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  1. "Superliminal?" I'll show you. HEY YOU!! JOIN THE NAVY!!!
  2. I dunno man, I fucked with that Disney Robin Hood from the 70s... "Who killed Dr. Mengele?" "I dunno, somebody with a conscience?" You win, thanks for playing! *Platinum pops* Daaaaaamn, you are taking me back sir! Also Cam Clark plays a brain in a jar... so you're telling me Leonardo was Krang?? Shit, hand penises is just a bonus after that! Full disclosure, some of the Nuka World stuff is a real pain, but I thought the concept was a lot of fun. Far Harbor, I would've played a full game of that. They did a much better job of juggling factions and establishing lore in that one, and I think after the Night School stuff, the finality of a lot of the choices may be refreshing for you! I'm just glad I helped ease you in that direction, and hope it doesn't disappoint. "Hey Clarkie, did you play Far Harbor?" "Yeah and it was shit, thanks for nothing ya douche." 😭😭😭😭😭 They absolutely did, every game was a genuine push to try and be better than the last - a huge reason why seeing them devolve into fat, lazy complacency is so heartbreaking! Patriot Playground!! The Sniper rampages were the only reason I didn't name those courses as the roughest trophy for me. That shit was AWFUL! So much going uphill and driving alongside a cliff, and that uneven terrain in general was such a biiiiitch. You are on point with that one, what an awful challenge that was. You're absolutely right. I think it's just a matter of mustering up the motivation. It's a bit too easy to fall into the same routine, to forget about other things you might like to be doing instead. Maybe after the challenge is over I'll start re-prioritizing my hobby time... often the best way to start doing something like that is to force yourself to make time for it, and regardless of whether you're productive with it or not initially to just stubbornly keep at it. I think that's the standard midlife crisis reaction - "Nooo, I don't wanna get old and die! Wait.. but what if I'm a child again? They don't ever get old. Sounds like I just solved all my problems..." I had a homie pick up biking when he started pushing forty. I couldn't help making fun at the time ("most guys havin a midlife crisis buy a car... you bought a bike"), and while I still think having any sort of desperation in that stage of life is a bit unnecessary, I definitely get now how much you realize that there's more stuff you wanted to explore than you knew before. I think not only would you do a great job, but you'd feel tremendously fulfilled, and really what's more important than that? I'll start the gofundme😉 Yo all Dreamfall Chapters has to do is look remotely similar to 2046 and I'll be sold. It's a stunningly gorgeous film. I remember when I saw the trailer I was absolutely floored, and bought it not long after! There definitely is a huge movie backlog I have to get to, and I look forward to being bitten by that bug again. And yes please to the Carl pill! You're a real one dude, thank you👊
  3. Hey buddy, what I do in my free time is my busi- ..oh.... you were talking to somebody else... Ahem. Carry on! Dex actually is a candidate to step in, along with a few other games I got on your recommendation - Dr. Dekker (for some reason I kept wanting to say Mengele😬), Hue, Deus Ex, and of course Grim. Quite grateful for those really, I think between you, Doc, and Realm alone I've got the bunker full of reinforcements! I totally get wanting to maximize productivity with the challenge, but may I humbly suggest that you not let your eyes get bigger than your stomach.. when I first joined the challenge I wanted to go strictly for games on my profile, but in particular Fallout 4 and (bafflingly) Overcooked 2 held me up to such a degree that last minute I had to tap out and tag in a few shorter games further down the backlog just to finish in time. This may just be my own experience of course, I'm not always the fastest, most productive gamer, but the challenge's end comes surprisingly quickly and you don't want to be scrambling at the end! And good! I would've felt like a real loser if you were like "Well I been ready to go, waitin on your slow ass, but whatever #Res5Memorized #AlwaysReady" I actually should get on that one sooner than later, cuz