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  1. Quick Update: Just made a bunch of purchases which I'm hoping to get round to in 2023, some of them are for the platinum difficulty challenge and the others are simply a bonus. I made a few purchases last month as well which I'll share with you guys in this update. 


    November 2022 - Picked up both Devil May Cry Definitive Edition and Nickelodeon Kart Racing 3 Slime Speedway on PlayStation 4


    Remarks: I've heard great things about Slime Speedway, I'm hoping the game improves upon its predecessor and alleviates the RNG element of winning on the hardest difficulty. Unfortunately, as far as I can see nobody has written a trophy guide for the game on any website at the time of posting so I'm not sure how challenging it is but I'm sure it will be a blast.  Slime Speedway I purchased during the Black Friday sale, the cheapest copy I could find was on Amazon which set me back 27 quid (33.17 USD/31.47 Euros) which I thought was a solid price considering the game was released about 6 weeks ago.


    As for DMC Definitive Edition I'll definitely be referring to @Copanele trophy guide when the time comes. The game was very inexpensive for a physical copy which was the icing on the cake, I paid 5 quid for it (6.14 USD/5.83 Euros). 


    December 2022 - Picked up Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 1, Hades and the Wolf Among Us.


    Remarks: I was having a difficult time finding a solid 3/10 for the platinum difficulty challenge and I've heard nothing but praise for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order which apparently plays similar to a soul's game if that's a fair comparison so I'm looking forward to playing that next year. Nickelodeon Kart Racers 1 was more expensive than I thought it was going to be, but the lad loves his kart racers ^^


    Hades has a 93 Metacritic score so that game must be pretty amazing to say the least whilst my friend recommended the Wolf Among Us as my 1/10. I opted for the PlayStation 3 version because it was literally half the price of the PlayStation 4 version. My total spend for December at the time of posting is just under 48 quid (58.98 USD/55.94 Euros).


    As far as my platinum difficulty challenges the only purchases I have yet to make is purchasing the DLC for both ARK Survival Evolved and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance on the PlayStation 3. 



    1. Copanele


      You will definitely have a good time with DmC Devil May Cry...just make sure you don't get too cringed out from the story xD 

      As for a 3/10, I can recommend Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R, I am also going for that one :D 

    2. CelestialRequiem


      DmC isn't the worst action game out there, but like Copanele said... shit, its story really sucks. Especially because it takes itself incredibly seriously. I'm a Vergil fanboy though, and I hate what Ninja Theory did to him in that game, lol. 


      Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is excellent. The 100% is decently time consuming, fair warning. 

    3. zizimonster


      Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is very good, especially if you adore metroidvania and have never played any Souls-like games. :giggle:


      DmC DE is one of the coolest hack-n-slashers I've played. The 60FPS upgrade is worth it. 👌

  2. 5Hkq2bZGcwNyfhjwV8mwFRJIfWqmNzRaF9_HQaiOTxp9TY00ud13niA5bYG9sEzb1sVcZMEB4F-XJWPAxnJeAXJX7vHsxerjKmje0oMb6zK4Ws3QuREuRTpLL9w0YWgup5PLCEUVCic9pVPPXB3HzARXagQ1O_MVlQJckEm0qpz_9Rj8OItjbIhI-1ei


    This is my final weekly update for Injustice 2 Legendary Edition on the PlayStation 4. After pouring nearly 60 hours into the game over the last 3 weeks I have reached 98% game completion. Naturally I'm only missing Cat Fight for my platinum trophy. I thought this would be a good time to speak on the game and its trophy list as a whole for those of you who may start the game in the future. This is one of those games where the game itself is good, but the trophies are terrible not because they're difficult because the game really isn't difficult in any shape or form but man it's a grind fest!


    I started my journey completing 100 multiverses so I could see how each character plays whilst working on the level 30 trophy. Once I had that I worked on the online portion because it's better to get that done as soon as possible in my opinion because you never know if the servers will be shut down in the future. Next, I decided to work on the massive grind that is levelling every character within the base game to level 20 which is a monumental grind.


    I had earned enough soul crystals to level a single character to level 20 which saved me a few hours of grinding. The online took me around 3-5 hours in total but levelling all characters for the trophy took me around 50 hours to get! Once I popped the trophy, I decided to work on the story mode which honestly didn't take too long just a couple of hours. I started to knock out a bunch of miscellaneous trophies to reach 98% game completion.


    I will continue with Injustice 2 next year but in the meantime, I will take a while to chill so I'm going to play through my next project Dreamworks Super Star Kartz which will honestly be a welcome change of pace from watching the AI fight for me for 50 hours. 



  3. @KindaSabbath @Destructor-8 @Gommes_ @AJ_Radio @AihaLoveleaf @Copanele @FreshFromThaDeli @DeepEyes7 @Yuber6969



    Disclaimer: The views expressed within this update are from my personal experience with both franchises. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the genre as a whole. I've played the vast majority of these games so I'm in a position where I can provide my honest opinion of them as a whole from an advocate of the genre and a hardcore player.   


    Style over substance?

    See the source image


    Judging from my account today it would be a fair assumption to assume that fighting games are my favourite genre that defines me as a gamer. However, my loyalties lie in another genre entirely: the hack n slash genre. Some people use the phrase "Character Action" to describe the genre but I'm old-school and stubborn, so I'll be referring to them as hack n slash games. Growing up I recall playing the shit out of the original Devil May Cry games on the PlayStation 2, I remember getting my arse handed to me on a silver platter on Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, but I adored the game so much it ended up being a game I understood probably more than the developers did.


    As I grew older, I discovered an established series that I knew nothing about that piqued my interest, Ninja Gaiden. Having experienced the trials and tribulations of the DMC series I was very well prepared to fail and experiment on how to defeat the challenges presented in-front of me. Both Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry are pioneers of the genre, but which do I prefer in general? Devil May Cry has always had crazy over the top gameplay but it's difficult to look past the black sheep of the franchise Devil May Cry 2.


    The original DMC was a critical success and fans were eagerly anticipating the sequel which we hoped would improve and expand upon the foundations of the first game, regrettably we got the complete opposite. Dante's demeanour was drastically different, no witty one-liners, and his appearance was overhauled to make him look like a goth. The environments were bland and sadly so was the gameplay, anyone who's never experienced the abomination that is DMC2 you'd assume that the sword on Dante's back, Rebellion would be your main damage dealer considering the size of it. 


