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  1. Titanfall 2 Trophy: Become the Master! (10.24% PSNProfiles & 1.60% Sony) Where do I begin with this trophy, oh yeah I know this was a pain in the arse to get! It took me 2 hours to beat the 33.65 second time limit. I was very unlucky on more than one occasion because I reached the finish line within the time limit but I missed a single target so I failed. For those of you who don't know what this trophy entails or why it's difficult I will enlighten you. You need to place in the top 3 pilots on the 'Pilot's Gauntlet', which is a simulation course which has 15 targets dotted around the map. Your goal is simple, defeat every target and clear the gauntlet in under 33.65 seconds and the trophy is yours, but nothing is that simple! You can use whatever combination of weapons and grenades you desire, the issue is there's no in-game counter so every run you attempt you have to hope and pray you got them all otherwise for every target you miss, you receive a 2 second penalty which is added to your clear time. Due to the nature of the game you need to double jump and wall-run onto various walls in order to maintain enough speed to unlock the achievement. For reference purposes my average speed was 35 KPH, I used the Shotgun and ARC grenades. I'll provide some tips below on what worked for me, the trophy guide states the game is a 6/10, I think that's a bit low to be honest, if I struggled for 2 hours this is harder than a 6, I'd hate to play a 7/10 if this is a 6/10. General Tips - Before heading through the starting line, if you press slide followed quickly by a jump you will move faster! Make sure you wall run to the left before you cross the start line. - The 1st grenade toss which MUST destroy all 3 targets was a pain in the arse, most of my restarts were because my grenade failed to destroy all 3 targets. Try to aim for just behind the middle target. - Immediately after tossing the first grenade, use your double jump ability whilst cooking your next grenade and release it under the doorway pre-emptively otherwise when you slide underneath the door your momentum will be lost because the sparks coming off the explosion will hold you back. - You must throw a 3rd grenade whilst sliding underneath the door, try to chuck it behind the first soldier then quickly after tossing the grenade jump onto the wall on your right. Perseverance is key here, remember to take a break when you get angry or pissed off. The amount of precision needed to beat the time requires pinpoint accuracy and speed, no small degree of luck and fluid wall jumping/sliding. Best of luck to anyone who still needs this trophy!
  2. Ah ok I wondered why he had access to a Talisman!
  3. Yes, anyone who can clear Master Ninja in the single player CAN get the platinum without too much trouble.
  4. You couldn't in the original but it seems they added them for the most difficult missions which makes it even easier to complete. I watched the same player a little further in the video get a Talisman Rebirth in UN1. So if you cleared Master Ninja difficulty on the original version, then you've already done the hardest part of the platinum trophy in my opinion. Even then Master Ninja story is not hard if you use every exploit in the book.
  5. Not necessarily, if you look at the footage in more detail. He used only the Inferno ninpo which is far from useful in my opinion and more importantly he's using a dragon sword imagine how much easier this is with the BOTA (Blade of the Archfiend). Furthermore he hasn't even completed ANY of the single player because he doesn't have any other weapon with Ryu than the DS. I haven't played the PS4 version but it seems the team missions are unlocked from the very start unlike the PS3 version which would only unlock after clearing chapter 1 on any difficulty. Is this a real thing? Watch at the time 4 hours 55 minutes 38 seconds. The guy uses a Talisman of Rebirth in the Team Mission UN2 and again at 4 hours 57 minutes 10 seconds. Note: At 5 hours 7 minutes and 50 seconds the clear screen shows the guy died twice in the mission and was still credited with the victory.
  6. Already has been beaten.
  7. After looking at some videos regarding the team missions this platinum is going to be a joke in comparison to the PS3 version. A grab on Ultimate Ninja 2 did sub 10% damage where as before it would instant-kill you! Not only that but you deal considerably more damage than before. Even people who twirled as Rachel for the team missions on the PS3 version can platinum this game. You can also start on Mentor difficulty instead of unlocking it through natural progression. I would not be surprised if the platinum is earned in the next few days (a week at most) depending on how many hours people have to play but at least it's not un-obtainable!
  8. NGS2+ on the PS Vita had Turbo mode which basically made the gameplay 20% faster, normal mode simply refers to normal speed. Unless the missions are drastically altered to make them achieve-able NGS2 on PS4 will be an un-obtainable platinum. I don't care how good someone thinks they are, nobody has done that on the PS3, not even close. Good luck completing UN1 and UN3 with the AI partner if the missions remain unchanged! I don't think team ninja have the work ethic to remove the glitches, even so completing UN2 with the computer will be no easy feat nor will MN3 unless your a good player and have luck on your side. I guess we will find out in due course what the missions entail. NG3 RE will be very difficult unless you've played a LOT of hours and mastered the Eclipse Scythe 360 Dash crap.
  9. I remember playing Oblivion years ago, perhaps I'm in the minority but I wasn't really interested in the lore per se, I was more concerned about how many guards I can smash into the ground with my axe or breaking into a house in search of good loot trying not to get caught! They can be a good time sink for sure, you can spend many an hour without even realizing it. I found Oblivion a pretty chill game, you can just sit back, relax and do whatever you want but I'm far from an authority figure with RPG's as I rarely play them. I think that's one of the reasons I created this topic in the first place to get me and others to try new games outside of your comfort zone. As I'd consider myself more of a specialist of a few genres rather than an all-rounder. If you put me on some games even little kids can destroy me haha.
  10. Cool thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of giving some of these games a try in the future since I'm no different to anyone else! I was thinking of adding maybe Skyrim and Fallout to the Western RPG's since they're more mainstream. You can just mess around in both games and make solid progress and I'm sure you can break the shit out of your character and the game without too much trouble. An honourable mention should probably go to Oblivion which lacks trophy support but I feel it would be a great introduction to the world of RPG's and it's critically acclaimed as well, killing 2 birds with 1 stone!
  11. Good point, I have split the RPG's into the categories as requested however since I'm not very familiar with the genre how would you classify games like Cat Quest, Transistor and the like are they Western Action RPG's?
  12. Just a quick update, I have added a basic fighting game terminology section which I plan to expand at some point. I'm slowly adding the suggestions. Feel free to advise on layout and if you think of anything that's missing or you have anymore recommendations please submit them and I'll add them as and when I get round to it.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions I will add them tomorrow when I get home from work as my fingers can no longer type haha. I actually thought of this topic a few months ago but never got round to talking about it.
  14. Thanks man, hopefully you find another genre that peaks your interest that you may have otherwise overlooked.
  15. I knew I forgot Shmup games thanks for reminding me! Yes I know exactly what you mean like starting Blazblue Continuum Shift without knowing what all the terminology means and being able to execute special moves ^^