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  1. Good job dude! And great write-up as well, of course. I been playin the should-I-shouldn't-I game with Cities for a long time now, seeing how your experience went with this gives me hope😁
  2. I could be down for that! It's usually pretty damn cheap when it's on sale... might could pull the trigger on that. Co-op stealth sounds like a real good time! That's definitely one I plan on getting to, but you might get to it first. I've just got a lot I wanna take out first, and that one is a behemoth, if I'm understanding its requirements correctly! Hell yeah, that's dope as fuck! I'll bet that's a nice bragging point when peeps come over. "Oh, this old thing? Funny you ask..." I really am, and I'm super grateful I got to catch that one. Unforgettable experience. And yeah don't even worry bout it, you're gonna get yours too! That AND Elephant Man! Reservoir Dogs was my first Tarantino film! I don't agree, but I could see that. Always loved how it's so minimalist yet so tense. And funny, haha. And you better not forget it! Cuz if you mess with me... I'll stand in front of you while you repeatedly shoot and kill me. Oh yes. And THEN who will look foolish, hmm?? I love this Pool kick you've been on man, I'm about it😎 It's too bad to hear that here's another good game with a trophy lost that doesn't take advantage of all there is to offer, I'm noticing there's a few MLB The Show installments kinda like that. Too bad that they couldn't up the antenna from the previous iteration No. Bad Clarke! Clarke presence good! ....wait that was probably more confusing than I meant it😬
  3. Thank you, dude! Whenever that happens I'll try to downplay it though, I know you're a busy man😂👊
  4. Platinum #58: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama Full disclosure: before playing Guacamelee, I didn't actually have any experience with the Metroidvania genre, or even know what gave a game that qualification. I'd heard the term many times of course, but just never really put two and two together. And literally the very second I took Juan into Pueblucho, I was like "OOHHH okay it is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Wow, I'm an idiot." As a newcomer to the genre, I just wanted to say it was a real treat getting a taste of those old games, but with a modern flavor. In addition to the obvious comparison points, I got a big whiff of Legend of Zelda 2 as well (I'm a huge Stan for Adventure of Link, always have been), even without the Error side quest! So suffice it to say that I was a happy camper pretty much from the word go. As far as story goes, it's more or less your standard 'save the girl' story, but without ever taking itself too seriously. The Mexican culture that dominates this thing is pretty well done (more on that later), I absolutely loved it. The large doses of Día de Los Muertos, Charros, and of course Lucha libre are really well implemented, and it's more of a thing for people whose families stopped passing down Spanish at some point (like me), but the Spanglish was kinda nice too! Plus there's the music, which really hit for me. Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman just knocked it out the damn park. The guitars and horns sounded so good to me, and there was a great balance of that with more straight forward gamey music, if that makes sense. Just a quick skim through the soundtrack will give you an idea if you're unfamiliar. Also, there's a lot of cute humor throughout, it's a pretty funny game. Random shouts to (2013) memes, Mexican equivalents to other games like "Casa Crashers," the sudden Super Mario ending to a certain sequence, Huay Chivo tryin to get with your mom, there's a lot of charm all throughout. The gameplay might be the biggest winner here, though. The controls will definitely test your reflexes, but fortunately they're so smooth and simple that this quickly becomes a pro rather than a con. It makes the challenge addicting and fun rather than something frustrating (with a few exceptions, but more on that later), and hits a perfect sweet spot with difficulty. Yeah, it takes a few tries to get down dimension switching to cling onto platforms and then fly over saws and spikes while stopping at just the right time, but as tricky as the game can get, it doesn't once feel overwhelming, and as doable as it is, accomplishing things is always satisfying. 