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  1. Yeah I can totally see what you are saying. I preordered Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town as I loved the original. But eurgh, it’s just not the same. I mean sure it looks great but I found myself bored (I never did in the original). I have My Time at Portia at the top of my to buy list. Looks incredible. I really enjoy my time with Stardew Valley, I haven’t played it in a while as I’ve been playing big games and two point hospital. I use Stardew as my relaxing game when I don’t have the time or energy to play a big intense game. I’ll never get the platinum on it though as I suck at Journey to the Prairie King. But it’s definitely one of the best farming games there is. I’ve been feeling like that recently, none of the games I’ve played has held my interest. Sakuna just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I tried Assassins Creed Black Flag and it seems great but it’s not what I want right now. I ended up starting Dragon Quest and I’m now hooked haha. I hope you find a game you want to play soon!
  2. I’m not sure if America has the same sale as here in the UK but in one of our sales (March madness I think) a couple of old harvest moon games very cheap. By the looks of the trailers it’s only a port so the graphics aren’t brilliant. But harvest moon games tend to be great farming sims. I spent my childhood playing them on DS so I’m certainly excited to pick it up.
  3. I started playing this game at the beginning of the month and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. I got slightly bored with the combat and decided to have a break from it. I tend it pick it once a week and play a little of it and I agree with what you have said. Seeing you get the platinum has re-inspired me to pick it up more.
  4. Just thought I would add my experience to the mix, if anyone is interested. I had previously done the three levels required for the trophy but not the other three for world 2. I’ve just replayed the first hospital with the 10 waves (as I enjoyed that level and didn’t mind replaying it). As soon as I finished the 10 waves the trophy popped for me.
  5. I’m still new to trophy hunting/ playing video games (my boyfriend got my into playing video games when I moved in before that I had a DS as a child). I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore trophy hunter, I don’t go for multiplayer trophies etc. but to me getting the trophies for a game is a way of getting the most out of the game and therefore my money. Some games are quite expensive and getting most of the trophies if not all of them feels like I’ve gotten the most out of the game that I can.
  6. I ended up trying for the exact same trophy last week. Was excited at the thought of getting my first ultra rare trophy. I was gutted when it didn’t pop, I ended up emailing them to ask if they were aware. Like others have said above they said they were working on the patch.