    Well, you'd be wrong to think that because Ebony and Ivory (Dante's Handguns) whilst in devil trigger is how you melt the opposition. The only good things to come out of DMC2 were Trish and the introduction of Bloody Palace. Devil May Cry 3 was exceptional as a game and is still to this day, many players favourite entry. Dante is back to how he should have been, a cocky demon hunter, full of one liners with a kick-ass soundtrack whilst laying a beatdown on any demon who crosses his path.


    Devil May Cry 3 introduced a lot of features that enhanced the gameplay further. A few examples would be unique fighting styles that focus on a particular playstyle. To name a few, Royal Guard is a very defensive style involving parrying and countering to inflict massive damage, Gunslinger is all about Dante's arsenal of guns whilst SwordMaster is all about Rebellion. The scoring system was overhauled as well, it's very difficult to get a near-perfect score for style points within a level and the amount of depth and complexity of the combat system was unequalled. PC players had the opportunity to introduce mods to the game so they could stance switch freely, a feature that wouldn't be implemented until later down the line.


    Devil May Cry 4 was personally a disappointment, the first half of the game was fine, the ability to stance switch on the fly increased combat potential ten-fold. Regrettably the second half of the game is running through the same areas and bosses as Dante, therefore the game felt rushed and in my opinion wasn't realised to its full potential. Then we have Capcom's latest entry Devil May Cry 5 and what a game that turned out to be! For me it's just below DMC3 SE, Nero, Vergil and Dante have a ton of potential, they're all fun to play but very difficult to master and play at a high level. V I didn't care for because I don't like puppet characters.


    The game features some of the most memorable bosses within the series such as Goliath and Cavaliere Angelo. Then you have the spectacle of the brotherly duels which are phenomenal. My only criticism with DMC5 is its lacklustre environments, the vast majority look very bland and similar to one another. The final entry to the DMC series is the reboot, DMC Devil May Cry which gets quite a bit of flak from the DMC community but it's not a bad game at all. It's certainly on the easier side with regards to the games difficulty and how the scoring system works but it's miles better than 2. 


    If I were to rate each entry based on my experience from best to worst, I'd probably go for something like this.


    Best to Worst


    Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

    Devil May Cry 1

    Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

    DMC Devil May Cry

    Devil May Cry 2



    See the source image


    Then we have the other juggernaut of the genre, Ninja Gaiden. What separates Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden is the combat is drastically different. Ninja Gaiden's combat is very grounded, tactical; you have to make the most out of the opportunities presented to you to damage the opposition. Like DMC, Ninja Gaiden has always had a reputation for its brutal combat and difficulty. The skill ceiling in both games is limitless, the difference between someone who is trophy competent, and a machine is incomparable. Professional players of the genre can gauge someone's skill level in less than 30 seconds!    


    What sets Ninja Gaiden apart is its combat system, you have the ability to perform iconic moves such as the legendary Izuna drop which launches your victim into the air before smashing them back down to the ground. If an enemy is de-limbed whether it be an arm or a leg it restricts their movement, however they're still a threat to you because they can kamikaze (commit suicide) if they grab you which could result in an untimely death.


    Each entry of the modern NG series plays drastically different, Ninja Gaiden Sigma rewards a defensive playstyle, if you're cool, calm and collected and you study your opponent and counter where appropriate you'll have an easier experience. It's sequel, NGS2 is the antithesis of its predecessor rewarding an offensive playstyle, don't be fooled or misled by that you still need to possess an impenetrable defence otherwise your life will be short-lived. It's sequel, NG3 vanilla was a very controversial entry to the series. 


    It was first released on the Nintendo Wii before being ported to other consoles. Naturally players expected to receive the same version as the Wii but instead we got a watered-down version that stripped most of the content away, players only had access to a single weapon and incantation (ninpo), later down the line you could gain access to a couple of additional weapons such as the Falcon Talons and the Eclipse Scythe but let's be honest they should have been there from the beginning. To add insult to injury not even a year had passed and the version we should have got was released at full price, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge.


    Ninja Gaiden is a very niche IP to begin with so alienating your player base was not a smart business decision. For a lot of people within the Ninja Gaiden community this killed the franchise, as NG3/Razor's Edge really toned down the user-experience. For a series revered for its punishing difficulty, Ninja Gaiden attempted to appeal to a wider audience introducing hero mode. Hero mode allowed inexperienced players to get through the story without getting roadblocked by a boss along the way. How does this work you ask? Well the game is even easier than Acolyte difficulty and if your health drops below a certain threshold, the game will override your inputs, so you don't die. You could be mashing the attack buttons when you should be blocking, and the game will block FOR YOU!


    On the hardest difficulty Ultimate Ninja, the combat was beyond unfair, the bosses were for the most part, underwhelming and uninspired as several of them were very similar to previous titles such as the Helicopter, Doppelganger (Ryu Clone), Obaba, and the Spider tank. The fight against the dinosaur felt out of place and the game's antagonist, the Regent of the Mask was a shadow of former villains Doku and Genshin. You'd assume there would be plenty of bosses left at this point, sadly you'd be mistaken all that remains is Cliff, Lovelace, the old guy inside a robot and the archfiend. 


    The team missions within NG3/Razor's Edge were uninspired, with endless waves of enemies and duplicate bosses, did I mention most of the bosses aren't even native to NG3 or Razor's Edge instead they are predominantly from Sigma 1 and 2. The vast majority of the platinum owners either used a very famous exploit or got carried. The exploit is using the 360T then dashing with the Eclipse Scythe because this grants the player with a ton of I-frames and interrupts or cancels the attack animation of anyone near it. If multiple opponents are within its range, then it deals damage to everyone in its wake.


    The last Ninja Gaiden released is a spin-off called Ninja Gaiden Yaiba which is a cell-shaded NG that for lack of a better word was absolute gutter trash hence it's 43/100 rating on Metacritic. Not only was NG3 a black sheep as far as the franchise is concerned but this spin-off was a diabolical mess, even if the game lacked the words Ninja Gaiden it wouldn't be considered good by any means.


    If I were to rate each entry based on my experience from best to worst, I'd probably go for something like this.


