding that stealth element made the game feel that much more fresh. - The well definitely seems to have run dry at this point with the quotes you get upon death. I laughed out loud when I saw a Bob Marley quote in a freakin Call of Duty game, it just felt so out of place. "You've got to squeeze your buns." - Richard Simmons THAT Trophy: Liberation One of the things I really liked about this game is that the trophy list seems to have been made with little fun extra challenges in mind, which is exactly how they should be! I loved having to be perfectly stealthy for a few challenges, completing one mission entirely with a pistol and another with eight different weapons, stuff like that was great. And yes, I enjoyed this one as well! It sees you completing four online co-op missions, and it may be Doomsday talking but I've developed a soft spot for that sort of thing. These missions are super punishing though, especially to a noob like myself. Three of the four missions have enemies absolutely everywhere, with one in particular being in this enclosed space with smoke grenades constantly being dropped. Oh, and speaking of Doomsday, those fucking juggernauts are horrible! Modern Warfare, you've been hanging out with GTA V too much, I think he's a bad influence... I'm not a part of the CoD community, so it was unbeknownst to me but this mode is highly derided for its inferiority to previous iterations, and even I can see why. The UI is kind of a pain to navigate, glitches can be pretty prevalent, and Activision's insistence on constantly trying to sell us Modern Warfare 2 is obnoxious. But even with all that, as well as the surprisingly difficult moments, I still enjoyed my time with the online portion. Much like the base game, it was a pleasant surprise!
  2. Damn, you're an observant dude, haha.. and thanks for the well-wishes! Your reviews don't have to be long if you don't want them to be! You can make them as short as you'd like, honestly if I wasn't so talkative I'd prefer to shorten mine down as well😄
  3. That's the thing, I 100% agree with you on all its strong points. Even with what I miss from the original, it's still so good and such a fun time. I just have that expectation implanted, and you know how those go, they don't always know how to shut up and play nice😄 Thanks mah dude👊 Bro you would dig that shit, namely with your proclivity for puzzles. In the very least, give that section a watch on YouTube or something, I suspect you'd find yourself interested in the very least!
  4. Hey y'all, don't mind this post! I just wanna update my list. I was a bit inebriated when I signed up and forgot a whole game, as well as my percentages😄 so I just wanna fix it up real quick. Also Go Team Seasonal Challenge, good luck to all y'all✊️ 1. Grand Theft Auto IV (42%) 2. XCOM: Enemy Within (3%) 3. Dead Space (0%) 4. God of War (0%) 5. God of War II (0%) 6. Dynasty Warriors 7 (0%) 7. Red Dead Redemption (2%) 8. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (0%) 9. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (0%) 10. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (20%)
  5. Monthly Update with Ya Man Smevz November 2022 Here we are already, and it still hasn't quite registered for me. It's that time again to watch Home Alone and Die Hard, listen to A Long December by Counting Crows, make tamales, sing Auld Lang Syne, and start working on those year end write-ups. BUT FIRST! November wasn't my most accomplished month number-wise, but fuck all that, I've really enjoyed it! And one of my favorite things about my PS3 trip is something I'd surprisingly forgotten about - that tactile joy of handling discs and physically switching out games when you want to play something else! I confess, I let digital gaming ruin me so fast it's almost embarrassing...😭 88.34% Overall Completion (-0.31)598 Unearned Trophies (+84)3.51 Trophies Per Day (+0.06)81 Platinums (+5)Level 375 (+7) Game of the Month Quite a lot to choose from this month! Playing WWE Smackdown Vs RAW and The Godfather II put me in a serious 2009 time warp. Started Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Red Dead Redemption, but mostly tackled DLC stuff, nothing major yet. Resident Evil 3 was charmingly good-not-great, and The Saboteur was great-but-more-importantly-fun-as-shit. Finally, there's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which seduced me to the point of finishing it in less than a day and a half, and Grand Theft Auto IV, which I FINALLY completed the online portion for, as well as a good amount of pain in the ass miscellanea. I don't think it's GTA IV's time yet, as I'm still getting annoying stuff out of the way so that I can enjoy the story, and Modern Warfare was a surprising, whirlwind gaming romance that I enjoyed far more than expected, but as good as it was, I still woke up alone in the morning with the unpleasant itch of a leftover online multiplayer DLC trophy. Which leaves a game that literally gave me more than 1,000 collectibles to deal with, yet somehow made it insanely fun anyway - The Saboteur gets the nod! Rating the Month Again, I can't help feeling that given my lack of writing and gaming output this month, I not only shouldn't be overly pleased with myself, but perhaps also expecting a visit from the Bobs. Still though, I'm actually pretty happy with what is done, namely with GTA IV's online portion being wrapped up and getting a few new games started. A few goals weren't met, and percentages saw a downward trend... but can these factoids be outweighed by sheer gaming enjoyment? Well yeah, of course they can. Four out of five Belles Du Nuit for November! December Goals 1. All I need to match my completion output from last year is four games. That's nothing, right? Four more games!! Four more games!! 