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  1. Not every GOTY has 2 seperate lists cos GOTY.. Borderlands 1 didn't BL2 didn't. (until they were ported to PS4) plenty of other games didn't either. I just can't think of em cos I'm drunk
  2. It's not meant to, it's a different version of the game, same as base Mordor wont recognise Mordor GOTY, or any game wont recognise GOTY.
  3. It's confirmed to have the Arms Race DLC (trophies) and the Director's Cut DLC (probably will have trophies) (Feb release?). More skins and cosmetic shit. Maybe more I'm not sure.
  4. I'm looking at this game in the current sale, looks fun. However, it's not searchable/findable on the PS5 store (at least I can't find it) and I don't wanna buy it of the PC store for it to not be unplayable on PS5. Does anyone know if it's playable on PS5 digitally?
  5. Exactly I genuinely believe most the money comes from them, cos they'll play that 1 sport game a year and spends hundreds on it a year. They don't care what it does to the "industry" cos they get their game yearly. There's no way of reaching em and explaining it to em, but I doubt they care. It's never gonna change.
  6. It's not "us" you have to worry about. It's the casuals who play the game for a few hours a week and don't join sites or socials or forums regarding NBA who give em the most money.
  7. So you're a bad at the game? K, cheers.
  8. I honestly prefer it to Knoxx lol.. At least Moxxi you can brain dead in a small area and not pay attention. Knoxx is so boring and the endless long roads and travelling back n forth..
  9. So this is why morons are review bombing the PC version 14 months after release. 😂😂😂😂 Fucking morons
  10. I know it's the ultimate edition, but does Now actually let you access and play it is the question?
  11. It's ya own fault really.. We knew the game was about 10-15ish hours long I think Insomniac said.. (So more like 6) before it was released. Your own fault if you don't wanna research games
  12. Done all 3 arenas now, no issues, and as above, bodies parts all over the shop. (On PS5)
  13. 2nd big arena done in the same play session, again loads of body parts, no slowdowns, freezes or crashes.