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  1. I platiunumed my very first ps4 game, but already earned some trophies on my ps3. So the platinum for Bloodborne was Trophy #502.
  2. Mine are littleBigPlanet 2 and goat simulator. I platted both of that games but they are still at 57% completion.
  3. Damn, since your profile is almost perfect I can't even suggest anything. You will earn every Plat nonetheless. But I would recommend starting with ratchet & clank because it's a fun game and a fast and straight forward Plat.
  4. Thanks, maybe i will do in the near future. But i made myself a promise, that i won`t start any new game before reaching a profile compeltionrate over 80%. Otherwise i start too many games i can`t even finish in time. I started at 51% completionrate and now am at 73%. Progress takes time but i played so many good games again i wouldn`t have approached a second time.
  5. Okay thanks for the reminder. I guess i won´t purchase them all at once. I will start with the physical season 1 disc and when i can`t get enough of this game, i will buy season 2. Step by step. Hopefully there will be a sale on the dlcs again. Otherwise i could regret it.
  6. It seems like they do regarding to the provided informations on other websites. At least for the EU version. One last question. When I buy everything still avaliable, will there be double purchases? What I mean by that is, are some of the dlc tables included in the season 1 or 2 physical version? I tried to figure it out on my own, but because of licensing there are various informations regarding to this question.
  7. Wow, thanks for this detailed answer. It's very helpful. Now I only have to get the info, if the digital and physical version share the same trophy list. Getting some trophies is better than getting none.
  8. hey there! I know that (some of) the DLCs can´t be bought anymore. I wasn`t into trophies when i tried pinball arcade back in 2016. Unfortunatley i earned 1 tophy out of 118. Currently i am working on my profile completionrate. So i was wondering how i can get most of the trophies legit. What DLCs are still obtainable and which aren´t? All inforamtions online are quite confusing. Maybe it´s a lost hope, but i thought i could ask nonetheless. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the answers. Very helpful
  10. Hey there, question is the same as above. I am thinking about getting PS NOW and i am wondering if i can play the DLCs of the games or is there only the basegame accessible? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for this answer. I guess i won´t hide the game since i tried to choose the trophies with the "best names" for my milestones... maybe i will hide it just to see how exactly it would change my profile. there will be always the option to undo everything right?
  12. What do you mean with it will effect my milestones? If I would hide pinball, there would be 1 trophy missing in total. Will this change the award for my 5000th trophy for example? Thanks, I will look it up.
  13. Hey there, i am curios if there is any way to delete games from your trophy-list after already obtaining trophies in this particular game. I am not ashamed of the games i played but i would like to delete pinball arcade since i only got 1 trophy out of 118... I tried it way before i cared about trophies in 2016 but now i am trying to push my completion rate as high as possible and i know that there is no way i can 100% this game (because of financial reasons and some unobtainable trophies).
  14. No
  15. I would recommend you to finish Spyro. It´s a pretty easy platinum and an really enjoyable game. Atleast for me because i played the original on PS ONE. Should´t take long either.