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    The King of Fighters 14

    Trophy: Platinum #70


    Breaking News!!! I'm relieved to have finally finished The King of Fighters 14 on the PlayStation 4 as my 70th platinum trophy. I purposely left the "Living Legend" trophy because you have to defeat all 10 opponents on the hardest difficulty. I followed the strategy outlined within the trophy guide which recommends you play as Athena and throw full screen fireballs before immediately running up to your opponent, you have to hope that the AI rolls through your fireball so you can punish the roll with an auto combo. If they block or your positioning is not on point you can be punished severely for your mistakes. Certain opponents were a pain in the arse to deal with because they have a parry or they deal over 70% of your life in a single combo, an AI opponent with 5 bars of meter on the hardest difficulty is a scary proposition!


    The opponents I found to be troublesome with this method were Kula, Geese and Rock Howard and Verse. It took me 5 attempts to earn the trophy and each attempt takes over 20 minutes from start to finish so I spent nearly 2 hours on this trophy. I failed at opponent 4 on my first attempt to Kula who destroyed me, then I lost on fight 10 twice which I took the liberty of recording and my 4th attempt I lost to Rock Howard on fight 8.


    As far as the trophy guide is concerned the PSNP guide rates the difficulty a 6/10 and 50 hours for the platinum trophy. It took me 44 hours to earn my platinum and I would personally rate the difficulty a 6.5 - 7/10. This was harder than Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for me which I'd rate both as 6/10's for the genre. I'm very happy to have this platinum which currently stands at 2.06% ultra rare on PSNP and hitting my 70th platinum trophy milestone!


    Furthermore I have reached a PB account completion rate, I'm now sitting at 98.19%, every little helps! Hopefully you enjoyed reading through this status post, I have embedded my failed fight 10's against Verse and my successful run for anyone who wants to watch them. Now on to my next project!





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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. FreshFromThaDeli


      Well done. Not sure I'll agree that this is harder than P4AU but still a great Plat to have nonetheless mate. My favourite part of this game was the music. 

  2. @Rebourne07 I've just finished my 2/10 Nickelodeon Kart Racers 1, I believe that puts me in Silver tier. 1/10 Batman Telltale - DONE 2/10 Nickelodeon Kart Racers 1 - DONE 3/10 Dreamworks Super Star Kartz - DONE 4/10 Madagascar Kartz - DONE 5/10 Samurai Shodown - DONE 6/10 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - DONE 7/10 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - DONE 8/10 N/A 9/10 N/A 10/10 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - DONE
  3. 1L49740e.png


    Breaking News!!! Earlier today the lad from Lancashire secured his 69th platinum trophy Nickelodeon Kart Racers 1 on the PlayStation 4. This is my 2/10 completed for the platinum difficulty challenge, so that puts me in Silver tier at the time of posting. I've officially completed the kart racing trilogy, overall I enjoyed my time with the game. Yes you have beat all cups on Expert difficulty but its nowhere near as bad as Insane mode on NKR2. The AI is hellbent on aiming for you as soon as you get in a good position, I recall playing a race on Normal difficulty and I must have been hit around 10 times by the AI within 3 laps. I followed the advice outlined within the trophy guide which is to use Angelica with a specific set-up which worked well for me.


    The coin grind was substantially easier this time around since the optimal method is to play a specific track on time trial mode collecting coins as you go. I did notice a few issues with the game for instance I was at the end of lap 3 and for some unknown reason I looked behind to see if anything was close to me, I couldn't see anything and when I crossed the finish line it said I came 2nd, the kart was invisible! I took the liberty of recording it because it was weird to say the least.


    As far as difficulty and time is concerned, the trophy guide on PSNP rates the difficulty a 3/10 whilst rates it a 2/10. I personally would rate it a 3 for the simple fact that you have to be competent enough to beat Expert, you need some luck as well but overall it wasn't bad at all. The trophy guide estimates a 20 hour experience, according to my Exophase it took me 13 hours and 12 minutes to complete which isn't too long. I played with strictly one PS4 controller because I wanted to experience Expert difficulty the harder way, I had to restart a tournament on Expert due to tying with 1st place which was annoying but the game is fun enough to play it wasn't a big deal.


