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  1. GTA 4 lost a fuckton of songs over licensing, unless you're not online even with the disc your game is changed a bit. The fact that they can do that says a lot about what they can do with what we think we own.
  2. I secretly hope this is true. Concern is definitely understandable, but I don't think the time has come for panic and gnashing of teeth and whatnot. The idea of the ps3 store closing is wack, and is definitely a slap in the face of peeps who've been on board for years. However, it makes sense that they'd try to squeeze one last lump sum out of us for the ps3 library and have it ride off into the sunset, particularly if the numbers aren't there for them, which in all fairness we have no way of knowing. Kinda shitty, but hey. Capitalism. As far as trophies not syncing, let's not go all monsters on maple street here. All we know is a source says this is happening in a few months. Sony hasn't said anything? It's been one day, big deal. The only timely statement of theirs I remember was an obligatory BLM post (amovementistronglysupportbutthat'snotimportantrightnow) out of social pressure! Also I really do not mean to be smug or disrespectful but I gotta say it's funny to see that people who have the patience to amass hundreds of platinum trophies can't just be like "well let's wait and see what happens, no reason to obsess over what Sony could be thinking about right now." We'll find out what's going on soon enough. It's nice to have a place to talk about this, don't get me wrong! I just feel we have enough things to be stressed over these days...
  3. Yo Dr. Kahl's robot is rough one😬 I can't tell you how many tries he took me, probably blocked it out! After a while though you kinda develop a system and it isn't too bad after that. You got this👊
  4. What's up, y'all! Another light week but it looks like I've got plats for Res 2 and Manhunt lined up. For Res 2 just a few playthroughs left and that No Way Out scenario. Tried it on training mode to get a feel for it and I got all 70 no problem, so I'm hopeful that it won't give me toooooo much trouble. With Manhunt I went and five starred all stages on hardcore but forgot to do it on fetish difficulty too so there's one more playthrough to go. D'oh. Playin Uncharted on crushing and it felt pretty reasonable until I got to that first really big fire fight with like a billion enemies. OH, YOU KNOW THE ONE. Anyway I'm suddenly very concerned about the brutal playthrough. I'm glad I've got Overcooked 2 here as well because I'm definitely gonna need something more light hearted on the side while tryin to tackle that. Here's to a productive week four🍻 Looking forward to reading more updates! 1. Resident Evil 2 (50--->60%) 2. Overcooked 2 (5--->10%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (2--->5%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (6--->8%) 5. Manhunt (70--->90%) 6. Fallout 4 (1--->2%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (33%)
  5. Black Ops 4. From what I understand it's pretty unreasonable, and not even the best in the series. You probably did the right thing putting it down when you did haha
  6. Hola, is this Mr. Vercetti? Good luck homie, I'm rootin for you✊
  7. Family Feud - Big Spender I love games based on shows or board games because they're the only ones I can play with my wife. Been barkin up that tree for a few years now but this is as gamer as she gets haha
  8. Hello, my fellow spring cleaners! Second week was much like the first, work has been wild so sadly my productivity has been going more towards that. Wrong place for it, if you ask me! Against my better judgement I've started jumping around a bit; I want Res 2 to be my 20th plat and something off of MGS for my 1337 trophy (I'm what the kids call a basic bitch). All I have left for Res 2 and Manhunt are full runs so I'm kinda dreading that, but starting Uncharted at long last is already a real treat. Great to see so many of you makin solid progress! Doin my best to keep up😎 1. Resident Evil 2 (50%) 2. Overcooked 2 (5%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (2%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (1--->6%) 5. Manhunt (29--->70%) 6. Fallout 4 (1%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (33%)
  9. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West!! That's one of the games that's had me thinkin about buying a ps3.
  10. First week was kinda quiet, I've been hittin the ps4 a lil too hard lately and I'm burnin out. But as they say, I'll sleep when the backlog challenge is dead. Started with Manhunt and immediately remembered why I dropped it so quickly - the controls are ATROCIOUS, and I know it's old but even Vice City was better than this. Having said that, the concept is spectacular, that soundtrack is life, and I gotta say, for all its faults this is a great game. As an unashamed Rockstar fanboy, I love seeing the bridge between gta 3/vice city and san andreas, the warriors, and bully. For whatever reason Manhunt and the first Red Dead were the only games of theirs I missed at the time. Also I noticed I have Ground Zeroes at 33% so I figured I may as well add that one. I love me some MGS so why not? My sad, sad update: 1. Resident Evil 2 (50%) 2. Overcooked 2 (5%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (2%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (1%) 5. Manhunt (1--->29%) 6. Fallout 4 (1%) 7. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (33%)
  11. Can definitely relate to this. Grinding out daily trophies, raising percentages and stacking plats is a unique high for sure. It's just way too easy to get wrapped up in it! The last two games I plattened I realized I was just kinda going through the motions and I wasn't fully enjoying myself, and there was a point where I was like "wait... this is supposed to be fun." After a bit of spring cleaning in the backlog I'ma take a break myself!
