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  1. Well, looks like I'm gonna have to roll up my sleeves and get to some city planning..


    Thank you, that was most helpful! I now have the encouragement needed to pursue that sweet, sweet S. In case it wasn't already apparent, i am very much enjoying the fruits of your scientific labors and will continue to be a faithful reader.


    Also, it was very considerate of you to give a glowing analysis of Hotline Miami while it's on sale for a stupidly cheap price. COINCIDENCE??!! I think not. Methinks science prevails yet again.


  2. 16 hours ago, Crispy_Oglop said:

    18th Update - My weekend ended up getting busier than expected, I went for a socially distant walk with a friend to get a coffee and we ended up walking to the beach nearby which then turned into a spontaneous 9 mile walk. I had no idea 9 mile walks could be considered spontaneous 1f602.png

    I envy your brand of spontaneity! My wife and I have been complaining about the weight we've gained this past year and whenever the idea of going for a walk comes up it's always like "we're definitely gonna do that.. after watching another season of Impractical Jokers."


  3. 8 hours ago, Darling Baphomet said:

    So April was kinda a crapshoot for me; I started the month with a burst of energy towards random games unrelated to this event, then had some mental health stuff that made me barely be able to dedicate more than an hour or two to gaming (besides Remnant with my co-op partner) a day. I don't think I'll be making significant progress next month, especially with the release of the Mass Effect collection on the 14th; so I guess I'll officially withdraw until the next event. Going to limit myself to ~13 games for the next, which I think is reasonable, especially if the season holds up better than this one did.

    That's a shame man, I hope you're doin okay. I might be joining you on the Mass Effect collection next month, getting my second shot on the 14th and have the weekend requested off😈 always meant to get into those games..

    Sorry, I meant to say all this when I initially quoted you but I must've accidentally deleted it and then fell asleep. What a dumb ass😳


  4. 1 hour ago, Heather342 said:

    From what I recall the horde mode levels weren't too bad. I can't remember if I did this solo or co-op (my hubby would jump in and help me on some of the tougher levels).

    The last level of Surf and Turf has a similar kitchen shifting mechanic as Campfire Cook-off, which can be stressful. Just keep an eye on the timer, and when the screen shakes and you hear the big wave coming in, grab everything you are working on and haul ass! 🤣 It's so heartbreaking when the wave washes away your prepared meals


    Yo that's awesome. My wife is very much NOT a gamer, frankly the sole reason I have games like Family Feud or Scrabble is because that's the only genre where she's like "ooh can I play?" She does like watching me play Overcooked though, she said she enjoys the lack of gunshots😂

    Wrappin up Surf n Turf right now and I already see what you mean. All this stuff prepped, thinkin I'm ahead of the curve, then WOOOOSSHHH😭


  5. 6 hours ago, Heather342 said:

    I love the Overcooked games, but yeah that difficulty spike in the DLCs is noticeable. Have you reached the final level of Campfire Cook-off yet? That one is insane, I somehow managed to scrape a 3 star score playing solo. There's no way I'm attempting 4 stars though! 1f605.png


    Oh no😬 Haha I'm only working through Surf n Turf, I have a fair bit to go! One I'm already dreading is that horde trophy where the kitchen has to be untouched, I saw that level in arcade mode and it does not look easy.


    15 hours ago, Heather342 said:

    For Cuphead, this week's progress includes 3 bosses finished on expert mode (Goopy le Grande, Beppi the clown and Phantom Express), and one trophy for completing the Pacifist run on the 6 Run and Gun levels. The number of times I died on that flipping octopus at the end of Perilous Piers, it was so stressful I think I may have aged about 10 years lol!


    The last two run and gun levels are the WORST. Definitely had the same experience with the octopus, you finally master the first 3/4 of the level and then it's like "okay cool, but can you jump like a total spaz for fifteen seconds?" Ugh. Sounds like you're in the swing of things, you've got this one in the bag dude👊😎


  6. I braved the local shops and basically traded in all my 360 stuff for ps3 stuff. Got extremely lucky with a few games that are selling on amazon for like sixty bucks. Was glad to give my money to them and not spend it in the ps3 store (take THAT, Sony!) until I realized I need to buy a dlc or two😫 I am not looking forward to it, doesn't seem like anybody is having a good time in the ps3 store. Kinda shitty we have to take these measures just to be able to play certain games, but oh well. Sony gonna Sony.


  7. 10 minutes ago, Bloodytears1666 said:



    Have you ever been outside of your house and looked at someone unknown in a window?


    I'll give that a chief wiggum-esque "Yes... I mean no, no!"


    Have you ever looked at a task in every day life and pondered which type of ps trophy it would merit if your life was a game?


  8. 46 minutes ago, arcanehornet_ said:

    I know better than to destroy expensive technology over some game.

    Same. But while my controllers may all be in tact, I'd be lying if I said I've never pictured myself just throwing one in any given direction. The image of a neighbor walking past and a controller flying out the window and landing at their feet on the sidewalk is admittedly a funny one.

    Speaking of neighbors, I have definitely been guilty of yelling and not even realizing it, to which my wife will sharply (and rightly) tell me to ctfo. I wonder if they think we're fighting when that happens🤔


    "Ma'am? We're here on a complaint of potential domestic violence."

    "Huh? Oh no, we're totally fine! My husband's just playing Cuphead!"

    "Oh man, poor bastard. I hated that game. Have a nice day, ma'am."


  9. 2 minutes ago, DrBloodmoney said:

    The Monsters of Maple Street - That was the reference I tried to make before, but couldn't remember the name of the episode!


    God bless your Twilight Zone shaped socks!

    You're good people, Dr. Bloodmoney. You've earned a follow👊


    7 minutes ago, Lance_87 said:


    The Complete Edition on PS3 was not changed. The 360 version changes were revreted. The PC version can be modded.


    I hope you're right. There are only six or seven games makin me think about gettin a ps3 (I got a 360 for free and skipped a ps generation, forgive me!!) and with this rumor on our hands, I'm considering fallin into the trap and buyin up.