2. The writing output is up a tick, but I'd really like to see if I can coax the muse back out for a while. 3. Definitely would like to see the completion percentage back on the rise. Doesn't have to be anything crazy, just for it to stop going down - gotta stop starting so many games that I'm not finishing at once! Gaming Hitlist I'm gonna take @Platinum_Vice's suggestion and simplify this real nice: That's it, every PS3 game I either played on the 360, never played but wanted to, or found to have a reasonable enough price tag is here. I'm sure the odd PS4 game will still grab me on occasion, but this stack is priority, and will be until it's done. Some of these absolutely terrify me and may end up lost in the sad, dirty sea of incompletion, but that is the plan. So yeah, that's it for me. Happy December everybody😇
  6. Update #10 11/30/22 Unfortunately I gotta throw in the towel this time around... I had a few days in which I could try to squeak in Katamari Damacy Reroll, but.. I just didn't want to. And it's funny because the last time I didn't complete all my games I was so bummed out and disappointed in myself, this time I'm just like "eh whaddayagonnado." Wrapped up Resident Evil 3 though, and for all its flaws as a remake I just don't have it in me to call it a bad game outright. It's still got its scary moments, it looks amazing, and if this is all the Resi 3 on this gen that I'm getting, I'll take it. And that's that on that! Had a great time with y'all like always, congrats to those who completed the challenge and I hope to be on your side of the finish line next time. See you in the Winter Challenge.. so uh, tomorrow😂 1. The Hong Kong Massacre ️ 2. Bastion ️ 3. Katamari Damacy Reroll (91%) 🤷‍♂️ 4. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist ️ 5. Resident Evil ️ 6. Resident Evil 3 (75-->100%) ️ 7. The Godfather II 8. WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010
  7. Platinum #80: Resident Evil 3 Better deadbolt the door, it ain't safe no more There's something special about when a franchise really comes into its own. I can only speak for the excitement of us gamers, but would love to have experienced the energy in the Capcom offices. They had just put out arguably one of the greatest sequels in gaming history - I could only imagine the pressure that comes with this feat. So what do they do? Start concurrent work on two different follow-ups, sell the movie rights, plant the seeds for going FPS and even online... and that's just what we knew about. Busy lil mafuckin bees! Today, I have mixed feelings about this era. The aforementioned excitement was very real, but over-saturation was right around the corner, as was Capcom hoppin into bed with Dreamcast and GameCube. My petty brand loyalty left me with Survivor (goodie), snippets of Code Veronica, bits and pieces of Zero and a lone playthrough of Remake. That and the movie bein wack all saw me fall off from the franchise altogether, which I am not proud to say. However, it wasn't before I got to experience Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in all its glory. I still find it interesting that this was originally the spin-off and Code Veronica was supposed to be RE 3, but can't imagine it any other way. It has a kinship with the first two games that just makes sense - its story occurs before and after the events of RE 2, and it brings back our favorite protagonist from the original game (I love you too Chris, but I mean let's be real). Jill is pretty hardened after the last few months - I mean who wouldn't be - and with shit hitting the fan in Raccoon City, and nobody believing her about the truth, it's time to get the fuck out of dodge. With all the chaos in the streets, it would be tense enough trying to peace out, but there's a brilliant new wrinkle with the game's namesake, Nemesis. A new Umbrella bioweapon who is specifically programmed to hunt down the S.T.A.R.S. unit, he is essentially Mr. X on steroids. We see him kill our old buddy from said unit (Nemesis said "Check out the big brain on Braaad... GUSSHHHH!!!!!") and now he's after us. He's as strong as Mr. X, but insanely fast, far more durable, and has a freakin rocket launcher, as if that all wasn't scary enough! And he is following us throught the whole. damn. game. Between scripted events and random appearances, you're always paranoid about when he'll show up next. He even follows you through rooms, which used to be a big no-no for the baddies! You have no moment's peace with this guy, which makes even looting and backtracking far more nerve-wracking