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  1. Final Fantasy 9. Gonna get to that one soon and I am absolutely dreading a few of those trophies...
  2. First and foremost, a hearty congratulations to @Heather342! Platting Cuphead is no small feat. As for me, Fallout 4 is off to a decent start and I'm getting into the swing of it. I must admit however that already I've found myself scum saving more than I can ever recall doing... it's way too easy to accidentally wind up in spots where you're clearly underleveled and I'm so stubborn that I'll just try to finagle my way through anyway (which to my credit I've been able to thus far, but I know pushing it wouldn't be wise). Reached the last level of the last DLC on Overcooked 2, and it's kinda rough! I'm surprised at how much this cute, cuddly game, rated a 4/10 at its hardest, has been kicking my ass! Surely I'm missing something, as for the most part once I figure out an efficient method any given level does become pretty easy to get three stars. Oh well. What can I say, gaming is a bit harder when you aren't particularly bright😳 Lastly, and probably against my better judgement, I've added GTA3. I bought the ps2 package when I first got my ps4 and recently finished Vice City, and figured why not. I'm fairly confident I can make short work of it like FF7, as I've similarly obliterated both games in the past (my favorite games from freshman and senior year... MEMORIES!) and frankly I've developed an almost Stockholm syndrome-ish love for the anxiety of juggling multiple games with a deadline. I will most likely sit out the summer challenge and give my playstation a rest for a while, so I may as well make the most of it while I'm here! As usual, thank you for your updates and reading my blatherings! 1. Resident Evil 2 2. Overcooked 2 (81-->92%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered 5. Manhunt 6. Fallout 4 (5-->14%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes 8. Grand Theft Auto 3 (0-->13%)
  3. Well, looks like I'm gonna have to roll up my sleeves and get to some city planning.. Thank you, that was most helpful! I now have the encouragement needed to pursue that sweet, sweet S. In case it wasn't already apparent, i am very much enjoying the fruits of your scientific labors and will continue to be a faithful reader. Also, it was very considerate of you to give a glowing analysis of Hotline Miami while it's on sale for a stupidly cheap price. COINCIDENCE??!! I think not. Methinks science prevails yet again.
  4. I envy your brand of spontaneity! My wife and I have been complaining about the weight we've gained this past year and whenever the idea of going for a walk comes up it's always like "we're definitely gonna do that.. after watching another season of Impractical Jokers."
  5. I hesitate to bring this game up as I feel I'll get numerous eye rolls, but I'm curious about your thoughts on Cities. I got it while drunk on Sim City nostalgia (right before its infamous inclusion on ps plus, naturally) and it's been in the backlog ever since. Is it worth tackling, Doctor Bojack?
  6. Man, I should've numbered my updates like some of you are doing, I've totally lost track😂 Fell behind with my weekly goal, sadly. FF7 was a breeze (particularly when halfway through I realized there was a God mode) but surprisingly Overcooked 2 has gotten to me a bit. I was really enjoying it until the last level of Surf n Turf, then kinda enjoying it until the last level of Campfire Cook Out, then barely enjoying it through the horde levels. I'd rather step back for a bit and regain my liking of it than grind for sake of a quicker finish... so I've taken the plunge into Fallout 4. That's right, I took a break from Overcooked 2 so that I could relax with Fallout 4. The world of PS4 is a twisted place, I tell ya. Sad to see some peeps having to take a step back but it's equally exciting watching so many of you inching closer to the end. Looking forward to a strong finish this month😎 1. Resident Evil 2 ✅ 2. Overcooked 2 (56-->81%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (52-->100%) ✅ 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered ✅ 5. Manhunt ✅ 6. Fallout 4 (2-->5%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes ✅
  7. That's a shame man, I hope you're doin okay. I might be joining you on the Mass Effect collection next month, getting my second shot on the 14th and have the weekend requested off😈 always meant to get into those games.. Sorry, I meant to say all this when I initially quoted you but I must've accidentally deleted it and then fell asleep. What a dumb ass😳
