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  1. It currently shows 13/10 and 130% for the Eye for an Eye trophy on my PS5, but 0/10 on PSNProfiles. Is this a bug? Do I have to turn on “invasion by hostile players” and defeat online players for this? I currently have it set to off. Reply
  2. I play games that I want to play with the intention to get the plat, but I don't hold myself to it if I fall off of a game or don't feel like getting the remaining trophies after finishing a game, or whatever. I look at my trophy list as my journal into what I did and when it was. I am not ashamed of having a 1% game if I ended up not liking the game. I would never force myself, life is way too short and I have other hobbies/parts of my life that also need attention. Don't get me wrong, I love my trophies, but I don't let them be the driving factor for playing or not playing a game.
  3. Updated.
  4. Below you will find the easiest strat to obtain the Piece of Cake Trophy on Thymesia. This is done fighting the Sound of the Abyss boss. The difficulty to obtain this trophy by using this method is 2/10, IMO. The main thing to focus on is staying away from his spike airdrops and backing up into the alcove in the back of the arena when the boss does his sweeping attack.
  5. I can not get the 2500 point trick on Matterhorn Stadium to save my life. Last one I need for the main campaign. Any tips? Update: Got it.
  6. Rollerdrome OST. In game and while working. It slaps!
  7. She is logged in to her account. When you log in you select your own account. For example, It takes Two, A Way Out and Sackboy all popped for both of us when we ran through them.
  8. My GF and I played through the first area, and both acquired over 17,000 bricks, however the trophy only popped for me. Are trophies not available for both players when playing co-op?
  9. Strength faith build with enough Intelligence to use the Frost Armament. I absolutely LOVE my Great Axe. Currently at a +15, Level 88, Strength 40.It wrecks. I couple it with a Brass Shield (no skill so I can Hoarfrost Stomp without Two handing when needed) Hoarfrost Stomp and Mimic Tear Ashes. The winged Sword Insignia Talisman Raises attack power with successive attacks, Green Turtle Talisman for raising stamina recovery speed, and Prince of Death's Pustule to Raise Vitality and avoid death. Oh, and I always have my Long Bow.