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  1. Attempt #6 - Done!
  2. Attempt #3 - Accidently shot Fabiana in Chapter 5 Attempt #4 - Died in Chapter 10 - Had a really bad fight at the 2nd encounter and used a lot of painkillers (Too aggressive on my part) - Didn't have enough to survive the ambush in the big area in the bus depo Attempt #5 - Nice run - Got stuck in infinite bullet cam on Chapter 8, don't think I've seen this one before Don't think this difficulty is that hard just gotta keep at it
  3. Attempt #1 - Shot Giovanna on the Helipad on Chapter 2 (Oops) Attempt #2 - Died on Chapter 13 after the trolley slide part - I didn't realize the guy with the red beam is a sniper and will insta kill you even though I had 4 painkillers at that point and got past the APC and the freeze part Try again tomorrow
  4. I was playing the undead nightmare version with all DLC so GOTY
  5. You'll have to keep checking. I checked on 4 different days before hitting the right lobby
  6. Can confirm the lobbies are back. Mine was in Friendly free roam in Armadillo. Like 4 bodies stuck on the ground