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  1. It does work on ranked matches. What you do is simply go to ranked after initially pressing x on the error page and then you can create a ranked match. On the ps3 version there is a trophy for 50 wins in ranked matches so definitely possible.
  2. Have someone who has an invite from before servers went down to invite you and then send an invite to yourself. You can refer to the link for pictures.
  3. So I know the servers shutdown somewhere back in May 2016 more or less; however, me and a buddy of mine recently got the online trophies for it due to an exploit. I would like to elaborate. He told me that there was a way of getting back in the online servers without using hacks, custom firmware, or anything mod related. Simply put he kept an old match in game invite from back when the servers were still up before servers shutdown and sent them to himself in a player match. It had to be player since you couldn’t send an invite in a ranked match. Doing this would initially send yourself a match invite to a lobby you are already a part of. He didn’t do anything with the invite until June of this year more or less. Where he decided to try it out and see if he could access it. Surprisingly an error message would show up saying that the lobby was no longer available. After clicking X you would be redirected to the online server menu just like that. Note: when attempting to accept the self sent match game invite it would automatically load you up to the server with said error message. Anyways, after that you will be free to navigate the online server with 2 restrictions! Restriction 1: if a gamer did not get the online community creations trophy called “A creator is born” he or she would be unable to obtain the plat since no matter what community creations were greyed out and inaccessible to anyone. Thankfully I got that trophy done back when servers were up. Restriction 2: if you wanted to access the WWE Shop for DLC purchase and download it would be inaccessible after attempting to load it up thus also rendering new dlc purchases impossible. Long story short freely navigating through the servers player and ranked matches are completely accessible via this exploit. I would also like to note that this exploit is impossible for those who do not have an in game invite either from themselves or like me was blessed to have a fellow gamer have one of their own from before servers shutdown to send. As far as I know this is only obtainable on the ps3 version as I never touched the ps4 version myself. Also I am unsure if this would work for other WWE titles. Finally, another thing worth noting is a person will be unable to play with anyone online unless they have the same dlc installed. Initially to play with my friend for help with the online trophies I had to delete my game data which includes dlc because he didn’t have any dlc. Apparently the only thing allowed was the Sting and Hulk Hogan packs, but I simply couldn’t be asked to delete one and not the other as they are in bulk when it comes to game data for ps3 anyways. Final note: for anyone worried for possible flag due to this exploit I got this pre-approved by a member of the CRT before this post was uploaded. No worries there. For an invite to start this exploit feel free to message my PSN: Extremer97 Always glad to help fellow trophy hunters! Good Luck! P.S. if anyone knows if this exploit is doable on the PS4 version as well as this exploit being used on other WWE games then by all means feel free to post it here and share what you find. https://imgur.com/gallery/BjEg1tH