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  1. My bad, damn you need a LOT of controllers to do that! That's probably the worst requirement for a trophy I think I've heard, whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be fired or something haha
  2. Yes I will try and improve some of the games on my backlog when I get the chance to. It's funny you mentioned Sonic and Sega Allstar Transformed as my friend on PSN who convinced me to play Allstar Racing is eager to play that in the near future. As for the platinum I struggled with a few AAA's which were the one where you had to navigate through all the pots without breaking any of them with the big cat. Another was number 42 which was the 2 lego dudes with the checkpoints, number 47 was a race against Sonic and 64 because of the stupid robot at the end. Great game though I enjoyed playing through it.
  3. Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Trophy: Reach level 70 with 6 different classes This trophy was a serious grind and required a lot of preparation and planning to unlock. The trophy description is very simple, just level 6 different classes to level 70 and the trophy is yours. I began the game as a Necromancer because I have the Eternal collection on the PS4 however I played a 'Softcore character' which means if I die, it's not a big deal because I can revive myself. The only downside is my equipment degrades by 10% for every death until it breaks or I repair it at the blacksmith artisan. You can prevent any items from degradation but it requires a specific legendary ability which you won't have from the offset. I played the entire game in co-op with a friend who I persuaded to buy the game. Once I cleared all 5 acts of the story campaign I was only around level 55 therefore I had to complete Nephalim Rifts within the Adventure mode to level my first character to level 70 earning me a different trophy in the process. Now the grind was about to begin, both myself and my friend decided to reach a specific paragon level with the Necromancer to help us achieve the 'Up all night to get lucky' trophy which was very time consuming because this requires you to equip level 70 legendary gear in EVERY slot. Once this had been achieved the next grind was about to begin, don't worry all this is relevant to the trophy in my post. Now I had to grind/farm with my friend in co-op Nephalim Rifts in order to acquire Greater Rift key stones. Each player must have at least 1 GR key stone in order to participate in a Greater Rift which is accessed through the Adventure mode. Our goal was simple to get a legendary Gem of Ease and a legendary gem called Wreath of Ligthning which can only be found in a Greater Rift after defeating the Rift Guardian within the allotted 15 minute time window. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once we both had a legendary Gem of Ease and a legendary Wreath of Lightning it was time to level them up! I levelled my Gem of Ease to level 25 and socketed it within a 2-handed legendary weapon and stored it in my cache/chest within the town. Since I have a USB device, with the help of my friend we duplicated the 2-handed weapon which has the Gem of Ease socketed into it a bunch of times, at least 24 times! Along with crafting materials such as Death Breaths, Forgotton Souls, Arcane Dust, Re-useable Parts, Veiled Crystals and Gold via the Trade service within the Party menu. Our next goal was to reduce the level requirement of level 70 legendary gear in EVERY slot via Kunai's Cube which is found in the Ruins of Secharon within Act 3 of Adventure mode after speaking to Zoltun Kulle at the town. The Kanai's Cube recipe allowed any future level 1 softcore characters to use legendary level 70 gear at level 1. We also crafted a Hellfire Amulet and a Hellfire Ring since both of these legendary items can be used at level 1. To get these items you need to purchase the Hellfire Ring and Amulet plans from Squirt the Peddlar merchant, who is a small child within the town of Act 2 of Adventure mode. They're very expensive though it will set you back 2,600,000 gold! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once you have them, you MUST switch the game's difficulty to at least Torment 1 so when you re-enter Adventure mode and you bring up each Act there will be a key symbol on a specific location of each Act with the exception of Act 5. You will need to visit these locations and follow the Purple arrow which will lead you to the Key Wardens. After you defeat each one, they have a chance to drop a special item known as an Infernal machine. You need to acquire all 4 Infernal Machines and have at least 2 of each of them. Once that's done, head back to New Tristam in Act 1 and attack the door next to the Healer to reveal the entrance to the Hero's Abode. Use the infernal machine in your inventory to open up a portal to fight a pair of Uber bosses! Do this until you have no infernal machines left and craft both the Hellfire Ring and a Hellfire Amulet. The next task was to acquire the highest tier gems for Topaz, Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst. The highest tier is called a Flawless Royal for which we needed around 12 of each of them. 6 for me and 6 for my friend. Then we socket them into our legendary level 1 gear and store them safely within the cache. We both used another Kunai's Cube recipe which is to extract legendary powers as a PASSIVE ability, you can have 1 legendary power for a weapon, an Armour piece and a piece of jewellery. My Kunai's Cube powers were as follows; Furnace, Leoric's Crown and Kymbo's Gold. Furnace gives me 50% more damage to elite enemies, the crown gives me more XP as long as you socket a Flawless Royal Ruby into the helmet and Kymbo's Gold heals me whenever I pick up gold. So if I pick up 3000 gold I get healed for 3000 points. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now we have all the tools we need in order to power-level the other classes in Softcore mode. We created each class at level 1, set the game to Adventure mode and the difficulty to Torment 6 and used ALL of the gear within our cache along with any Paragon points we had earned with our Necromancers to improve our damage output with our level 1 characters. As for Paragon Points, these are earned after you hit level 70 and are used to enhance your character further these are the skills I'd recommend investing in, Primary stat such as Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence, Armour, Area of Effect damage and Attack Speed. Now we cleared 3-5 Nephalim Rifts with our OP level 1 characters and went from level 1 to level 70 in around 30 minutes each! Both myself and my friend earned all our gear legitimately and wasn't dropped by anyone. Once our character hit level 70 we returned to New Tristam, repaired our gear, then un-equipped everything and stored it in the cache ready for our next level 1 character to use. Flawless Royal Rubies for Strength characters, Flawless Royal Topaz for Intelligence and Flawless Royal Amethyst for Dexterity builds. I had 3 sockets in my chest piece, 2 sockets in my pants, the weapon had the level 25 Gem of Ease and my Hellfire Amulet had the Wreath of Lightning legendary gem. My DPS (Damage per Second) was for some characters over 300,000 at level 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To Summarise: Legendary Helmet with a socketed Flawless Royal Ruby for XP gain Legendary Pants with 2 socketed Flawless Gems that are beneficial to the class selected Legendary Chest Armour with 3 socketed Flawless Gems that are beneficial to the class selected Legendary Gem of Ease at level 25 socketed into a Legendary 2-handed weapon Legendary Gem 'Wreath of Lightning' socketed into the Hellfire Amulet Every piece of gear is legendary level 70 that has had it's level requirement removed to allow a level 1 character to equip them. Kunai's Cube powers, Furnace, Leoric's Crown and Kymbo's Gold Cube powers used are Extract Legendary Power and Reduce level requirement. Power-levelling - Difficulty to Torment VI (6) on Adventure mode. Equip all your gear and socket the relevant gems. Use any Paragon Points and select your Kanai's Cube powers before you enter any Nephalim Rifts. I hope that makes sense, my fingers are aching after typing all that but it's worth explaining to help others out. Finally make sure you socket the correct gems depending on the class!
  4. I'm a few days late with this post as I've been obsessed with Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls on the PS4. February was a great month for my account. I added a few games to my collection including God of War 3 and Sonic and Sega Allstar Racing. I made great progress on Dead or Alive 5 which now sits at 97%. As far as Diablo 3 is concerned I require hardcore level 1 gear so I can blitz through it then all that's left for the platinum and the 100% is the 500 bounty trophy. At some point I need to purchase the Mirror's Edge DLC to help with my game completion and hopefully it will allow me to get the 50 time trial trophy. At the time of posting I have 45 stars. My goal for this month is to try and finish Diablo 3 and work on some Mirror's Edge as a side game. I also crossed the 1000 trophies mark on my account which is great but the next milestone of 1337 or elite trophy number will take me months to get but hey I'm slowly working on it ^^
  5. Hey man I've sent you a friend request and a separate message on PSN. If your still helping people out that is.
  6. Went back to KOF13 this morning and I managed to get 9 trials done which as far as I'm concerned is a great day!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LancashireLad87