than before. It's been said that this is the first RE where action was really the focal point, and that's true, but there's so much more to it than that. The premise of a menacing Nemesis enemy's ever-present meddling perpetually testing your weaponry essentially ensures that you're still going to be strapped for ammo, and the constant fear of him showing up (or getting slapped with a gaggle of zombies, cuz there are way more of those here as well) serves up that classic survival horror feel we know and love, even if it is paired with a high octane Escape From Raccoon City conceit. Plus, there's the clock tower! While the streets of Raccoon City are definitely what make this game unique location-wise, it's the clock tower that grounds it. It has the same feel as the mansion or the police station (which we get to visit briefly here in a wonderful deja-vu segment), and more importantly it's got some notoriously tricky puzzles. Not only are they more complex, but they're randomized as well! And there's just so much they added gameplay-wise as well. The dodge and 180 turn make their debuts here, as does the ammo building system, which made a triumphant return in RE 2 Remake. And most prominently, every so often the game will freeze up and present you with a decision to make. They aren't always necessarily huge, but it adds a bit of replay value for sure, and in the heat of the moment (there's a quick countdown whenever this option comes up), particularly the first few times this happens, you're like "Shit! What?? Uhhh... fuck!" This is how you make a trilogy game, man. It keeps the spirit of its predecessors while adding a ton of cool new shit and enriching the existing storyline all the more. Not only do we get an even broader look at the sudden downfall of Raccoon City, or the nefarious schemes of Umbrella, but finally we know what Jill's been up to! We're long past the "something's not quite right" stage at this point, and they just ran with it. I love this game, and it's as good a way to close out its time on the PS1 as any. So then this is where we talk about the remake, or as I've heard a few peeps refer to it, Threemake. I had already heard a couple unflattering accounts by the time I got around to playing this, which was disheartening but also kind of a good thing because it made it easy for me to focus on the positives for my first playthrough. And firstly, this thing looks incredible. Jill, Nemesis, Raccoon City, Hunters, the hair on that dreamboat Carlos?? Ridiculous. Sometimes it blows me away to think how far removed we are from the days of "if you squint, it almost looks like a movie." I can only imagine how good this looks on a PS5! The city itself is disappointingly compact and linear, but it looks fantastic. It's very well realized, with a pretty large chunk of the original being featured, and feels just as hopeless and frightening as it should. The hospital and lab both boast the same qualities as the lab from RE 2 Remake, they feel like they were pristine and lived in until all this happened, with chill, every day details hiding underneath all the blood and gore. A lot of people had some hate for Jill's character, but I really liked her. The last few months have done a lot to her, and it's totally believable that she'd be cursing up a storm and talking shit to Nemesis at every opportunity. I mean, she doesn't say anything meaner than things I say when I'm getting my ass beat by a game, so it makes sense to me. And besides, she was sassing up Carlos in the original too, so I ain't mad at Remake Jill! There's a lot of good cool jump scares, I really liked Carlos and his chemistry with Jill, and the atmosphere is great. But given what it's working with, it's just lacking. The ultimate downfall of the remake is that it's trying to re-build a game that gave us so much more than we expected by giving us so much less. There's just too much material mishandled or missing entirely for me to not acknowledge that the haters got some serious points this time around. The decision system, something that really could've been fleshed out (and made the game's brevity much more understandable), is gone. Once you're done with the city area, for a long while so is Nemesis. The threat of him randomly leaping out of the shadows is pretty much non-existent (well it is, cuz all his appearances are scripted) and it's a huge loss. The helicopter crash was a brilliant fake-out in the original, just this gutting "YOU THOUGHT!!" moment, and it's reduced to a cinematic at the beginning. And the omission of the clock tower is just baffling - there was absolutely no need to cut that! I get that you're under pressure to get this thing out as quickly as possible so that Capcom higher-ups can play Scrooge McDuck in their money bins, but it's just a damn shame. At the end Jill's like "IT WAS GREEEED" and I'd like to think that's the writers and devs taking a shot at their bosses Oh, and "You want STARS?? I'll give you STARS!!" is infinitely better than "Next time, take the fucking hint." It just is. I wish they would've kept that at the end. I don't think this remake is a failure, I don't even think it's bad. There's a lot