I've got quite a lot more ground to cover than you do! Gaming do be like that. I wanna learn how to photoshop gifs just so I could make one of that shower scene with 100+ hour games' covers superimposed over the white supremacists' faces😄 I say do it! I can speak for Fallout 4, at least - it's certainly time consuming, and it has its share of obnoxious trophies for sure, but it's very doable, and I'd argue that some of the DLC is superior to even the base game (Far Harbor bay-beeeee). Ever since I left Spiderman and Tsushima unfinished, every game I play with DLC I try to knock it all out right then and there. As for those two, well.. they shall have their day - as you say, it would be nice to be able to write about them! Bruh, you ain't lying about that! I fondly remembered the emphasis on stealth with certain missions, but it hasn't held up very well upon replay - although playing one of the greatest stealth games of all time alongside it definitely doesn't do it any favors! I sucked at the PCJ Playground too! Also that obstacle course in Vice City, in the stadium? I was dreading that, cuz I remember what a pain it was the first time around. Anyway hearing you say that it's not as frustrating is reassuring - I don't remember it being that bad, but with my memory who knows! Dude the lows got me questioning all sorts of things nobody wants to doubt about themselves, at first I was able to power through those feelings of self doubt but after a while I have to confess I kind of let them win. I still look at the pen, pad, and the equipment every so often, and I miss it a great deal. Hopefully I'll mister the courage to dive back in before my mid-life crisis hits! Which brings me to something I wanted to mention earlier - if you wanna put together a Doctor Dolittle adaptation, absolutely 💯 DO it. It is not fun to look back on things you wish you'd done, take it from me! It would most likely come with a staggering amount of mini-nightmares, but you would never regret it! Whaaaaaat?? That sounds amazing! Crap, another game for the backlog! Damn you, Clarke!! *shakes fist* I know, In the Mood has been on my to watch list for yeeeaaaars. I may have mentioned before, my wife is sadly not a movie person so my watching habits have plummeted dramatically the last six years that we've been together. I did rediscover my inner gamer during my tenure as her hubs though, so there is still hope for my inner movie buff! So, my to do list has these new additions: -Find video of Dreamfall Chapters. -Amazon yourself a copy of In the Mood, and watch it when it arrives. -Subtly start sprinkling "Barman's Holiday" into your daily speech. Can do😁👍
  4. That's what I said. Then I had a sigh of relief when I saw it was no longer on sale😄 Seriously though I think its brevity is a big lure for me. I don't feel too bad about adding onto the backlog if I can knock it out in a few days. I say get a hotel room, light some candles, and play your Vita there😉🎷🎮
  5. Hundo #1: The Warriors Crews be actin like they gangs anyway/Be like "Warriors, come out and play-eee-yay" I love The Warriors. Loved the movie. Loved the book (yikes though.. that shit be dark). And spoilers be damned, I loved the game. Reviews of games like this generally start off with the whole "movie-based games generally aren't good, but.." intro, giving it a back-handed compliment it doesn't need. Like telling a young person that they're pretty bright for their age, or somebody with a thick accent that you can't get over how good their English is. In fact, let's just throw this paragraph out altogether. WOOOOOSH!! I first saw this game on a store shelf with no prior knowledge of it, and the cover basically slapped me across the face twice - first with the open palm over seeing that there was a Warriors game on the PS2 that I somehow hadn't heard about, and then quickly again with the backhand when I noticed that Rockstar logo in the bottom corner. In no uncertain terms, this was designed by people who love the movie as much as I do, if not more. Right away, you can see how faithful this thing is trying to be to its source material. The intro is a frame for frame remake of the movie's opening, and the glorious Coney Island ferris wheel dominates the title screen with that same music and grimy feel, which carries on all throughout the game. That