      Far too many to count, probably around 60 left :(

    3. Copanele


      Oh you still have a ways to go! I think it gets truly tricky when you reach180 or something. 

    4. LancashireLad87


      Yes I'm going to start a new game on my account with a friend online which should be fun. It's not the hardest of games but I'm a fan of the series and it would be a great addition to my trophy collection.

  7. After reading the news regarding the release of this PS4 collection. I will voice my thoughts and opinions regarding it. When you thought team ninja couldn't stoop any lower! Why would you remove the BEST feature from this collection. In case you didn't know I'm referring to playing missions online with friends. As Sergen has stated this is nothing more than a cash-grab which I will not be purchasing. If you want to experience the TRUE ninja gaiden experience play the PS3 versions.
  8. Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing Trophy: Platinum As a kart racing fan, a good friend of mine on the PSN recommended the game to me. We did the online portion together which honestly wasn't that bad it took around 2 hours but the online is deserted so make sure you have a boosting partner! As far as the trophies are concerned, the vast majority of them are extremely easy and straight-forward, however there's 1 trophy in particular that will make or break your platinum. I'm of course referring to the trophy 'Top of the Class' which requires you to earn the highest rating AAA on ALL 64 missions, some of which are a pain in the arse. I personally had trouble with missions 15, 42, 45, 47 and 62. It took me 10 hours and 45 minutes to earn the platinum but I'm pretty good at racing games, the guide rates it a 3/10 difficulty which is bullshit. If the game lacked the mission mode then I can understand the 3/10 difficulty but due to certain missions that has to bump up the difficulty, I had problems and I've previously finished CTR Nitro-Fueled and finished Wipeout HD. Don't be fooled this is harder than a 3. The time trial ghosts are very easy to defeat because they take wide lines and don't boost everywhere when they should. I experienced a few map glitches whilst grinding 'Sega Miles' which was an annoyance to say the least. The best method to grind is to play 1 round on the shortest track, no weapons and set the difficulty to expert. I was getting around 2360 miles per 37 seconds on average. Overall a great kart racer, I'm looking forward to playing it's sequel Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing Transformed in the near future.
  9. Dead or Alive 5 Trophy: Fighting In Style (Rarity 1.42%) First and foremost I'm very happy to finally have this trophy because the grind was very real. I had to grind the equivalent of 47 runs of arcade/time attack mode to unlock the 47 costumes I was missing. As far as Dead or Alive 5 is concerned I'm now at 97% of the trophies, however I will take a break from the game as I need one and I intend to start a new game on my account tomorrow. This is a double celebration because this is my joint rarest trophy on my account the other is Wipeout HD Elite Campaign Legend as both are 1.42% and this trophy is my 69th Ultra Rare on my account
  10. I cannot believe how many people are asking for someone to share-play the time trials on CTR Nitro-Fueled. At the time of posting there are 3 gaming sessions asking the same thing. What happened to people actually learning how to play it or if you can't give up and move forward. Maybe it's just my old school mentality but surely by persevering and completing it yourself you'll have a sense of accomplishment. 