🎵You never fail to satisfy, satisfyyyyyyyyyy🎶 And that's not even bringing up the combat! Whuppin on some fools is effortless, and even when enemies start getting more complex, so long as you're paying attention, you're gonna get through okay. Even though there are sections in the Hard setting towards the end where they will quite literally throw everything they have at you, oftentimes at once. Mercifully, the autosave system is pretty forgiving - there's a little ofrenda altar you'll regularly pass after certain sections where you can buy upgrades n stuff, but all you have to do is walk past and it not only saves, but restores your health. Neat! -YOU KNOW THE DRILL, Y'ALL AIN'T GOTTA READ THIS PART IF YOU DON'T WANNA- Real quick (and shout out to @DrunkenEngineer for commenting on this before I was even sure if I'd give it much mention), does it bother me that a game taking place in Mexico (where peeps are brown) is made by a studio in Canada (where they are not)? I don't think so. From what I understand, one of the animators grew up in Mexico and oversaw a lot for sake of authenticity, which explains why so much lands. But there are still some ehh moments... like I'm glad we have the option of a female protagonist, that shit is always good to see. But... she gotta be named Tostada? Y'all were able to dig up names like X'Tabay and Huay Chivo, but she gotta be a Taco Bell menu item? Ultimately though, I think they genuinely did their best to keep as much authenticity as possible, and you can tell it's a very lovingly crafted game. Besides, an actual native Mexican living in Oaxaca or something would take one look at me and call my ass a gringo, so I don't have quite enough clout to take offense, particularly when I really enjoyed this thing! -OKAY, SORRY 'BOUT THAT, I'MA GET THIS BACK ON TRACK- So thank you, Guacamelee! You took my Metroidvania virginity (it was so gentle) and opened my gaming world up that much more. I think every gamer could use some of this game in their life, so if you haven't tried it out, I gotta say it absolutely deserves your attention! Because of this masterwork I can finally say: Stray Observations - Right before every boss fight, we're treated to a real quick poster popping up, strongly resembling something advertising a local wrestling match. This was a dope idea, and another example of how they try to cram in as much cultural creativity as they could. - I don't know why, but there was something so weirdly adorable to me about the way Poncho gets knocked down only to spring back up and dutifully march back into place for more abuse. - As rough as a lot of the Infierno challenges were, I felt like they at least sharpened the skills you've developed while playing the game... with the exception of Challenge #15. How does me throwing a chicken through an obstacle course help me get better at the game?? Maybe it was included for the off chance that a player would be a student majoring in Chicken Trajectory or something, and they'd be like "FINALLY! A challenge made for my demographic!" - My favorite boss was far and away the Terrible Trio. Maybe it was the music-centric approach to the fight, maybe it was the discotheque feel to the visuals, I don't know. That one was just an absolute blast for me. - I ended up beating Calaca three times - first in the blind run, then after getting the orbs, and finally in Hard mode. And I still laughed every time that Lupita, tied down to be a human sacrifice, off-handedly sighs, "I guess we're going to miss the festival." - I forgot to mention the dimension swapping - you go back and forth between the lands of the living and the dead, and they do a great job with this mechanic. One thing I really thought was dope was that the music dims a bit when you're in the dead world, sounding like you're underwater or something. Then you switch back to the live world and it's clear, crisp, and loud. That was a nice touch! THAT Trophy: El Savior There were a few competitors clamoring for the title this time around! Hard mode is of course no picnic, particularly the Greatest Tag-Team in History fights, which I thought easily eclipsed all the actual boss fights (especially Calaca, he be telegraphin like a mafucka). Then there were the Infierno challenges - I mean Mexican appropriation I can live with, but making me do a 130 combo without throws?? You're fucked up, Drinkbox. No, what truly frustrated me the most and got the record for curses under my breath was getting those last two orbs. OH, YOU KNOW THE ONES. I am utter trash at platformers, and I had a hell of a time with these two. There were times where I fucked up so catastrophically that I would just watch in horror as I plummeted all the way back to the beginning. Gotta give the Tule Tree a shout though, for reminding me that I will never, ever play Super Meat Boy😄 Guacamelee 2, on the other hand...
  5. Oh shit, my bad😄 Actually I do have something - I was next in line at a convenience store when a super grumpy, angry old dude couldn't figure out how to input something at a credit card terminal and started yelling at the girl behind the counter. I was like "excuse me sir, I can do that for you real quick," acting like I wanted to help him but really I just wanted to get him to stop hollering at her. You could tell she wasn't sure what to do and was getting uncomfortable😬
  6. Count me in - it's lookin like a unique experience and I trust the creativity of the OP. Not that I've ever met them, of course. I've no idea really what's finna happen or how it all goes down, but I mean ain't that part of the fun?
