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  1. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to play couch co op and get the platinum with another player, only the host (player 1) will earn trophies in split screen. It’s very unfortunate in my opinion as I was looking forward to getting the platinum with a buddy.
  2. I’d just like to add that I can’t myself get the wifi logo to appear on. I had no problems on the PS4 version but the PS3 just refuses to let me connect to the servers so I cant seem to obtain the sharing is caring trophy any help?
  3. TLDR: 32 hours of grinding for this chubby bones, found at cemetery south of unassuming docks map in solo normal mode with easy mode turned off. When I got the trophy I was in shock and left speechless for literally a whole minute straight I couldn’t move. So I watched countless videos and read every forum comment for info on this, I tried 4 player co op for a few hours and didn’t help. Overall it took me 32 HOURS of hunting for this chubby bones who I found at the southern part of Unassuming Docks inside the cemetery just before going up the left set of stairs. If you are someone that is just curious about this game I would strongly suggest either do not to play this unless you don’t care about getting the platinum but if you do, I’d recommend getting someone else to find a chubby for you and have them invite you. It was pure agony for me as someone who has 1000s of hours on the original Borderlands 2 across multiple platforms and years, this was the worst trophy I have ever had the opportunity of earning - poor choice of trophy for this standalone version, it should not have been carried over from the original. Thank you for reading this rant (it could be a lot longer) I just needed to get all that out of my system
  4. I should’ve been a bit more clear, the skip has brought me to “The Next Ship to Sail” Quest so I am beyond the 5.5 patch quests. I’ve tried restarting the game, I still have an active subscription too.
  5. SOLVED: I hope this helps anyone for future reference because I couldn’t find anyone else with this problem. The solution is to just complete any quest whatsoever and all msq (this case patch quest) related trophies should pop. So I bought the Shadowbringers tale of adventure to bring me to the start of Endwalker and this trophy has not popped. The requirement is to complete the main scenario quest “When the Dust Settles” but this skip has brought me to the next mission and has not granted me this trophy. Is there any solution to this and is this how the story skips are supposed to work? I ask this because when I previously bought a story skip the trophies did pop but not this time.
  6. I got the platinum back in october 2020, and this particular trophy in august of 2020. I didn’t have any issues with trophies popping, I’d suggest level up again and hopefully it will register. Good luck!
  7. To get Paul Perks to show up you must find the piece of evidence in the storage room. (a tin tea box if I remember correctly) You may also need to have the evidence pinned on screen to interact with it, that is a common problem I had while playing.
  8. I completed the Saints and Sinners DLC, no trophies related to it. It was quite short so I’d only imagine dlc trophies to be included in a much larger dlc maybe.
  9. So I’ve been looking up information about the glitched gold edition where it makes full wardrobe trophy unobtainable. Has this since been fixed? It’s been many years later now so I’d hope it is, I have the disc version of gold edition so there’s no updates or anything I can delete and I hope I don’t have to purchase the game again to earn the platinum.