bleak, dingy feel of late 70s New York City is almost oppressively well preserved, from the run-down look to the way NPCs live in it, jaded and devoid of hope. As for the voice work, they saw to it that this would have as many of the original film's actors as possible, and the replacements for those unavailable were about as close as we were gonna get - it also served to assure that the voice acting misfires from Red Dead Revolver were a lone hiccup. And even though it very much doesn’t have to be, the music is an utter powerhouse that could carry the atmosphere alone. Steve Donohoe did an excellent job of taking cues from film composer Barry de Vorzon. Warped bass, eerie synths, and spare guitars create this paranoid environment where it always feels like something bad is about to happen. Much in the same way, the writers took the film's script and managed to not only add an abundance of new material to it, but did so in an organic and thoughtful manner. They asked, and answered, questions I personally never thought of - why were the Saracens and the Jones Street Boys beefin? How did the idea for this meeting come about? Why did the Orphans look like such sad little bitches? Where did the Warriors come from, and how did the members we know come to join? Rockstar does a brilliant thing here, and start the game three months before the events of the film. This gives us time to see the dynamic of our (anti-)heroes, and develop them far beyond what they were given before. Take Rembrandt for instance; clearly the least physical of the bunch in the movie, and always with a can of spray paint, and they build his character marvelously around those two traits. They develop Cleon into the leader the gang reveres him as in the film, and really the whole gang starts to feel like people we're getting to know. We get so involved in this world - we defend our turf from invading gangs, we vanquish rivals, we get into violent misadventures, we listen to the movie's DJ on the radio together like a ghetto ass version of Roosevelt's fireside chats. As a bonus, we even get flashback levels that show us how each member joined the Warriors! By the time we finally get to that fateful meeting, and the events we already know begin to transpire, we're even more invested in what happens to these guys than we were before! Now that's a feat. It isn't just our Warriors who get the fleshing out treatment, either. Many of the gangs here are brought to life, complete with their own gimmick, all because they appeared in passing during the movie's first sequence! Like "shit, you remember those weirdos with the mime makeup? Let's make a few levels with those guys." We get a window into some of the gangs we've seen before as well, like the plight of the aforementioned Orphans, discussions of the Riff's grandiose plans, or just how unhinged the Rogues really are. A game also based on a famous 70s movie, The Godfather, came out a year later with the similar premise of adding on to a classic film. Now, I loved that game, make no mistake. But where that added story was shoehorned, rushed, and generally a plain Jane affair, here we have something faithful to the source material but bold enough to expand on the original story told, and somehow creating something new and exciting in the process. I really just can't stress enough how masterfully this was put together! Luckily, actually playing the game is a lot of fun too! I hadn't paid the beat 'em up genre much mind since the SNES days, so I couldn't speak on whether this was something new or unique or anything, but I loved that style with 3D presentation. Also, it has the benefit of coming a year after Manhunt and San Andreas - targeting continues to improve, and stealth, while almost comically limited, does have a system in place. The gang controls flirted with in Vice City and improved upon in San Andreas are ramped up considerably here. You have multiple options to command your crew with, be it to follow you, run and hide, or just start fuckin shit up. Splitting up is crucial when the cops arrive because even if you get busted, so long as one of your soldiers are out there, there's a chance that they can come and save you. Multi-player is an absolute must if you have someone for couch co-op. The first time I played this was with my sister, and it was a joke