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  1. Just play it, if you wanna play it. You'll be dead by 80, and then your trophy collection means absolutely nothing. Just play it man. It's also not THAT hard, just takes some patience.
  2. I can't figure out what I'm meant to do for the "Hat Away" trophy?
  3. The LN series is honestly up there as 1 of, if not my favourite game series ever. Hope ya enjoy it. Cheers for the tip, I'll keep an eye. Hopefully it gets patched sometime soon.
  4. Super unpopular is probably a bit of stretch imo. It's a small indie game with not much marketing, as a Little Nightmares fan I've been looking forward to this, just been hooked by Babylon's, then don't have to room to install it at the moment. Damn, that's a shame Definitely getting to the game soon, when I've got room to get it installed. Seems fun, as a Little Nightmares fan, I've been waiting for a similar inspired game, glad a few of them seem to be surfacing now.
  5. Confused why no one's finished the game yet. Not got the room on my HDD to install the game yet, but will be doing so soon. What's up with no one finishing it?
  6. Makes sense, cheers 👍
  7. As per title, can't seem to find an answer. 1 said everything popped. Another said nothing does.
  8. I just picked this up cos cheap. Got a chance to play it with Babylon's being down for maintenance to add in the Nier colab and I gotta say. Murder House is fucking incredible. Awesome game, the music is so anxiety inducing it's unreal lol. Will definitely be picking up more Puppetcombo games if they come to console. Loved this one.
  9. Patch is now live for PS5. PS4 patch incoming next week. Can confirm it has fixed the 400 ISO film location. Just load up "The Graveyard" chapter and grab it.
  10. Doesn't seem like. The trophy is fine, the problem is a missing collectable, once the day 1 patch is downloaded. Potentially it's fixed and it's missed of the notes, or we just wait slightly longer.
  11. Some info, not sure if that's the entire patch notes, or if that's for PC. But a patch is on the way with some fixes. Surprisingly quick, fairplay.
  12. Just that they're working on it, give em time. The studio has 10 full time staff, they can't get a patch out less than a week after release.
  13. I believe it's due to sprinting through checkpoints, which seemed to freeze for me, try walking past the ones that freeze on you. Or just wait for a patch
  14. Definitely in my opinion. Might be worth waiting a few weeks for a patch or 2 though. It has some freezing issues currently, but otherwise I loved it.