  7. Thanks homie! Funny, you nailed exactly what I was having trouble with - I've got gold on the first twelve challenges except for ten. Hitting 130 is such a pain! I wanna get that before tackling the last round of challenges, but yeah. Not fun😬 Just finished collecting the orbs though, and you hit in on the head! I can't decide which was more difficult. Made me grateful that the controls are so sharp though, the need for precision on those two is wild. The Tule Tree orb specifically reminded me why I'll never play Super Meatboy😄
  8. Update #3 6/21/22 What's good, everybody? Real quick, those three resets on CMM3? Make that four. Thankfully one buddy is getting started with this monstrosity and another who's already finished it has been kind enough to offer a hand, so i ditched the reset crew at long last. Lemmetellya, patience does not always pay off! Been having a lot of fun with Guacamelee, and I can feel that it's about to get broken wide open. El Infierno, Hard mode, and miscellanea are all that's left! This game does a great job of not only providing you with a plethora of dope abilities, but actually necessitating them! This game can be pretty chill if you just let it😄 A great time, this one. Charm for days, and I can't wait to see the true ending, cuz the one you get if you ain't been collecting the orbs is kinda sad! Flipping Death has been wrapped up, and I loved it. Almost as wild a ride as Stick It to the Man, but a lot more focused. I was surprised by the story's progression, it had a genuine depth to it that Zoink's previous game wouldn't even have dreamed of - pretty impressive, I thought. Also, completely against the whole spirit of a backlog clearing challenge, I will be adding the recently purchased TMNT: Shredder's Revenge. Yes, I am a child. No I'm not proud of that, but it does mean I get to play a Ninja Turtles game so that makes it all okay. I'm really glad you enjoyed The Saboteur, @rcrharvick! I had that on the 360 and absolutely loved it... but you are right, by the time you get to the end that freeplay stuff does wear out its welcome😄 Anyway, props to everybody puttin in that work, y'all are doing a great job. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for posting! 1. Transistor (4%) 2. Salt and Sanctuary (0%) 3. Stick It to the Man! ✅️ 4. Guacamelee! (15-->45%) 5. Unmetal ✅️ 6. SOMA (0%) 7. Flipping Death (31-->100%) ✅️ 8. TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (0%)
  9. Why thank you, sir! Yeah, I thought the same thing reading your (excellent) review. We really did pretty much have the same experience. Dope😎😎 I actually wish I'd gone into even more detail! I liked the mini-puzzle type approach. "Okay, here's a cannon... wait, there's a flame! Okay, light the cannon... there's a target! Okay, move and then light the cannon..." the gameplay is littered with light brain teasers that reward paying attention to your surroundings. Which is already a treat as it is, given how awesome this game looks! YES!! You took the words right out of my mouth, it absolutely feels like it would control more smoothly with a mouse. As it stands, it's very jerky and there seemed to be a bit of a delay with jumps and stuff like that. Nothing game breaking or anything like that, just something you have to be mindful of as you play. Once you make the necessary adjustments it's usually fine, but you have to focus a bit more than would be ideal. Yo that was a classic "I'm smart, I'm smart, I'm sma-" POW!! "DUUUUUHHHHHH" gag, and they played it beautifully. That's another thing about the humor I failed to mention, the timing and delivery of these jokes is outstanding. Thanks man! That's high praise if I do say so myself, so I'll take it😁 Gotta tell ya, I've been low key excited for a Clarkified write-up about Sleeping Dogs. In fact, you're the reason I even got up off my ass and played that game!! ...er, got back on my ass on the couch? ...got on the couch and put my ass into it? Ay, too many poorly chosen words in that paragraph. I'll stop while I'm not-so-ahead. Yeah, especially considering the hook on the opening track of that album is basically him saying motherfucker a bunch of times🤣🤣🤣 I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on The Artful Escape, I think it's a truly beautiful game. Oh I wondered myself... it would certainly explain why he got such a big smile on his face!
