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  1. Make all ya alts and do the crafting weekly on every one. All chars share all materials. Then as above; Sieges for the tokens and exchange em.
  2. Patches are out for MoM and LH, so while I haven't tested, they should be fixed. On a new save file, not continuing the old one.
  3. Can anyone just confirm the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Chaotic Great Edition on PSN gives you both the PS4 and PS5 version and the season pass for both?

    1. AvariceInc


      I'm 99% sure that's what I bought when I 100%'ed both so yeah. 😁

    2. Cobbsquatch


      Lovely, cheers

  4. 3 4 LL 2 Golden Abyss 1 I think? I dunno been ages since I played GA.. or any of them tbf. They're all kinda average.
  5. It's just repackaging all the trilogies content, no biggie. Probably works out better for players who want to jump into the game. Instead of thinking they have to play 3 games, they can just jump into 1. Cool.
  6. My thoughts are as follows - It has trophies.
  7. Little Nightmares Outlast Murder House Death Park 1/2 - probably not the best objectively but I had fun with em. Actual Sunlight An Evil Existence - Indie RE7 rip off Hitman 1/2 (New trilogy) Stories Untold Emily Wants To Play / Emily Wants To Play Too - again probably objectively not the best, but i loved em. Detention Home Sweet Home Layers Of Fear Abzu Max Payne Valiant Hearts: The Great War Never Alone INSIDE Titan Attacks!
  8. Most people have already played their older games and if they liked em, woulda bought the new one. Trophy hunters are a minor percentage of all gamers, it wouldn't have made any difference.
  9. The devs are aware and are investigating/compiling fixes together for a patch in the future, not ETA on that yet though, I imagine it's a smaller team focussing on them, due to TDiM only just releasing.
  10. They tend to release it for free after 6 months or so. If you didn't preorder. Message Amazon suppourt asking where it is. Sounds like you got scammed or read it wrong, there's a different Curator's Cut code for each game, all of which are eventually released to everyone for free. I'd just wait and message the sell on ebay/check the listing see if you read it wrong, if they did message them or eBay.
  11. There's none. I had 0 issues.
  12. Just play it, if you wanna play it. You'll be dead by 80, and then your trophy collection means absolutely nothing. Just play it man. It's also not THAT hard, just takes some patience.
  13. I can't figure out what I'm meant to do for the "Hat Away" trophy?