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  1. Is it just me but when I get collectables, subtitles will show but there's no audible speaking like the subs are showing? Or just listened to a radio and I can hear the protagonist, but can't hear the other half of the conversation, despite subtitles being there?
  2. The only difference is what ya TV can manage, and even then ... Eh, if ya TV can run the native PS5 version as is, compared to the PS4 version running on PS5, the upgrade probably isn't worth an extra $30
  3. "PS5 Trophy List Tile Art Lazy and Disappointing" kinda like Sony's attempt to get to get an extra $30 out of customers for an "improved" version and DLC. As opposed to just selling the DLC for $15.
  4. Platinum #5 - Batman: Return To Arkham - Arkham Asylum Difficulty - 4/10 Fun - 9/10 Absolutely love this game, my favourite of the Arkham franchise. Yes, the game's combat hasn't aged too well, and by comparison to Knight or even just City/Origins, it's pretty bad and does some janky stuff. Having said that, the atmosphere of the game, the enclosed spaces, forcing you into rooms where you can't just fly off (City onwards) makes it a lot more enjoyable and tense for me. Fantastic game, thoroughly recommend to everyone, I'm not even a big superhero fan but it's a great game and franchise.
  5. Non-Platinum #4 - Cel Damage HD Difficulty - 3/10 Fun - 8/10 A remaster? HDing? Whatever of one of my favourite PS2 games as a kid, of course I had to pick it up. Still a lot of fun, controls are a bit funky, using only sticks to accelerate and turn etc. But a lot of fun and nostalgia. Non-Platinum #5 - Kitten Squad Difficulty - 3/10 Fun - 6/10 A F2P twin stick shooter from PETA ... Yep You're guess is as good as mine. But actually a semi decent game tbh, the aiming coulda been a bit tighter, feels like the characters are on 8 directional programming, as opposed to 16. But, for free I can't complain too much, still enjoyed it. Non-Platinum #6 - Ultratron Difficulty - 4/10 Fun - 7/10 From the same folks that brought us Titan Attacks!, another arcade styled game. Don't really have a reference to compared this one too, but it's essentially a twin stick shooter/bullet hell? I think? Was again a lot of fun either, slightly harder than Titan Attacks! in my opinion, but hey ho. Non-Platinum #7 - Castle Invasion: Throne Out Difficulty - 3/10 Fun - 7/10 A small indie title, not really sure what genre I'd lump it into. But essentially, you control a knight defending a castle from mobs, you get a range of weapons and can move verticle on a rail, switching weapons to shoot at the attacking mobs. Decent, fun little indie.
  6. Platinum #4 - Lara Croft GO Difficulty - 3/10 Fun - 5/10 For me, this is the worst of the 2 GO games on PSN. The camera for some reason is held at 45 degree angle, which makes it difficult to move in some directions and this game most of the levels are; you make a mistake, you gotta restart. This got real tedious and annoying, personally. It'd be a lot better if it followed Hitman's structure of allowing camera movement, so we can aim the directional stick in the right location. Other than that, it was a fine game. I imagine it worked better on mobiles (which is was made for to be fair), but they coulda done a better job porting it for me.
  7. Platinum #2 - Tesla vs Lovecraft Difficulty - 4/10 Fun - 7/10 Bought this game on a complete whim, generally not the biggest fan of bullet hell twin stick games, but this game has a really good balance in my opinion. The only "problem" I can see some people having is the 3 playthroughs for the platinum. For me, not an issue cos I loved the game and they kept adding in new things which changed it slightly (enough for me), they are also short playthroughs. The final difficulty 3rd boss gave me a few issues but other than that it was a fun ride and plain sailing. Also, Lovecraft monsters, what's not to love Platinum #3 - LA Cops Difficulty - 5/10 Fun - 8/10 LA Cops, the closest game I can think of to describe this is Hotline Miami, except it's a lot slower and more methodical, as opposed to the more fast paced, twitchy nature of HLM. Also the soundtrack isn't as good, but that's a hard feat, so I'll let it off. Generally a solid, fun game, the final main story level does feel a bit inbalanced and crappy on the hardest difficulty to be perfectly honest, but it's not TOO bad with the right strategy. But all in all, good fun. Non-Platinum #3 - Little Red Lie Difficulty - 2/10 Fun - 6/10 Little Red Lie, a little known game by the same guy who created Actual Sunlight (a Vita exclusive, PlayStation wise anyway). This game isn't as good as his previous game in my opinion, not to say it's bad, but just didn't click as well in my opinion. The "gameplay" is the same style, an interactive story, combatless "RPG" of sorts. This game revolves around the little lies we tell ourselves and others and the human psyche. It also includes a little jab at the trophy system at the very end, which can unlock all missed trophies for you. Which was a great touch, especially for those of us (myself included) who have played the odd game here or there "cos trophies". It's something I've mostly come away from now, but every now and again a game will pop up that will tempt me to buy it, cos it's easier.
  8. Platinum #1 - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Difficulty - 3/10 Fun - 8/10 Great little game, an almost Souls-like combat system, but slightly more simplistic. But a lot of fun and doesn't outstay it's welcome. The story was fantastic as well, revolving around mental health. The biggest surprise for me, was the voice actress; Melina Juergens. Just goes to show we don't need the Troy Baker's and Nolan North's in every damn game, there's plenty of talent about and they can do just as good a job, if not better. Non-Platinum #1 - Titan Attacks! Difficulty - 3/10 Fun - 7/10 Generally, not the biggest fan of arcade games, due to the repetitive game loop, I just lose interest too easily. However, Titan Attacks!, a sort of Space Invaders clone? was great fun and being only a few hours long kept my interest fully. Not a lot to say about this game to be perfectly honest. If you enjoy old school arcade games, especially Space Invaders, give it a shot. Non-Platinum #2 - What Remains Of Edith Finch Difficulty - 2/10 Fun - 7/10 So, this game was a big surprise for me personally, heard some good things about it, but kind of brushed them off as it seemed like any other walking sim styled game. To my surprise, it was a lot more. Not only is the story actually interesting, but the gameplay stays fresh throughout by adding in all sorts of different "mini games" for each story on each individual character. It sets the bar for walking simulator games for me, this is how to do it when the game is a pure walking sim and nothing else. Brilliant game.
  9. The Trophy Den Just a place to show off my completed games and the evergrowing backlog. (This thread is a work in progress, I plan on doing little mini reviews for each game.) (This thread in NO WAY confirms the existence of sasquatches, yetis or skunk apes.) Platinums (PS3, PS4, PSVita) Platinums (PS5) 100%'s Backlog
  10. I can't imagine why a % number would rise, a number that indicates the amount of people who have earned a platinum compared to the owners of said game... Just can't .. Nope ... Hmmmm.. Got nothing..
  11. The potential is there for someone in 40 years time to want a mint version of some shit game ... like Spiderman.. So they look for it and cos copies are rare on the open market they pay like £400, then slap on it on their shelf and forget it exists. Anything can happen.
  12. - What PS4 games could become more expensive in the future? - Potentially ..... Every. Single. One.
  13. Kaka on the pitch running was great tbh.
  14. I can see it being the dev's responsibility to get the trophies to some team/guy in Sony. Sony just aren't gonna let people upload whatever the hell they want on the server without certification and checking though lol.