    1. Kyoko Izanami

      Kyoko Izanami

      Agreed. People are idiotic and short-sighted. As a veteran. Did it ALL by myself in one giant leap in it. 

    2. LancashireLad87


      Once you learn the game Oxide on the majority of the tracks is not even that hard to beat. Oxide is far better on the bonus tracks in my opinion and there not needed for the platinum. If I can do it at nearly 34 years old I'm sure they can do it to but it seems they don't want to put the effort in :(

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I guess a lot of people take the easy route whenever they can.

  11. I'm surprised there is another user with an account younger than my own and yet you've managed to platinum 28 games in just 8 months. We have no games in common but after looking through your trophy list the only game I see that would be difficult to platinum or 100% is Grand Theft Auto 5. Perhaps Dreams or Tera since the platinum's for those are ultra rare but I don't know how difficult they are.
  12. Interesting post after reading through it I would like to address some of the comments you made about the game. First and foremost the champion kart cannot be unlocked by spending wumpa coins the only way to unlock the champion kart is to defeat Nitrous Oxides times on all tracks including all bonus tracks. You mention that Dragon Mines and Crash Cove are hard to beat the AI computer on, you must have really fast times for these tracks if you think the shortcut in Dragon Mines is not difficult. Would you mind sharing what your time is? Some of your other comments are very minor nit-picks, free content is unprecedented as most developers will charge for additional content. As for USF I don't understand your reasoning because keeping USF on the hardest tracks in the game is no small feat. Yes item-less lobbies were very highly requested within the community unfortunately they never added it to the game.
  13. Dead or Alive 5 Trophy: Time Attack Master (Rarity 3.00%) After doing the Arcade master trophy only a few days ago it made this trophy much easier to get. I'm happy to get another trophy off the unearned list. My next goal is to get all of the costumes but I'll need to find a guide as we don't have one here on PSNProfiles. It will take a while to get all the costumes so my goal is to get that trophy by the end of February. This trophy puts Dead or Alive 5 to 88% which is pretty respectable but the goal is to push forward!
  14. Dead or Alive 5 Trophy: Exercise Newbie (2.33% Ultra Rare) Without question this is one of the hardest bronze trophies I have earned on my account. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the requirements allow me to enlighten you. You need to complete essentially combo challenges or training with ALL 24 characters. Please bare in mind the vast majority of these characters have well over 100 trials each! The most belongs to Brad Wong who has 188. Naturally there are characters that are easier/harder to complete, in my experience the hardest characters to complete are Akira, Sarah and Ryu Hayabusa. Akira: The hardest challenge for Akira requires you to perform a just-frame H+K (Teishitsu Dantai), which means you have 1/60th of a second to perform the move correctly. I remapped my buttons so I replaced Punch with X and I replaced H with Circle. This is in my opinion one of the hardest trials in the game! Sarah: The hardest Sarah trial in my opinion was called Forward Combo Somersault Kick what they don't tell you is you need to run then press P+K then press PPK. Her other trial which was annoying as hell was called Neck Hold Crush. For this one you need to Run then press P+K then quickly press Down+K into a Standing K finally ending with X for the grab. The window you have to land the grab must be a 1-frame link it's extremely strict. Ryu Hayabusa: The hardest Ryu Hayabusa trial in my opinion is called Senko Izuna which is essentially a counter into an Izuna drop. All of his counter Izuna drops are hard and annoying but this is definitely the hardest one. Ryu was the last character I needed to complete. According to PSNProfiles this trophy isn't rare enough to be in my top 5 but man this was a pain in the arse and all of that effort for a Bronze trophy! If that isn't considered one of the hardest Bronze trophies to earn on the PS3 then I would like a list ^^. Very happy to have this trophy out of the way. Best of luck to anyone who attempts this whether you play on a Controller like me or a Stick. Just wanted to add if it wasn't for this guide explaining various tips for the command training I would probably still be stuck on this trophy. Props to the author
  15. Replacing PS3 Controller - Does anyone know any reputable sellers that sell used/new PS3 controllers that are genuine that ship to the UK. I searched on Ebay and they're all knockoffs. Doesn't matter if it's a Six-axis or a Dualshock 3. Thanks!