of disappointment in it not being able to live up to the original content-wise, particularly when the two remakes before it killed shit so thoroughly, but it's still a highly enjoyable game, one I'd even still recommend. But if you've got a PS1 lying around, the original is the one you want hands down. Stray Observations - The very opening, when Nemesis is essentially being created... man, that shit gave me chills! - "HEY, FUCKFACE!!" Do people still say that? - I love how gross they made some of the enemies! Those headsucker things and the lil insects that shoot fuck knows what down Jill's throat were in the original game, and are gloriously disgusting here. Watching Jill down a green herb so she could yack after getting hentai'd by that one monster... yeesh. Who knows where that thing's been😖 - Carlos' segments in the police station and hospital were a lot of fun - even though the bit where they're clearly trying to recreate the No Way Out scenario felt kinda tacked on, it was still a blast, and felt like a nice release after carefully sneaking around for so long. - They did Nikolai justice too, I thought. He's so slithery that you know right away he's bad news, but unlike Chief Irons in the last remake, it's not so over the top that you're like "yeah I get it, he's a jerk." - For some reason, that sideways nose makes Nemesis look a lil less intimidating, like if he said anything other than "STARSSS" it would come out in this high pitched, nasal voice. "Brad? Jill? C'mooonn, I wanna kill all the STARS..." THAT Trophy: Dominator I find myself wondering if they made the infinite rocket launcher easy to get because of this difficulty, or if it was the other way around. Or if they hastily slapped this difficulty together after the devs realized you could beat the game in an hour and a half. Either way, this was literally the only really difficult part of the game. And to be specific, it's really only the final fight that's some seriously unpleasant business. Especially if you suck at perfect dodges like I did! Nemesis feels like you're playing a fighting game with somebody who just starts spamming his strongest moves once you start making some leeway, and if your defense isnt timed perfectly, it can get pretty miserable. But yeah, other than that this was a pretty breezy platinum. Which makes me weirdly sad, cuz I remember the original being hard as shit!
  8. You can do it homie, I promise you! Whenever you're finding yourself feeling inspired, give it another go😁 Thank you! And that shit's real, you only get to play these things for the first time once, and that's when they're at their best. Well, that and the inevitable infinite rocket launcher run😈
  9. Platinum #20: Resident Evil 2 Knock knock, open up the door, it's real Sometimes I look back on the games I had in my teen years and am blown away by the embarassment of riches. I was thinking about how the wait didn't seem very long for Resident Evil's sequel for me and wondering why that was, until I remembered that I had Final Fantasy VII, Symphony of the Night, and Goldeneye (well, at my friend's house) to keep me occupied. When Resident Evil 2 dropped in January of '98 though, all that shit fell by the wayside. Well, not FFVII. That franchise was also an obsession, but that's a story for another time. Unlike Resi 1, I remember the the ads for this one all too well. Every video game magazine worth its salt kept us up to date, and between the talk of the fabled Resident Evil 1.5 and the budding marketing campaign spearheaded by the tagline "If the suspense doesn't kill you, something else will," we were whipped up into a frenzy. The commercial I remember most closes with an immortal line by Gary Krawford as Chief Irons that's been synonymous with this game ever since, at least for me. Mr. Krawford deserves all the flowers he gets (R.I.P.), he absolutely killed this role. We start with a quick recap of the story so far, and that alone sets the tone. The dark, menacing music combined with competent voice acting signals a much more serious game - no silly live action stuff, no bombastic intro, just diving right in and picking up where you left off with the sad fate of Raccoon City. And this opening slays, man. New characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield arrive in the city, unsuspecting as can be, but quickly realize that shit ain't quite right. They find each other, have a great "come with me if you want to live" moment, and head off to the police station in hopes of a safe haven and some answers. Then shit goes haywire, and suddenly they each find themselves separated, thrust into the city's new reality. That mansion incident didn't blow over, it fully spread in a matter of months, and you can see it immediately. Debris is all over the place, cars are overturned, fires are out of control, and there are zombies everywhere. You have to maneuver your way through the ruins of Raccoon City, with zombies breathing down your neck the entire time, and just hope you can make it to the police station so you can finally find a typewriter and save! On top of better voice acting and music, RE 2 played better and felt stronger story-wise. Easily