how much fun we were having. We hit our first snag with that Hi-Hats level where you're getting chased across the rooftops (yeah, shitty camera angles will rear their ugly head often in this game. '05 though, whaddayagonnado) and we were laughing so hard every time one of us died that neither of us particularly cared. Rockstar definitely followed up San Andreas proper with this one. They came through with another labor of love here, and in the unlikely event that you enjoyed the film but haven't played the game (or even more enviable yet- are unfamiliar with both!) then I'm afraid it's my responsibility to inform you that you've been missing out. THAT Trophy: Coin-Op So there's this great bonus feature that basically re-works the entire game as an old school arcade beat 'em up, right down to the kidnapped girlfriend, the ostentatious bosses, and the basic enemies' life bars complete with their misspelled tough guy names. It's a riot, man. Only reason it's here is because it can take a while, and I resorted to using the infinite credits cheat towards the end because as fun as it was, I really wasn't down for a second go-around immediately after! Alright, another Rockstar review is in the books! I know I skipped San Andreas, but I'm in the middle of playing through it again. As usual, thanks for reading all my rambling😄
  6. Toasty War Journal #12 12/2/21 Yo yo what's up, y'all? Beside myself that it's freakin December already. I shouldn't complain, I mean I knew what it was - I've been aware of how time works for over three decades now - but damn if that shit don't creep up on you! Hitman 2 got me seeing 47 everywhere. I even have it at 47%! I'm loving it, though. Not even done with the original missions yet! Just got some clean up in Hokkaido left, and I'm ready to start tearin up the new destinations! Made a grip of progress with San Andreas as well, although it's makin me wanna dig out my old PS2 and original copy of the game to compare and contrast because I just don't remember the lighting being this bad! There's parts where I can barely make out colors of cars or which people are who, and in moments where it's pretty important no less! It's probably not even me misremembering though, rather the fact that I'm going back and forth between that and the modern, stunningly beautiful Hitman 2, where you can see a watch battery from across the room! That aside, it's been a great time. About halfway through the story, and I still love it. The humor hasn't aged 100% well (the clerk at the clothing store called me honey buns - GET IT?? Cuz he's totally GAY, oh man that's hilarious!), but while I somehow forgot just how juvenile it could get, it hasn't diminished my enjoyment - it's still one of the best games of all time in my eyes. Really need to start makin plans for the bigger hitters like Cities and Tony Hawk, and get back to work on Yakuza and FFIX. Before we know it, we're gonna be down to the wire😬 1. Resident Evil 5 (34%) 2. Yakuza 0 (22%) 3. Hitman️ 4. Final Fantasy IX (8%) 5. Cities: Skylines (12%) 6. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 (40%) 7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (28-->70%) 8. Afterparty️ 9. The Witness️ 10. Hotline Miami️ 11. The Wolf Among Us️ 12. Sleeping Dogs (0%) 13. Red Dead Revolver (94-->100%)️ 14. Hitman 2 (28-->47%)😏 I'm sorry to hear that! Hope real life eases up on you some. Also I feel you on that, I remember Overcooked 2 held me up last spring and I was just dumbfounded as to how I couldn't get out from under it! You'll get it though, and once you do you're gonna feel like a bad ass😎 Yo, same. It's exactly why I can't seem to stay out of these forums! As always, thanks for reading and thanks for posting. Everybody's doin a bang-up job😁
  7. Yo you guys rock! Thanks for the badge @DrBloodmoney (I tried to tag your real name, Dr.PartTimeScientistFullTimePimp but it only let me use that one. Go figure... Thanks of course to @Beyondthegrave07 for the generosity to start this wonderful challenge, and @Starrk_01 for the tireless work in the thread. I do not envy how many thumbnails you had to examine, or how many times you had to gently tell somebody "no, that is not orange/pink." Lastly, thanks to everybody I got to do this challenge with. We all get to walk away knowing that we did a lil somethin to help!