    Best to Worst


    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 

    Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge

    Ninja Gaiden 3

    Ninja Gaiden Yaiba



    Whilst I enjoy both franchises for bringing something unique to the table, If I had to choose one series over the other, I would personally go for DMC. As much as I despise DMC2, just saying the game aloud makes me feel dirty inside. I'd rather play DMC2 than NG3 and Yaiba. Hopefully you enjoyed reading through this opinionated post and I'd be interested to hear what you prefer in the comments below ^^


    For those of you who wish to see high level gameplay I strongly recommend checking out the video below if you have the time to watch it in its entirety. The video encapsulates a lot of Ninja Gaiden and Nioh footage from some of the best players in the world. 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Copanele


      Man, this post reminds me that I have to eventually play Ninja Gaiden.

      I really need something to come close to DMC level of fun xD (Metal Gear Rising was good but not nearly enough)

    3. LancashireLad87


      @Copanele Yes you definitely have to play them at some point perhaps you can try one for next year's 1-10 platinum challenge ^^

    4. FreshFromThaDeli


      That was a good read. I agree. I love NG and DMC but I prefer DMC myself. Also, I am a black sheep in that I like DMC2 as well.


      There's a reason why I made a DMC game on my #150 Platinum milestone instead of a NG game after all.

      Also Ninja Gaiden Black is the best NG game. Played them all, and Black is so good. Shame they lost thre source code so it's stuck on Xbox Original forever. Thankfully able to be brought forward and played on Series X through Back Compat though. 

  4. kXZCnHlk_ZPvUfCQvVnsFW8GISmMrxf-Uou60bQw-b3BCyZfxvoWDvzMrJwHoDGhwvRk5YQYdpXFEw_1EqEw5wCCgTvfKuCGWxoFhdHNgvb1iS9Qrn-CY6YEeIg7D5STSmIYODLYmG_dg6oBcT6rPlSzp4Dxbk9gSAnXPuM3dvT4uO05cgtyiej64Vuc



    Over the last week I haven't made much progress on Injustice 2 as far as trophies are concerned. The vast majority of my playtime this week has been spent watching the computer control my characters in the endless battle simulator in order to grind for experience and loot boxes. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to clean up my final online trophy so I'm hoping I can get that next week, so I don't have to worry about it. I've earned a couple of miscellaneous trophies throughout the week but certainly nothing to write home about. The XP grind is REAL, this takes an absorbent amount of time and I'm already dreading the grind I will need to do in order to get Cat Fight.


    The only saving grace in my eyes is watching the AI perform interesting combo routes to get a better understanding of how each character functions and their combo routes. Since I lack a turbo controller for the PS4, I have to press X after EVERY match so I'm unable to play anything else. I've amassed around 900,000 in-game credits at the present and I have accumulated around 350 loot boxes of varying qualities.


    From what I've experienced, Injustice 2 does a very good job of teaching you how to play Batman through the learn mode which I believe was added exclusively for the legendary edition which I own physically. They teach you a lot of fundamental fighting game terms and techniques which is perfect for a newcomer, if you wish to play as Batman specifically then the learn mode is quite literally the cherry on top of the cake because they teach you some solid combos that deal 40-50% for a reasonable amount of meter.


    Another aspect of Injustice 2 I would like to praise is the game lists every character's frame data within the training mode which is invaluable, and you can tag up to 10 moves to create your own custom combos which stays on the screen so it's easier to remember your inputs. Finally, I would like to praise stage interactables and transitions not only do they open up new combo opportunities, but they're very well rendered and add a sense of danger when your cornered. 


    Moving forward to next week, I would like to continue working towards levelling every base game character to level 20 for the gold trophy. My playtime at the time of posting is around 38 hours, so if we're basing my ability at the game compared to the estimated length of most trophy guides, I'm abysmal at this game ^^


  5. @FreshFromThaDeli @Gommes_ @DeepEyes7 @Copanele @KindaSabbath




    After reading through @Yuber6969 experience with Injustice 2, I thought I would take the plunge because the game has been gathering dust for a while and I have far too many fighting games to play as it is, so any progress is good progress. So, I searched through the trophy list and decided to tackle the online trophies and 100 multi-verses first. 


    If I pop any additional trophies in the process that would simply be a bonus! I know I needed to use every character within the AI Battle simulator to completion in order to unlock their respective endings. At the time of posting, I’ve earned all of the online trophies with the exception of voting correctly 10 times within king of the hill. I was fortunate enough to find someone to boost with extremely quickly which was a tremendous help. 


    Ranked matches were very interesting because I had quite a lot of people rage quit on me. I’m by no means good at Injustice 2 but I had several rage quits which shows you're doing something right. 


    Over the next week I would like to finish my last online trophy and work through the story mode whilst continuing to raise my character’s level, so I have less to grind later down the line. My main character is “The Flash” so I'd like to take this opportunity to share some of my combos with you guys so you can see how quickly the lad adapts to a new fighter.


    My current playtime is around 15 hours for the week which isn't great but at least it's a start! At the time of posting, I have levelled the following characters to level 20, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Swamp thing, Superman and Catwoman whilst Flash is level 30. Each video below is done with a level 30 Flash without gear, each video has combo notation within the video description if you wish to try these combos for yourself. 


    Flash combos






    @Copanele @FreshFromThaDeli @Gommes_ @Yuber6969 @KindaSabbath @DeepEyes7


    Cool fighting game characters


    I thought I would introduce a new series showcasing some of the coolest characters within the fighting genre. Some of these characters are iconic to their respective franchises whilst others will be my personal favourites. I've been playing fighting games for a very long time, so I thought I'd share this series with you guys. Naturally it would be a monumental task to write a spotlight for every character because there's so many of them, but I'll do my best.


    Character Spotlight #1


    Nationality: Japanese

    Affinity: Light

    First Appearance: Street Fighter 3 Third Generation (1997)





    Since its inception back in 1987, Street Fighter has become the most recognisable fighting game series to date. With a myriad of fighters to choose from it’s very difficult to narrow it down to just one when so many of them have an interesting background, fighting style and philosophy. 


    In Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain, Oro means “gold” or “golden”, no doubt referencing Oro’s skin tone. Oro is the shortest male character within the street fighter universe standing at a modest 5 '3 inches. Oro trained many students for years within his Japanese dojo however later in life he decided to become one with nature, living a solitary life within a cave as a hermit in the Amazon rainforest.


    Oro’s appearance is based on the late Helio Gracie, a legendary Brazilian martial artist. Oro is around 140 years old, his fighting abilities within the street fighter universe are legendary! What separates Oro from the rest is he purposely suppresses his power by fighting with one hand tied behind his back, he only unleashes his true power on those he feels worthy. Oro has telekinetic powers being able to levitate objects far greater in statue than himself.  