    As far as the trilogy is concerned, I would say this is the weakest entry of the 3 and probably the easiest to complete. NKR2 GP is far more difficult due to how unfair Insane difficulty is. NKR3 SS is slightly harder than this and it takes considerably longer! 




    Optimal Coin Method



    Hopefully you enjoyed reading through this status update, I'll probably take a few days break from trophy hunting but I'll try and finish King of Fighters 14 next for hopefully platinum 70.


  4. As far as major genres go I think the most popular have been represented within this list however outside of the games listed I would say a shmup game such as Raiden 4/Ikaruga or a Rhythm game like Guitar Hero Van Halen which is possible to platiunum should make it on to this list. Both genres are very niche though, other than that would Dead Space 2 or Vanquish deserve a place somewhere in this list? Granted it wouldn't be top 10 anymore but you'd have a bit more diversity.
  5. When it comes to the hack n slash genre regrettably there aren't many games that would be considered a 10/10. The hardest games of the genre all have their exploits to make them easier or require another player especially the PS3 versions of Ninja Gaiden. Although it's not rated a 10/10 on any trophy site from what I've seen I'd say Metal Gear Rising wouldn't be a bad shout but you can use infinite wigs to make things easier but other than that I cannot think of any other hack n slash title that would fit your criteria.
  6. Street Fighter 5 Gold League boost (Quote from Forum) As for Ninja Gaiden, yes the PS3 version which is harder requires another person but the PS4 version doesn't. I'd rather complete UMVC3 trials again than KOF13 any day of the week
  7. There's a few games on here I think don't deserve to be a 10/10 rating from what I've played and or heard about which I'll explain below; Street Fighter 5 doesn't deserve its rating because the gold rank is boost-able, survival can be retried with fight money which is the main platinum breakers of the game. Devil May Cry 5 doesn't deserve to be a 10/10 either because even without the exploits its still not a 10. Trophy hunters will use any exploit they can so this would be a very soft 10. Ultimate Marvel in my opinion would only be a 10/10 for someone who has zero experience with the genre. Persona 4 Arena, The King of Fighters 13 and Kohime Enbu Ryo Rai Rai are harder in my opinion. Silent Hill 2 I played quite a bit back on the PS2, the 10 star run is the only make or break for the platinum trophy. Its doable with practice but I wouldn't say its a 10 though. Here would be my recommendations; Guitar Hero Van Halen (Rhythm), Tetris Effect (Puzzle), Catherine (Puzzle), Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (Hack N Slash), Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (Kart Racing), Assetto Corsa and its sequel (Sim Racing), Gran Turismo 5 providing the online has been completed but it can be cheesed on Red Bull challenges. Persona 4 Arena/Kohime Enbu Ryo RaiRai/The King of Fighters 13, Dead or Alive 5 Vanilla, SkullGirls 2nd Encore (Fighting), Ikaruga/Raiden 4 (Shmup), Splasher (Platformer). Cannot think of any others at the time of posting if I do I'll edit this post.
  8. @KindaSabbath @Gommes_ @Copanele @FreshFromThaDeli @Yuber6969 @DeepEyes7


    Crawl before you Walk


    Cool 2D Fighting Games in 90s | KickAss Info


    When it comes to the fighting genre I'm arguably the most outspoken member of this community, my passion for the genre is clear to see. Many years ago I started playing the original Mortal Kombat games on arcade machines in the early 90s. The learning process is almost like learning another language due to a variety of factors such as fundamentals, match-up knowledge and more importantly training your physical execution. Modern fighters have become more accessible to newcomers due to tutorials and combo trials because old school fighters lacked such luxuries.


    A 7/10 fighting game on a trophy website is very different to other 7/10's for other genres because unless you have experience at complicated motions and you've been exposed to the genre for some time the game will feel more difficult to complete. Everything in gaming becomes easier if you have a mentor to fast-track your learning process, I've previously mentored someone before who had little to no experience at the genre and they increased their proficiency within the genre MUCH quicker than playing organically.