  12. #19: Trover Uh.. Saves The Like, You Know, Universe Or Some Shit.. I Dunno, This Is Just How They Talk In That Game, If You Haven't Played It, Well, I Don't Know What To Tell You Man, Sucks To Suck Bro ³ Really wanted to like this game, as I'm a big Rick and Morty fan (I doubt there are many who aren't on this site), but it was just an average ass platformer. If you're not great at platformers (guilty) you're gonna have moments where you're trying to figure out what to do next and are force fed a loop of "uuhhhh let's do fuckin interdimensional cable man, yeah let's DO that shit bro RIGHT IN MY ASS," and like a Twilight Zone episode bearing the careful-what-you-wish-for adage, you're suddenly realizing that this isn't what you wanted in a game. The charm wore off very quickly, and I started finding this game annoying. And I felt like an asshole, because I have found literally zero negative comments about this game, and it made me think it's just me. Which is entirely possible, of course. Having said all that, by the time I was finished, I... kinda liked it? I mean I still think this is obnoxious silliness free of any sort of substance tacked on to what's a passable game at best, but it did grow on me. I suppose what I'm getting at is if platformers are your thing and you love Rick and Morty, try it. But only if it's on sale (which it currently is, whaddayaknow). Also for real fuck that basketball trophy.
  13. I certainly don't see why not, although I can't say from experience (I did it the mind-numbing blow-up-a-billion-helicopters way). If you're unsure then just save before you glitch your way onto the second island, then save again before doing the sea sparrow all-nighter, both on separate files. That way, worst case scenario you still have half the packages AND this awful trophy taken handled.
  14. This. I am a chronic backlogger and I can't see that changing any time soon; I haven't been a contemporary gamer since San Andreas dropped (there might be a Dozens insult in there somewhere...) Gotta say though, the percentage on the poll made me feel a little better about myself!
  15. Wanted to do this last winter but wussed out.. not this time, I want in! 1. Resident Evil 2 (50%) 2. Overcooked 2 (5%) 3. Final Fantasy 7 (2%) 4. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered (1%) 5. Manhunt (1%) 6. Fallout 4 (1%) I'm easily most intimidated by FO4😬 Kinda ran out of steam when I played Res 2 and just wanna go back and finish. The rest are old games I really should've had wrapped up a long time ago. When every time you compare to other profiles and your percentages look like a joke... it's time to catch up!
  16. 😒/10 People seem to love this game and plow through it so quickly and it's feelin like a drag for me, almost done and I'm still wishing I was more into it than I am. Concept is great and there's aspects about the gameplay I enjoy but I'unno. Maybe we're just not meant to be🥺
  17. Haha I wondered about that! I was thinkin about goin on a MW tear until I saw that trophy, and since there was a LOT of luck involved in my MW1 plat (mile high club and one shot namely) I kinda wussed out on MW2. Who am I kidding though, that shit's happenin😆
  18. Props on the completion percentage, that's astonishing👊😎 I'ma go with horizon zero dawn. I been meaning to get into that one
  19. Drunken purchase of Back to the Future The Game on Amazon for sixty bucks 🤦‍♂️ I didn't want anymore point and click plats (I already have Erica, Until Dawn, and Detroit) and I've heard about its propensity for glitchiness, but.... I just love Back to the Future. And when you mix alcohol with nostalgia, these things are bound to happen.
  20. Underworld, nice and breezy! Fallout 4 or Far Cry 3?
  21. Vice City - Take the Cannoli Trophy hunting is still a relatively new hobby to me, but I already know this one will stick with me for a long time. The fucking griiiiiiind, man... and those horrifying moments when the game froze for a split second and i thought it was gonna crash! I went with the exploding cheat method, and my hat's off to anyone who did it all in one go... I could only manage an hour at a time. After getting this guy, 100% is gonna be cake!
  22. MAN this is a rough one. For two days my poor wife had to listen to me mutter and snarl under my breath while Captain Price shouted at me. Last night she randomly blurted out "hit the tah-get" during dinner and I'm like bro what am I doing with my life... Finally got it this afternoon, along with my first cod platinum! No more angrily knifing the last target in the room or emptying clips in a rage after failed attempts for me! I have no tips that aren't already in this thread, I just wanted to share what an exhilarating trophy this was to knock out. Whew!
  23. Do you have any idea what that guy is into??
  24. Should I be watching Frozen?
  25. Finish one of the valkyria games! Seems you're pretty close and I've always heard they're fun