    Akuma is one of the most famous fighting game villains in fighting game history, striking fear into the opposition. During the events of Street Fighter 3, Oro and Akuma battled to test their power, both fighters realised if they were to go all in it would result in their deaths, so the two fighters called a truce ending the battle in a draw.  


    As a result of their battle Oro is one of only a few characters Akuma respects which speaks volumes. Whenever I think of Oro, I immediately think of Grandmaster Yoda from Star Wars because they both appear to be old and weak but are far from it. Regrettably Oro hasn’t appeared in many games, his last appearance was in Street Fighter 5.





    Character Spotlight #2


    Nationality: Japanese

    Affinity: Light

    First Appearance: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (1994)




    Akuma or “Gouki” in Japanese is one of the most iconic fighting game characters ever created. Both Akuma and Gouken were trained by their mentor Goutetsu a legendary fighter who was able to control the Satsui no Hado (Murderous Intent) without being consumed by it. After several years of training under the tutelage of Goutetsu, Akuma decided to follow his own path.  


    Akuma battled against his former master in a battle to the death, his master Goutetsu unleashed Metsu Hadouken against Akuma while he was temporarily incapacitated however Akuma defeated his master with the Raging Demon. Upon his master’s defeat, Akuma took his master's prayer beads as a token of his victory. 


    Contrary to popular belief Akuma is not an evil character he has strong morals and he’ll only engage in battle against those he deems worthy, just like Oro. Akuma follows the warriors code, and he merely wishes to fight strong opponents so he can test his strength in combat. Not only that but in official artwork for Street Fighter Alpha, Akuma is shown protecting a young child in a cave. 


    Furthermore, Elena is one of only a few characters to have made Akuma smile demonstrating that Akuma isn’t immune to acts of friendship. Akuma is canonically one of the strongest characters within the Street Fighter universe, although Akuma is a formidable warrior, he has 2 stronger variations/forms that take his power levels over 9000. 


    The first is Shin Akuma, a form where he has enhanced signature attacks that deal considerably more damage, and his fighting style is more fluid. His other form, Oni is his final form where he completely embraces the Satsui No Hado, causing a significant physical transformation to unleash his full power. 



    1. Copanele


      Well if we're mentioning cool fighting game characters .. gotta bring in Johnny from Guilty Gear



      Pirate, fitness god, master of the ancient Japanese Sword, "can't be seen without sunglasses", constant top tier despite being a headache to play as, May's caretaker etc etc.

      A very cool guy xD 

    2. Jeanoltt


      My favourite is lee chaolan from tekken. Such a cool guy



      Also Tokujin, a wooden dummy who is able to play as every character in the game, although that's completely random in every round.

    3. DeepEyes7


      Not for using them in actual fight but I always have liked goofy characters on fighting games with funny movesets, like Celica on BB, Rise on P4AU, Phoenix Wright on UMvC3 or in some way Dan on SF...

  7. 7L73ee14.png


    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Trophy: Behold the Tekken Lord!


    First off let me say that this trophy was a grind and a half. I played using my team (Jinpachi & Devil Jin) and it took me over 580 matches to get to Tekken Lord. I won around 82% of my matches against a myriad of computer-controlled opponents in ghost battles. A significant portion of those matches were annoying due to how much damage the AI can deal against you especially if they have rage activated which increases their damage output significantly. 


    I don't think I'm guaranteed the platinum trophy yet because I still have a difficult trophy to obtain which is the dreaded survival mode which I traditionally despise so that will be fun. In the meantime, I'll work towards some of the miscellaneous trophies I haven't earned to boost the game percentage up, since I'm at a modest 78% at the time of posting.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KenjiCBZ


      Congratulations. Survival is not that hard, there are certain moves that work like 90% of the times against stupid AI.

    3. FreshFromThaDeli


      Well done. Dunk dozens of hours online into this game. This was me at my peak at playing Tekken. 

    4. LancashireLad87


      @FreshFromThaDeli Yes, I'm just missing the survival for the platinum now I'll save that for next year's platinum challenge. For posterity I'll write my combo here, so I don't forget it when I come back to it :) 


      Jinpachi Up Back ST, Down T (Press Tag before connects), wait for devil jins attack, follow-up with Jinpachi with Single S, Delay, Single S, Forward T, S, S+T together. I think that's what I did. 

  8. 9L7eca62.png


    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Trophy: Solo Warrior #3500


    Last night the lad earned his 3500th trophy "Solo Warrior" for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The trophy is simple enough you have to beat arcade mode with a solo character on any difficulty. If you set the rounds to 1, you'll be more efficient and have an easier time than playing 2 rounds a game. I'm happy to add this trophy to my collection it's took me over 3 months to earn 500 trophies because I don't play shit and I go at my own pace. My last trophy goal I'd like to hit before the end of the year is to reach 60 platinum trophies, at the time of posting I'm on 58 so not far away. 

    1. NanaCheese94


      Congrats on the milestone, It's a good trophy for that :)

    2. ihadalifeb4this



  9. See the source image


    Considering fighting games have become far more lenient over the last few years it's very surprising that the genre hasn't took off. The vast majority of players were intimidated by fighting games because of their complexity and the physical execution required to pull off satisfying combos and applying fundamentals in both a casual and competitive setting. For an absolute beginner or someone who's dipped their toes into the genre, once you learn a few key aspects of the genre, those skills will inherently transfer from game to game.


    At their core, fighting games are a numbers game. A misconception I would like to address would be when people try to perform say an optimal punish with their chosen character which they can't land due to a lack of experience, execution and muscle memory. It's far more practical to use a combo you can land 90% of the time because it's reliable/consistent damage. I'm not good at 3D fighting games such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, Virtual Fighter and Dead or Alive, for me transitioning from 2D to 3D is a surreal experience.


    It's far more practical to improve your combos whilst you play. I've currently started Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the PlayStation 3, my team consists of Jinpachi Mishima and Devil Jin. When I first started my bread-and-butter combo dealt around 62 damage, with a bit of time in the lab (training mode), I've improved to 73 damage. Regardless of your personal barriers with the genre, if you find a character you resonate with, it could be you like their combos or their appearance but you're more likely to succeed.     


    Naturally this a trophy community so people who are strictly 100% completion focused wouldn't be willing to play something of a higher calibre but there comes a point where you have to expose yourself to the next tier of complexity otherwise, you'll never get better. I'm not adept at a lot of genres but it doesn't prevent me from wanting to improve at them. 