    Understanding how to execute various inputs/motions every once in a while lacks consistency, when I was new to the genre I learned how to be consistent by introducing a range of training regiments to help me succeed whether I'm playing offline or online. When I started Injustice 2 on the PlayStation 4, I hit the training mode with "The Flash" practicing and learning some key combos then I hit ranked and I made around 70% of my opponents rage quit because hitting the lab, really pays off if you play smart.


    What makes fighting games so unique is you could practice a difficult combo for hours until you finally nail it, then you feel like a badass so you head online and get your arse wrecked because your fundamentals are severely under-developed. There are a lot of smurfs online who will purposely pretend to be "new" to the game when in fact they simply toy with you by playing at your level then you get overconfident by taunting your opponent, then they come out of their shell and destroy you. I've previously smurfed myself to make the fight more interesting and this random decided to taunt me in a match, big mistake!


    It was round 1, he stunned me, taunted my character and then killed me with a basic combo. So the demon within me broke through its shackles and went in on that arse! I ended up double perfecting him and I taunted him at every given opportunity, needless to say this was a valuable lesson, be careful who you taunt online haha. I'm a strong advocate of motivation being the driving force behind your success or failure within a genre, you have to want it. No skill in life comes without years of training and dedication and fighting games are no different, but don't misconstrue what I'm saying even if you have 50 fighting game platinum trophies it doesn't mean your good.


    My good friend from Australia has progressed significantly since I met him at fighting games a few years ago. Repetition is the key to success, once you understand how combos work and how to perform various inputs such as shoryukens, hadoukens and supers, you don't need to re-learn them so the next fighter you pick up you have less to learn. Some people prefer to dive into the deep end before they can swim by starting a fighting game that's beyond their current skillset instead of working your way through the tiers.


    Hopefully you enjoyed reading this status update, if any aspiring fighting game players need any advice or mentoring on any games we have in common let me know. As a bonus, I was bored so I decided to play some Guilty Gear Revelator 2 on the PlayStation 4, these combos aren't required for the platinum trophy but I thought I'd show them off regardless! 





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    2. Thedah


      Yep, having a mentor is super helpful! My cousin never played a fighting game before and I mentored him in UMVC3. He was able to end up winning a few local tournaments. Too bad our lives are super busy now so we don't have time to play competitively anymore :(

    3. Copanele


      Nice reading, as usual :)

      There's one very important bit of advice there, that is mandatory if you REALLY want to get good at this particular genre...


      I hit the training mode with "The Flash" practicing and learning some key combos then I hit ranked and I made around 70% of my opponents rage quit because hitting the lab, really pays off if you play smart.

      ...and this right here is why I will never get good at this genre aka actually being proficient online xD 


      Labbing, or practicing in training mode, is required to learn not only your character, but also the opponents' characters. Combos, routes, frame data, all that stuff...I honestly can't stand it 😂 "practiced" through Trial modes, Arcade runs, Versus with CPU at hardest level, countless fights in Ranked and Player matches...but Training Mode? Hell no I ain't doing no extra work. Even in Street Fighter 5, I lost fights until I understood fundamentals + I picked a character that had a short target combo & a crossup attack (Cody), I would refuse to practice that character in training mode. Did it take longer to reach Gold Rank? Yes, but at least I avoided homework.

      That's why ultimately, fighting games are mad fun, but hell with fighting games. 


      That's all from me, I've started rambling xD so yeah, fighting games are fun, but getting a FG platinum =/= being good at a FG. Online Ranked is a merciless place...

    4. LancashireLad87


      @KindaSabbath Its a great feeling to watch the progress of someone you've mentored. There was a time when I couldn't execute basic special moves but because of my love for the genre I buckled down and practiced until I was proficient. 


      @Thedah Ultimate Marvel is probably the best game to watch due to how flashy and extensive the combo system is, it just goes to show that even the harder games of the genre can entice newcomers to learn the genre.


      @Copanele I'm the complete opposite, I enjoy practicing and figuring things out in the lab, outside of training mode its probably my favourite thing to do.

  9. Nickelodeon Kart Racing 3 Slime Speedway


    Check Out New Gameplay For Nickelodeon’s Third Kart Racer ... 


