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  1. Either having issues, cos the other 3 tabs are missing, or taken down, while they update the sale.
  2. Seems quite common with BC games on the PS5, had weird visual glitches in like 4?5? games, but they all played fine, so I'll take it.
  3. Boost the MP and look for the collectable coins. They give a lot. Also finishing championships etc
  4. I need to "get out more" during lockdown, during a global pandemic? That's a good one that lmao 🙃
  5. In the near 40 games (PS4 backwards compat) I've played I've had issues with 1 game which was a slight graphical issue... 1 game with an issue doesn't make the "whole backwards compatibility thing look really unreliable".
  6. Fair .. Just didn't find it nearly as difficult as I see everyone claim, was kinda weird, I flew through it honestly. You can basically just sprint through most the game, it tricks you into thinking you've gotta sneak at certain points, but it's pointless.
  7. I mean that's a lot of text for anyone lol.. But okay. And cos it's in there with the other no death run trophies, and in rarity order I can put it at the bottom if that'll make you happier?
  8. From what I read of that essay. ...It's not a hard speedrun can be done in 40-50 minutes, plenty of time under that hour mark. There's also not many times you'll die, you can save yaself a lot of the time.
  9. Considering the game came out today, take a wild guess.
  10. Every. Single. AAA. Game. The hype every single big game is unreal these days, they might still be good games, but they don't live up to the hype.
  11. That looks like it was made by a high schooler in 10 minutes, from the banner image alone.. Yikes.
  12. His wife didn't smash his back window and distract again did she? lol
  13. All they said when they announced the date was "later". Free upgrade for PS4 owners though. I think we can assume it will have another list, cos it seems every PS5 game has it's own list? Or the majority does.
  14. It's not on that list, but you can't search it on the PS5 PSN Store, it doesn't show.