    The wonderful thing about PSNP is there's a lot of fighting game enthusiasts who can help to motivate you on your journey, giving advice or passing on knowledge of how to do certain things you're struggling with, how to utilise training mode, what to practice and why. Like any journey it's not a sprint it's a marathon, you have to be committed to getting better. You're not going to be coached by professionals of the genre who have accolades to show for it, but we can hold our own online in our respective games. 


    There's a plethora of fighting games to choose from, the vast majority of players have already finished games like Tekken 7 and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle because they're undoubtedly the easiest games to platinum from a 2D and 3D perspective. Online trophies are a big deterrent for a lot of people, but the majority of older titles are deserted therefore the online is easily boosted.   


    I haven't played as many fighting games as some people on this website but from the games I have played there's a lot of hidden gems that deserve more players. Under Night In-Birth ExE late ST/CL is a fantastic fighting game with a solid tutorial mode, 0 online trophies and nothing that's overly complicated as far as trophies are concerned. Guilty Gear Strive and DNF Duel are very good games as well, for strive only Nagoryuki on Extreme difficulty is a roadblock whilst DNF Duel has Survival Course C which can be save scummed. 


    Other notable examples would be Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which I'm currently playing, the online takes about an hour to boost. There's a ridiculously large character roster in this 2 Vs 2 3D fighter. Finally, I would vouch for Blazblue Central Fiction, yes, it's the most challenging game in terms of trophies out of the games I've mentioned but it's one of the best fighters I've played that isn't insanely difficult to complete for a newcomer. The hardest trophy in BBCF would be Faster! because the trials people can use an exploit to trick the game into thinking you've cleared advanced and expert trials with a single character when you've only completed normal trials.


    I hope this has motivated someone to get their feet wet into other fighting games they may have overlooked and classed as being too difficult based on their trophy rarity.    

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Preach! if i didnt keep trying or test combos id never have finished Capcom Arcade, DNF, Tekken 7, and a few others. Not saying im great at any of them but learning a few combos and timings make a world of difference. 

      Don't give up and you'll persevere!

  10. Moments ago, the lad from Lancashire hit a milestone for his account. I didn't know what to play so I decided to start Batman Telltale which was recommended by a friend. I'm enjoying the story which is very well written, sufe it's merely a point and click game but at the end of each episode, after you watch what's coming next, for some reason or another it draws you in to play more than you originally planned. 


    I'm 60% through the game having just completed episode 3. The milestone however is the lad has just hit 100,000 gamer-score which is a small number to the vast majority of players but it's nice to finally hit 6 digits. My only criticism with Batman so far would be a few graphical problems such as an NPC's head being partially rendered as she's talking to me. The game has also crashed on me once thus far, thankfully it was during the credits of Episode 2 so I didn't lose any progress.

    1. Sikutai


      Where can I see my Gamerscore?

    2. VoidVictorious
  11. 37L813195.png


    Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation 4)

    Trophy: Hardcore Rookie


    It's been a while since I earned a trophy in Resident Evil 2 because I get burnt out playing the game very easily. Since I didn't want to start a new project, I thought I'd take this opportunity to clean up a few things on my list. Of all the games on my account there are 2 games in particular that are tanking my completion the most the first is Guitar Hero Van Halen (55%) and Resident Evil 2 (62%). Considering I need a replacement USB receiver for one of my guitars and I haven't played Guitar Hero for a very long time, I thought I'd revisit Resident Evil 2.


    After reinstalling the game, I set my sites on a hardcore playthrough. I'll be the first to admit I get lost very easily so I decided to watch a full let's play to guide me on the way. My original goal was to earn the 14,000 steps trophy and clearing hardcore difficulty for the first time. Thankfully I managed to earn the S Rank for Leon hardcore A as well with a clear time of 2 hours 5 minutes and 7 saves used.


    Resident Evil 2 is now sitting at a much better position at 81% but there's still a lot of work ahead. I'll most likely save the game for next year's platinum challenge, but I'll try and get as close to the platinum as possible, so I have less to do next year. I've hit a new account completion which I'm very happy about, all that hard work is finally starting to pay off. I'm a measly 00.07% off my completion target for the year.



    When I earned the platinum trophy for Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner on the PlayStation 4 back in March 2022. I reached my all-time account completion of 97.65%, ever since then I’ve added a considerable number of games to my profile. Yesterday after cleaning up some King of Fighters 14 trophies, I finally reached a new PB by 00.01% completion after 7 months of hard work and determination.


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads, follows, likes and supports my trophy adventures. Without you guys, I probably wouldn’t have reached what I have today. Naturally my completion tanks whenever I commence a new project, moving forward I’m hoping to hit 98% by the end of 2022 in order to fulfil my final trophy goal of 2022.


    I have hit another milestone of 150 ultra rare trophies which is something I don't really pay much attention to but it's nice to hit 150. Moving forward I would like to hit 60 platinums, 100,000 gamer-score and 3,500 trophies by the end of the year which should be a reasonable target for me to work towards. I'm not sure what to start from my backlog but I'm sure I'll be able to make a decision over the next few days.

    1. CelestialRequiem


      You're welcome. 

  13. 1L74f3b0.png


    Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite (PlayStation 4)

    Trophy: Platinum #58 

    (PSNP Rarity 1.24%/Sony 0.10%)


    Breaking News!!! Earlier today the lad managed to secure his 58th platinum trophy Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite on the PlayStation 4. After playing both Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 I was curious to see how bad this game is, so I booted it up. So, I started with the combo trials since they're generally the platinum blocker in the majority of fighting games. Your task is to clear all trials with 5 characters for the trophy. I cleared Hulk, Iron Man, Ultron, Ghost Rider and Zero.


    But the worst part of the game by far is the stupid online requirements specifically reaching Rank 10. You begin your journey at Rank 14 which doesn't sound too far off Rank 10 but my god it's a grind. The online is boost-able with a friend but if you run into a random and you quit out of the game you lose a ton of progress therefore you should play during the early hours of the day or in the mornings. 


    The rest of the game isn't that bad honestly, the trophy guide states a 20-hour platinum journey if you've played Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. The offline content I blitzed through thanks to my previous fighting game experience. I do agree with the sentiments of @FreshFromThaDeli and @Copanele the game isn't as good as its predecessors, I enjoyed the combo trials but that was about it to be honest.






