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  1. Been a while since I've played the game, but IIRC, that message gets displayed after killing every boss, regardless of whether you healed or not. So it's not really an indicator of doing the trophy properly.
  2. That's great to know, thanks!
  3. I already plat'd Deathloop last year, but I did it on a physical Asian copy, which I sold afterwards. Now, I tried downloading the version available on PS+, but since my PSN account is US, my old save file isn't being read. So if I start a new game, what's the earliest point that I can get all the DLC trophies?
  4. Just got my plat now too. The tips here were incredibly useful! All I can say is Mantis God is the absolute best deck. If you can get it to 6 power plus the extra hits from transferring Mantis or Pronghorn sigils, then it's almost impossible to lose. You won't even need any more items to clear the bears since Mantis God will do that and win all on his own. I'd say overall Kaycee's Mod is a 5-6/10 difficulty once you unlock the Mantis deck. I tried playing around with the Black Goat setup too but I found that Mantis was just way more consistent since you only need that one card, whereas Black Goat still needs you to see a Magpie early in the run to find the Direwolf.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I just finished everything not Kaycee's Mod-related and I do agree 100%, definitely do not look anything up and avoid all spoilers, as this game is a wild ride. Gonna start the Mod soon, will be definitely using all your tips!
  6. I don't know much about Inscryption, except that I should try to go into it knowing as little as possible, so I'm doing my best to avoid spoilers. I'm also avoiding looking at the trophy list cuz that other forum post said so lol. But on that note, I'm just curious if anyone's played this before on PC, and if you guys have an estimate on how long it'll take to plat this, and how hard it might be?
  7. I don't quite understand the 2500 score requirement either lol. I've done Heart/Backbreaker 720 flips a few times but they don't always go above 1000. from what I can tell, the score needs to turn yellow for there to be a chance of hitting 2500, but idk what triggers that, since usually the score highlight is just grey or blue. I got close once at 2494 and it's annoying lol EDIT: okay I figured it out. Apparently the same tricks become worth less the more you do em, so you need to do a trick you haven't done yet that run. Any of the double input tricks should get you to 2500 (uu, dd, ll, rr, ud, du, lr, rl) so try a different trick every time if you don't get it.
  8. Gotcha, thanks for the input! Now regarding the season pass, is it mandatory for the punchline trophy? Cuz so far, I haven't seen any way to get a custom punchline without it. Cuz if it is mandatory, then I guess I might as well buy it lol
  9. With the new F2P model, it seems that a majority of the items now cost Showbucks instead of Kudos, and I find myself earning very little Kudos from regular playing too. Any thing above the cheapest items (which are usually 200-500 kudos) seem way too expensive. I can only purchase 1-2 items a day, which means that the grind for 50 will probably take like a month. I haven't spent any money on micros yet, does getting the season pass speed up the process in any way? Although either way, I think I might need to buy the season pass anyway since it seems to be the only way to unlock custom punchlines for that one other trophy.
  10. I've done everything else, I only have the trophy for the Hut left to do. Main story is done, DLC campaign is also done, I've done more than 40 mail requests (a large majority of them were from the main story and were already autocompleted when I loaded up my game), and I've collected 10 hats too. Any idea how to trigger the scene where they build the 2nd floor? EDIT: nvm, it just randomly happened at one point while I was doing the remaining mail requests. Guess the timing really is just random.
  11. This drove me crazy too, in my case I was missing Rice Ball (Tuna Mayo) instead lol. What I found was that you can save in front of a plastic bag, and keep reloading if it doesn't give you the food you need. kinda like what you do for the daikyo trophy. Hope this helps, so you don't need to constantly search for plastic bags lol
  12. Can't seem to find flower 5. Already got 4, my last one was in 2-3, but the one that should be in 2-11 isn't showing up for some reason. Has it always appeared in 2-11 for everyone else?
  13. Is it possible to check how many flowers I currently have? I can't seem to find it in the menu. Edit: nvm, found it. It's on the page that shows all your permanent upgrades. I was looking for it in the databank lol
  14. Ahh, I see. That makes sense, thanks!
  15. Title says it all. How do I activate these things? I can't seem to find a way to trigger them. They look like the red ones that have a really obvious switch to shoot, but I can't seem to find anything similar for these green ones. Photo below for reference.