    Breaking News!!! Moments ago the lad from Lancashire secured his 68th platinum trophy Nickelodeon Kart Racing 3 Slime Speedway on the PlayStation 4. At the time of writing the game is without a trophy guide on any website so I will outline some tips and tricks to help you achieve your platinum trophy in an easier and effective manner than myself. So without further stalling let's get into the tips!


    First and foremost the trophy for winning 40 cups can be done on ANY difficulty so you don't need to complete the harder difficulties. When you start a free race or a championship you'll see 2 objectives if you complete BOTH objective before finishing the race or event then you've completed a "Double Dare" you need to complete 50 of them for a trophy.


    Unless your extremely lucky like I was you'll need to create a boosting session for the play with 3 other people online trophy, you'll also need to play a private race with a friend in order to unlock the play with a friend trophy. Both myself and @Groudon9000 were waiting in a public free race when an influx of people joined us so we had a 6 player race which I've linked the video for below, no surprises on who won though. When it comes to earning 150 victory points online the trophy description is misleading, you must earn 150 victory points over your starting points which is 1000. So you have to reach 1,150 points for the trophy to pop.



    The next point I would like to share with you would be how to farm slime tokens efficiently because there's very little information about the game online and there's virtually no video references either. Originally when I started the game I followed @Wheat_YT video reference found within the forum section of the PlayStation 5 version. He managed to earn 40 coins using 4 controllers in 3 minutes 37 seconds, however when you take into account loading times it's probably around 10 coins per minute.


    I would like to preface that his math is incorrect because if you copy the EXACT method outlined in his video you'll earn around 600 coins per hour. In order to buy everything in the shop you'll need to have earned a total of 12,785 coins which is a lot to say the least. Assuming you've earned every trophy with the exception of purchasing everything in the shop you'll still need around 9000 coins. 


    Since I only have 2 controllers myself, I decided to try the same method to see if I could do it any quicker and I couldn't so i decided to run Ba Sing Se for a couple of reasons, the first was the tracks layout is very simplistic and the second reason was there's a particular section of the track that has 3 coins on the left and 3 coins on the right. So I embarked on a LONG grind/journey to see how fast I could possibly complete it using 2 controllers. I tried various kart setups using different characters and vehicles and the fastest I could complete it is found in the video below.



    In hindsight I believe I could do it slightly faster by changing Sandy for Lucy but it doesn't matter. My friend informed me of a method that far surpasses both methods that was found on another website, big props to the person who discovered this strategy because it alleviated the grind substantially. There are many reasons why you should use this method over ANY other which I'll list below; 


    Optimal Slime Tokens


    - Doesn't require additional controllers

    - Doesn't take much time to unlock the event

    - Most importantly you don't have to invest in a kart setup in order to complete it faster

    - The biggest reason is you can earn around 1,200 coins per hour which is far superior.


    First and foremost you need to complete the first set of challenges so you unlock the second set. The challenge you need to play is called "Keeping Up with the Bigheads" with Rocky, as soon as the race begins, immediately reverse collecting the 5 slime tokens behind you. Once you have all 5 wait for the coins to regenerate then recollect them and hit the nearest wall. The challenge will be failed but you'll retain the coins you collected. Simply hit restart and repeat the process.




    I took the liberty of uploading the total amount of coins you need to collect in order to unlock everything in the shop. If you were to play effectively you could earn the platinum trophy in around 35 hours. I spent almost 45 hours because I didn't have these tips when I started the game so this status update is going to save you about 10 hours of effort. I'd personally rate the difficulty of the platinum no higher than a 4/10.




    Hopefully you find the information useful and best of luck with the coin grinding because that shit was tedious! I now have both Nickelodeon Kart Racing 2 and 3 100% so my next project will be to complete the game that starting it all Nickelodeon Kart Racing 1 for hopefully my 69th platinum trophy.

    1. Elvick_


      Is it easier than 2, because that was frustrating. I see you mention you didn't have to do difficulties so I assume so. Sucks it has any online crap though. 

      The first game was fun, second was a downgrade to me despite having 'more'.

    2. LancashireLad87


      @Elvick_ Yes its much easier than the 2nd game, putting the online to one side, this game is more of a grind than anything else. You definitely need to boost the online unless you get incredibly lucky with randoms, one thing I forgot to mention is that the game supports cross-play for the 4 player trophy but it doesn't work in private matches.

