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    After reading through @Yuber6969 experience with Injustice 2, I thought I would take the plunge because the game has been gathering dust for a while and I have far too many fighting games to play as it is, so any progress is good progress. So, I searched through the trophy list and decided to tackle the online trophies and 100 multi-verses first. 


    If I pop any additional trophies in the process that would simply be a bonus! I know I needed to use every character within the AI Battle simulator to completion in order to unlock their respective endings. At the time of posting, I’ve earned all of the online trophies with the exception of voting correctly 10 times within king of the hill. I was fortunate enough to find someone to boost with extremely quickly which was a tremendous help. 


    Ranked matches were very interesting because I had quite a lot of people rage quit on me. I’m by no means good at Injustice 2 but I had several rage quits which shows you're doing something right. 


    Over the next week I would like to finish my last online trophy and work through the story mode whilst continuing to raise my character’s level, so I have less to grind later down the line. My main character is “The Flash” so I'd like to take this opportunity to share some of my combos with you guys so you can see how quickly the lad adapts to a new fighter.


    My current playtime is around 15 hours for the week which isn't great but at least it's a start! At the time of posting, I have levelled the following characters to level 20, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Swamp thing, Superman and Catwoman whilst Flash is level 30. Each video below is done with a level 30 Flash without gear, each video has combo notation within the video description if you wish to try these combos for yourself. 


    Flash combos