  10. That reminds me, what are we playing next? I impulsively bought Shredder's Revenge a day or two ago because I'm a child, other than that I can't think of any multiplayer games coming up for me. I'll comb the backlog a bit, see what I got! Hahaha yeah, as Nikka Costa says, everybody got their somethin. My sister was a huge fan of that show as well, and I can't deny that what I did see would tend to get a good laugh out of me! Oh 100%! I'm sorry to hear about missing out on The Elephant Man, that's wack - even more so that you lost a lot of quality theaters. I don't know if it's the Hollywood culture or what, but it is not lost on me how fortunate we are in my neck of the woods to still have as many still standing as we do. 🎵I'm still standin! Yeah, yeah, yeah!🎶 That damn adrenaline shot scene is a figurative shot of adrenaline as well - I've seen this movie at least 70-80 times, I know exactly what's gonna happen, but every single time that scene gets me to hold my breath. You could really feel the energy in that moment in the theater, it was crazy. Good fucking directing, all you can say! Down👊 I'm pretty sure we've talked about this, but - and Martin Scorcese himself says the ending is real, what he says goes and all - I just can't wrap my head around that ending being real, and I don't think I ever will. Betsy comin back around and him turnin her down... I'unno man, I just doubt she saw him in the paper and was like "ooh, that's the guy who took me to a porn theater and told me I was gonna die in a hell!" Unless that paper's article headline was LOCAL MAN GOES FULL ON INCEL BUT HAPPENS TO KILL PEOPLE NOBODY FEELS BAD FOR SO IT'S COOL I GUESS, WHATEVER, FUCK IT... then I think it would make more sense! Anyway... where were we? Hey, you got a great story out of it - that almost always makes it worthwhile! .....well unless it got you arrested, I suppose. "I don't like the look of this inmate, frankly he gives me the chills. What did he do?" "He went to a school and shouted about his 'Penis Conus.' We tried to take him down before he got to say it, but we were too late." "That sick bastard..." I wonder if the PSN Police really think they're making a difference or something. Like "Before me, that guy just had point and click platinums. But I straightened him out... and he recently got the plat for Crypt of the NecroDancer. It's cases like his that make this job worthwhile." I think I need to watch some clips of the South Park cops or something and get this weird cop joke thing out of my system🤣🤣🤣 Until I get a PS5, which is at least a few years away, I will be salty about getting to play the FF7 Remake and having to sit on the sidelines while everybody else gets to play Intergrade, and eventually Part 2. Lousy end-of-a-gaming-generation! I say go for it! Sheva is a perfectly fine A.I. partner, I think her ineffectiveness is grossly exaggerated. I did most of my runs solo, and she was fine - but play as Sheva for that boss at the end of chapter three on Professional, for whatever reason Chris' shooting is way better in that one! If you end up going for the hundo and need bodies to shoot for the MP you can hit me up, I haven't uninstalled the game. Like Mr. Clarke, I ended up liking it a lot more than expected! Twix all day, and everybody knows this. Whoever is saying Mars is better is a total contrarian and needs help! I can't tell you how pleased I am that you have now stuck it to the man as well! Great write-up (nothing new there, of course), but in particular you had a much better song lyric than I did - I just used a line from that song in Baseketball that starts getting weirdly specific😂😂😂 I'm really glad you enjoyed it! It's just so loud and fun. It seems you liked it for all the same reasons I did, so I guess I can just give you a virtual high five for a job well done and call the comment early on this one😄
  11. Somewhere there is a parody in game form where Mario gets stuck in a pipe and the game is over! Incidentally, is it true y'all say Mare-io as opposed to Mah-rio? I heard it said that way in an English accent and thought "...huh." Thank you sir, but don't forget that I have an unironically owned copy of Crash😂 Oh wow, I forgot about those! Yeah, fuck those guys!! Best not to dwell indeed! I've no doubt. I'm struggling to remember classic movies I've seen in a theater (post-original run, of course), the only one I can recall for sure was Pulp Fiction, and that was a real treat. There are a number of small theaters in L.A. that I've been meaning to check out for YEARS which specialize in showing old movies, all pandemic survivors incidentally! Sadly the only real life movie buff friends I have aren't much into that type of cinema, and since I've been (thankfully, don't get me wrong) wifed up for a good while now, it's been some time since I've done stuff like that by myself! I fear I'd look like Travis Bickle or something😄 The mines and that house where you're playing a memory game to properly arrange the rooms were my favorite parts. I definitely appreciated the weirdness of the bodies shuffling into their place, had a dash of "John Smith 1882?" flavor to it😄 Yeah, I feel you on that. Methinks I'll have to look up Jessica Curry credits! I think it's just cono, maybe cono de pino. Actually no, I looked it up - it actually is cono de penis, that's weird.....