    3. ihadalifeb4this



  10. Well this is a first for me reviewing an account that's smaller than my own! We have 9 games in common, of those 9 you've completed 3 of them which are A Way Out, Nickelodeon All Star Brawl and SEGA All Stars Racing. Sega All Stars Racing being your most impressive completion from the games we have in common. Diving deeper into your account, you've completed Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends that stand out for me. Your account completion currently stands at 56% which is a tad low but it looks like your working towards improving that. You seem a fan of kart racing having quite a few kart racers incomplete such as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, Team Sonic Racing, Modnation Racers and Little Big Planet Karting. I'm not sure if you can still platinum the last 2 games but good luck with Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Taking everything into account, I'd probably rate your account 5/10 which I think is a fair rating if you can finish some of your games and earn a few harder platinum trophies than I'd bump you up to a 6/10. As always take my ratings with a grain of salt.
  11. Where did you find Tony Hawk rating a 9/10? everywhere rates it an 8/10 from what I've seen. Thanks!
  12. 1. Batman TellTale - Done 2. N/A 3. Dreamworks Super Star Kartz - Done 4. Madagascar Kartz - Done 5. Samurai Shodown 2019 - Done 6. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Done 7. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Done 8. N/A 9. N/A 10. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Done
  13. @KindaSabbath @FreshFromThaDeli @Gommes_ @Yuber6969


    Breaking News!!! Moments ago the lad from Lancashire secured his 67th Platinum trophy which was Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on the PlayStation 3. A big thank you to @Decimus_Prime who helped me get my last ranked win for the platinum. The PSNP trophy guide states a 10/10 difficulty rating and 70 hours, it took me 60 hours to get the platinum which is the fastest you can get because you have to play for 30 hours offline and online. As far as the difficulty is concerned I believe this is my 2nd proudest platinum trophy behind The King of Fighters 13 because I hold that platinum above UMVC3.


    This is only my 2nd sub 1% platinum trophy on my account because I don't really play indie platformers and elite difficulty racing games, perhaps one day! Without question the hardest trophy in UMVC3 is clearing 480 combo trials if you earn that trophy then in my eyes you have the platinum. I spent 12 hours and 16 minutes to clear 480 combo trials, then after completing all of the single player content I had to spend 10 hours idling in training mode to pop the 30 hours offline trophy.


    The 8-player lobby trophy was a pain in the arse because the game is dead online luckily I managed to get it done because I was having flashbacks from Ultra Street Fighter 4's 4 Vs 4 trophy. I would like to thank @Copanele for his advice in discord for some of the combo trials and believing in my abilities. This is my 10/10 submission for the first list of the platinum difficulty challenge @Rebourne07.




    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Platinum trophy #67


    I'm very happy to add this trophy to my collection! Moving forward I would like to finish up either King of Fighters 14 or Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 Slime Speedway. As I move every step closer to platinum trophy 69 ^^ 


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    2. Gommes_


      Wow! Congrats

    3. Copanele


      Congrats! Those trials sure were wonky for Marvel's side of the cast xD 

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  14. 1L006f2f.png


    Fear 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Platinum trophy #66


    First of all a big thank you to @TROPHIES_HUNTER2 for helping myself and @Groudon9000 complete wave 20 in contraptions. This trophy is without question one of the most intense trophies I've earned on my account and to add insult to injury its a Bronze! The platinum trophy is 2.51% at the time of posting. The trophy guide on PSNP rates the platinum a 7/10 and 20 hours. I can wholeheartedly say I probably spent around 30-40 hours on the platinum trophy and I'd personally rate the game a 7.5/10 because that wave 20 trophy was insane. I'm very happy to add this trophy to my collection, hopefully I can wrap up Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and The King of Fighters 14 over the coming days. 

    1. ihadalifeb4this



    2. Puppeter04


      yasssssss, what a great achievement, congrats!

  15. @Rebourne07Platinum trophies crossed off the list Batman Telltale 1/10 Dreamworks Super Star Kartz 3/10 Madagascar Kartz 4/10 Samurai Shodown 2019 5/10 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 6/10 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 7/10