  8. Yo that's awesome. My wife is very much NOT a gamer, frankly the sole reason I have games like Family Feud or Scrabble is because that's the only genre where she's like "ooh can I play?" She does like watching me play Overcooked though, she said she enjoys the lack of gunshots😂 Wrappin up Surf n Turf right now and I already see what you mean. All this stuff prepped, thinkin I'm ahead of the curve, then WOOOOSSHHH😭
  9. Oh no😬 Haha I'm only working through Surf n Turf, I have a fair bit to go! One I'm already dreading is that horde trophy where the kitchen has to be untouched, I saw that level in arcade mode and it does not look easy. The last two run and gun levels are the WORST. Definitely had the same experience with the octopus, you finally master the first 3/4 of the level and then it's like "okay cool, but can you jump like a total spaz for fifteen seconds?" Ugh. Sounds like you're in the swing of things, you've got this one in the bag dude👊😎
  10. What up, what up?! Another good week for me, I'm happy to report! FF7 has been a wonderful blast from the past. Back in the day a friend and I got our hands on a Brady guide and we obliterated that game, got to know it inside and out. And even though that was well over twenty years ago everything started to come back to me. I'm like Biff in Back to the Future 2, "the carob nuts... I remember that!" Overcooked 2 is fun as well but beyond the base game is harsh! The DLC is surprisingly frustrating at times, but it's just so cute. Go ahead and be mad at a mustachioed onion dancing in his swimming trunks! You can't do it! Thanks for reading and thanks for posting, it's super encouraging how prolific so many of you have been! 1. Resident Evil 2 ✅ 2. Overcooked 2 (25-->56%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (5-->52%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered ✅ 5. Manhunt ✅ 6. Fallout 4 (2%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes ✅
  11. Ghost of Tsushima. And not the plat mind you, the hundo. The online stuff is fun and all but I can't get around to finishing it!
  12. SONY: We're shutting this down, nobody spends money on it GAMERS: Wait, we wanna spend money on that SONY: Hold on, you have money?? Well why didn't you say so?? GAMERS: Hooray! Three cheers for Sony!! This is the real life version of Mr. Krabs interacting with the people of Springfield
  13. For what it's worth, expert mode is startlingly smooth. Wally is horrid but nobody else gives quite as much trouble the second time around. Glad to hear that you're over the proverbial hump, it is a wonderful game! I'm awful at Cuphead and it took forever to plat but once I finished it I found myself playing it for a while longer😂 Think I'm gonna jump on that bandwagon, this sounds great. Been meaning to get into more games like that!
  14. Finally feelin' like I'm back on track😎 Had a solid week (at long last!) and wrapped up Uncharted. After the first playthrough I was all about the series and planning to hit UC2 soon, but after the brutal playthrough, the speedrun, the cleanup... eh I'm good, haha. It's all love but there's plenty of time to get into that later on down the road. Finished Ground Zeroes as well, which was also a lot of fun. Hard to think that at one point it felt out of reach. Definitely got me excited to dive into Phantom Pain! The last hard hitter for me is Fallout 4. The plan is to try and wrap up Overcooked 2 and FF7 by the month's end (which feels feasible) and then I can devote May to FO4. Was thinkin about adding another game but then reminded myself not to get cocky! I have one productive week and suddenly I'm like a cartoon character lookin for a fight like "stick em up, stick em up!!" Anyway, here's to another good week, y'all! 1. Resident Evil 2 ✅ 2. Overcooked 2 (12-->25%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (5%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (90-->100%) ✅ 5. Manhunt ✅ 6. Fallout 4 (2%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (61-->100%) ✅
  15. I braved the local shops and basically traded in all my 360 stuff for ps3 stuff. Got extremely lucky with a few games that are selling on amazon for like sixty bucks. Was glad to give my money to them and not spend it in the ps3 store (take THAT, Sony!) until I realized I need to buy a dlc or two😫 I am not looking forward to it, doesn't seem like anybody is having a good time in the ps3 store. Kinda shitty we have to take these measures just to be able to play certain games, but oh well. Sony gonna Sony.