my favorite addition was the limping system - your health is reflected in your posture and gait, which makes thing even more intense when you're near death and trying to get away from enemies. I could've sworn this existed in the first game, but nope - this is where it debuted! The story is a great deal more rich, and you can really sense how much the writers are into building up this world. New characters like Chief Irons and Ada Wong contribute massively to making this disaster feel even more real, and the disappearance of Jill and Chris serves to heighten the mystery rather than feel like a lazy omission. Finally, there's the fantastic dual scenario system. Just like the first game, you can choose which character you wanna play as, but this time how you play will directly affect the next playthrough. If you take a weapon or hip pouch, for example, it won't be there for the character who goes next. They communicate via walkie talkie for the majority of the game, which is great - I remember playing as Leon and hitting up Claire, informing her about the newly found sewer access, and she sounded so sad in her response. You can't help being curious about what's going on there, and when you play as her next it's all explained. It wasn't perfect, I mean obviously there are a lot of the same zombies and puzzles to be dealt with, but having both Leon and Claire's stories happening concurrently was such a brilliant touch and added a lot of depth. Oh, and Mr. X. He only shows up in the second scenario, and provides such a great WTF element when you first see him. Resident Evil 2 was a masterclass in how to make a sequel. It builds up on and improves literally everything from the first game, and fleshed out Raccoon City, Umbrella, and any other thing you could name from this franchise, it all just feels that much more believable and real. Given how good its predecessor's remake was, hopes were high for the sequel's own re-imagining, and while it isn't perfect, it's still pretty fucking great. Much like the first game's remake, it immediately slaps you across the face with how much better graphics have gotten since the original game's era. Even that greasy cheeseburger the truck driver is shoveling into his face looks fantastic! Meeting your first zombie is exactly as it should be, tense and frightening. Also like RE 1 Remake, every area is so detailed and feels realistic. The police department, and especially the lab, are rife with small details, giving each environment a lived-in quality. The environments effortlessly capture the feeling of the original, while adding onto locations without anything feeling tacked on. Potential hot take: the sewers is a notable upgrade from the original. Peeps complain about it being dark and tricky, and I feel you, but I don't agree. This area is not some generic sewer setting like in the OG, it feels like the real deal. It's so dank and filthy, you can almost smell it. Also, I thought the bit with the chess pieces was so well done. It was claustrophobic as shit, and my first time I was lookin over my shoulder the whole time while trying to rush through it, which always lends a great deal of tension to even the simplest of tasks. Maybe it's easy for me to praise it now, having completed it well over a year ago, but I appreciate how cavernous and dangerous this area is as opposed to its original appearance. The controls are impeccable as well, basically showing off every improvement the series has ever seen in this department. The Over the Shoulder camera approach feels appropriate, and aiming and shooting feels great. Sounds great, too - gunshots have a solid kick to them, which I really enjoyed. Also, I found this game pretty scary! It seems like a lot of people don't like bestowing the term 'scary' if it didn't make them piss themselves, but I thought this aspect was nailed beautifully. The aesthetic is there big time, and it's not just the blood drenched hallways or terrifying creatures. You're forced into several situations that escalate quickly, largely thanks to Mr. X. You hear his footsteps from a room or two away and it gets you rushing into a different room. But suddenly you've got zombies coming out of a window you didn't board up, and now you've got to escape this room. And Mr. X can still be heard off in the distance. Run out of this room and straight into two lickers, and you fucked up because they heard your footsteps and know exactly where you are. I loved these moments, and had more than a few of them! Now, the remake does have its issues, but before I get to them I just wanna establish that they're largely nitpicky and I don't have the haters' backs at all on this one. I adored the remake, I thought it mostly did right by the source material and was a joy to play from beginning to end. Firstly, the big one - the scenario system is completely gutted. It's my understanding that they were going to do away with this entirely but kind of tacked it on after announcing that it wasn't gonna be a thing and getting, um.. let's say a mixed response. I think it's fine, but I found myself wanting to see Leon and Claire communicate more beyond just a few written notes. Given