    As you can see, I managed to platinum the game in 3 hours 45 minutes gameplay time, not too shabby for a 35-year-old. If I was to rate the game based on my personal experience, I'd give the difficulty of the game a 4/10 if you boost to ranked 10, the trials aren't too bad if you've played harder fighting games. For a newcomer you might struggle with this one.


    I'm happy to add this game to my existing collection, the platinum trophy is now my 5th rarest trophy which is pretty sweet. Big thanks to @Copanele for helping me with the ranked matches for that final push towards the platinum! 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. MidnightDragon
    4. FreshFromThaDeli


      Well done mate. It's worth having another MVC game done and finished although it's certainly the weakest of them all with hardly any redeeming factors. 

      Well done mate. It's worth having another MVC game done and finished although it's certainly the weakest of them all with hardly any redeeming factors. 

  14. Update regarding my account and my goals and aspirations moving forward


    Over the last two and a half years I've generally been focussing my efforts predominantly on a few genres, fighting, kart racing and souls games. Sure, I've dabbled in other genres here and there, but my account is lacking in some much-needed diversity. The main reason I focus on fighting games is due to their age and their online requirements, I'm slowly but surely working through them as the weeks and months pass. Once I've ran out of fighting game titles, I would like to branch out into other genres that I haven't been paying too much attention to. Fighting games in general are not my favourite genre nor are they my best genre when it comes to proficiency, but I enjoy a good fighter!  


    My backlog is ever increasing which is part and parcel of being a trophy hunter it comes with the territory. I would like to diversify into the following genres Racing, Shooters and Platformers. If anyone has any recommendations for these genres that are solid titles in terms of quality, please let me know. I currently own the N-Sane Trilogy and Crash Bandicoot 4.

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    2. Not_like_therest


      For racing I can recommend project cars 3 and the hot wheels game from ps plus.

      For shooters- Crysis 1 and 2 remasters were acceptable enough quality to me with no issues. Heard 3rd has some pretty serious bugs though. Control (it goes on sale a lot now), deus ex: mankind divided, Remnant from Ashes since you like souls games. Mass effect series if you like some rpg components.

    3. Not_like_therest


      Oh and rollerdome for shooters, even though I'm shit at it, it is rather fun and a bit hard

    4. Gommes_


      For racing you have to play the Wipeout Omega Collection. It is a fantastic exclusive! For shooters I would suggest Titanfall 2, Bioshock Infinite or Metro Exodus. And for plattformers  you could go for Tearaway Unfolded.

  15. I was curious what my average 100% difficulty is for every game on my account that has an existing guide on PSNP. I was quite surprised at the results I thought it would have been higher than that, but some games were severely under-rated a few examples would be BlazBlue Central Fiction which is rated a 5/10 on the guide, Jurassic World Evolution which is rated a 5/10, and Doom 2016 which is rated a 3/10.


    BlazBlue Central Fiction I personally rate a 6.5/10 and I'm no slouch so an average player would rate it even higher than that. JWE 100% is much harder than a 5/10 I'd give that a solid 8 personally. Finally, we have Doom 2016 which is nowhere near a 3 more like a 5/10. From my current list 67/74 games have an existing guide, collectively the average difficulty for my entire collection of games is 5.6/10 in difficulty based on guide writers, perspectives not my own. Of course, some games that would bump the aggregate up that lack a guide I'm missing out on some big numbers like DOA5, KOF13 and GHVH would all be rated at least a 9.

    1. gamer_darkly


      Interesting idea. May do the same.

    2. gamer_darkly


      My initial estimate was 4-5. Calculated average difficulty based on 78 games that I've done 100%, and have guides is 4/10. Think I need to up my game.

  16. 21L16355b.png


    Madagascar Kartz (PlayStation 3)

    Trophy: 200CC Master


    After playing through Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on the PS3 I needed something more chill. So, my eyes were set on Madagascar Kartz on the PS3, considering the game is almost 13 years old it's actually not a bad little kart racer. As far as the hardest trophy is concerned from a single player perspective it would be clearing 200 CC with each tournament (3 in total). I was very keen to start this one so yesterday I booted it up and got to work, I read mixed opinions regarding the games difficulty on where it's currently rated a 4.5/10 by the guide writer. People were complaining about the time trials specifically Foosa Rocks 50 CC and Shrek Swamp 200 CC. 


    Since I'm pro at kart racing I was like are they that bad? not for me smashed them all in quick succession. I predominantly used Melman (Giraffe) for the time trials however for the 150CC & 200CC championships I used King Julien (Lemur). The 200CC is harder because the tracks are mirrored and it's the games fastest setting. I'm currently 1 trophy away for the platinum but I'm saving it for next years 1-10 challenge. The trophy guide on PSNP states a 3/10 difficulty and 7 hours, I've spent barely over 3 hours for 98% of the trophies. Sadly, the game doesn't have that many tracks (9) and characters (9) but I'd recommend the game to any kart racing fan.


    As for difficulty the only reason why this gets a 2/10 and not anything lower is the fact you must have a second player locally help you with the 10, 25 and 40 hourglass trophies. If it wasn't for that I'd rate it a 1.5/10 really easy when you've already cleared the hardest challenges in the genre.

  17. 27Le84fd2.png


    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Trophy: Rivals Welcome


    About 10pm last night after leaving my console idling in an online lobby with a turbo controller, I finally got the trophy for playing 30 hours online in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. A big shout-out to @danovox who helped me with the trophy. Needless to say, I'm surprised I didn't disconnect at any point, and I think I speak for everyone who's earned this trophy that I'm glad that's over! All that stands in the lads way as far as the platinum is concerned is winning 100 ranked matches. At the time of posting the lad has 92, I was considering leaving the game at 99 ranked wins when I get there so I can use UMVC3 as my 10/10 submission next year as I'm going to try and complete 2 lists. Here's hoping they don't announce any server closures from now until then otherwise I'll be forced to finish it earlier than expected.

  18. What genres are the most skill-based objectively for an average player to become proficient in?


    Gaming has an absorbent number of genres for players to sink their teeth into, each genre requiring a degree of knowledge, understanding, competency and exposure to become familiar with on your journey. The vast majority of genres have a low barrier of entry to attract players to their games whilst others require a deeper understanding to even contemplate what you're supposed to do. The old expression "easy to pick up but difficult to master" is applicable to a plethora of games, when it comes to the average player, they will inadvertently struggle and adapt at a different pace to everyone else. Due to personal experience and abilities, I don't buy into the notion that given the time invested anyone can do any game.