  8. Seconded! I have all my swaps too, and I think I'll be bustin them out this or next month, as I've got a few quicker games on deck. I'd like to see how long I can go without using them, though... last time I busted them out last minute, and while I did complete all my games, it was quite a photo finish! I'm excited for Grim! I got it really cheap. The Día de los Muertos vibe grabbed me right away, and when I looked into it more and saw how funny it seems to be, I was sold. I do indeed have Res 5 and I am all about that! I've been cherry picking easy things here and there until I'm ready to start tackling it seriously, but when y'all are ready just give the word! I'll finish my playthrough so I can have the controls down and we can handle business💼 Speakin of controls! It really is. Sometimes I'll have a split second where I'll either be playing Hitman 2 and wonder why the auto aim targeting isn't working, or be playing San Andreas and wonder why my intuition isn't working😂 I like bikes too! I didn't mind the lack of speed either, for me the only real downside (other than potentially flying off, of course) was not having the radio. Which reminds me, I gotta get my biking skill up so I can knock that BMX challenge out! Thanks! I'm trying to knock out as much as I can - as of right now, while of course I wanna keep tryin on new games and such, my top priority is finishing as much of what I've already started as I can, and then go from there. I say do it! Give it the old college try (whatever exactly that means). It's a good feeling watching your unearned trophies number dwindle, and I'll bet you'd make a huge dent in a fairly short amount of time! Oh, absolutely, just deadlines and edits alone! And as you say, sometimes things aren't going well and you can start doubting yourself, and oh the snowball that can build! I used to write music, and I remember there being such dizzying creative highs - there's nothing quite like that "Eureka!" moment when you're crafting something that is in some way artistic - but some lows that really require some unwavering determination and confidence. I was gonna touch on something your mentor said that I heavily identified with, the bit about not worrying about stealing. Sometimes I would start something with a piece by somebody else in mind, and not that I wanted to replicate it, but wanted to maintain the same vein. However, it would always end up completely different, just sounding like some crap that I made. Initially this bothered me, but eventually I realized what a good problem that is to have! Er... I don't know if that's applicable or not, but oh well. It's already on your forum AND YOU'VE ALREADY READ IT MWAAHAHAHAA!! Firstly, I love picturing you voicing all your characters. I need to get back to FFIX so I can tell you what the characters sound like to me🤣 I saw that you were playing this! 'Cyberpunk' and 'Bartender' being in one title definitely made me go "huh!" Also, when you wrote 2064 my dyslexic ass thought you said 2046 and I thought "how the hell did they make that movie into a game??" Sidenote: I loved that movie, but never got around to seeing In the Mood for Love. I am uncultured swine😭 I like how you describe the gameplay, and the effect it has on you where you start out sneaking looks at recipes like "crap, am I doing this right?" to cranking out things nonstop without a second's thought while entertaining your guests. That really is a great microcosm of having that job long term. Then again, I suppose that's any occupation really! Good to see you gushing over Jill and her story - it may have in and of itself made a sale! The Dorothy character you mentioned sounds like she was handled well, which makes me glad - I played a game earlier this year that I thought was excellent, until it featured a similarly creepy element in its twist that was not at all given the serious examination it deserved. Happy to see that kind of subject matter being discussed in an honest, healthy way! I don't think busman's holiday is a thing in the states - it should be though, as that's very apt! I dunno, I loved Overcooked and that isn't entirely dissimilar from what I do for a living so who knows! Don't think I've ever played a Visual Novel game before, but this could be as good as any a place to start! Great work as always, homie👊 Aayyyy, back from the dead in style, I daresay! I actually ended up buying Hue on the strength of Mr. Clarke's fine review! Okay, that and the fact that it was on sale for like two bucks😄 You're makin me want to dig up a copy of Portal 2 for PS3, I played it for a bit with a buddy on the 360 and had a ton of fun!
  9. I'll be hittin you up soon👊 good lookin out! And speakin of good lookin out, thanks for the tip, cuz I finally bought Alien Isolation! Hopefully I won't wake my wife up when I'm playing it in the middle of the night😂 Yo it's somethin else. I haven't played much since I was last talking to you about it, but I'm ready for another round. There's a few more I found but can't get the angle right, need to get back to those. You were right, it's not quite as intimidating as I thought it would be. I've got a weird dichotomy going of wanting to take my time (it's served me well thus far) but hurrying up so I can write about it already! Thanks, man! And agreed 100% - that's what elevates it above just mindless fun. The thing I'm most hype for is definitely when the combat system really clicks with me - it's already so fun as it is! I think I'll take up the good doctor's advice and slap on Parappa the Rapper for a bit before diving back in😄