the capabilities games have now, and the impressive creativity already on board with the remake, there could've been a really in depth version of the scenario pairings. I'm not gonna play armchair developer and act like I know exactly what they should've done, but I was kinda sad to not see this capitalized upon. Secondly there's the music, or rather the lack thereof. It dawned on me that I hadn't even really made any mental notes of the soundtrack - the boss themes were pretty crackin, but everything else was pretty much just serviceable, and that's when there even was music, because a lot of the game is played in silence. The original's soundtrack was not just a massive leap from its predecessor, but iconic on its own merit. In fact, the original score was so sinister that I'd argue even the save room theme didn't quite feel entirely as safe as what we've grown used to. It just doesn't have the same warmth, and I really liked that. That's pretty much it! Leon simps a lil more over Ada than he did in the original, I wish Chief Irons was a little more like his original, subtly creepy self, and Annette Birkin is waaayy less sympathetic this time around, but other than that I'm fresh out of complaints! Resident Evil 2 doesn't reach the high watermark left by its predecessor as far as remakes go, but it's like losing a pick up game to Michael Jordan, it's nothing anybody would ever hold against you. There's a few little things I wish were different, but this is just a spectacular game, plain and simple. It's got atmosphere up the ass, it controls great, it looks phenomenal, and it's very much worthy of its namesake. It doesn't render the original obsolete by any means, but who cares? This game is way too good to be concerned with things like that, and if you haven't played this yet, well... play it. Cuz you should. Stray Observations - Favorite line from the original opening: "That guy's a maniac... WHY'D HE BITE ME??" Second place is the exchange of Claire's delightfully suspicious "...you're a cop, right?" and Leon's weirdly cheerful "Yeah, first day on the job. Great, huh?" - I've heard mixed opinions, but I wanna go on record saying that Claire is the perfect level of had ass here. She knows how to hold a gun and flashlight, she's all about keeping Sherry safe, and she also dislikes this version of Chief Irons! - Mr. X is dressed like he's going to the local porn shop, and I love it. Even more, I love the idea of him bursting through the porn shop's wall, but still donning the costume in an effort to be discrete. - Something I forgot to mention with the last write-up, defense weapons were an absolute game changer, and thankfully make a return here. The grenades are bad ass and the knives have their own life bar, which is a clever touch. - I like how we keep that cool, unconcerned-with-all-this-very-real-danger aura with Ada, but that slow, casual walk of hers is quite unwelcome on the speed run. "Have you heard of Umbrella?" Yeah. How about running, have you heard of that? - "Based on what you've said, the sewer seems fitting." Oooh, sick burn Leon. Wouldn't wanna get on your bad side. - The limb targeting in this game is stupendous. People complain about the zombies being bullet sponges but I think it makes sense, and the necessity to shoot a kneecap or arm to render them a lil less dangerous, rather than empty a clip to try and kill them outright, is a great thing to focus on. - I actually really enjoyed Sherry's segment in this game, much more than the original, that's for sure. I've had some pretty awful experiences in my childhood with abuse, and I completely understand how many might find this segment triggering, but... it's just so well done, and really feels scary. I fucked with it. - Watching Leon or Claire die is just brutal. It looks great, and it speaks volumes about how well their characters are developed, but man. You hate to see it. THAT Trophy: Hell of a Sheriff Extra scenarios was a big part of RE 2's appeal - granted, only us nerds who bothered to try and get A ranks on every scenario even knew they existed, but they were icing on the cake for sure. So getting not only Hunk and Tofu, but four new scenarios as well, was a huge treat to say the least! They're short, fun, and not terribly demanding... at least until you get to playing No Way Out. Remember that handsome Rick Grimes cosplayer from the beginning of the game? Well you assume control of him as he attempts to hold down the gas station, enduring wave after wave of zombies (100 to be precise), and it's easily one of the most challenging tasks in the game. You have a pistol with infinite ammo, but it becomes borderline useless well before the halfway mark and you find yourself at the mercy of goodie-filled backpacks that periodically make their way into the gas station. This one took me a good couple of days even after consulting YouTube for tips. It feels daunting at first, especially when new variations of zombies start popping up, but after a while it gets easier to map out. The RNG is pretty light, as they always come out of the same places and the contents of the backpacks more or less stay the same. It's easy to get overwhelmed, and the claustrophobic feel of the gas station aisles will feel intense as shit, but eventually it starts to make sense. A lot of people have mentioned that Crimson Heads might have been cool to keep as a series mainstay, but can you imagine this scenario with those?? Fuck that😂
