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  1. Those apps still work at the moment. Youtube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Prime Video, Spotify, Plex and Red Bull TV. Netflix even had a new patch (2.36) when I checked... lol Not sure about the apps for other regions.
  2. Via gematsu.com <--- Article Here
  3. Via ubisoft.com <-- Article Here Just a heads up to those who like free stuff. Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Black Flag and World in Conflict are free on Uplay. Links to the games are below. Assassin's Creed Black Flag Watch Dogs World in Conflict *Games are free until December 23rd 2017
  4. Via BBC.com Just a heads up for anyone who has a Yahoo Account. The 2013 hack didn't affect 1 Billion accounts, it affected 3 Billion accounts (All of their users).
  5. The 7 remaining quests are now live. However i think they ran out of codes for the Bastion and Transistor Quest.
  6. Just a heads up bump for those who wanted the free E3 stuff. The following quests below are already active. I will try to update my post later when the other quests are live... Quest-name (Reward) [Other Information] PlayStation Live From E3 2017 Quest (Symbols in the Sky - Dynamic Theme) [Have to watch 10 minutes of the livestream @ live.playstation on June 15th] Days of Play Quest (25% off apparel at the PlayStation Gear Store) Donut Miss A Thing (Donuts - Dynamic Theme) [Visit PlayStation Home Page between 12pm - 11:59pm on the 13th, 14th, and 15th] Everybody's Golf Quest (Everybody's Golf Dynamic Theme) MLB The Show 17 Quest (MLB The Show 17 E3 2017 Exclusive Pack) Pyre: Transistor Quest (Voucher Code for a full copy of Transistor. For the first 500 players to complete the Quest) [All Gone] Pyre: Bastion Quest (Voucher Code for a full copy of Bastion. For the first 500 players to complete the Quest) [All Gone] Dreadnought Quest (Dreadnought - Hunter Pack) Bellator NYC Quest (Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs Silva - Avatar Bundle)
  7. Via the R* Newswire Just a heads up for those still on PS3.
  8. Via the PS Blog EU/US It's a small new feature, but it might be useful. I don't think it's live for EU as yet.
  9. R* and PlayStation Partnership Announced. Via the PS Blog EU/US