    I haven't played every genre on my profile, but I have certainly played the vast majority in my 30 years of gaming. When I contemplated on creating this post, I thought to myself that would make an interesting topic of discussion providing I can enunciate my words which I find is the most difficult aspect of writing an opinionated article. It goes without saying that this is based on an average player so if you feel your genre shouldn't be omitted from this list, I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter. 


    First and foremost, let's get the obvious genres out of the way, Fighting, Racing and Rhythm. Fighting games have a higher barrier of entry to for lack of a better word get into them. Not only are they diverse from a gameplay perspective but you have to learn what feels like another language to understand forum posts due to terminology. To add insult to injury they require the player to perform unique inputs which you won't find outside the genre, did I mention they have some of the most famous trophies in gaming? well they do!


    Then we have the Racing genre, sure not all Racing games have a high learning curve, racing games are even more diverse than fighting games everything from sim and kart racing to rally, track and arcade and everything in-between. Simulation racing in particular have quite a few terms of their own which I've only just become accustomed to. Due to their diversity racing games play very different to one another just like fighting games.


    Finally, we have Rhythm games which lack the diversity of the other genres but what they lack in diversity they make up for in complexity. My sister has been a fan of Rhythm games for years, she practically owns every Guitar Hero title to date. Playing on a set of drums and hitting note streaks is very different to bass or guitar. The only other genre I can think of from the top of my head would be platformers. 


    Each of these genres have some of the most challenging trophy lists to date. 


    Fighting - Kohime Enbu Ryo Rai Rai, The King of Fighters 13, Persona 4 Arena, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Ultra Street Fighter 4, SkullGirls 2nd Encore, Blazblue Continuum Shift & Dead or Alive 5


    Racing - Dirt Rally 2.0 100%, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed 2015 & Trackmania Turbo    


    Rhythm - Guitar Hero Smash Hits/Van Halen/Metallica, Rock Band 2


    Platformers - Crash Bandicoot 4 It's about time, Splasher, Super Meat Boy/Super Meat Boy Forever


    Hopefully you enjoyed reading this update, it took me a while to articulate my thoughts, but we get there in the end!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LancashireLad87


      @DrBloodmoney Yes, my sister is a Tetris god I'm a scrub by comparison. The gameplay is very simple but the speed and thought behind every piece is another skill entirely. Knowing exactly where to place a piece and its orientation in a matter of milliseconds to make the most out of your play is something beyond my skillset.


      @starcrunch061 Yes, Rhythm games are even more niche than fighters in my opinion. Like you said even the easier Rhythm games are no joke and yet very few people acknowledge their difficulty. There are more proficient fighting game players than Rhythm games.

    3. CelestialRequiem



    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I think you laid it all out pretty well here! I definitely concur with your picks. I suck at 2 out of those 3 genres, but Rhythm games are the ones I stand a chance with! 


      They really do take a shitload of practice tho. I've probably logged around 1k hours between all the Rock Band/Guitar Hero games since they started coming out. I can play just about anything on Expert (not necessarily perfect or whatever lol)... On vocals, guitar, or bass at least!


      Definitely agree with you tho on the drums... That was the one instrument that I could never perfect with those! Then again, I didn't really put in the time back in the day when I had an actual drumset for Rock Band 2!


      I would also like to add that something like Crypt of the Necrodancer would still qualify for a rhythm game. And that game's reputation definitely precedes it 😅

  19. 41L86b5df.png


    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    Trophy: Assemble!


    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me earn this stupid 8 player lobby trophy in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on the PlayStation 3. I hope I never see another 8 player trophy again. All the lad is missing for the prestigious platinum trophy is the online grind which will be fun, said nobody ever! Thankfully the trophy doesn't require you to play a match with 8 people you simply need 8 people in an online lobby, just like the original Marvel Vs Capcom 3.


  20. 25L919aa8.png


    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Trophy: Training in Isolation


    This trophy requires you to play 30 hours in offline mode. Having completed every offline trophy in the game including the 480 combo trials I was sitting on 19 hours 51 minutes since the game tracks your offline and online playtime. I found myself in a dilemma, what am I supposed to do for 10 hours to get this trophy to unlock? So, I scoured the web, and the answer became clear as day, I had to wait in training mode for 10 hours, so I left my PS3 running while I went to work. If you really struggle with the combo trials, then you'd earn this trophy naturally. I'm officially done with the offline portion of the game, all that's left is the dreaded online :(  

  21. 35L04831a.png


    King of Fighters 14 (PlayStation 4)

    Trophy: Free-Party 100 Matches


    For those of you who are unaware you have to play 100 matches against an online team. This means you have to find 5 additional players to play 100 online matches with. Whoever came up with this trophy should be fired! It's hard enough to get that many people together for a single match, let alone 100. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who participated in my boosting group for this trophy. It took around 4.5 hours to get this trophy over 2 sessions. Pro tip if you want to blitz through these matches, I highly suggest using Kim and then mash Circle like a scrub. You can complete each round in around 10 seconds which is pretty solid to be fair, you don't have to move your character either because Kim's circle attack propels him forward!


    Happy to get this trophy out of the way, next is the 100 team battles online which will take a fair amount of time, but I'll get there in the end!

  22. @Yuber6969 @Honor_Hand @Groudon9000 @KindaSabbath @Gommes_ @FreshFromThaDeli @AJ_Radio


    Breaking News!!! The lad from Lancashire has secured the hardest trophy in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on the PlayStation 3. I'm referring to the Master of Tasks trophy that requires you to clear 480 combo trials, compared to its predecessor Marvel Vs Capcom 3 the trials are WAY harder. I personally found the trials harder than Ultra Street Fighter 4. I was lucky to have the DLC given to me by a good friend and boy did they help me to reach the 480 target. I would like to thank @Copanele for his inside knowledge and giving me the motivation to carry on and push forward.


    Unfortunately, I don't have the online trophies, so I'm not guaranteed the platinum trophy at this point, but I have done the hardest trophy. This is without question the hardest silver trophy I have earned on my account thus far! All in all, it took me 12 hours and 16 minutes to clear 480 combos. For me the hardest trials in terms of execution and speed were as follows, in no particular order.