  10. Platinum #80: Resident Evil 3 So Long, RCObtain all trophies. I remember seeing hate for the Resi 2 remake and thinking "y'all are out of your damn minds, this is great" but I totally get it with this one, if you played the OG back in the day a lot of this game's omissions will have you scratching your head. It's weird to see a game with such high production values feeling this incomplete. I get that Capcom wanted to capitalize and make more money off of the remake train, but it's not like fans were going to forget to buy a new Resident Evil game or something, you really could've taken some more time with it! I can forgive the linearity, the lack of having to make split second choices, even the fact that Nemesis is nowhere to be found for a large chunk of the game... but that Clock Tower tease was the last straw - cutting an entire area, perhaps the most significant of the original, just makes no sense. Oh, and how overly easy it is all the way to Inferno's final battle. Like oh okay, NOW you wanna be hard. Bruh. Having said all that, this was still a lot of fun. The first playthrough felt nice and tense, Jill and Carlos are great protagonists (dat chemistry tho), and it looks and controls so damn good! It's definitely disappointing, especially considering how good the first two RE remakes are, but as a standalone game it's still a pretty good time. Platinum Rarity: 33.94% Completion Time: 1 week, 3 days Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 7/10
  11. Thanks man! The RDR online, MGS2 VR, and XCOM Classic difficulty have me anticipating some swaps, but I'm still excited to get started! Also I must confess to getting a lil help from alcohol to sign up so enthusiastically🤣
  12. As usual, I find myself going from "Nah, we straight" to "But I'ma complete some baddies tho!!" I don't know that I'll be completing 9s and 10s or nuffin, but I do know I'll be completing games that mean a damn to me. I'm still on PS3 mode so I'm excited to knock out a gaming chapter😎 1. Grand Theft Auto IV 2. XCOM Enemy Within 3. Dead Space 4. God of War 5. God of War II 6. Dynasty Warriors 7 7. Red Dead Redemption 8. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 9. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Nervous but down, let's do this!
  13. Grand Theft Auto IV Wanted You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer. Dude, this was absolutely miserable. I do not judge anybody who modded this shit, cuz it really does feel pretty unreasonable. I made it halfway through with my partner before we found the Happiness Island glitch, and suddenly it felt doable! I'm just happy to be done with GTA IV online altogether, man... the game is a near masterpiece, but controls are kinda wack... and the online requirements are more often than not some serious bullshit! Also this trophy made me wanna look at past me who was bitching about that Cannoli trophy from Vice City! Now I know what to tell him...
  14. Well shit, looks like I gotta play n++. First of all, a huge congrats on these beastly completions!! I have to second Shrooba's remark, it's very easy to let the accomplishments of others dwarf your own (believe me, I feel you on that.. all my friends here, yourself included, are certified bad asses, after all), but it's important to give yourself that pat on the back when it's due. And it is, you've knocked out some serious heavy hitters, props all day👊 I've seen enough trusted sources sing Superhot's praises, it's probably time I try it out😂 Grip looks absolutely stunning, and frankly the lack of racing games on my profile needs to be corrected. I'll just make sure my wife hasn't eaten when I play it! Dude the soundtrack for Slain is fuckin liiiit, I fucked with that!! It's been a maybe for me for a long time now, I guess next time it's on sale I gotta jump on that one. I actually own and am looking forward to Valfaris myself! Really pleased to see you rate STFU so highly, and agreed pretty hard about the rarity and where it likely comes from. I'd fuck with a sequel too, truth be told! n++ intimidates me a great deal, not gonna lie... but after that glowing write-up, I feel I've got no choice but to check it out. Making me interested in games that would be fun and satisfying, and likely cheap in a sale... you bastard. Congrats again dude, that's a huge feat and you should be proud, especially since I remember gaming time being pretty difficult for you to come by earlier in the year. Also, in case it wasn't a given, outstanding write-up! .....um... yeah, I think that's all! I'll see myself out.
  15. Good shit as always, my dude! But damn... is Kratos like Batman in the first half of The Dark Knight Rises? Or maybe Nicky towards the end of Casino? "The booze, the Coke, the broads... I mean he got sloppy, he just wasn't the same Kratos anymore." I'm not as excited about this one now, but I am more excited to play 2018😇