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  1. Ok, free trial period is now over however the discounted bundles are still unavailable to be purchased. Any idea how to purchase them? edit: nvm, it seems they are aware of the issue
  2. Thanks for the answers!
  3. Ah, so I have to wait until after that before it can be bought? And how about the character I’m playing as right now? Will it get transferred over? And will the trophies unlock retroactively? Thank you
  4. Thank you
  5. Yeaaah, I’ve tried the other bundles, and they all say they cannot be purchased odd, it does not even have a trophy list on it. Even ps app registered the game but no trophies associated with it
  6. I got the free version of the game, however, it does not have a trophy list on it. I assume this may be a free trial thing, but when I go to the psn store to try to buy a discounted version, it is not allowing me to do so as it says I already own the game is the free version really the full game or just a trial? If so, how can I buy it. Thank you
  7. odd, I synced my other vita a week ago and it was still in a proper order... it was only when I synced my main vita to upload my p4dan trophies that it happened... oh well, i guess I'll be taking care next time.... there needs to be an option so the list will be ordered by date completed
  8. got kicked to the top of the page, specifically, smart as and ridge racer. I havent even have those games anymore, but when I synced in my latest trophies, those two just went to the top of the list. Anyone know how this may have happened?
  9. might as well, who knows, I might get lucky and get funds to buy dlc lol
  10. Thanks Oh well I guess I'll just have to try remembering syncing in order next time
  11. Hello, I wasn't able to go online on PSN due to some issue in our isp so I haven't been able to sync Strider when I platted it back May 1 Now, I've platted New Little King Story earlier, and tried to check if I can log on to PSN, and when I did, I synced it Turned on my PS3 to sync Strider, and it went without a hitch Now updated my profile here, and Strider is listed after New Little King Story with the Order (Last Played) chosen Is there any way to fix this, or is it stuck like that? Mind you Idon't mind it much, but it's kinda annoying seeing my May 5 plat went listed before my May 1 plat Thank you
  12. don't think so, I have a US account but no PS3 version anywhere on the PS Store
  13. looking at the game list, I saw that Monster Monpiece is listed for both PS3 and Vita I thought it was only for the Vita?
  14. So yeah, this appears twice on my profile, first with DMC2 and Resistance Burning Skies, the 2nd the ones I just 100%ed and platted this day, MGR and SO4 As the topic title says, I've platted DMC2 1st, then RBS after, but when I synced, the order in "last played" is vice versa, same with the other 2 games either this is a bug, or those completed on the same day are treated alphabetically can someone please clarify, thanks
  15. the very top entry for Recently Earned Trophies and Recently Players has it at -27461127 seconds ago