    Top 5 Hardest (Personal Opinion)


    Doctor Doom 10

    Viper 10

    Strider Hiryu 9 due to the speed required

    Sentinel 10

    She Hulk 10




    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PlayStation 3)

    Trophy: Master of Tasks

    (PSNP Rarity 1.41%/Sony 0.60%)








    Needless to say, I'm very happy to add this trophy to my existing collection. I'm amazed that it's over 1% rarity though. Considering this is the most difficult trophy to obtain in UMVC3 I'm confident I can accurately rate the platinum difficulty. I gave USF4 an 8.5/10 for my personal rating, the trials in USF4 took me 13 hours 45 minutes to clear but I found UMVC3 harder, so I'd rate the platinum a 9.5/10. It's easier than KOF13 but not by much in my book!

    1. Gommes_


      The time sounds good. 12 hours for that madness is not too bad!

    2. LancashireLad87


      @Gommes_ Thanks man it works out to a combo trial cleared every 1.5 minutes :) 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Awesome work, man. I still have this one pending to do, both the PS3 and PS4 versions. The PS3 version in particular is quite an accomplishment. So far I only completed the vanilla version of the game a long time ago so not sure when I'll be trying Ultimate.


      Major respect points for completing Meow Meow lvl 10 with Felicia, yo. 😺

  23. Soon the lad will be attempting King of Fighters 14 which I'm honestly looking forward to. I know it's not as prestigious as its predecessor, but it should be an interesting experience. I'm not looking forward to the survival trophy because that was my roadblock in KOF13 for many months. 


    I was contemplating on starting UMVC3 on the PS3 but I need a reliable boosting partner. I know @FreshFromThaDeli has played the PS Vita version any chance you'd consider the PS3 version? :) 

    1. Copanele


      Just dropping here to say:

      Survival trophy - pick Robert, spam shoryukens like your life depends on it, use Haoh Shohoken whenever you have meter xD 

    2. FreshFromThaDeli


      Good luck with KOF XIV. Just a grindy Platinum is all, nothing difficult. 


      As for UMVC3, I don't intend to buy it for PS3 or PS4. That online mode boosting on Vita burned me out on the game and I don't fancy doing it again, not to mention still got to finish the missions mode on Vita. Plus I tend to only stack games I really like. Good luck with it though. 

    3. Gommes_


      It's a fun game, which is not hard per se. The grindy aspect and having so many many people come together for the online trophies are the actual problem.

  24. 9L4f303d.png


    Samurai Shodown (PS4)

    Trophy: World's Greatest


    For those of you who are unaware of what this trophy entails I will enlighten you. You need to defeat 17 consecutive opponents in Survival mode, sounds easy right? Wrong! You can die incredibly quickly, a simple heavy attack deals around 20-25% of your maximum health. If you get hit by specific attacks you will lose your weapon and have to pick it back up again in the heat of battle. 17 isn't that many opponents when you look at other fighting games but it's not necessarily the number that's important it's the journey. I used the main character Haohmaru, however before I earned this trophy, I lost on the final opponent Shizuka a.ka. "Fan bitch" on the final round. Yes, you can set the rounds to 1 and the timer to 30 seconds but the final round you have to beat twice before your rewarded with the dub.


    At the time of posting I don't have the platinum trophy, I'm just missing the online trophies which @Copanele has said he'll help me boost and a simple tutorial which I'm purposely leaving for next year's inevitable platinum challenge. This is definitely the hardest trophy in Samurai Shodown, the rest of the game in terms of difficulty was to put it bluntly a cakewalk. You can turn gore effects on or off, I turned them on! Dismemberments are cool and so are the supers.


    The trophy guide states a 10-hour platinum journey which initially I was sceptical of, I've never played a Samurai Shodown game before. I checked my in-game time with 94% of the trophies and I'm at 4 hours 58 minutes. Difficulty wise the trophy guide on PSNP rates the game a 3 and yet the trophy guide on .org which is written by the SAME person it's rated a 5. Naturally difficulty is very subjective, but I think an average player would rate it higher than a 3.


    I'm happy to have this trophy out of the way because it took me over a dozen attempts ^^

    1. Copanele


      Truth be told, SamSho 2018 might be the chillest SNK fighting game so far :D 

      I do remembered I spammed kunai as Galford though, tried to win legit as Genjiro and I got wrecked by the 10th or 11th opponent pretty quickly lol.


    2. FreshFromThaDeli


      I got this on Series X too for that next gen coat of paint. Shame it's not on PS5.

    3. Gommes_


      I don't even remember how I tackled this trophy 😅

  25. Breaking News!!! The lad from Lancashire has finally ended his platinum drought with 2 brand new platinums!


    Onrush (PlayStation 4)

    Platinum #56




    (PSNP Rarity 7.26%/Sony 0.60%)




    The first is for Onrush and the second is for The Crew 2 both games are on the PS4. My final trophy for Onrush was for earning 250 unique pieces of gear, gear is awarded in loot crates every time you level your profile up. Each crate will give you 3 pieces of gear however if your unfortunate like me, you will get duplicates! Overall, I really enjoyed Onrush, it was a fun game, but the gear grind was annoying because I hate grinding for shit.


    I was surprised I managed to complete the game in under 15 hours of actual playtime as the trophy guide states a 25 hour experience. The game isn't too difficult either, the guide rates it a 6/10 which might be a tad high, but I'll take it. I have now completed my 7th game in my 2nd list of the platinum challenge ^^


    The Crew 2 (PlayStation 4)

    Platinum #57


    (PSNP Rarity 12.89%/Sony 1.20%)


    My second platinum of the day is for The Crew 2, the last trophy I had to earn was to take 40 photos within the game of various things which was very tedious if you ask me. The game isn't too difficult either and is definitely worth your time, if you have the season pass you get 20% off any in-game purchase which would make the platinum journey even easier because you get a LOT of free cars in the season pass, I didn't use it, but it makes a significant difference.


    This is the 2nd time in my trophy history that I've managed to earn 2 platinum trophies in a single day which I'm stoked about, you wait 5 weeks to get a platinum and suddenly you get 2 within 30 minutes, madness! The trophy guide states a 4/10 and a 45 hour platinum journey. As you can see it took me just under 41 hours to get the platinum trophy.






    I hope you enjoyed reading through this update, I'm very happy to add these platinum trophies to my collection because I haven't really played many racing games outside of kart racing of course. 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. DrBloodmoney


      Nice work, my man! 

    4. VoidVictorious


      image-asset.jpeg?format=1500wNice job! You definitely deserve this for your efforts!