  10. And we're reaping all the benefits😈😈😈 But.. but who's gonna make your badge? Am I the only person exclusively visiting this site on their phone? Also I mis-labeled Little Big Planet, what a dummy! Hmm... puttin two and two together, maybe that's why I'm always here on my phone... I love Aphex Twin! Although you may have guessed😄 I'll have to peep the Donkeys. Definitely a big soundtrack fan as well, most recently Nick Cave/Warren Ellis and Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross stuff. That's how I am with Thomas Newman scores😄
  11. Good! I like it - and I'm certain I'm not alone there! Nah, I don't think so. Sentiments like that only feel clichéd when you're just saying it for sake of saying something. When it's used as an honest, heartfelt expression, I feel it's exempt from the term! Maybe I'll take a peek then! I love that! During the game she's like "I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU" and then in the post-match interview like "with kindness!" That settles it, I'll be paying Grim a visit this month! The only thing to determine is if I'll add it to the challenge or use it as a swap... starting to get a little worried - after this month, and the month after that, there's only one month left! Dude same. I went back to safety saving because I am playing that and San Andreas concurrently, and the vast difference in the controls messes with me at times - for example, in Bangkok I accidentally dropped my pistol because that was the reload button in SA, and of course someone saw me right away and it threw me right into one of those chaotic moments where all you can do is run and try to find a new disguise as quickly as possible😄 Dude, it's so fun. And I'm very much looking forward to those reviews, but I'll happily read whatever you crank out, ain't no rush! That makes sense, I suppose the characters aren't really given the chance to emote as visually as they could - a good point, I hadn't thought of that! You are correct - and it sounds like Horizon Zero Dawn just got a violent shove up the backlog, that's actually a huge motivator. And also I never really thought Life Is Strange would be my thing, but I might have that twisted... Thank you, I'm definitely trying to give it a solid go! Yeahmann, it's definitely frustrating. Especially since we get such precious little time with this beloved hobby of ours, to find yourself not enjoying it is a unique kind of unpleasantness! I wish I was a writer, just seems like Night School would be a great work environment. I remember when I was a kid, I saw interviews with animators and writers for Nickelodeon, and they were just goofing off and laughing and I just thought "wow, that's what I want to do when I grow up." Knowing the truth now about some of the stuff going on behind the scenes back in those days though has soured that image a bit😄😬
  12. Monthly Update with Ya Man Smevz November 2021 November's newest narcissistic notifications are here! On the surface, my progress doesn't look terribly impressive, because in addition to yet another busy month, I impulsively started playing a new game with well over 100 trophies. Real quick, let's get the stats out of the way: 80.44% overall completion 572 unearned trophies 3.15 trophies per day 41 platinums Level 311 Last month I aimed to get below 500 unearned trophies and pop a minimum of four platinums, neither of which happened. Also, I only completed three out of five games on the hitlist, with two of them going untouched. Whaddayagonnado. This month, I once again completed five games, but this time with three platinums. More importantly though, I had a lot of fun with this batch of games! Game of the Month Yo, this was surprisingly tough! We kick off November with the spectacular Hotline Miami. Then out of nowhere, start playing MLB The Show '19 again and have a blast, playing (get this) largely without any regard for trophies at all, just remembering how fucking fun it is - plus it joins the rare ranks of games the wife likes to watch me play! We continue chipping away at the ungodly entertaining Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, a stupendous time machine that gives me endless joy even though the idea of actually completing it still gives me anxiety. Finally, we end the month high on (more) nostalgia courtesy of GTA: San Andreas, one of my favorite games of all time. However, it's a two horse race here. The Witness continues to blow my damn mind. Poor @GonzoWARgasm had to deal with the brunt of my frustration with The Challenge, but besting that has set me off on a journey that finds me seeing even more dots and lines all over the place. Can't wait to write about it, but I don't think it would be the right thing to do until I find the real ending - the actual end initially felt like a slap in