  16. What's goin on y'all? I see a lot of progress being made, props to everybody on that! Unfortunately I can't seem to get a productive week in to save my life. Work this, wife that, family this, friends that. Like do you mind?? I'm TRYING to play video games. On a serious note, I am officially a hell of a sheriff and I couldn't be more pleased to be done with that. Have you ever seen someone in the forums expressing grief over a trophy and you go to their profile and see that they never got it? Always makes me a lil sad. Anyway, I am happy to have once again escaped that fate. Taking my time with the brutal playthrough on Uncharted. Yikes. That's all I have to say about that. Forgot how much I love Metal Gear in general. Ground Zeroes has been a lot of fun but definitely is serving as a reminder of my painfully average gamer skills. Getting an S on that helicopter mission has been very trying - I've never been good at shooters and precise aiming while moving is, well, whatever the opposite of a strong suit is for me. I'll get it eventually, I'm not worried about it or anything but sometimes gitting gud takes longer than I care for! That's about it from my end. I keep feeling like I've fallen behind schedule (after this week, and next week, and the week after that, there's only four weeks left!!) but eh, whaddayagonnado. As usual, havin a blast and lookin forward to all the other weekly updates! 1. Resident Evil 2 (97-->100%)✅ 2. Overcooked 2 (10-->12%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (5%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (90%) 5. Manhunt ✅ 6. Fallout 4 (2%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (42-->61%)
  17. I was gonna say Arkham Asylum cuz dear lord those combat challenges slay me but then I saw Max Payne 3. That's a dope plat to have, props 👏
  18. What's goin on, fellow spring cleaners? This week has kinda been more of the same, slow and steady. Most of my time continues to be monopolized by real life; work has refused to let up, and for those who don't know, non-gamer spouses don't always have infinite patience for this hobby of ours. Props to those with spouses AND children, I have no idea how you get any games done at all! Took a bit of a break and played Abzu, which is obscenely pleasant and relaxing, and frankly exactly what I needed. Don't know why I keep sleepin on these short-but-sweet indies, I should've learned my lesson the first time around with Ms. Finch. The love affair with Uncharted is nearing its end, and I'm definitely recharged and ready to polish off RE2. I've got the faith that next week is gonna be a strong one. Let's get it y'all✊ 1. Resident Evil 2 (97%) 2. Overcooked 2 (10%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (5%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (30-->90%) 5. Manhunt ✅ 6. Fallout 4 (2%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (42%)
  19. I too have fallen prey to this. I get a weird anxiety when I work late and won't be able to crank a couple out before midnight😂
  20. I'll give that a chief wiggum-esque "Yes... I mean no, no!" Have you ever looked at a task in every day life and pondered which type of ps trophy it would merit if your life was a game?
  21. Dreading visiting all the ransacked local mom n pop game shops...
  22. What's up, everybody? Hope you're all well, and as I can see y'all are progressing quite nicely. As for me, I'd like to kick off update #4 by quoting a certain naive somebody: Can someone please explain to this person how silly that was? Training mode don't. mean. shit. The real deal is absolutely no joke and eventually I will keep glued to it through the torrent of failure til I hit that sweet hundo, but I'm just not up for that misery right now. There's a special mindset you get where watching repeated perfect runs fall apart around halfway through only motivates you more, and I'm not there right now. Another day, sherriff. On the other hand, I am very much enjoying Uncharted and can't believe I missed out on this franchise for so long. Crushing has made it quite the challenge, although I feel I'm not supposed to admit that - if you look for tips you get a lot of "crushing difficulty was easy for me lol u must be dum" so I'll just keep at it. I've noticed comments about the controls being a bit outdated, but those people didn't complete Manhunt before tackling this! For me it all feels just fine. About halfway through my first run and no complaints, genuinely enjoying every moment while in the back of my mind dreading the impending brutal playthrough. Anyway that's all I got, thanks for reading and keep those updates comin. 1. Resident Evil 2 (60--->97%) 2. Overcooked 2 (10%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (5%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (8--->30%) 5. Manhunt (90--->100%)✅ 6. Fallout 4 (2%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (33--->42%)
  23. Same. But while my controllers may all be in tact, I'd be lying if I said I've never pictured myself just throwing one in any given direction. The image of a neighbor walking past and a controller flying out the window and landing at their feet on the sidewalk is admittedly a funny one. Speaking of neighbors, I have definitely been guilty of yelling and not even realizing it, to which my wife will sharply (and rightly) tell me to ctfo. I wonder if they think we're fighting when that happens🤔 "Ma'am? We're here on a complaint of potential domestic violence." "Huh? Oh no, we're totally fine! My husband's just playing Cuphead!" "Oh man, poor bastard. I hated that game. Have a nice day, ma'am."
  24. Who says resting is a good idea anyway?
  25. NO. Do you wish your days were more organized and productive?