  12. Do it man! Especially with how diverse the games are on your profile are, it could only add a bit more variety. And that's always good, no? Tekken 7 reminded me that even though I suck, fighting games are still good simple fun - and I think it would do the same for you as well! Glad to see you giving yourself a fair shake! We all do that here and there, and we can't afford our own personal editors for a hobby - or a brain melt prevention device, for that matter! Damn... that explains why Luigi always has this uppity air when I play as him, he's saying "Whatever, you're not my real dad." I should've been more understanding with him😔 It might be one of those I wouldn't get as much enjoyment out of since I didn't see it in my youth, but maybe I'll give it a shot! *throws popcorn and other refreshments at Fisher Stevens* BOOOOOO!!!! We could make it similar to where you have to line up bits of audio in Oxenfree! And make all the voices sounds like sweet, gentle versions of her younger voice, and then when correctly combined they resemble a heavy smoking elderly woman's wet belch. Since players may be thrown off by this, we can make a trophy for the first time you accomplish this feat titled Don't Worry, You Did It Right! It's definitely not a you problem - Fallout 4 has a lot of great ideas but isn't really able to focus on any of them, and it just renders the final product a lot more lackluster than it should be. Less than the sum of its parts, if you will. But it's definitely a completion that I'm proud of, and it's very much doable! The only warning is that a few Nuka Cola trophies are 😱😱😱 No, that was a very smart and fitting thing to throw in there, it's just that my brain has been melting for about seven years longer than yours, and I suspect at a quicker rate as well😄 More 80s cruelty awaits? Say less, I'm in! You can tell that you had a good time writing that one, made it all the more of a treat to read! .....but yeah I would've laid low after posting that just in case😄😄😄 Awesome stuff man! Also interesting to learn you ha(ve?)d a bit of an Astronaut phobia. We all have stuff that in our childhood had us like "uhh that wasn't in the brochure," I didn't have that one myself but I can totally see it. Like when Bart sells his soul and tries to get it back from Milhouse and dude in the heavy PPE comes out like "LEAVE THIS PLACE." Space in general scared me, and really still kinda does if I think about it for too long. That's why I can't help considering 2001: Space Odyssey one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, it just unsettles the shit out of me! Also I love that you gave the mines a shout, I really enjoyed that segment as well! That was the first time in the game I was like "wait... can I die??" The creature lumbering around, the maze, the end with the dead bodies standing in their places... it was just really cleverly done, I thought. I personally liked the sound... though I have not played any Chinese Room games, so perhaps I shouldn't speak on that! Lastly, thanks for the shout, and PENIS CONUS 4 LYF!!
  13. Looks like I'ma have to get some mini-sweat bands for my thumbs. CUZ IT'S TRAINING-TO-A-MONTAGE TIME
  14. I suddenly want this🤣🤣🤣 It'd be like in South Park when the Little Leaguers are competing to lose better than the other teams😄😄😄
  15. Oh no, that's not actually him! Or if it was, I could very well shit myself in shock! I just put that because the whole time his aura reminded me so intensely of that character, like a send-up of him or something. Damn, I should probably edit that... I was just being silly, the last thing I want to do is spread incorrect information😬😬😬