the face, but quickly switched to feeling like the game telling me "that's not it bro, keep digging." So keep digging I shall. Speaking of seeing things, I couldn't help noticing when I - - wrote my 347th post. - completed my 47th game. - got my 47th trophy (and achieved level 47) on Hitman 2. Hitman was originally on this shortlist, but its sequel took over without issue (for obvious reasons). Hawke's Bay gave me such a thrill after re-treading the original game's missions, but then I felt the need to play them again so that I could experience the story in the correct order, and getting trophies I've already gotten has never felt like such a treat. Just little additions like blending into crowds, GRASS, and the triumphant return of briefcases have made it feel like a brand new game. I am hooked, and while I am stoked to start the new missions, playing the old ones again is anything but a chore. It's absolutely razor thin, but I gotta give it to Hitman 2! We're Goin Streaking? Sadly, no. The last trophy streak ended at 46 days, but that was a record for me so ain't nobody mad. We'll see where the current one goes! Rating the Month I didn't hit either of my goals, but I got a lot done. I pitched a no-hitter, completed a certain challenge, and re-established that I am in fact the mayor of Sapienza. Trophies per day went up, and I not only gained five levels but made it into the 80% completion club. Not to mention the great quality of games played - Wolf Among Us and Red Dead Revolver were omitted not because they weren't perfectly fine games, but just cuz there was already so much good shit to talk about! This might be too generous, but I'm gonna give November a rating of four out of five Silent Assassins! December Goals 1. Lower unearned trophies below 500. 2. Maintain 80% completion. 3. Minimum of three platinums. Gaming Hitlist My profile is relatively young, two years old at the end of this month, and as such I've yet to take two years or more to finish a game, a trend I'd really like to continue. Looking at the earliest pages of my trophy log, I see there are three games I started in January of 2020, which are therefore automatically being added: Batman: Arkham Asylum - All I've got left are the combat challenges and beating the game on hard. The latter doesn't intimidate me, but I gotta be real witcha, I never truly got the hang of those freeflow challenges. That's all that stands between me and that sweet, platinum goodness. EA Sports UFC 3 - This guy may be my backlog's longest tenured pain in the ass! Stuck on the Legendary difficulty, the prime reason being that when you lose, there is no option to go back to a previous save - and you can only afford to lose a couple of times, so every loss means you've got to exit the game and restart, which gives trying again a whole new level of annoyance! Truth be told though, I haven't given it the same dedication I've given any other difficult challenge, so it's silly to act as though it's insurmountable. Been wanting to be done with this one for a long time. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires - I've got a soft spot for this franchise, what can I say. Stopped working on this one a while back. The lifestyles/titles grew tiresome, and the dumb fun this game is famous for diminishes a bit in the face of grindy trophies. Mostly though, over time I've finally started losing interest in these games altogether, for reasons I'll get into once I review this proper. Yakuza 0 and Final Fantasy IX are still on here, if only because I need to get back on them, and I'm aiming to finish San Andreas and Hitman 2 by the month's end. Went a little overlong with this one, I do apologize! Anyway, on to December!
  13. OOHH GOD GET IT AWAY!!!!😱😱😱 That jeep sequence was horrific enough on Crushing, and then on Brutal I remember after a while just laughing every time I died because it had gotten so absurd. Great job on the Uncharted review! Was a fun read. The story is definitely B movie material, but it's just so.. I dunno, inoffensive? Like Jerry Smith, oh-God-bless-him-he's-trying type of charm. I'd give it 7 "ooohh you son of a bitch"es out of 10. Dressed to Kill🥰 Facts😄
  14. I'm so sorry to hear that, that's awful! What a horrible thing to have to think about while you're trying to enjoy yourself with family. Sorry, I don't have any actual useful information, I just wanted to cross my fingers for you that it's nothing too terrible and send you positive vibes. You're not wrong though, people do suck😒
  15. I never responded to this, how rude of me! That movie sounds atrocious, and I'm glad I hadn't even heard of it until now. The only way that could be worse is if they cast William Mapother as Agent 47! I actually did dump five bodies down the well! I just went headshot, hide behind well, and repeat until people stopped coming. At that point, as I'm sure you can imagine, I had more than enough bodies available to dump for the challenge😄 Oh yeah, I'm always up late. If you ever meet a bartender who says they aren't a night owl, that isn't a bartender, it's 47 and you need to get out of there immediately. Thanks for the reminder! I need to get crackin on those Sniper challenges...